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Volume 2, Number 7   ·   May 1998


This issue of the Van Bibber newsletter is the first of its kind. It has two separate e-mails (that is not new), but there is only one article in the second e-mail. That is because the single article, entitled Fourteen Generations of Van Bibbers, by Dick Walker, when combined with the first part of the newsletter was much too long for a single e-mail. I know some subscribes cannot handle very long messages so I chose to send it in two distinct messages.

I am sure you will notice that Dick has included many people that have been mentioned in previous newsletters, but there is a lot of new information. If you would like to add your branch of the Van Bibbers and the other branches of the family just send your information to Dick Walker and he will include it in his database. Also, Dick wants to update the chart on a regular basis and welcomes any corrections.

We now have two hundred and three subscribers.

The editor reserves the right to make any corrections or additions.



New Members and Address Correction

Will Of Ezekiel Van Bibber Continued

West Virginia Road Sign

Esther Van Bibber

Ira Van Bibber

Van Bibbers Of The Yukon

Van Bibbers Of Lawrence County Ohio

Success Story

Letter From Major Dillard To Ann Dillard Fleming

Fourteen Generations of Van Bibbers (See other e-mail)




Kala Smith (

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Earl H. Taylor (

Debbie Dillard (


David Jones (jonesb&



By Gary R. Hawpe (


This is in reference to your article concerning the will of Ezekiel VanBibber in newsletter No. 18. His ex-wife Susan Rice VanBibber married David J. Keeton on July 21, 1859 in Lawrence County, Ohio. I don't have the book and page number with me here in San Diego but will be going home this weekend for two weeks to Salt Lake City and can get it for you.

Gary R. Hawpe.......San Diego, CA



By Anna L. Lutz (

Here is another sign I found.




Fort Union is now Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, WV.
Anna L. Lutz


By Anna L. Lutz (

I have been reading World Family Tree Maker Vol. 1. I found this entry, Esther Van Bibber born WFT Est. 1706-1730 died WFT Est. 1748-1819, married 1743 Tidence Lane b 1724 Baltimore County, Md. died WFT Est.1749-1815. No children listed. No parents for Esther Van Bibber.

Anna L. Lutz


By Anna L. Lutz (

Lucy Van Bibber Sanderson, artist, daughter of Ira VanBibber, native of Nicholas County, WV. Lucy painted a scene in Alaska for me. She does not give the name of the mountain range, but she identifies a group of mountains near her early home. From the left side of the scene she names, Big Sheep Mt., Little Sheep Mt., *Caribou Mt., Bell Mt., and Black Ram Mt.. In front of Caribou Mt. and to the right side is Van Bibber Mountain, which was named for the family of Ira Van Bibber, who lived and hunted there. In the foreground is their cabin home that they once lived in.

Ira VanBibber is descended from Peter and Margery Bounds Van Bibber, through his son Mattias and Margaret Robinson Van Bibber, their son John Campbell R. and Malinda Taylor Van Bibber. Ira is their son.

I have asked Gary to send you his pedigree since my papers are in the state Archives. It should have dates for you, and perhaps all the children. One of the girls live in Calgary, Canada, now, I believe it is Kathleen. Brother Abraham drown in Big Bear Lake several years ago. Eliza the wife of Ira lived to be a 100 years old. Sorry I can't remember more
of the children. If you want Lucy's address I can sent it next time.

Ann L. Lutz



By Kala Smith (

I am writing to you in regards to my grandfathers family roots. My grandfathers name is Archie Van Bibber, he was born and raised in Pelly Crossing, Yukon, Canada. His father was Ira Van Bibber. Great grandpa Ira came to the Yukon during the Gold Rush of 89 with his brother Theodore Van Bibber. Before they were allowed in to the Yukon they had to have enough money and supplies for one years grub, if they didn't have that they weren't allowed in. So they were hired by this one man to pack supplies over the Chilkoot Trail for one year, until they earned enough to come into the Yukon.

He met my great grandmother, Eliza Elias and married her in 1915. They had
twelve children, seven boys and 5 girls, two are now deceased. Eliza lost her status as a First Nations and her children went to the non native mission school in Dawson City, including my grandfather. The quickest way to transport them from Pelly to Dawson was to put them on a raft and send them on the river. The children would travel alone because it would take to long to walk back. Then they wouldn't see them until the next summer.

That is how two of their children died, he drowned on the way to the mission
school. The other child died from TB (Tuberculosis).

Theodore continued on to Fairbanks, Alaska, from Dawson City, Yukon during
the stampede. He was married and had one child, a daughter (I don't know there names). All are now deceased, and his daughter never had any children.

