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This is the history of the Boat(w)right family as complete as I know it today (May 2001)

I (Craig Pierce) have not done the research myself, but have put it in this work along with photographs and some personal notes.(Spelling for my direct line is Boatright, so most of my personal notes will be spelled as such)

Words alone could never say thank you for the countless hours that have been spent tracing our family roots. Most of the information contained in this text was compiled by David Rains and Ruth Boatright Parker as well as others, and represents a labor of love that we all should hold very dear.

We should never forget who we are, or where we came from. It is my hope that our history will be passed down through future generations as accurately and correctly as possible as long as time shall stand. Much of the information herein is repetitive, but should supply a wealth of information about our rich family heritage.

I hope you will enjoy reading this and learning about our ancestors, and hopefully you will feel a sense of pride that will last forever.

Craig Pierce

John Boatwright D.D. 1400-1474

The coat-of-arms which King Henry VI presented to John Boatwright D.D.about 1443




John Boatright D.D. 1400-1474

John Boatright, parents names not known, was born in 1400 in Norwich, Norfolk County, England.

John died in 1474 and is buried in the cathedral at Norwich. His coat-of-arms is carved in marble walls of the cathedral. It is not known that John Boatright, D.D., is an ancestor of the Boat(w)right’s in America. It is not known if he ever married.

John had a fellowship at the University of Cambridge before the year 1430, which he probably resigned upon being presented to the rectory of Swaffham Market in Norfolk County by his patron, the Duke of Bedford.

John was unanimously chosen as Master of Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge in 1443 during Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist after having been a “proctor” with the Master John Wolpit.

He was awarded the coat-of-arms about 1443 by King Henry VI when John was made Master of Corpus Christi College in which capacity served until his death in 1474.

John was made Chaplain to King Henry VI about 1447. Subsequently, King Henry VI presented John to Cannory in the church Clonfort in Ireland. John was an intimate friend of the King who gave him rich gifts and all the revenue of the tin and lead mines of Devon and Cornwall.

The colors of the coat-of-arms are as follows:

Shield: Azure

Anchors: Silver

Tetragonal Pyramids: Black

Fess: (space between the two horizontal lines drawn across the field in the center) Silver


1) “The History of Corpus Christi in the University of Cambridge,” chapter VIII, pages 42-48, by Robert Masters.

2) “Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society,” page 77.


James Boatright (1745-1815)

James Boatright is believed to have been born about 1745 in Cumberland County, Virginia. He is believed to have died in 1815 in Cumberland County, Virginia, in as much as a will which he made on January 10 1814, was exhibited in the Cumberland County court of August 1815. The contents of the will are very interesting.

James was married twice: 1) Elizabeth Kidd about 1767, and 2) Mary Kidd, Elizabeth’s sister, about 1778. He had 19 children, they are:

1) Benoni (called Benjamin Sept. 8, 1769

2) Samuel Apr. 17, 1771

3) Jessee Aug.30, 1772

4) Elizabeth Nov. 7, 1773

5) Martha (called Patsy) Nov. 9, 1775

6) Daniel Apr. 13, 1777

7) Sally June 11, 1779

8) John Oct. 1, 1780

9) James Jan. 4, 1782

10) Ann (called Nancy) Apr. 5, 1783

11) William May 29, 1784

12) Drury June 11, 1785

13) Susan Jan. 22, 1787

14) Mary (called Polly) Mar. 27, 1788

15) Judith Oct. 27, 1789

16) Drucilliah Apr. 27, 1791

17) Leonard Apr. 3, 1793

18) John Wade Aug. 22, 1795

19) Chesley Hood Nov. 25, 1797

The above register was drawn from his father’s family Bible by his youngest son, February 5, 1843.

(signed) C.H. Boatright

The above is a true and exact copy of an old record kept in an old Bible which evidently had belonged to Chesley Hood Boatright, as it contains the birth records of all his children and marriage records for most of them: copied by Ruth (Boatright) Parker on Saturday, May 28, 1966, at the home of Clara (Boatright) Laningham, who now has the Bible in her possesion. She lives west of Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas.


Clara (Boatright) Laningham Is now deceased, the above mentioned Bible is now (May 2001) in the possesion of Hubert Boatright, of West Fork, Arkansas.



The following is a portion of a letter written to Rietta Jehoshebeath (Boatright) Johnson, by her sister Martha E.J. (Boatright) Chitty, both of whom were granddaughters of James Boatright of Cumberland County, Virgina:

“Well, now for all that I can tell you about where our Boatright ancestors came from. 3 brothers, Daniel, Jesse and James Allen (English) stood buckled in armor to guard the life of King George of England, always standing in the Kings court. They heard much of the new world, as this western continent was then called. They could not marry or own property. They were slaves to the king as long as they were alive. The 3 brothers skipped their bondage and came to America. They took up the trade of boat building and took the name Boatwright. James and Jesse married. Daniel did not. The brothers fought for American liberty in the Revolution from King George. 2 of our father’s brothers were soldiers in 1812 to 1815.

James was our Great Grandfather (English). Our Grandfather was named James. His first wife, Elizabeth Kidd, his second wife Mary Kidd, our Grandmother (letter is torn here). They lived in Virginia. After our Grandfather died his sons scattered into different states. They are scattered, I suppose in every state; never were much to huddle together. I don’t know where the 3 brothers landed on the American shore nor the exact date.

They were here in time to do their part in freeing Young America from the British rule, but they took the name Boatwright in the New Country to protect themselves from the King’s officers that were in power before the Revolution that freed Americans from a tyrant across the sea. I have always been proud of their leaving their old English name and taking a purely American name & choose to labor with free people rather that stand as a slave in a king’s palace. Yes, children, I am proud of the blood. I don’t know any record except what father kept of his own family. I know two of his brothers fought the British and Indians 100 years ago. I don’t have an idea who has record other than you. I hope you will write soon your


Mrs. M. E. J. Chitty”



Elizabeth Kidd, parents’ names not known, is believed to have been born about 1748. She died about 1777 at or soon after the birth of her sixth child.

Chrildren of James and Elizabeth (Kidd) Boatright:

1. Benoni (called Benjamin) Boatright, born 8 September 1769, probably in Cumberland County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Blackburn, daughter of James A. Blackburn and Rhoda Baugh, on 19 April 1797 in Powhatan County, Virginia. Benjamin died on 13 June 1816 in Powhatan County, Virginia, six months before the birth of his youngest son.

2. Samuel Boatright, born 17 April 1771. He was mentioned in his father’s will, so it seems likely that he lived at least until 1814.

3. Jessee Boatright, born 30 August 1792. Not mentioned in his father’s will; may have died before 1814.

4. Elizabeth Boatright, born 7 November 1773. She was not mentioned in her father’s will; may have died before 1814.

5. Martha “ Patsy “ Boatright, born 9 November 1775. She was mentioned in her father’s will, made in 1814.

6. Daniel Boatright, born 13 April 1777, He was mentioned in his father’s will, dated 1814

Children of James and Mary (Kidd) Boatright:

7. Sally Boatright born June 11, 1779, as she is not mentioned in her fathers will, she is believed to have died before 1814.

8.John Boatright, born Oct. 1, 1780, believed to have died young, as a later son of James and Mary Boatright, was also named John. (John wade, born Aug. 22, 1795)

9.James Boatright, born Jan. 4, 1782

10. Ann “Nancy” Boatright, Born April 5, 1783, married Skip H. Stegar, Dec. 3, 1805, Cumberland County Virginia.

11. William Boatright, born May 29, 1784, Cumberland County Virginia. Died Aug. 8, 1875, Madison County Arkansas.

12. Drury Boatright, born June 11, 1785, married Martha Boatright, Aug. 25, 1802, Fluvanna County Virginia.

13. Susan Boatright, born Jan. 22, 1787, as she is not mentioned in her fathers will, it is believed that she died before 1814.

14. Mary “Polly” Boatright, born March 27, 1788, married John Johnson, Feb. 27, 1808, Cumberland County Virginia. (it is not absolutely certain that the marriage records found in Cumberland County are referring to this particular Mary Boatright when recording a marriage between Mary Boatright and John Johnson, however, it is probable that this is the correct Mary Boatright)

15. Judith Boatright, born 27 October 1789. She was mentioned in her father’s will. She married a gentleman whose last name was Martin.

16. Drucillah Boatright, born 27 Apirl 1791. She was mentioned in her father’s will. She was married on 14 or 24 August 1815 to Daniel D. Smith.

17. Leonard Boatright, born 3 April 1793. He was mentioned in his father’s will. He was married 20 December 1815 to Susanna Rogers.

18. John Wade Boatright, born 22 August 1795. He was mentioned in his father’s will. He died 3 August 1860 at Chesley H. Boatright’s home in Madison County, Arkansas and is buried in the old Boatright Cemetery on Brush Creek.

19. Chesley Hood Boatright, born 25 November 1797. It is said that he was born at Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia. He maried Louisa Taylor on 24 May 1867. He is buried in the old Boatright Cemetery on Brush Creek, Madison County, Arkansas.


Cumberland County Courthouse


In the name of God amen, knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, I, James Boatright of Cumberland County and State of Virginia, being in my right mind and disposing memory, do make this my last will and testament

1st. I give to my son John Boatright my island on James River known by the name of Daniels Iland (or Daniels Ilana?) as also my Punch Creek tract of land by him paying in two years after my death two hundred dollars to my estate to him and his heirs forever.


2dly. I give to my son John Boatright my tract of land in County of Fluvanna, which I purchased of Matthew Wills containing one hundred and twenty four acres be the same more or less, by him paying fifty dollars in two years to my estate after my death to him and his heirs forever.

3dly. I give to my son Chesley Boatright my tract of land on which I live of one hundred and nineteen acres be the same more or less as also my still and still vessels provisor that the said Chesley Boatright lets my daughter Drucillah Boatright remain in the mansion house on said plantation with him after my death and boarding free until she marries, to him and his heirs forever.

4thly. I give to each of my children as they may need that have not received heretofore one bed and furniture.

5thly. I give to my son Drury Boatright ten dollars in addition to what I have deeded him proviso he obliges himself to give free liberty or use of the spring called Drummons.

