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Saylor Genealogy

updated July 2008

Below is listed in deed book pages concerning Solomon Saylor who migrated to Harlan Co.Ky,,father of Martin Saylor who is the father of John Saylor Jr. who married Manerva Lawson,(my great-great-grandmother)

Solomon Saylor migrated to Harlan Co. Ky. Between 1796 / 1800
Before this Solomon can be located in RUSSELL COUNTY VIRGINIA on Copper Creek

Russell County Va. Book-1 (1786-1799)
11 Mar 1790-pg-83-Solomon Sailor -34-ac.-Part Treasury Warrant-11344 dated March 11, 1782-On a branch of Copper Creek-Corner to Benjamin Fugate.

11 Mar 1790-pg-83-Zecharaih Salyard -107-ac.-Part Treasury Warrant-11344 dated March 11, 1782-On both sides of Copper Creek-Crossing Copper Creek on the north side of Mockason Ridge-Corner Joshua Penick.

26 Mar 1790-pg-84-Isaiah Salyard -66-ac.-Part Treasury Warrant-11344 dated March 11, 1782-On the north side of Copper Creek nearly oppisite Joshua Penicks dwelling house-corner to Zacariah Salyard.

03 Aug 1790-pg-94-Samuel Sadler assignee of Surrinus Emmons-30-ac.-Part Treasury Warrant-14187 dated September 12, 1782-Corner to Zacahriah Skaggs-Crossing Indian Creek-assigned to Samuel Romine by Samuel Sadler.

Located in deed book-1 Russell County Va. 1789/1799

Let me begin with what I know, John Saylor Jr. Was born about the year of 1816 in Harlan Co the son of Martin & Sarah Saylor,Martin was the son of Solomon Saylor. John Saylor Jr, died about the year 1865 in said County. In the year of 1846 he married Manerva Lawson in said County and is matter of
the record-- - 06 Jul 1846 this information can be found on the Harlan County Marriage registrar. It is written Patsey Lawson,anyway my g-grandfather was about four years old at the time so John raised him but Ransom used his mother's maiden name of LAWSON all through his life Ransom had four half brothers (John M. Saylor,b.1846)(Samuel Saylor,b.1848)(Alexander Saylor,b.1852)(Gilbert Saylor,b.13 Jul 1861-date taken from Harlan Co. Births)Ransom had one half-sister (Margeret Saylor,b.1849)
Ransom's family had migrated here between it looks like 1840/1845 from as most of my research suggests Hawkins County Tennesee.
The book by author Sadie W. Stidham call#929.2 STID Bell County Public Library in Middlesboro, Ky. Suggests,,that Solomon Saylor was born in 1770 to Joseph & Catherine Saylor of Mecklenburg, North Carolina. The book suggest he came from RUSSELL COUNTY VIRGINIA, checking through the deeds and genealogy of Russell County,deed book-1 of Russell Co.Va.(1789-1799) On page-83 & 84 we find two Salyard's & one Sailor.
pg-83 March 11,1790-SOLOMON SAILOR-34 ac-On a branch of "Copper Creek & corner to Benjamin Fugate."
pg-83 March 11,1790-ZECHARIAH SALYARD-107 ac-On both sides of "Copper Creek on the north side of Mockason Ridge & corner Joshua Penick."
pg-84-March 26,1790-ISAIAH SALYARD-66 ac-On the north side of "Copper Creek nearly opposite Joshua Penicks dwelling house-corner to Zechariah Salyard.
Solomon Saylor can also be found in the tax lists of said county but is "not" there in 1800, checking the decendants of one "Zachariah Salyard also Salyers" I find that a know child of Zechariah was Isaiah according to genealogy records of Teresa McCune & Don Norman Zachariah Salyers was born about the year of 1730 and died about the year of 1789, they have Isaiah was born about the year of 1752 and died 03 Dec 1818 in Russell County,Va.
Looking at the deeds of Russell county you will find one "SAMUEL SADLER" living further away in what is now Wise County Va. He can be located on pg-94 of said deed book-Samuel Sadler assignee of "Surris Emmons" 30-ac-corner to Zachariah Skaggs crossing "Indian Creek" assigned to one Samuel Romine by Samuel Sadler. On further checking of the Wise county records we find Samuel Salyers Jr. who settled at "Gladeview" (now wise) before 1850 sold out to Daniel Ramey and went on to become the first settler of "Prince's Flat" (now Norton,Va.)There was also a Robert Shanklin "Shank" Salyer who lived on "Wheatley branch of Rocky Fork."
We can come to many conclusions on who is who and what this means but I know only by others who have researched "Zachariah Salyard" and his relation to Isaiah Salyard what is odd is Zachariah & Solomon both purchased this land on the same day and Isaiah did a week or so later so the Solomon who had Martin and wound up in Harlan Co. Could be the son of Zachariah Salyard I do not know this at this time or Zachariah Salyard could be his Uncle but at any rate I believe there is a close relation there,for one all the land they bought was next to each other and to take in account the genealogies that I have mentioned earlier on Isaiah being the son of Zachariah I do not see it far fectched to come to this conclusion. There are many variations of the last name SAYLOR, I will list the ones I know of; SAILOR,SAILER,SALYER,SALLYER,SALYARD are all possibilities of the name SAYLOR.
Before I get ahead of myself I have found many people who have research on this family and most I have seen connect this Solomon Salyer(Saylor) to being the son of Joseph Sailer and katherine Soloman Sailer of "SNIDER'S CREEK MECKLENBURG, N.C.,,Joseph being born around 1735 & Kathrine born around 1739 in said area above, if this information is true I would then come to the conclusion that this ZACHARIAH SALYARD who bought land in Russell Co. Va. In the area of 'Copper Creek' being a possible brother of JOSEPH SAILER of Mecklenburg, N.C. Because I do believe there is a link between these people purchasing land on Copper Creek?