This is all I know about our family history, but I also know that Grandpa
Ira's mother and father, sister and more brothers traveled in to America. My grandfather has their pictures. What I would like to know is the where about of the other family descendants. If you could assist me in my search it would be truly appreciated.

Kala Smith



By Lori Hogan (

I came across this article in the Lawrence Register. It was a very long article so I "cut-out" for you the parts pertaining to the VanBibbers.


Submitted by Martha J. Kounse





In our "Reminiscences, No. 1," we spoke of Peter Van Bibber, as one of the first half dozen settlers in Lawrence County, and who built a cabin in 1798, below Union Landing. The next year, 1799, James and Jacob Van Bibber, brothers of Peter, settled and built cabins just below the mouth of Ice Creek. The Van Bibbers were from the Kanawha.
Jacob afterwards settled and lived for many years on Little Sandy; and we suppose died there.

During the Indian wars, while the Van Bibber family was living on Kanawha, James and Jacob, then small boys, went out to hunt their horse, in the "range." A bell had been put on the horse, but as it appears two Indians had taken the bell off, and used it as a decoy; they jingled and the boys followed and finally they sprung upon the boys. One of them seized Jacob, but James, the older, darted from the other Indian, and ran so fast that he escaped. Jacob was taken to the Indian towns as a prisoner. Some years afterwards the Indians were hunting on Raccoon, within the present limits of Gallia County, and had young Van Bibber along. At one time they sent him out for their horses and becoming lost he wandered to the bank of the Raccoon, which he knew would lead him to the Ohio, when he conceived the idea of returning home. He came to the Ohio, and a boat soon appeared, coming down. Those it were afraid of his being an Indian decoy, but
finally, after his telling who he was, etc., they landed their women on the Virginia side and went over for him. Once on the Virginia shore he soon made his way to his home on Kanawha. Some years afterward, the young Van Bibbers settled in Lawrence County, as before mentioned.

There was a rumor that the Indians in years before had buried treasure at the Rock. To get whisky the Indian favored this rumor. For a glass he would tell them where to look, but it would always happen that they did not look just at the right place, but for another glass he would tell them the exact spot and so on. On one occasion while hunting for the treasure they found an Indian's bones, two thick bars of copper and a shell drinking cup under a rock near where Z. Hall now lives; at another time they found another Indian's bones under a rock near the same place. At last the Indian told them to go higher up and they would find a tree with certain marks on it, and there they would find the sought for riches. And sure enough they did find a tree, a buckeye with the marks the Indians had made on it some years before; this tree stood at the foot of the hill just above where the rolling mill now stands. For this the Indian got a double drink; but no treasure was yet to be found. The Indian then thinking that he had got about all the whisky he could, was all at once among the missing.

After leaving below, the Indian, as it appears, went up to the cabins of the Van Bibbers, below Ice Creek. He told the Van Bibbers that he was going to Kanawha, and they replied they used to live there. The Indian said he had been there before. "I tell you," said he, "so you see Indian no lie. Indian was there with another Indian, and two
little boys came hunt horse. We took bell off horse and lied with it to boys and when we got 'em 'bout right we jump at 'em, but my boy flew like bird and me no catch him." "Why, law me," exclaimed old lady Van Bibber, "that was you, James." The Indian seeing that he had exposed himself kept silence, and began to look for the door. James
Van Bibber laughed, and told him that it was peace and that he would not hurt him. The Indian, however, was ill at ease, and would not utter a syllable. They coaxed him to stay all night, but long before daylight, he got up and went out, the last seen of him.

This seems to be a similar story to what has been told before, but maybe a little variation.

Lori Hogan


Darrell Smith (,Gary R. Hawpe (, and Bruce Logan (

From Darrell Smith:


Could this be a grandson of Harding Van Bibber? A cousin of mine sent the record as it contained both Smith and Van Bibber.

This from the Satterly Phillips Funeral Home in Grayson:
Mosoui Thomas
Pod: Jeriel, Carter Co, Ky
Husband: Calvin Thomas
Pob: Ohio
Dob: January 30, 1892
Father: John Smith
Pob: Mo
Mother: Jennie Van Bibber
Pob: Ohio
Dod: June 18, 1945
Cemetery: Family


Darrell Smith

From Gary R. Hawpe:

Bruce and Darrell,

Harding did have a daughter by the name of Virginia (Jennie) born in 1869. She is listed as Virginia on the 1870 census and Jennie on the 1880 census. In fact, the following are the children of Harding and his wife Elizabeth Jane Artis.