6thly. I give the balance of all my estste not heretofore mentioned, or willed, to be equally divided among my sons Samuel Boatright, James Boatright, Benjamin Boatright, Daniel Boatright and William Boatright, and my daughters, Ann Stegan, Judith Martin, Drucilliah Boatright, Patsy Boatright and Polly Boatright giving my son Samuel Boatright my negro Tarlton at valuation, giving to my son James Boatright my negro George at valuation, giving to my daughter Ann Stegan my negro Sally at valuation, giving to my son William Boatright my negro Nelson at valuation, giving to my daughter Judith Martin my negro Julia at valuation and giving to my daughter Drucillah Boatright my negro Cloe at valuation each of them paying the overplus should there be any at the division, and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons Benjamin, Samuel, Leonard and Chesley Boatright Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other or former wills or testaments by me hereto fore made.


In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 10th day of January in the year one thousand eight hundred and fourteen 1814.


James x Boatright



Signed, sealed, published and declared as, and for the presence of us,

D. Shield Wm. Montague Abraham Daniel


Cumberland Courthouse August Court 1815.

This last will and testament of James Boatright deceased, was exhibited in Court and proved by D. Smith, William Montague and Abraham Daniel, the witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded…


John W. Cormack, Jr. D.C.






Burnett, James John, Sketches of Tennessee’s Pioneer Baptist Preachers, (Marshall and Company, Nashville, 1919), pp 59-60.

Chesley Hood Boatwright was born in Cumberland County, Virginia, Heretofore I have spelled it “Boatwright” and sometimes “Bootright”. * But the people generally have spelled him Boatwright, and doubtless he is connected, historically, with the Boatwrights of Virginia. So I have changed the spelling. In his twentieth or twenty-fist year young Boatwright came to Grainger County, Tennessee, and married Louisa Taylor, a daughter of Elder Hughes Owens Taylor, one of the early settlers of the “new country of Grainger”. About the year 1825 he moved to Anderson County. In 1830 he was “licensed” to preach by Mt. Hebron Church in Knox County. The first Friday in November 1833, he was ordained by the authority of Bethel Church, Anderson County, which had just been constituted (March 29, 1833) of sixteen constituent members mostly from Mt. Hebron Church, and recognized by a “presbytery” consisting of Elders Joshua Frost, Issac Long, Noah Cate, and Samuel Love. Doubtless some or all of these men officiated in the ordination of the subject of this sketch. Elder Boatwright served Bethel Church as pastor from 1840-1845, and from 1848 to 1851. In the fall of 1831 he engaged himself to teach a school of several months near Coal Creek. About the same time he began a meeting in the neighborhood, preaching nights. Elder Joshua Frost and James Hickey joined him in the meeting, ably assisting in the work.

…” A revival broke out, Clear Branch Church (now Longfield) was the result. Boatwright became the first pastor and continued as pastor and moderator of the church till he moved to Arkansas in October of 1849, a period of about fifteen years. He died in Arkansas, but the date of his death, and the place of his burial are not known to the writter.” (W. L. Riggs)

* having the impression that someone of his early ancestors was a maker of “boots”.

In 1846 Clear Branch Church (C.H. Boatwright, pastor) was the largest church in the Northern Association, reporting a membership of 228. This association was formed in 1839; it came off the Powell’s Valley Community, on account of its opposition to the cause of benevolence. This new and vigorous interest entered at once into the business of domestic missions, employed Messrs. C.H. Boatwright, J. Aldridge, and William Hinckle to travel and preach among their feeble churches, and in destitute regions around them. In 1842 their missionaries reported as follows: “ Traveled upward of 3,000 miles, and baptized 300, save one.” (Benedict).

This exhausts my “notes”. It is a regrettable fact that so little definite information is obtainable in regard to a minister of so great prominence and of such ability and personal force as Chesley H. Boatwright seems to have had. He was active in the ministry for twenty years, before leaving the State and was widely known in several counties and associations. He was a strong man, and made an impression wherever he went. I have heard many of the old people of the country speak of him with profound respect, and incidentally, have noted his name in connection with the founding of churches and the ordination of ministers not a few.




Chesley Hood Boatright, son of James Boatright and Mary (Kidd) Boatright, was born on Saturday, 25 November 1797 at Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia (1). He died in Madison County, Arkansas, 27 May 1867 and is buried in the old Boatright Cemetery on Brush Creek. The inscription on his tombstone states that he was 69 years, 6 months, and 2 days old when he died.

He was married on Tuesday, 24 March 1818. To Louisa Taylor, daughter of (Elder) Hughes Owen Taylor, a Baptist minister, and Elizabeth “Betsy” (Kennon) Taylor, of Grainger County, Tennessee. Louisa was born at Bean Station, Grainger County, Tennessee on 16 August 1801.

On Friday, 1 November 1833, Chesley H. Boatright was ordained as a minister of the Bapist church, by the authority of Bethel Church in Anderson County, Tennessee (2).

About 11 o’clock on Saturday, 13 October 1849, Chesley and his family began their journey to the State of Arkansas (3). After settling in Madison County, he established the first Baptist Church in Nothwest Arkansas. * He also did some missionary work with the Indians of Oklahoma. Goodspeed (in History of Northwest Arkansas) states that Reverand Chesley H. Boatright was one of the best known men in the Cherokee Nation.

The book, Histroy of Arkansas Baptists, lists C.H. Boatright, Huntsville, under the heading - Missionary Baptist Preachers - 1855.

Their daughters, Cynthia Emily and Rachel Louisa, both died in 1840, aged 16 years and 12 years, respectively.

Their oldest daughter, Mary Elizabeth, married Calvin L. Keeney in 1842 in Anderson County, Tennessee (4). Their sons James Hughes and Harvey Woodson, also married in Tennessee.

At the time Chesley H. and Louisa Boatright moved to Arkansas, they had one son, Chesley Taylor, and five daughters left at home. Chesley Taylor was 15 years old at the time they moved to Arkansas, and he later returned to Tennessee (5). James Huges Boatright and his family moved to Arkansas in 1854, and Taylor made the trip with them on horseback, riding with the wagons. Taylor went back again to Tennessee, and back to Arkansas, until he made five trips from Tennessee, all on horseback (6).

Rietta Jehoshebeth was the first of the daughters to marry in Arkansas; she was married on 24 December 1851 to Jacob Queener Johnson.

Edna Ann, the next to the youngest daughter, died 23 Febuary 1862 at the age of 20.

Chesely Taylor Boatright married Elizabeth West in January 1861. Just two years later, on 11 January 1863, he died while serving in the Army.


* N.B. Goodspeed’s History of Northwest Arkansas states that C.H. Boatright organized the first Baptist Church of Norhtwest Arkansas. This apparently is an error, as Friendship Baptist Church, near Springdale, was organized in May 1847. Chesley Hood Boatright preached at Friendship Church in January 1850, shortly after moving to Arkansas. He may have organized for the first Baptist church in Madison County.

1. Copy of records belong to Mrs. W.P. (Opal Johnson) Cook, Little Rock, Arkansas.

2. Sketches of Tennessee’s Pioneer Baptist Preachers, by J. J. Burnett, 1919.

3. Journal kept by Chesley H. Boatright

4. Letter to W. Freeman Boatright from Lorene Wallace 1965

5. 1850 Census, Madison County, Arkansas.

6. Letter from W. Freeman Boatright, June 16, 1966



Chesley Hood Boatright, son of James Boatright and Mary Kidd, was born 25 November 1797, Richmond, Virginia. He died 29 May 1867, (tombstone has May 27). Chesley married 24 March 1818 to Louisa Taylor, daughter of Huges Owen Taylor and Elizabeth (Betsy) Cannon who was ½ Cherokee Indian. Louisa Taylor was born 16 August 1801 near Bean’s Station, Tennessee.


The first Taylor of whom we have authentic record is James Taylor, born 1731 in Virginia and died 1815 in Grainger County, Tennessee about midway between Bean’s Station and Morristown. He was known to be the youngest son of William Taylor and his wife, Mary, Of Vriginia, but their exact location is not known. James Taylor married Ann or Nancy Owen, daughter of George Owen and wife, Elenor. Nancy was born 1738 in Virginia and died 1814 in Tennessee. James and Nancy married in 1755.

1. Charity June 16, 1757

2. George April 8, 1759

3. Daniel August 13, 1761

4, Martha (Patsy) May 4, 1764

5. Betsy November 1, 1766

6. Mary September 4, 1769

7. Nancy October 26, 1772

8. Kiziah March 23, 1775

9. Hughes Owen October 19, 1778

James Taylor served in the Revolutionary War as did his son Daniel. James served as a private in the Continental Army, Vriginia Line.

See records of the Vriginia House of Delegates. Document 44, page 47 (Women descendents may join the D.A.R. on this proven line - men can join the S.A.R.)

Hughes Owen Taylor married Betsy Cannon in 1800. Their children were:

1. Woodson September 22, 1803

2. Lousia August 16, 1801

3. George Grant March 18, 1816

4. James

5. Emma

6. Jabin Snow

7. Elika Adams July 30, 1811

8. Rachel

9. Thomas

10. Amanda

11. Elbert Elihu

12. Elizabeth

13. Edna

Louisa Taylor married Chesley Hood Boatright March 24, 1818. Their Chrildren were:

1. Mary Elizabeth March 22, 1819- November 27, 1889

2. James Hughes February 21, 1821-September 8, 1910

3. Cynthia Emily May 17, 1823- January 11, 1840

4. Hervey Woodson November 2, 1825- November?, 1853

5. Rachel Louisa February 25, 1828- March 10, 1840

6. Rietta Jehoshebeath February 26, 1832-September 23 1912

7. Chesley Taylor June 13, 1834- January 1, 1863 (in the army)

8. Eleanor Jane September 8, 1836-?

9. Nancy Keziah February 21, 1839- May 26, 1864

10. Edna Ann June 11, 1841- February 23, 1862

11. Eliza Virginia November 5, 1843- ?

Rietta Jeoshebeath Boatright married Jacob Quenner Johnson of Madison County, Arkansas December 24, 1851. He was the son of James Johnson, whose father was Benjamin Johnson.

Burnett, James John, Sketches of Tennessee’s Pioneer Baptist Preachers, (Marshall and Bruce Company, Nashville, 1919), pp 504-507.