Looking at the Knox County Kentucky tax lists before Harlan County was formed in 1819 I find, some have Solomon Saylor migrating to Harlan County but in reality he migrated to (Knox Co. Ky.) Harlan Co. Was not formed until 1819. Let us take Russell Co. Va. tax list in the year 1797 Solomon & Isaiah both are there in the 1800 both are gone, I will check to see when Isaiah or Solomon bought land there if I can find it? In one book I have read it puts Solomon in the area in 1801, I believe the year to be 1798/1800. I would also wager that in the 1810 census Isaiah is back on Copper Creek, in Russell Co. Va.

Tax list of Knox County Kentucky-1800

In 1819, Harlan County was formed from the eastern portion of Knox County. The following list is of all those males age 21 and over who were living in the section of Knox County that was set off to form Harlan. This list of 242 men can be found at the end of the 1819 tax list of Knox County. It appears to be only of those men who were not exempted from the poll tax. Therefore, there may be some elderly men who were living in that section but who are not listed.

  1. Zachariah JONES
  2. Lewis GREEN
  3. James JACKSON
  4. Robert M CLAGHORN
  5. John PAGE
  6. Ephraim OSBURN
  7. Samuel MARK
  8. John MARK
  9. Henry MANNS
  10. John ROARK
  11. John WILSON
  12. John HOWARD
  13. Benjamin HOWARD
  14. Phillip DANIEL
  15. John DANIEL
  16. Augustus JOHNSON
  17. William ELY
  18. William SHORT
  19. Golvin BAILEY
  20. Thomas HORN
  21. Bennett BALL
  22. Jonathan COOPER
  23. Joseph SEAGRAVES
  24. John BAILEY
  25. William POWEL
  26. Nimrod BAILEY
  27. Andrew BAILEY
  28. Jonathan KELLY Sr
  29. Jonathan KELLY
  30. Isaac KELLY
  31. Mark LACY
  32. Samuel PARSONS
  33. James HUFF Jr
  34. Micajeh PENNINGTON
  35. James HUFF Sr
  36. George ROGERS
  37. Axinson ROGERS
  38. James PARKER
  39. John BAILEY
  40. Carr BAILEY
  41. Edward HORN
  42. Farris FARLEY
  43. Abram SERGENT
  44. William TURNER
  45. James THOMAS
  46. Walter MIDDLETON
  47. Stephen JONES Sr
  48. Stephen JONES Jr
  49. John BLANTON
  50. William BALES
  51. Bales SHUMATE
  52. John HARRIS
  53. Acy FIELDS
  54. Henry SMITH
  55. William BAILEY
  56. Israel JOHNSTON
  57. Eliphalet JOHNSTON
  58. George BURKHART
  59. Gabriel JACKSON
  60. Tary MELTON
  61. Jesse BROCK Sr
  62. Aron BROCK
  63. John COLDIRON
  64. William BLANTON
  65. Shadrick HELTON
  66. Absolem SPARKS
  67. George OSBURN
  68. Thomas SLONE
  69. John HELTON
  70. Jesse BROCK Jr
  71. Amon BROCK
  72. Edmon GROSS
  73. James BARNET
  74. Joseph BENJAY
  75. Martin SAYLOR
  76. Joseph SAYLOR
  77. William CALDWELL
  78. James BROCK
  79. Ephraim OSBURN Jr
  80. John SAYLOR
  81. George HOSKINS
  82. Solomon SAYLOR
  83. John WILLIFORD
  84. Thomas TAYLOR
  85. William WHITEHEAD
  86. William BINGHAM
  87. Samuel SIMPSON
  88. Elisha GREEN
  89. Nelson SALYER
  90. Benjamin SALYER
  91. Philip SLUSHER
  92. Elijah GREEN
  93. Jaret JAMES
  94. James McGEORGE
  95. William GREEN
  96. James CLAGHORN
  97. Richard WILSON
  98. James JONES
  99. Elijah BINGHAM
  100. Carr BRITTAIN
  101. James GREEN
  102. James HILL
  103. Jessee DURUM