1. Loudema VanBibber b. 23 Jan 1867
2. Virginia (Jennie) VanBibber b. 16/18 Aug 1869
3. Samantha VanBibber b. 2 Sep 1872
4. Nancy VanBibber b. 12 Nov 1874
5. George D. VanBibber b. 23 Jun 1876
6. Hattie VanBibber b. 30 Jan 1880
7. Edward VanBibber b. 3 Jan 1883

If you're nice to me I might even tell you who they married.

Your Jennie VanBibber married John W. Smith and I know of two children but there were probably more: Henry Sherman Smith b. 6 Jul 1890 and Missouri Smith b. 30 Jan 1892. Both were born in Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. Missouri is the one who married Calvin Thomas. I need to sit down and see if I can find them on the 1900 census. There are so many John Smith's but if they are there I will find them! Just never took the time to look.

Did you get my information concerning the marriage of Susan Rice VanBibber to David J. Keaton?

Gary R. Hawpe.......Salt Lake City, UT.

From Gary R. Hawpe.

Ok guys,

Here is the marriages of what I have on the children of Harding VanBibber and Eliza Jane Artis.

1. Ludema (Sudema)? VanBibber - m. Frank Rollins on Sep. 7, 1903 in Jackson Co. OH. Marriage Bk. M, Pg. #230.
2. Virginia (Jennie) VanBibber - m. John W. Smith
3. Samantha VanBibber - m. Henry Sheris
4. Nancy Alice VanBibber - m. Sherdand Montgomery
5. George D. VanBibber - m. Flora Gould on Sep. 18, 1904 in Jackson Co. OH. Marriage Bk. M, Pg. #441.
6. Hattie VanBibber - m. Willard Williams Searls
7. James Edward VanBibber - m. Maggie Belle Welch on Feb. 17, 1904 in Jackson Co. OH. Marriage Bk. M, Pg. #332.

I know I have the marriage dates and references on the other daughters but don't have them entered in my FTM yet. Their marriages are not listed in the binder I have on Harding so this means they are in this two foot stack of papers sitting on the floor next to my desk which haven't been filed yet.

Will get the references and dates to you in time.

According to the 1900 Jackson County, Ohio census, Elizabeth was the mother of ten children and seven where living. So this means there were three more who died young. Harding only lists the above seven children when posed questions on Nov. 17, 1897 concerning his Civil War pension. One additional child has to be Stella May Vanbibber (5 Apr 1887 - 22 Nov 1888) who died in Wellston, Jackson Co. OH. Harding is the only VanBibber I have known to live in Jackson Co. during this time frame.

Elizabeth died on Nov. 2, 1905 and is buried in Ridgewood cemetery, Wellston, OH. as so many of the others are. Darrell, you asked me who her parents were. I'm not really sure, but on the 1870 census of Greenup Co. she is living close to Samuel and Nancy Artis and these may be her parents since the ages fit. I do not know why Harding is not listed with her on this census.

Harding died on Nov. 12, 1915 and his son George submitted an application for reimbursement on Dec. 3, 1915 which he states his father had been married only once and she was Jane Artis who died Nov. 2, 1905. Now here is the catch.....I have a marriage record for a Harding VanBibber to a Dora Deaton who were married April 15, 1913 in Logan Co. WV. Marriage Book B, Pg. #156.
Harding is listed in his early seventies so this just has to be him. I know of no other Harding VanBibbers. Maybe the son didn't know the old man went out and got married again.

Now I would like to pose a question for the both of you since this is your line of VanBibbers. Do either one of you know who Mary E. VanBibber, the sister of Harding and Rebecca married?

Gary R. Hawpe

From Gary R. Hawpe.

Bruce and Darrell,

The following is additional information I didn't have handy my last e-mail I sent on the marriages of Harding's children:

Marriages in Jackson County, Ohio:
1. Conkle, Oscar - VanBibber, Mattie 12 Feb 1896 Book-J Pg. 269
2. Smith, John W. - VanBibber, Jennie 30 Jul 1889 Book-I Pg. 46
3. Montgomery, Sheridan - VanBibber, Nannie 30 Dec 1891 Book-I Pg. 280

I think the above Mattie was also a daughter of Harding and Jane's. On the 1870 census there is a baby listed as Minnie Oliver. On the 1900 census there is an Oscar Conkle in Jackson Co. Ohio and his wife is listed as Minnie and they have been married for four years. Like I said before, I never found another VanBibber family in Jackson County, Ohio during this time frame.