Hughes Owen Taylor, son of James and Ann (Owen) Taylor, was born October 19, 1778, in what is known as Henry County, Virginia. His grandfather, William Taylor, was also a Virginian. James Taylor purchased land in Virginia, Pittsylvania County, May 30, 1771, but, Sept. 2, 1797, sold out and came to the then, new country of Tennesse, settling in Grainger County, one mile east of Crosby Station, on the K&B Railway. Here on the old Taylor homested, a farm which has been owned by four generations of the Taylors a monument is inscribed:

“James Taylor, February 28, 1731-April 4, 1815. A private in the Revolutionary Army. See records of the Virginia House of Delegates, Document 44, page 47; and his wife, Ann Owen, September 25, 1733-April 13, 1814. Erected by the James Taylor Memorial Association.”

Of the date, place and circumstances of the confession and baptism of Hughes O. Taylor, there are no preserved records. From the minutes of the Holston and Nolachucky Association, he is shown to have been a member of the Bethel South (now Morrison First Church) from 1820-1837. Elika Taylor is very positive in the statement that his father was a member of Bethel South from it’s organization (1803), that he was baptized by Isaac Barton, the pastor, and that he was also a co-laborer with him in the ministry for many years. He is also authority for the statement made elsewhere that Hughes O. Taylor and Elihu Millikan were the same day “licensed” to preach by Bethel South Church, and were afterwards (Sept. 28, 1825) “ordained” to the full work of the ministry on the same day, Elders Isaac Barton, Caleb Witt, and Henry Randolph acting as presbytery. It is also likely that Hughes O. Taylor was pastor of the Morristown, or Bethel South Church after the death of the old pastor, Isaac Barton in 1831, but the Church records have been lost and we can only conjecture.

Along with Elihu Millikan and the venerable Isaac Barton, he represented Bethel south in the Nolachucky Asociation from its organization (1828) to the time of his death, March 10, 1837. In the minutes of that body for the year 1838, the eighth item reads: “The biography of Hughes O. taylor, presented to this Association by Bethel South, accompanied with five dollars to defray the expense of annexing said biography to our minutes, which was ordered to be done.” But the order, for some reason was not carried out, and the biography has been lost.

Elder Taylor preached to Richardson’s Creek, and other churches north Clinch Mountain where “Moses McGinnis, John Day, and other ministers grew up under his preaching and influence.” He began his active ministry rather late in life, but he was well posted in the scriptures and on theological issues of his day. He believed in human depravity, free will, free grace, geneal atonement, and the obligation of the churches to give the gospel to every creature. He was a “peacemaker” in his neighborhood and church, and was frequently called to help settle church “difficulties”.

On Aug. 28, 1800, he was married to Elizabeth Kennon of Jefferson County, a daughter of Rachel (Walker) Kennon. To this Union were born eleven children, three of them, Woodson, Grant, and Elika, becoming baptist preachers of note and ability. He was not a golden mouthed preacher like Woodson, nor so able a sermonizer as Grant, nor so well read as Elika. He was an “arguer rather than an orator,” and was able to debate. He was a “natural mechanic”, it is said, and taught his boys all manner of practical mechanic arts, such as making plows, building houses, blacksmithing, tanning hides, shoemaking, etc. The girls were taught by their mother the domestic arts of the day; they knew how to cook, spin, weave, sew, milk the cow and make butter.

Among my scattered notes of reference to Hughes O. Taylor, I find the following: “The church appoints the third Sunday in May for a sacramental occasion and invites John Kidwell, James Kennon, and Hughes O. Taylor” (records of Buffalo Church): “received corresponding letter from the Holston Association by their delegates, Isaac Barton, Caleb Witt, and Hughes O. Taylor” (minutes, Tennessee Association, 1821), which date makes me doubt the accuracy of the date given above (1825) for Hughes O. Taylor’s ordination. That lost and lamented biography, if it could be found, would doubtless supply data for a more satisfactory sketch.

One other reference: Among the many polemical bouts of the ’30’s and ’40’s, between the ultra Calvinists, on the one hand, and the fullerites on the other, I find this record, vouched for by good authority, of a private debate between Caleb Witt and Hughes O. Taylor: Witt: “Man in his natural state is helpless and desperately wicked, can the leopard change his spots?” Taylor: “True, but he is responsible.” Witt: “He has to be knocked down before he will submit or come to his senses.” Taylor: “Even so, but he is justly accountable to God.” Witt: “He is more to be pitied than blamed.” Taylor: “If not to be blamed, how can he be sent to hell?’ Echo answers, how?

Here is some more information of the 11:

Four children of Hughes O. Taylor and Elizabeth Kennon were:

1. Louisa M. married Chesley Hood Boatright

2. Huges Woodson

B. September 22, 1803 - Grainger County, Tennessee

D. June 5, 1888

M. February 2, 1823


3. Elika Adams

B. July 30, 1811 - Graninger County, Tennessee

D. May 10, 1902 - Sweetwater, Tennessee

M. March 20, 1830 - Elizabeth Mays

4. George Grant

B. March 18, 1816 - Grainger County, Tennesse

D. January 26, 1869 - Grainger County, Tennessee

M. August 11, 1840 - Elizabeth Ann Lane, Whitesburg, Tennessee

Family of Elizabeth A. Lane, wife of G.G. Taylor:

Father: Thomas Jefferson Lane

B. October 9, 1804 - Whitesburg, Hambler (then Jeferson) County, Tennessee

D. July 3, 1888

M. 1813 - Vaney Pangle, daughter of Fredrick Pangle

Grandfather: Aquilla Lane

D. May 18, 1753

M. 1779 - Agnes Fitzgerald, b. July 18, 1763

G. Grandfather: Tidence Lane

B. August 31, 1724 - Baltimore, Maryland

D. January 30, 1806 - Hambler (then Jefferson) Co., Tenn.

M. May 9, 1743 - N.C. - Esther Bibben

G.G. Grandfather: Richard Lane, m. Sarah?

G.G.G. Grandfather: Dutton Lane, m. Pretitia Tidings

G.G.G.G. Grandfather: Maj. Samuel Lane

Goodspeed, page 1101 Mary Elizabeth Boatright 1/16:1

Chesley S. Keeney

Chesley S. Keeney was born in Osage County, Missouri in 1853, and is a son of Calvin L. and Mary E. (Boatright) Keeney. The father was born in Anderson County, Tennessee, and was the son of Michael Keeney, one of the leading pioneer steelers of East Tennessee. Calvin was an educated man, taught school sometime and was married about 1842, immediately settling upon a farm in Tennessee. In 1850 he moved to Osage County, Missouri, and until 1855 taught school and farmed. He then followed the same occupation in Madison County, Arkansas.

The mother was a daughter of the Rev. Chesley Boatright, a minister of the Missionary Baptist Church. The Boatright family of America belonged to the King’s bodygaurd and settled in America prior to the Revolution, in which they took an active part. A member of the family also did honorable services in the War of 1812. The Rev. Chesley Boatright was a native of Virginia and came to Madison County as a missionary of the Baptist church when the country was but sparsely settled. He established the first Baptist church in Northwest Arkansas and was one of the best known men in the Cherokee Nation.

Mrs. Keeney has borne the following children: Mary L., James M. (killed during the war), John C., Chesley S., Minervia B. (wife of R.M. Dutton), and daughter (the wife of E.A. Barry) and Susan D. (wife of Dr. W.A. Harris), Mrs. Keeney is an active member of the church.

Our subject received his education at the common schools, Clark’s Academy of Berryville and at Fayetteville, finally becoming one of the leading teachers of the country. He is now the owner of a nice fram of sixty-six acres a short distance north of Hindsville. He is a member of the Little Spring Lodge No. 230 at Hindsville and fills the office of High Priest in the Little Rock Chapter, A.F. & A.M. He has filled every office in the Chapter and Blue Lodge at Hindsville and has twice been illustrious of the council. In politics he is a Democrat.

(Note: Another source says that Calvin L. Keeney fought for the Confedrate cause, not the Union.)

Goodspeed, page 965 Rietta Jehoshebeath Boatright 7/16:6

Madison County, 1889

Jacob Q. Johnson

Jacob Q. Johnson, one of the wealthy and successful citizens of Washington County, Arkansas, and the son of James and Mary (Queener) Johnson, was born in the East Tennessee in 1828. The father was a native of Noth Carolina and was of the Dutch descent. He took and active part in the Black Hawk War and served with great credit to his country. He was a farmer and a miller by occupation and moved from Tennessee to Arkansas in 1851, where he followed farming for some time. He located nine miles south of Fayetteville, and here died in 1883, from injuries received from falling down stairs.

His son, Jacob Q., was educated in his native state and remained with his father until the war broke out, but previous to this in 1852 he maried Miss R.J., daughter of C.H. Boatright of Madison County, and to them were born thirteen children, nine now living: Mary Jane, Tennessee, J.Q., Harriet Eliza, Edna K., Catherine. SusanJ., Benjamin F. and Dora H.

In 1862 Mr. Johnson enlisted in the Federal Army, Company B, First Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, commanded by Col. Harrison, and served three years, three months and seven days. He was in the battle of Prairie Grove and was also in several skirmishes, but was never wounded or taken prisoner.

After the war Mr. Johnson purchased his present home, which is one of the first in the Northwest, and upon this farm he has erected a fine two-story brick residence, valued at $4,000, also a large sawmill, with grist-mill and flouring-mill attached, which is run by a thirty-six foot water wheel. The water is brought a distance of 500 yards to run the wheel. Mr. Johnson has also steam power attached to the mill when the water is low or the mill is frozen up. This is valued at $20,000. Besides this, Mr. Johnson is the owner of 800 acres of vabule land, and has over 200 acres under the plow. He is a member of the G.A.R., a member of the Baptist Church, and one of the most respected and enterprising citizens of the county.

Goodspeed, page 965 Nancy Kezia Boatright 1/16:9

Washington County, 1889


Benjamin F. Johnson

Among the most successful farmers and stock dealers and prominent citizens of Washington County, Arkansas may be mentioned B. F. Johnson, who was born in Campbell County, Tennessee on the 12th of March 1835. He is a son of James and Mary (Queener) Johnson, natives of Virginia and Tennessee respectively. The father was born 4 January 1799. Mary (Queener) Johnson was born 29 September 1803 and died 22 May 1876. While a resident of Tennessee he held the office of Justice of the Peace for several terms, and was the County Sheriff one term. He was an old-line Whig in politics, and was married in Campbell County, Tennessee, coming to Washington County, Arkansas, in 1850 where he spent the remainder of his days, dying 6 May 1882. He ans his wife became the parents of ten children, seven of whom are living: O.P. (a farmer and miller residing in Missouri), Lucinda (wife of J.R. Hope), Lousia (wife of D. Hope), Mary (wife of W. Alexander), J.Q., Benjaimn F. and Eliza.