  104. Levy HOSKINS
  105. John MIRICLE
  106. Hardridge SHUR...?
  107. Frederick MARICLE
  108. James MARICLE
  109. John DAVIS
  110. Peter PURCIFULL
  111. Joseph PURCIFULL
  112. Thomas HOSKINS
  113. Drury MAISE
  114. Thomas D MAISE
  115. John COLSON
  116. Thomas HOBBS
  117. Henry COLSON
  118. Thomas TINSLEY
  119. William TINSLEY
  120. Ruben WOODS
  121. John STEWARD
  122. William MASSEE
  123. William MILLER
  124. Joshua MILLER
  125. John BINGHAM
  126. Joshua BINGHAM
  127. Cornelius TAYLOR
  128. Robert DePRIEST
  129. James WOOLLEM
  130. John COLLINS
  131. Edward WALL
  132. Ezekiel HENDRISSON Sr
  133. Thomas HENDRIXSON Sr
  134. Jessee JOHNSTON
  135. John PURCIFULL
  136. Abraham LOCK
  137. James BURNS?
  138. James STEP
  139. Reuben HENDRIXSON
  140. Joshua HENDRIXSON
  141. James NAPPER
  142. John NOE
  143. Jeremiah MUNSEY
  144. Samuel HORD
  145. John NOE Sr
  146. Samuel HORD Sr
  147. Andrew HORD
  148. Wilkerson HORD
  149. .....od? COLDIRON
  150. James SIZEMORE
  151. George COLDIRON
  152. Abner LEWIS
  153. Edward NAPPER
  154. Thomas McGEORGE
  155. Alexander DIXON
  156. James DIXON
  157. John DIXON Sr
  158. John DIXON Jr
  159. John CREECH
  160. Henry BRANSON
  161. Nobel BLAR
  162. John LEWIS
  163. Davis FIELDS
  164. James HORN
  165. Joseph WHITAKER
  166. Elias SMITH
  167. Joseph SELBY
  168. William DAY
  169. Jonathan SMITH
  170. William FLETCHER
  171. John HARRISON
  172. William GILLUM
  173. Jonathan CREECH
  174. Richard HAGGARD
  175. Martin GILLUM
  176. John CREECH Sr
  177. Thomas CREECH
  178. Leonard BRANSON
  179. Hezekiah BRANSON
  180. Charles BLARE
  181. Joseph BLAR
  182. William JENKINS
  183. John BACK
  184. Lewis BACK
  185. John ROARK
  186. John MAGGARD
  187. Samuel MAGGARD
  188. Simeon JUSTICE
  189. William CALWELL
  190. Mathias KELLY
  191. Abel PENNINGTON
  192. William PENNINGTON
  193. John PENNINGTON
  194. James WEBB
  195. James BAKER
  196. Henry BACK
  197. Zachariah MORGAN
  198. Charles RICE
  199. John HELDRIDGE
  200. John DAY
  201. James S CABBENGER
  202. James HAGGARD
  203. John GRIFFITS
  204. William TAYLOR
  205. Solomon OSBURN
  206. Elijah JONES
  207. Berry CAWOOD
  208. Solomon BURKHART
  209. Frderick LEWIS
  210. Anthony ELY
  211. William SHUFORD
  212. John CAWOOD
  213. George MORRIS
  214. John FORESTER
  215. Jesse COPE (COSSEE)
  216. Adron HORD
  217. John JONES
  218. Stephen FARMER
  219. Benjamin HARRIS
  220. Joseph CAWOOD
  221. Hezekiah FORESTER
  222. Andrew OSBURN
  223. Aly LEDFORD
  224. William SPURLOCK
  225. James BALL
  226. Randle NOE
  227. Moses BALL
  228. Gbal (Gabriel) JONES
  229. James POLLEY Jr
  230. Rual JONES
  231. Vinson BLANTON
  232. Henry SHACKLEFORD
  233. Jason FIELDS
  234. David FEE
  235. Luke NOE
  236. William ELY Sr
  237. Lewis FARMER
  238. James POLLEY Sr
  239. George BRITTAIN
  240. Jessee BALL
  241. Andrew LEA
  242. James FARMER
I certify on honor that this list contains one hundred percent of every white male inhabitant above the age of 21 years in the bounds of Harlan County. There is no town in the county of Harlan.
Signed by James Farmer, C.H.C.