For some reason I'm still missing the marriages of his two daughters Samantha and Hattie. I know who they married but can't find the dates and references. Will get them to you when ever I get them entered into my records. I'm back in San Diego so it may take a while since I know this information is somewhere in a stack of papers back home in SLC.

Gary R. Hawpe.......San Diego, CA.


From Gary R. Hawpe.

Bruce and Darrell,

Thanks for the response Bruce. I am convinced the Harding VanBibber who married Dora Deaton is Harding the son of Ezekiel. You asked what would he be doing that far away from Jackson County, Ohio? Well, I didn't mention that his son James Edward VanBibber was living in Logan County, West Virginia on the 1920 census. They were there as early as 1911 because his daughter Alice was born there that year. I got a feeling the old man was living with his son James and family, got married there in 1913 in his early seventies and died less than two years later. If his son hadn't settled in Logan County, then I would have second thoughts on it being him.

Now to Mary E. VanBibber who you said married a Crawford. I always thought I had her properly identified and now that you say she did marry a Crawford makes me feel at ease. The information I have is that she married George W. Crawford and they settled in Hickory County, Missouri. I have them in Hickory County on the 1870 census. I know they had the following children:

Sarah Elizabeth - 1867, Rebecca - 1868, Ellen - 1871, Benjamin - 1874, and William
-1878. They are there on the 1910 census but I could not locate them in 1920 so they are probably both deceased. On the 1900 census Mary states she was born in Sep. 1848 and had been married for 36 years and was the mother of six children with five being alive. If this is accurate then they were married around 1864 when she was about sixteen. Something tells me I have George W. Crawford dying in 1917 and buried there in Hickory County. Will have to get back with you on this family too. I have marriages of some of their children and names of numerous grandchildren. There was an article in a county close to Greenup that listed this Crawford family and said their son George W.
Crawford married Mary E. VanBibber and went to Hickory County, Missouri. I think Earl Quintrell may have this information of mine and was going to type it up for me. If he does then I gave it to him before I went to Japan. Will get back with you, if you would like this information on her.

Gary R. Hawpe.


By Debbie Dillard (


John Bounds and Ann Hiam

John Bounds and Rebecca Unknown

James Bounds and Ann Dicks

Eleanor Bounds and Stephen Cole

Marjory (Major) Cole and James Dillard

Booneville Mo. July 1842

My Dear Daughter --
Your kind letter of the 13th of Febry was handed me by Doctor Levin (?). It afforded me the highest degree of pleasure to hear from you and more especially to hear of your being _______________________ in Texas. I should be glad to see you and I truly hope that the great distance between us will not deter you from once more coming to see me before we will have to separate for ever. You might make it convenient to pay a visit while the difficulty between Mexico and Texas is in an unsettled condition. I am truly sory to
hear of the fresh outbreak of the Mexicans and I hope before they _____________________it you will have them scouted out of the country and once
more enjoy peace and happiness.
I have nothing special to tell you. Our friends here all well and getting along about as usual. There has been no deaths in the family since you last heard from us with the exception of your Aunt Hannah Cole and cousin Ellen Ashcraft. Your aunt was perfectly resigned to die and seemed to be happy.
She told her friends not to grieve after her, that she was going a better and happier world in the presence of her God where we shall all meet in the day of judgement according to his word.
And now my daughter as I may never see you again let me impress upon your mind the great obligation you are under to serve your God. I want you to do that above all things - as it will be the means..__________________this world and give you eternal felicity in the world to come.
In conclusion let me request you to write as soon as possible. I shall always be glad to hear from you and I hope you will visit me shortly. I am satisfied you would be pleased to see your native land and all your old acquaintances. There has been a great change since you left. Every thing has rapidly improved. But at present business is dull on account of the extreme scarcity of money. The banks are all breaking and nothing but gold and silver is counted good. Give my love to Mr. Gates and his wife, Abraham Dillard's widow and child. And if yo come to this country (I would?) be pleased to have
them come with you. Jo Dillard's children Jane and her husband I am informed she married but I do not know his name. Also Wm. Burnet and his wife. And believe me to be you Most Affectionate Mother

Major Dillard

To Peter (and?) Ann Flemmon (?)