Benjamin F. remained under the paternal roof until he attained his majority, when he engaged in farming on his own responsibility, and by close application to the duties of farm life he stabilized those habits of industry and fugality which insured his success in the after life. He has been actively engaged as a dealer in stock for many years, and in all his business dealings he is fair and just, commanding the respect and confidence of all who know him; he commenced life with no capital but his two hands and a vast amount of energy and pluck, but is now the owner of 932 acres of land, and has one of the finest residences in the county. He is a notable example of those sound and correct business principles which win success and those genial traits of character which secure and retain public confidence and esteem.

He took an active part in the late war, and served for over three years as Sergeant of Company D, First Arkansas Regiment, operating most of the time in Missouri and Arkansas. He participated in more than 100 battles and skirmishes and was quite severly wounded in the left arm in a skirmish on White Oak.

His marriage to Miss Nancy K. Boatright took place 1 October 1856. She was born 27 February 1839 in Anderson County, Tennessee, and died 26 May 1864 in Washington County, Arkansas, having been then mother of four children, two living: J.O. and Mary L. (wife of Joseph Arnett). Mr. Johnson’s second marriage was to Lydia Lewis by whom he became the father of fourteen children, seven of whom are still living: George W., Lydia K., Hugh L., Shirley J., Lettie, Butros B. and Inez.

Mr. Johnson is a strong supporter of the principals of the Republican Party, and is a member of the G.A.R. He has always been strong advocate of public improvements, and has given several hundred dollars to aid in the construction of the railroads in his county, and throughout life has taken a deep interest in all enterprises tending to benefit the county and the cause of education.



John Jones, M. D.


John Jones was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina, about five miles from the town of Wilkesbrough, 9 August 1803. His father, Thomas Jones, was an honest, industrious man, who by his daily labor provided a subsistence for his family. Educational facilities were then confined to such as were able to pay liberally for them, and as Mr. Jones could not spare the means necessary for the education of his children, they were entirely deprived of all school advantages.

A short time after the birth of the subject of this sketch, Thomas Jones moved from North Carolina to what is now known as Grassy Cove. When John was about 10 years of age his father returned to North Carolina, to the county now called Yancy, which was then a portion of the far-famed Buncombe County. There he remained about four years, after which time he returned to Grassy Cove, where he continued to reside until the subject of this sketch had arrived at the years of maturity, and had married and removed to the place now called Embreeville, in Washington County, Tenn. Here he remained about two years, until in the year 1823 the house in which he resised was burned down. Two persons, a six-year-old sister of his wife, and a young man named William Wood, from Burke County, North Carolina, preshied in the flames. After this misfortune he returned to Grassy Cove, where he worked at his trade of iron-maker, in the employ of Mark Reaves & Sons until 1824 or 25, when he removed to Roan’s Creek, in that part of Carter County which now forms the County of Johnson. In the year 1827 he moved to Campbell County, East Tennessee, where he still resides.

In 1850, 51 and 52 he studied the science of medicine, and in the year last mentioned commenced regular practice, which he faithfully followed for about twenty years in Campbell and adjacent counties.

In 1868 he was elected Clerk of the County Court of Campbell, and served in that capacity for over ten years, providing one of the most faithful and efficient servants whom the county had ever possessed. He also served for six or seven years as a Justice of the Peace in Campbell County, and so just wise were his decisions, and so faithful and intelligent were his interpretations of the law, that out of the great mass of business which he transacted, not a single judgement was ever reversed by any higher court; and indeed, it is said that no appeal was ever taken from his decisions.

Dr. John’s wife was Elizabeth Mosly, daughter of Benjamin Mosly. She was his faithful and loving companion for over thirty years, until in 1852 the ruthless hand of death snatched her from his side, leaving him alone in the world, a stranger and a pilgrim on the earth. Three daughters and one son were the fruit of this marriage, and they too, one by one, have crossed the silent river. All the daughters were married and some of their children are now living in Campbell County.

No physician within the territory where he practiced is more widely and favorably known than Dr. John Jones. In hundreds of families his name is a houshold word even to this day, though he has been for several years retired from active practice. His practice was always very large and his skill was proverbial. His sterling common sence, his shrewd insight, his kind and sympathetic heart, and his absolute integrity, which no man has ever questioned, won for him the confidence of all with whom he came in contact, whether in a personal or professional capacity.

Though he was in youth denied the advantage for securing and education which is so freely offered to the young of the present day, yet Dr. Jones is not by any means an ignorant man. Indeed there are few of his contemporaries better informed on matters connected with his profession, as well as on subjects of general interest. He learned to read in his tenth year, and from that day to this he has been a close and faithful student.

Every opportunity which he could sntch from his regular occupation, while he was preparing for his profession, he would devote to study, and even sat into the night delving deep into the mysteries of science and learning. Having himself felt keenly throughout his long and useful life the lack of early education facilities, he has ever been a firm and consistent, and even aggressive advocate of public schools. He always favored a liberal tax for the support of the cause of education, believing that money expended in building school-houses and maintaining good schools is money well expended, and is in the end more economical than supporting an ignorant and vicious population in the jail and poor-house. In a few instances he has, by active championship of popular education, incurred the enmity of wealthy but mistaken citizens. But no opposition, no matter how powerful or influential, has ever caused him to swerve one hair’s breadth from the course which he believed to be right against the wrong, justice against injustice, truth against error.

Dr. Jones has always been a friend and advocate of the Christian religion. The active, progressive spirit of Christianity accords well with his active, progressive sprit. He has no sympathy, whatever, with any religion or any doctrine which inculcates a sprit of no progression. He believes that the world moves and that men and ideas must move with it. In his personal relations Dr. Jones is a man among a thousand. His heart is full of benevolence and brotherly charity. His unswerving integrity is proverbial wherever he is know. His sympathetic nature always prompts him to espouse the cause of the weak against the strong, when other things are equal. Through all his long life no man has ever had cause to complain of injustice at his hands. None, poor and in sickness, have ever suffered at his hands for proper attention and medicine. Himself a warm advocate and ardent admirer of that which is pure and noble and good, he has yet no harsh condemnation for the erring and the weak. He recognized the fact that we are all mortal, and while he would strive to elevate the sinner to a higher and more worthy plane of existence, he does not utterly despise him in his low estate.

Dr. Jones is now approaching the close of an eminently useful life. In the course of nature his sojourn among men can be prolonged but a few more years. His declining years are passed as benefits one who has devoted the energies of his life to the amelioration of the condition of his fellows. This book is probably his last message to very many of his friends. Honored and beloved by all who are blessed with his acquaintance, serene in the consciousness of a life work nobly performed, his deliverance shall come, and looks without fear or trembling through the mists of the dark valley to the brighter light beyond.

The above biography was taken from “Practical Advice to Midwifes and Others,” by Dr. John Jones, published by the author and printed in Philadelphia by A. T. Zeising & Co., Printers, in 1884.



HUSBAND_________________________________James Huges Boatright

Occupation- Farmer and Blacksmith

Church- Missionary Baptist

Lived at- Four miles north of Wesley, Madison Co. Arkansas

Born- 21 February 1821 in Tennessee

Died- 8 September 1910 in Madison County, Arkansas

Buried- Boatright Cemetery near Mountain Spring, Madison Co. , Arkansas

Father & Mother- Chesley Hood Boatright & Lousia Taylor

WIFE_____________________________________Susan May Dora Jones

Church- Missionary Baptist

Born- 22 February 1828 in Campbell Co., Tennessee

Died- 4 June 1910 in Madison Co., Arkansas

Father & Mother- John Jones, M.D. (born 9 August 1803) & Elizabeth Mosly

They had nine children and 72 grandchildren.




1. John Chesley

B. 7 July 1850 (Sunday), Knox Co. Tenn.

D. 13 August 1927, Madison Co., Ark.

M. Martha Alice Renfroe, 14 February 1851(her parents were J.C. Renfroe & Elizabet Scott)

2. Elizabeth L.

B. 30 November 1852 (Tuesday), Tenn.

D. 19 February 1946, Washington Co, Ark.

M. Isaac Calico

3. William T.

B. 25 November 1855 (Sunday), Madison Co., Ark.

D. 14 February 1885, Madison Co., Ark.

M. Jane Thomas

4. James Kennon

B. 2 October 1857 (Friday), Madison Co., Ark.

D. 6 January 1937, Gouldbusk, Coleman Co., Texas

M. 19 December 1888 to Lousia Catherine Hiett born 3 August 1865 her parents were John Jackson Hiett & Lucy A. Laws)

5. Lafayette (a twin)

B. 16 March 1860 (Friday), Madison Co., Ark.

D. 27 April 1903, Madison Co., Ark.

M. Willie Anderson

6. De Wit (a twin)

B. 16 March 1860 (Friday), Madison Co., Ark.

D. 12 December 1947, Wilburton, Latimer Co., Okla

M. 1886 to Alice DeArmond

2nd wife not known

6 September 1908 to Etta Mae (Rogers) Watson

7. Rietta K.

B. 8 May 1862 (Thursday), Madison Co., Ark.

D. 15 September 1941*, Washington Co., Ark.

M. James “Jim” Louge

8. Henry Miles

B. 25 November 1864 (Friday), Madison Co., Ark.

D. 26 December 1943, Prairie Grove, Washington Co., Ark.

M. 6 May 1896 to Hattie Florence Williams

9. Susan May Dora

B. 11 October 1867 (Friday), Madison Co., Ark.

D. 26 April 1946, Tulsa, Tulsa Co., Okla.

M. Lafayette Stringfield (1st husband)

Rev. R.C. Kemper (2nd husband)

* tombstone has 16 September 1941.

Compiled by Ruth (Boatright) Parker in Hobbs, New Mexico, July 1966.


John Chesley Boatright-1850-1927

John Chesley Boatright, son of James Hughes Boatright, and Susan May Dora Jones, was born July 7, 1850 Knox County, Tennessee. He was a farmer and lived three miles north of Wesley, Madison County, Arkansas.

John Chesley married Martha Alice Renfro in 1868 in Washington County Arkansas. His wife died April 4, 1932 in Madison County. They are both buried in the Boatright cemetery, near the “Mountain Springs” community (near Wesley) Madison County Arkansas.