You will notice that Solomon is still here but Isaiah and company are not my guess is they went back to Russell County Virginia? Solomon Saylor lived out his days and died in Harlan County Kentucky, he lived close to the Cumberland River.

Soloman Saylor's Will

I Solomon Saylor Sr, in the County of Harlan and State of Kentucky do hereby make my last will and Testament in manner and frame following, that is to say first I desire that out of my money I wish all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid, if my money proves insufficient I wish enough of my perishable property to be sold to satisfy all my just debts and funeral expenses, and out of the money remaining, thence forth pay and satisfy such of my just debts as shall remain unpaid out of the sales of the perishable part of my estate.

After the payment of my debts and funeral expenses I give my wife Sally Saylor all the track of land on the north side of Cumberland river, where I am now living continuing about between sixty five and a hundred acres more or less. I give her also a certain Negro man named Joe together with all money, notes, accounts arising to any estate also all the balance of my perishable property with all house hold and kitchen furniture with everything else herein not mentioned for and during the time of her natural life and after her death, I give the same to my children and one grand daughter that is to say Dicy Blanton hereinafter mentioned equally to be divided among them and to be enjoyed by them further together with all I have here into give them to enjoy further, All the rest both real and personal of whatever ???or kind ??? it may be not herein before particular disposed of I desire may be equally divided among my actual children and Dicy Blanton. I wish her after the decease of wife Sally Saylor to have an equal part of any estate which remains at her death that is with my nine children or their heirs which give to them, their heirs, executions, administrations and assigns forever and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend Charles J Calloway executive of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others or former Wills or Testaments by me hereforafter made, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand, affixed my seal this 29th day of April in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and forty six.

Signed sealed and published and delivered as for the last Will and Testament of the above named Soloman Saylor Sr in presence of us attest CJ Calloway, Larkin Howard, State of Kentucky Harlan County December tenth 1848. This day Charles J Calloway produced to the court the last Will and Testament of Soloman Saylor Sr deceased which was proven before the court by the oath of Charles J Calloway and Larkin Howard the subscribing witnesses thereto whereupon the said last will and testament is ordered to be recorded , and the said Charles J Calloway the executive named in said will refusing to take upon himself the execution of said will, on motion of Joseph Saylor and Martin Saylor they are appointed administrators of the estate of the said Soloman Saylor Sr deceased. Whereupon the said Joseph Saylor and Martin Saylor together with James H Blanton their security outlined into bond to the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the final sum of $2000.00 and had the necessary oath administrated to them. John C Crump

Isaiah Saliars listed on the Baptist Church of Copper Creek-Nov-1812
1853/1869 deaths of Russell Co. Va.
Saylor Genealogy
Teresa & Don Norman

The above links are to pages doing research on the Saylor lines and relating to the family of Zachariah Salyard and family, in the Saylor genealogy link above is research showing the "Solomon" marrying Zachariah's daughter "Sarah." If any of these links go down let me know I should have copies of all of this, there is so much going on out there in the world of genealogy for profitt it is hard anymore to find something free.

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