John Chesley and Martha had eight children who lived past infancy:

1. Susan Linnie Elizabeth, born June 20, 1871 in Madison County Arkansas. She died in February of 1935 in Madison County, Arkansas and is buried in the Boatright cemetery. She never married.

2. Chloe Amanda Boatright, born January 25, 1873 in Madison County, Arkansas. She married Ambrose Henry Robertson on Dec. 25, 1903 in Madison County. They had one child, Alma Robertson, born Sept. 1904 at Fayetteville Arkansas (Washington County)

Amanda died December 11, it is believed in 1930, and is buried in the Boatright cemetery.

3.Permillia May Dora “Millie” Boatright, born Dec. 11, 1876 in Madison county Arkansas. She married Jack Daily in April 1934 and had no children. She died in May 1948 in Madison County, and is buried in the Boatright cemetery.

4. James Cephas Boatright, Born Nov. 3 1879 in Madison county Arkansas. He married Cora Byrd in Nov. 1907, they had eleven children. He died on Easter Sunday, April 17, 1960 in Madison County and is buried in the Boatright cemetery.

5. Jerdon Jones Boatright, born May 4, 1882 in Madison County Arkansas. He married Della Byrd about 1937, they had two daughters, Hazel and Chloe. He lived on the old place where his family was raised until about 1958. He and his wife are now (1966) living in Fayetteville Arkansas. It is interesting to note that a Boatright family reunion is held every year on the Sunday nearest Jerdons Birthday, at his home in Fayetteville. A good number of Boatrights attend. (note; Jerdon and Della are now both deceased and buried in the Farmington cemetery, Farmington Arkansas).

6. Dollie Rietta Boatright, born July 22, 1884 in Madison county Arkansas. She married Harold Higgins Rough on July 21 1907 and had four children. In 1966 she was living in Tulsa, Tulsa County Oklahoma. She died in 1975 and is buried in the Boatright cemetery.

7.John Sherman Boatright, born June 6, 1887 in Madison county Arkansas. He was wounded in World War I, and was in the Veterans Hospital at old Fort Root, North Little Rock Arkansas Pulaski County, from about 1931, until about 1968. He never married. He died Aug. 11, 1976 in Fayetteville Arkansas, and is buried in the Boatright cemetery.

8. William Freeman Boatright, born Aug. 17 1893, in Madison county Arkansas. He married Elsie Irene Benson on May 2 1923, in Los Angeles, California. As of 1966, they lived five miles southeast of Goshen, Washington County Arkansas. They had two daughters, Frances Ruth (born Jan. 1932) and Beth (born Jan.11, 1935), both in Washington county Arkansas. He died July 10, 1979 in Madison County and is buried in the Boatright cemetery. (note, his wife Elsie is now deceased also, Jan. 28, 1985 Hobbs New Mexico, and is buried in the Boatright cemetery).

James Cephas Boatright 1879-1960

James Cephas Boatright, son of John Chesley Boatright(1850-1927) and Martha Alice (Renfro) Boatright (1851-1932), was born Nov. 3, 1879 in Madison County Arkansas. He was a farmer and was affiliated with the missionary Baptist Church.

He died at the age of 80 years, 5 months, and 15 days, on April 17, 1960 in Madison county Arkansas and is buried in the Boatright cemetery, Madison county Arkansas.

He married Cora Ethel Byrd (1889-1961) on Oct. 7, 1907 in Madison county Arkansas. Cora daughter of John Bird and Mollie (George) Byrd, was born Dec. 29 1889, at Mullberry, in Crawford County Arkansas. She died April 26, 1961, at the “Crossroads” community in Madison County Arkansas, and is buried in the Boatright cemetery.

James Cephas and Cora Boatright had eleven children:

1. Susan Mary Boatright, born Feb. 17, 1909 in Madison county Arkansas. She was living at Huntington Park in Los Angeles County California in Aug. 1966. She married George Stroud. (now deceased)

2. Martha Alice Boatright, born Feb. 24 1909 in Madison County Arkansas. She was living in Hindsville(near Huntsville) Madison county Arkansas in Aug. 1966. She married James Lee Witt (born 1907) on June 29, 1928 at Wesley in Madison county Arkansas. (Now may 2001 living in a nursing home in Springdale AR.)

3. Clara Waska Boatright, born March 1, 1912 in Madison county Arkansas. She was living in Springdale in Washington County Arkansas in Aug. 1966. She married Edward Eldorado Leningrad (born 1909) Sept. 26, 1931 at Wesley in Madison County Arkansas. (now deceased)

4. John Mark Boatright, born March 24, 1914 in Madison County Arkansas. He married Eutha May Dennis. He was living in Brea, Orange County California in May 1966. (note, John mark died in May 1988 Brea, Orange County Cal.).

5. James Clarence Boatright, was born March 31, 1916 in Madison county Arkansas. He was living in Norwalk California in April 1966. He married Alma Robertson (born 1904) on April 2, 1937 at Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma. (now deceased)

6. Linnie May Boatright, born Dec. 26, 1917 in Madison county Arkansas. She was living at Salinas, in Montgomery County California in Aug. 1966. She married William Pleasant “Bill” Williams. (now deceased)

7. Ruby Verna Boatright, born November 23 1919 in Madison Conunty, Arkansas. She was living at Cudahy in Los

Angeles County, California in August 1966. She married Joseph Earl “Pete” Tucker at Wesley in Madison County, Arkansas.

8. Daniel Leroy Boatright, born December 8, 1921 in Madison County Arkansas. He was living at Wesley in August of 1966. He married Zora Ruby Irene Duncan (born 1923) on March 27 1940 at Buckeye in Madison County Arkansas.

9. Agnes Pearl Boatright, born in Madison County Arkansas. She was living near Wesley in August of 1966. She married Wallace Wade Dutton (born 1914) on May 11, 1941 at Springdale in Washington County Arkansas.

10. Augustus “Gus” Clifford Boatright, born in Madison County Arkansas. He was living near Hindsville in Madison County in August of 1966. He was married twice: (1( Virginia Leah Langham on November 4 1946; and (2) Maxine Holland.

11. George Hubert Boatright, Born in Madison County. He was living at Lynwood in Los Angeles, County California in August 1966. He married Kathryn Elizabeth Gray on July 6 1948 at Los Angeles, California. Hubert is a minister in the Assembly of God church.(note Hubert is now, May 2001, living in West Fork Arkansas).

Martha Alice (Boatright) Witt

Martha Alice Boatright, daughter of James Cephas and Cora Ethel Byrd, was born 24 Feburary 1910 in Madison County, Arkansas.

She was married 29 June 1928 at Wesley, Madison County, Ark. To Jesse Lee witt, born 27 April 1907, son of Lee and Martha (Haskins) Witt.

Alice and Jesse own and live on a farm near Hindsville, Madison County, Ark. They have four children, all born in Madison County.

1. Clara Alene, ; married Grover Eugene Rogers.

2. James Lee, born 15 January 1932; married Shirley Hill. (James now deceased)

3. Clifford Dwain, ; married Barbara Sloan.

4. Barbra Jean ; married Raymond Phillips.


Clara Waska (Boatright) Laningham

Clara Waska Boatright, born 1 March 1912 in Madison County, Arkansas, was the daughter of James Cephas Boatright and Cora Ethel Byrd.

She was married 26 September 1931 in Madison County, Arkansas, to Edward Eldorado Laningham, born 7 August 1909. They have two children:

1. Glendon Elton,

2. Lewis Donald,

James Clarence Boatright

James Clarence Boatright, born 31 March 1916 in Madison Co. Ark, was a son of James cephus and Cora Ethel Byrd. He was married on 2 April 1937 to Alma Robertson at Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma. (now deceased)

Alma Robertson, born 15 September 1904 at Fayetteville, Ark. Was the daughter and only child of Ambrose Henery Robertson and Chloe Amanda (Boatright) Robertson. (now deceased)

Clarence was in the U.S. army in World War II. He died Friday night, 16 July 1971. He and his wife had one son:

1. James Curtis, born in Los Angeles, Cal; married 13 October 1957 to Shirley Renal Long in Leonardtown, Marys County, Maryland, while serving in the U.S Navy. James and Shirley had the following childern:

1. Susan Renee,

2. Donald LeeRoy,

3. Sharon Janece, born at Norwalk Cal.

4. James Craig, at Norwalk Cal. This boy makes five consecutive generations of J.C. Boatrights.

Daniel Leroy Boatright

Daniel Leroy Boatright, was the son of James Cephas Boatright (1879-1960) and Cora Ethel Byrd (1889-1961). He was born in Madison Co., Ark.

On March 27, 1940 he married Zora Ruby Irene Duncan. Dan and Irene own(ed) and operate(d) the Wesley Mercantile store at Wesley, Madison county Arkansas, they have 7 children, all born in Madison county Arkansas.

1. Henry Edward Boatright, married Nov. 27, 1964 to Betty Watkins, daughter of Charlie & Zelma (Corbett) Watkins. Their children are: Julie Frances, born at Huntsville, Madison County Arkansas.

2. Oliver Leroy Boatright, married 30 June 1962 to Sharon Applegate, daughter of George & Lynn (Skate) applegate. Their children: Leashia Darlene, born at Huntsville; Randy Leroy, born at Huntsville; and George Lyndell, born at Huntsville.

4. Deloris June Boatright, married 23 March 1964 to Johnny Martin, son of John & Maggie Martin. Their children: John Edward, born at Huntsville and Danny Lee, at Huntsville.

5. Jerry Derral

6. Daniel Eugene

7. Charles Alvin

Agnes Pearl (Boatright) Dutton


Agnes Pearl Boatright, daughter of James Cephas and Cora Ethel Byrd, was born in Madison Co., Ark.

She was married 11 May 1941 at Springdale, Washington Co., Ark, to Wallace Wade Dutton, born 2 March 1914, son of Amer Dalto and Elsie Gertrude (Neill) Dutton. They live(d) on a farm northwest of Wesley, Madison Co., Ark, and have seven children: (Wade Dutton now deceased, Pearl now married to Jerald Neal)

1. Wallace Earl, born near Goshen. On 18 June 1961 he married Alta Womack at Wesley, Madison Co., Ark.

2. Ethel Gertrude, born near Goshen. She was married in January 1963 to Roy Ireland Glenn at Wesley.

3. Vivian Lorraine, born near Goshen. She was married in January 1966 at Stillwell, Oklahoma, to Thomas Dale Rose.

4. Verna May, born near Goshen. She was married 28 August 1965 to Ronnie Edward Alderson

5. Helen Louise, born at Fayetteville, Ark

6. Dorthy Vernetta, born at Hindsville, Ark

7. Susan Lucretia, born at Huntsville, Ark



George Hubert Boatright

George Hubert Boatright, born at Madison County, Ark. was the son of James Cephas and Cora Ethel Byrd. He is a minister of the Assembly of God church and in 1966 was living in Lynwood, Cal. (now living in west Fork Arkansas: 2001)

On 6 July 1948 he married Katherine Elizabeth Gray at Los Angeles, Cal. She is the daughter of Roy M. Gray and Mary Anna Robbins.

George Hubert and Katherine had three children:

1. David Leroy, born at Huntington Park, Ca.

2. Diane Elizabeth, born at Huntington Park, Ca.

3. Gregory Loren, born at Lynwood, Ca.

Jerdon Jones Boatright (1882-1975)

Jerdon Jones Boatright, born 4 May 1882 in Madison Co., Ark, was the son of John Chesley Boatright and Mary Alice Renfro. Jerdon was living at Fayetteville, Ark. In August 1966. It is interesting to note that the Boatright Family Reunion is held every year on the Sunday nearest Jerdon’s birthday at Fayetteville. A good number of Boatright’s attend, even coming from as far as western Texas.

Jerdon married Della Byrd on 7 April 1937 at Fayetteville. Della, born 14 February 1910 in Madison Co., Ark, was the daughter of Tom “Green” Byrd and Mary Stella “Pop” Bell. Jerdon and Della lived on the old home place which belonged to his father until 1957 when they sold the farm to Everett Watson and moved to Fayetteville. They had two children:

1. Hazel Boatright, was born in Madison County Arkansas. She was married to Chester H. (Babe) Bailey on March 27 1959 in Oklahoma. Chester is the son of John and Lucy (Boatright) Bailey. Hazel and Chester live in Farmington Arkansas Washington County. They have two children, Teresa Lynn and Marion Chester, both born at Springdale, Washington County Arkansas.

A. Teresa Lynn Bailey, not married yet (May 2001) living in Farmington AR.

B. Marion Chester Bailey married Gina Gail Foster (daughter of Marvin and Mary Helen (Pierce) Foster, on Sept. 18, 1981, in Farmington AR. They have three children, Lindsey Gail, Rodney Holt, and Oakley Marideth, . They now live in Farmington AR.


2. Chloe Boatright, was born in Madison County Arkansas. She married Walter Clayton Pierce on March 5, 1960 at Huntsville. Walter is the son of Lloyd Pierce (a Baptist preacher) and Norah Tuck. Chloe and Walter live in Fayetteville, Washington County, and have two children: Patricia Lynn, and Walter Craig both born in Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas.

A. Patricia Lynn Pierce, married Jeffrey (Jeff) Ray Watkins, (son of Calvin and Loretta Eubanks Watkins) Dec. 31 1985 in Fayetteville AR. They have two children, Amanda Chloe, and Amber Faye, both born in Fayetteville AR. They now (May 2001) live in Farmington AR.

B. Walter Craig Pierce, married Tonya Kay Napier, (daughter of John David and Patsy Jean (Guinn) Napier, on June 6, 1986 at Drakes Creek (near Huntsville AR.) Tonya was born in Huntsville AR. Madison County. They have two children, Johnathan Craig, and Clayton David, both born in Fayetteville AR. They now (May 2001) live in Fayetteville AR.

Dollie Rietta (Boatright) Rough

Dollie Rietta Rough, born July 22, 1884 in Madison County Arkansas, was a daughter of John Chesley and Martha Alice Renfro. She was married July 21, 1907, in Madison county Arkansas, at the home of her father to Harold Higgins Rough who was born July 8, 1884 two miles east of Elkins Arkansas, Washington county. His parents were John D. Florence (Mcollum) Rough. (Now deceased buried in the Boatright cemetery, Madison County AR.)

Harold H. Rough died June 4, 1960, in Tulsa Oklahoma, and is buried in Floral Haven Memorial Cemetery in Tulsa. They had four children:

1. Florence Alice, born Sept. 20, 1908 in Madison county Arkansas. She was married Nov. 24, 1927in Tulsa Oklahoma, to Corwin T. Armstrong, born July 19, 1897, near Ringwood, Major County Oklahoma. They have lived in Tulsa since their marriage. They have two children: Betty Ellen (Armstrong) Marks, born Dec. 5, 1928 at Tulsa, and David Joe Armstrong, born Feb. 25 1930 at Tulsa. (Alice Armstrong, and Corwin T. Armstrong both now deceased)

2. John Kenneth, born Feb. 7, 1911 at Fayetteville, died July 14, 1924 at Tulsa, Oklahoma (at age 13) Buried in the Boatright cemetery.

3. William Myron, born Oct. 8, 1913 in Van Buren County, Arkansas about six miles south of Elby Arkansas. He was married Dec. 10 1935 at Springfield, Missouri to Carlena Carroll of Springfield Missouri. Divorced in 1937. Married May 25, 1939 in Tulsa County, Oklahoma to Buel Walkup Painter. They now live in Tulsa and have three children: Helen Janice (Rough) Gesmick, born July 12, 1940 at Tulsa, Evelynn Elizabeth (Rough) Wilyard, born Aug. 25, 1942 at Tulsa, and William Harold Rough, born April 10, 1945 at Tulsa. (Note William Myron and Buel have both passed away, as well as their son William (Billy) who died serving in the National Guard while helping flood victims, unsure of exact date, sometime in the early 1970’s)

4. Ludy Lenore, born in Madison County Arkansas. Married Oct. 22, 1933 in Tulsa OK. To Ormand O. Jones, born June 29, 1919. He died in Tulsa. Married Nov. 8, 1959 to Walter Mitchell, they now live in Tulsa. Ludy has three children: Kenneth Paul, born at Tulsa, Shirley Alice (Jones) Beckford, born at Tulsa, and Ronald Dean, born at Tulsa.

Elizabeth Lucille (Boatright) Calico

Elizabeth, born 30 November 1852 in Knox County Tenn. Was the daughter of James Hughes Boatright and Susan May Dora Jones. She married a farmer Isaac Calico, born 22 March 1835, and they liveed in Madison Co., Ark. She died 19 February 1946 and Isaac died 20 March 1910. They are both buried at Boatright Cemetery, Mountain Springs, Madison Co., Ark.

They had eight children:

1. Nan- married Walter Johnson

2. William Houston, born 4 February 1878, Madison Co.; died 8 July 1944 in Madison Co. He married Ivilee Caldwell (1880-1956)

3. Susan Luana “Annie”, born 17 April 1880 in Madison Co. Died 8 July 1944 in Madison Co. She married Erastus Goldman Mason (1877-1950). They had three children:

A.) Clytie (Mason) Sanders, born 17 August 1903 in Madison Co. Married 7 October 1922 to Lloyd Emory Sanders. They live on the farm, which belonged to Clytie’s great-grandfather James Huges Boatright. They had one son, Rex: (Lloyd Emory and Clytie (mason) Sanders, now deceased)

-Rex Dale Sanders, He married Josephine Stroud on 15 April 1950.Their Children:

-Beverly Joan, born at Fayetteville

-James Dale, born at Springdale

B.) Phillip Alvin Mason, born 5 January 1907 in Madison Co. He married Mariah Beatrice Bisom, born 29 Nov 1906, on 28 July 1928. Their children: (Phillip Mason, now deceased)

---Elmo Colleen (Mason) Gayer, She married John “Bud” Gayer. They have three Children: Burley Joe, Lonnie Dale, and Frankie Dean.

---Yvonne Belle (Mason) Watson, She married Loy Watson. They have one child: Teresa Louise

---Charles Goldman Mason, He married Madlyn Sitton. They have three children: Jerri Jo, Charles “Chuckie”, and Kent.

---Larry Keith Mason

C.) Helen (mason) Johnson, born 9 December 1918 in Madison Co. Married 23 March 1940 to Milliard Maxwell Johnson. Children:

---Barbra Ann Johnson, She as married on 18 August 1967 at Mount Springs to Lyndall Leon Grigg, son of Raymond Dotson Grigg of Kingston, Ark.

---Carolyn Joan Johnson. She was married on 4 Sept. 1965 to Authur Wayne Burke of Huntsville.

D.) Laura Colleen, born 30 Oct. 1884 in Madison Co. She died in January 1913. Laura was married twice: (1) Charlie Cardon and (2) Jim Burnett.

E.) Rietta K. born 19 September; married Sim Morris

F.) Sarah Allen “Allie” born 2 August 1888; died 1942. She was maried to T. Elmer Morris (1882-1979)

G.) Fred M. Born 26 October 1891; died 9 June 1979. He was married to Toni Jones

H.) Mary born 10 Feburary 1894. She died 18 February 1894 In Madison Co.

William T. Boatright

William, born 25 November 1855 in Madison Co., Ark. was the son of James Hughes and Susan May Dora Jones. He married Jane Thomas and they had six children:

1. Mary married (1) George Fitch (2) Al Johnson

2. Henry Edward, born 5 March 1878 in Rush Co., Kansas. Married 24 Dec 1904 to Sally Mae Tillman in Madison Co., Died July 2 1938

3. Lula born October 1879 married Tom Griggs

4. Susie married Will Phillips (went to Washington)

5. Med married Al (or Cal) Tillman

6. Laura married Harvey Robinson

After wiliam Boatright Died, Jane married Jim Bell who lost his wife. Jim Bell had four children:

1. Dammie

2. Edna

3. Dovie

4. Effie married William Henry Pitts (1889-1967)


Jane and Jim Bell had three children:

1. Bill

2. Charlie Miller “Dick”

3. Nelson


Henry Edward Boatright

(Son of William T. and Jane Thomas Boatright)

Henry Edward Boatright was born 5 March 1878 in Rush Co., Kansas. He married Stella Mae Tillman 24 Dec. 1904 at Uncle John Boatright’s house. He died 2 July 1938. Their Children:

1. Clyde Chesley Boatright born 12 Jan 1906 in Waco Texas. He died 10 Nov 1955 and was never married.

2. Andy William Boatright born 19 Oct 1907 in Waco Texas. He married Chloe Eubanks. In 1967 he was living at Fullerton Cal (now deceased)

---Jerry Lynn born 18 Dec 1946 Fullerton Cal

---Charles Wayne born 2 Sept 1949 Fullerton Cal

3. Charles James Boatright born 8 Sept 1909 Park Hill, Oklahoma. He married Lois McCoy. He died 28 August 1967 in Lynwood, Cal. and in buried in Loma Vista Memorial Park

--- Charles Lyndell born 18 Dec 1939 Hindsville, Ark

4. Harvey Francis Boatright born 10 Feb 1912 Park Hill, Okla. Married Vivian Parks. In 1967 he lived at Fullerton, Cal. (now deceased)

---Frances Lorean (Boatright) Wilson born 3 March 1940 Hindsville, Ark.

5. Helen Avis (Boatright) McCoy born 3 Feb 1915 Hindsville, Ark. Married Merle J. McCoy. In 1967 lived at Brea Cal.

--- Myrl Anne McCoy born Fayetteville, Ark

---Patricia Ma Lynn McCoy born Fayetteville, Ark

6. Mabel Jane (Boatright) Turner born Hindsville Ark.

Married Frank Turner. In 1967 living at Fort Smith Ark.

---Eddie Elbert Turner born , Fayetteville. Ar

---Larry Dwain Turner born , Fayetteville

---Lynda Jane Turner born , Fort Smith, Ark

---John Franklin Turner born , South Gate, Cal

7. Doris Jean (Boatright) Young born 24 June, Elkins Ark.

Married (1) Ronald Marshall (2) Floyd Young (1961) in 1967 living at Fullerton, Cal.

---Rhonda Gayle Marshall born L.A., Cal.

---Susan Jean Marshallborn L.A., Cal.

---Tracy Ranee Young born Anaheim, Cal

---Britt Lane Young born , Anaheim, Cal.

Revised 23 January 1966

James Kennon Boatright (1857-1937)

James Kennon Boatright son of James Huges and Suasn May Dora Jones, was born 2 Oct 1857 in Ark, probably in Madison Co. He died on 6 Jan 1937 at Goldbusk, Coleman Co., Texas and is buried at Goldbusk. James was a farmer in Texas, religion-Baptist.

James married Lousia Catherine Hiett on 19 Dec 1880. She was the daughter of John Hiett and Lucy Amanda Laws. She died on 28 Oct 1953 ay Coleman Co., Texas and is buried at Goldbusk, Texas. James and Louisa had eleven children:

1. Wiliam Walter born 16 Aug 1882, Huntsville Madison Co., Ark. He was living at Dublin, Braith Co., Texas in Nov. of 1965. He maried Emilia Johnson.

2. Chesley, belived to have been born about 1885 in Ark and died in Madison Co., Ark.

3. Susan Jane born 11 Apitl 1887 in Ark. She died 7 July 1963 at Breckenridge, Stephens Co., Texas. She was married in 1910 to Bert Conner.

4. Lucy Elizabeth born 6 May 1889 in Ark.

5. James Taylor born 10 July 1891 in Okla, Indian Territory. He married Slate Priddy.

6. Audie Mae born 7 May in Ark. She married on June 4, 1928 to Alex Conner.

7. Dora Odessa born 30 March 1899

8. Leona born 6 July 1902 at Mooreville, Texas. She married twice: (1) William McIlvain 27 Dec 1927; and (2) R. R. Nixon 24 Nov 1955.

9. Ladons born 6 July 1902 at Mooreville, Texas. She married Earnest Leffel Estes on 4 Sept 1924.

10. Mary Asilene born 23 March 1905 at Mooreville, Texas.

11. Hardy Anson born 27 Nov 1908 at Mooreville, Texas. He married Dora Bell Smith on 22 Dec 1932 at Coleman, Texas.


1. Letter, 18 Nov 1965, William Walter Williams Boatright, Dublin, Texas.

2. Letter, 22 Dec 1965, Mrs. Bob Nixon, Valera, Texas.

3. Letter, 20 January 1966, Mrs. Dub Smith, Coleman, Texas.



Walter William Boatright


Walter William Boatright born 1828 at Huntsville, Madison Co., Ark, was the son of James Kennon Boatright and Louisa Catherine Hiett. He is a retired farmer and was living in Dublin, Texas in 1967. He married (1) Florence Tolbert; (2) Emila Johnson on 28 Nov 1925 at Dublin, Texas.

Walter and Florence had six children:

1. Lewis Elvin born 23 April 1905 at Bruceville, Texas. Lives at Coleman, Texas (1966). Married Ninnie Hale.

2. Clarence Edward “Buck” born 19 July 1907 ay Bruceville, Texas. Lives at Midland, Texas (1966). Married Voncile Weeks.

3. Virgil Leonard born 20 April 1909 at Bruceville, Texas. Married Effie Brewer.

4. Mary Ruth born 20 April 1911 at Lorena, Texas. Lives near Dublin, Texas (1966). Married Ollie L. Harris.

5. Addie May born 23 Sept 1915 at Lorenea. Lives at Lingsville, Texas (1966). Maried Ray Echols.

6. Sadie Catherine born 5 Aug 1915 at Lorena. Lives at Victoria, Texas (1966). Married Wallace A. Mackey.

Walter and Emilia had three children. Emilia was born 14 Oct 1895 at Dublin, Texas. She was the daughter of Fountain Akin Johnson and Sally Angeline Oglesby. (Emilia was first married to Henry Marshall Stracener).

1. Howard Clayton born 5 Jan 1918 at Goldbusk, Texas. Lives at Odessa, Texas (1966). Married Geraldene Gibbs.

2. Wanda Faye born 27 Dec 1929 at Dublin. Lives at Arlington, Texas (1966). Married John Rex Austin.

3. Jacky Donald born 26 Nov 1933 at Dublin, Texas Lives at Dublin. Married Neva Dean Tinney.

Lafayette Boatright



Lafayette Boatright born Friday, 16 March 1860 in Madison Co., Ark. Was the son of James Hughes Boatright and Susan May Dora Jones, and had a twin brother, DeWitt. “Fate”, as he was called, married Willie Anderson. They had nine children. Lafayette died 27 April 1905 in Madison Co. He is buried in the Boatright cemetery near Mountain Springs, Ark.

1. Thomas DeWitt “Bunk” married Leona Gesley.

2. Sarah Lucretta born 26 Feb 1885; married Robert Castletown Cates. She died in Sand Springs, Okla. In 1979. Son, Bob, lives in Tulsa, Okla.

3. Charles Harvey born 26 July 1886. (Missing since 1927--presumed dead).

4. Harry Arthur born 26 July 1888; married 24 July 1909 to (Winfield Crews; married 3 times (2nd wife) 15 April 1917 to Beatrice Stella Crawley who died 20 Oct 1948, (3rd wife) 14 Sept 1951 to Gertrude Todd. Lives at Boys Ranch, Texas (near Amarillo).

5. Isaac Nolan; married a woman named Fannie; died 22 April 1952 in Cal.

6. John Anderson; married Hester Moffit. Lives in Orescott, Arizona. (Now deceased)

7. Ollie died when a baby.

8. Bertha Frances (or Bernice); died in 1954.

9. Anna Belle born 26 June 1896; married John Goyer; lives in Cal.

After Lafayette’s death, Willie married a man named Fisher. They had a daughter, Margaret (or Margarette) born in 1906. She married a nam named Shaw and lives in Oklahoma City, Okla.

De Witt Boatright

DeWitt Boatright born 16 March 1860 (Friday) in Madison Co., Ark, was the son of James Hughes Boatright and Susan may Dora Jones, and had a twin brother, Lafeyette. In 1886 he married Marry Alice DeArmond, daughter of Matt DeArmond. She died in 1901 at Wilburton, Okla and is buried there. On 6 Sept 1908 he married Etta May Rogers Holland Watson who was born 3 Dec 1876 in Alabama and now lives with son, Chesley in Tulsa, Okla. De Witt died 12 Dec 1947 in Wilburton and is buried in Center Point Cemetery.

1. Susan born 16 Nov 1888; married first to Ace Quinn, and Second to man Named Wagoner; died 15 Sept 1967 at Tulsa, Okla and is buried at Sand Springs, Okla.

2. Will born Nov 1890; died 13 Sept 1967 at Tulsa, Okla.

3. John C., born Jan 1893; died Feb 1918 and is buried at Mountain Springs (burned to death while working for the oil company).

4. Preston born 6 Feb 1896 in Ark; died 12 Dec 1950 and is buried in Aspermont, Texas.


5. Elmer De Witt born 15 Jan 1909, Paris, Ark. Married Augusta (Harlow) Napier at Van Buren, Ark. Lives near Tulsa, Okla and has two daughters.

6. Dora Kezia born 29 May 1911 Logan Co., Ark. Married Guy Vernon Ward 21 Jan 1928 at Gowen Okla. Lives near Wilburton, Okla and has 3 girls and 2 boys, all married.

7. Ruby Mae Mertle born 29 June 1914, Logan Co., Ark. Married first to a man named Reynolds and had 7 children; married second to Raymond C. Thompson and had 3 girls.

8. Chesley Riley born 23 June 1917, Logan Co., Ark. Not married, lives in Tulsa, Okla.

Rietta Kezia (Boatright) Logue

Rietta Kezia born 8 May 1862 (Thursday) in Madison Co., Ark. Was the daughter of James Hughes Boatright and Susan May Dora Jones. She had red hair. She married James “Jim” Logue, who was killed in Nov 1993 when he was a young man. Rietta died on 16 Sept 1941 and is buried in the Boatright Cemetery near Mountain Springs, Madison Co., Ark. Rietta and Jim had three children:

1. Dora Jane

2. Elbert Logue

3. Leonard John (often called Gouge or George) born 5 Oct 1892’ Married Edith Todd 23 Dec 1917; died 9 Feb 1979.

a. Verda born 28 Nov 1918; married Carl Williams


---Richard b. Herman born 3 Aug 1923 (now deceased)


Dora Jane Logue

Dora Jane was born 12 Jan 1886 in Madison Co., Ark. She married 28 June 1908 to Garland Edgar Wittemore, who was born at Wesley, Ark, 20 Dec 1882. They lived at Crossroads, Madison Co., Ark. Dora died 5 March 1963 and Garland died 20 Sept 1965. They are buried in Boatright Cemetery near Mountain Springs, Ark. Childern:

1. Walden Earl born 23 August 1909; married Margret Delano.

2. Warren Harley “Woods” born 14 July 1914; married Irene Eubanks. (Now deceased)

3. Lela Gertrude born 18 May 1911 at Whitener, Ark; married 10 Oct 1931 in Cave Springs, Ark to Thomas Elson Gaddis. Thomas was born 7 June 1910 at Whitter, Ark. He was the son of Joseph Everette Gaddis and Mary Larabee Mitchell. He is a Surgical Technician and lives in Fayetteville, Ark. He was in the Army from 12 Dec 1943 to 16 Jan 1946 and served in the Phillippines, Okinawa. (Both deceased)

a. Wanda Jean Gaddis; married 1 June 1954 at Fayetteville, Ark to Allen Vaughn, son of Marion Vaughn.

---Donna Jean ---Thomas Allen born

4. Ruth Ann ; married 30 May 1936 to Ernest Harvey Tooley from Stotts City, Missouri. Ernest was born 30 Aug 1909; he is an excellent mechanic and owned and operated a garage at Crossroads for many years. They now live just off Highway 45 East of Fayetteville. (Ernest now deceased)

a. Phillip Ernest; married 6 July 1958 at West Fork, Ark to Margaret Williams.

---Michael Terry

---Syble Lynn born 19 March 1963 (now deceased)

5. Myrl Ina born 25 June 1919; married 27 June 1936 at Mountain Springs, Madison Co., Ark to Virgian James Johnson, son of William Fredric Johnson and Nancy Elizabeth “Betty” Culwell. They owned and operated a store at Crossroads and now live in Fayetteville. They had 4 daughters, all born at Huntsville, Ark. (Myrl now deceased)

a. Betty Jane; married 5 Aug 1961 at Fayetteville to George V. Davis of Conway, Ark.

---Ricky Lynn born at Fayetteville

---James Gregg born at Fayetteville

b. Joyce Ann born; married 14 March 1959 at Mountain Springs to Charles Bickford of Springdale. They adopted a son:

---Bobby Charles

c. Janice Marie; married 17 April 1965 at Fayetteville to Tommy Leslie of Ashdown, Ark

---Sheila Gail & Shelly Ann Twins born at Fayetteville.

d. Nancy; married 25 Dec 1965 at Fayetteville to Marshall Newman of Little Rock, Ark.

6. Dewey Coleman; married Marie McChristen



Elbert Logue

Elbert (known as Jack) was born 19 Dec 1889. He married Cynthia Johnson born 4 Jan 1891. Children:

1. James (Guy) born 1909; married Ruth Guthrie who died 4 Sept 1940. They had two girls. Guy then married Eileen Rominger and had 1 girl. Guy died 12 Aug 1976.

2. Wayne (Jim) born 14 April 1911 at Whitener, Ark. He was nicknamed Jim because he looked so much like his Grandfather, James Logue. He was married 24 Sept 1932 at Whitener to L Leova Eubanks, born 1 Feb 1914 at Whitner.

a. Vada Joyce born 2 March 1935 at Whitener married Kenneth Ledbetter, born 6 Feb 1929. (Vada now deceased)

---Cheryl Dawn born at Springdale, Ark

---Rickey Wayne born at Springdale, Ark

---Toni Lee born at Huntsville, Ark

---Deborah Rene born at Huntsville, Ark

---Dana Lynn

3. Leon Sam born 1913; married Edna King. They had 3 boys.

4. Hazel born 1915; married Tom Gough 10 March 1934. They had 2 boys and 1 girl.

5. Fay born 1917; maried Irene Degan in 1935. They had 2 girls and 1 boy. Norma died. Fay’s second wife was Myertle locklin.

6. Tommy born 1920; married 1938 to Mamie McCoy. They had 4 boys and 1 girl. Mamie died 7 April 1979. Tommy married again on 11 Jan 1980 to Grace Lewis. (Tommy now deceased)

7. Calvin Warren (Bug) born 1923; married 1942 to Juanita Laird. They had two boys and 3 girls.

8. Ruby; married Arthur Neal


Henry Miles Boatright

Henry Miles (Bud) Boatright born 25 Nov 1864 in Madison Co., Ark was the son of James Hughes Boatright and Susan May Dora Jones. He died 26 Dec 1943 at Prairie Grove, Ark and is buried in the Boatright cemetery near Mountain Springs, Madison Co., Ark.

Henry married Hattie Florence Williams on 6 May 1896. Hattie was born 18 Oct 1879. She died 14 April 1953 and is buried beside her husband. They had 12 children, all born in Madison Co., Ark.

1. William Edward “Fike” born 31 March 1897

2. Elwood Loy born 27 July 1898

3. Ezra Claude “Doc” born 21 June 1900

4. Marie Velma born 5 Nov 1902 lived in Cal in 1966

5. Noble Hill born 22 Nov 1903 (now deceased)

6. Gillis Roy born 28 Oct 1905; died 21 May 1966 in Fillmore, cal

7. Raymond Vernon born 1 Nov 1907; married Hazel Blanche Lemons on 30 Jan 1932 at Lamesa, Texas. Lived at Hobbs New Mexico in 1968. (Both now deceased)

8. Sylvia Medilene born 27 Jult 1909; married L. D. Burford. Lived at Long Beach, Cal in 1965

9. Henry Ernest born 17 April 1911. He is a minister of the Assembly of God church. (Now deceased)

10. Mildred Medora born 28 Aug 1913; married Calvin Woods. Lives at Long Beach, Cal. (now deceased)

11. Dorothy Lea born 2 Oct 1915. Lived in California in 1966

12. Herman Manson born 25 March 1919


Raymond Vernon Boatright

Raymond Vernon Boatright born 1 Nov 1907 in Madison Co., Ark was the son of Henry Miles Boatright and Hattie Florence Williams. He is a minister of the Assembly of God Church and in 1968 was living in Hobbs New Mexico.

Raymond married Hazel Blanche Lemons on 30 Jan 1932 at Lamesa, Texas. Hazel born 9 Nov 1912 at Gibtown, Texas was the daughter of Lewis Alfred Lemons (1889-?) and Delia Melissa Thomason (1890-1948). They had 5 children:

1. Delphna Ruth born 11 May 1933 at Lameas, Texas. Married 18 Jan 1958 at Bremerton, Washington to Alvin Burwill Barnes, born 16 Aug 1932, son of Travis Burl Barnes and Ruby Ruth Baggett.

---David Lynn born 13 Jan 1959 at El Paso, Texas

---Jeanne Michele born 24 May 1960 at Hobbs New Mexico

2. Bobby Earl born 29 Sept 1935 at Seminole, Texas Died the same day.

3. Hazel Marie born at Santa Anna, Texas. Married 18 May 1957 at Carlsbad, New Mexico to Billy Joe Carter.

---Allen Dale born 7 Oct 1960 at Hobbs New Mexico died the same day.

---Bobby Joe born at Albuquerque, New Mexico.

4. Kenneth Duane born at Hobbs, New Mexico Serving in the U. S. Navy in 1968.

5. Kendall Wayne born 16 June 1944 at Hobbs, New Mexico Died the same day.




Susan May “Dora” Boatright

Susan May “Dora” Boatright born 11 Oct 1867 in Madison Co., Ark was the daughter of James Hughes Boatright and Susan May Dora Jones. Dora married William Lafayette Stringfield 13 Jan 1883. William was born 28 Sept 1860. He died of T.B. 28 March 1902 and is buried in the Boatright Cemetery in Madison Co., Ark. They had three children:

On 23 Feb 1906 Dora married Rueben Cornelius Kemper born 6 April 1847 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Rueben was ordained as a Baptist minister at Purdy, Missouri. He died 25 April 1920 in Tahlequah, Okla. They had one child.

Dora died 26 Apirl 1946 in Tulsa, Okla at the age of 79 from a heart attack. She is buried in the Boatright Cemetery.

Children of Dora and William Stringfield:

1. Hetta “Hattie” K. born 21 May Jess Glibert on 3 Nov 1900; died 15 June 1904 from T. B.

---Angel Clyde born 3 Feb 1903; married Ella Stuby of Altomont, Kansas on 22 Feb 1923; died T.B. 19 Feb 1925, buried at Altomont, Kansas Cemetery.

---Susan Anna Zonia born 14 Nov 1901; died of T. B. 2 Sept 1902; buried in the Boatright Cemetery,

2. Lucy Roberta “Bertie” born 9 Sept 1887; died of T. B. 28 Dec 1903; buried in the Boatright Cemetery.

3. William Lesley born 29 Dec 1896; married Fannie Hank; died 17 Dec 1968; buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Tulsa, Okla

---Florence Louise born 24 July 1918; married Robert Messler who was killed in a hunting accident in 1970. Has one daughter (Joan).

---Paul married and has two sons

---Bobby married and has three children

Child of Dora and Rueben Kemper:

Raymond Ralph Kemper born 23 Sept 1907 in Shawnee, Okla grew up in Tahlequah and moved to Supulpa and then to Tulsa in 1921. On 23 Oct 1927 Ralph married Alice Nellie Dale born 24 Aug 1908. Nellie died of emphazema on 16 April 1979 and is buried in Boatright Cemetery. They had two sons: (Ralph now deceased)

1. Norman Eugene born 22 March 1929; married Dorothy Jean Deason. (Norman now deceased)

---Robert Ralph born 11 June 1950, Tulsa, Okla

---Paula Kay born , Okla; married to Phillip Nolan Harper.

------James Parrish born , Tulsa, Okla

------Dortha “Dottie” Cathleen , Tulsa, Okla

------Michael Eugene born , Tulsa, Okla

------Teresa Jo born , Tulsa, Okla

---Jack Ray born , Tulsa, Okla

---Franklin Eugene born , Tulsa, Okla.; married Elizabeth Morgan on 9 March 1979.

---James Galen born , Tulsa, Okla

2. Dale Ray; married Marcia Elaine Maness on 3 June 1957. They had two daughters:

---Stephine Lynn born , Tulsa, Okla

---Jill Antionette born , Tulsa, Okla

In 1962 Dale was divorced. On 17 July 1964 he remarried Gwendolyn Ann Looper. They adopted two sons:

---Casey Brian born , Los Angeles, Cal

---Cody Clifton born , Long Beach, Cal



Note: This is all the information that has been obtained on the Boatright family as of November 20, 1980. (Updated May 2001)

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