The above is a translation I was given along with a copy of the original letter and a copy of the envelope which is very wrinkled - only the circular postage seal that reads: Boon?ville JUL 26 Mo.(?) is legible. The translation also has the name of Susan Blair of Plano, TX, who has the original letter. In most of the Cole histories, Hannah Cole's
death is said to be 1844. However, in conversations with some Cole descendants, it sounds like the date may or may not be correct. If you would like a copy of what I have, let me know and I will be happy to mail or fax it you. Thank you for your help!
PS - Identification of individuals mentioned in the letter:
1.Mr. Gates and his wife : Her granddaughter Elizabeth Ann Dillard (oldest child of Joseph and Susan Beeson Dillard) was married to Samuel Hardin Gates

2. Abraham Dillard: Her son born in Wythe Co., VA in 1801; died in Washington Co, TX in 1839 . His widow, Sarah Clifton Kent married Wm. Burnett. Abraham's daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Dillard was born just two months after his death.
3. Jo Dillard I presume is Joseph Dillard. His daughter Jane married a George W. Shoaf in 1850. Perhaps she had an earlier marriage. She was born in 1822.

Debbie Dillard



By Dick Walker (


Here is the descendent tree I promised you some time ago. I went through all the Pioneer Newsletters and excerpted the pertinent information and tried to put it together. Then I started adding all the information provided by Gary Hawpe in his "Day" column. So the tree is up to date through May 8, 1998.

The tree needs editing to ensure that I picked out the information correctly and to make sure that I didn't add any mistakes. Once the tree is in pretty good condition, then we can consider putting the historical information in for each individual. That would make a pretty comprehensive Family History. Although Gary Hawpe seems to have the most, and best information, this could be a real collective effort.

The tree is lacking recent members for the most part. Like where is the Logan branch or the Hawpe branch?

Descendent Tree for Isaac Jacobs Van Bebber

1 Isaac Jacobs Van Bebber (b c1610) m Hester Op den Graeff
2 Jacob Isaac Van Bebber (1640/9-1705) m Christina ? (d 1711)
3 Isaacs Jacob Van Bebber (1661-1723) m 1690, Fronica (Veronica)
Schumacher (c1672-1701)
4 Jacob VanBibber (1691-1733) m Mary (Fitz Randolph) Ashton (b 1695)
4 Christian Van Bibber (b 1693)
4 Peter Van Bibber (1695-1769) m c1723, Anna ("Ann") Gooding
(1696-1732) [m Ann Honriette]
5 Esther Van Bibber
5 Isaac Michael Van Bibber, Sr. (1725-1774) m Sarah Davis (c1730-1796)
6 Peter Van Bibber, Sr. (1757-1816/1838) m 1785, Eleanor "Nellie"
Van Bibber
7 Jacob Vanbebber (b 1786) m 1815/18, Catherine Ann Guthrie
8 Calvin Vanbebber (1824-1911) m 1850, Barthena Vanbibber (b 1832)
9 Martha Emily Vanbebber m 1880, Robert Samuel Boyd
8 Mary J. VanBibber m William Bennett
9 Richard Melvin Bennett m Baby Jane (Jennie) Shaw
10 Minnie Esther Bennett
7 Peter Vanbebber m Catherine Ridenour
8 John F. Vanbebber
8 Marshall Vanbebber (1856-1921)
8 Olive VanBibber m Thomas Ives Fulfer
9 Jefferson Davis Fulfer m Alabama Caroline Brown
7 Calvin Vanbebber
7 Granville Vanbebber
7 Lazarus VanBebber m 1830, Martha VanBebber
7 Luvicy VanBebber m John Liford
8 Duff C. Liford (1831-1907) m Nancy Jane Munsey (d 1930)
9 Reuben Liford (b 1873) m Lucy J. Lawson (b c1889)
9 ? Liford
10 Daisy Liford (b c1891) m ? Lofton
10 Mattie C. Liford (b 1883) m ? William L. Willis
11 Clarence Reuben Willis (1900-1959)
11 Carl Raeburn Willis (1904-1989)
8 Lazarous Liford m Elizabeth Huckworth
9 Amanda Liford
8 Nancy Liford m George Hatfield22
9 William Pryor Hatfield m Nancy Jane Longworth
10 Harrison Hatfield m Amanda E. Sutton
11 Ulysses Hatfield
8 John N. Liford m 1853, Minerva Hatfield
6 Rebecca Van Bibber (b 1773)
6 John Van Bibber, Sr. (1765-1818) m c1787, Margaret (Peggy) Chrisman
7 Peter Van Bebber m Sarah Grimes
8 John Henry Van Bebber (b 1832) m/1 Matilda Baker (d 1873); m/2
Margaret Brookshire
Children from Matilda Baker
9 Martin Luther Van Bebber
9 Huston Van Bebber
9 Tom Van Bebber
9 Florence Van Bebber
9 Unknown Van Bebber
9 Unknown Van Bebber
Children from Margaret Brookshire
9 Amanda Van Bebber
9 Ella Van Bebber (twin girls)
9 Vella Van Bebber (twin girls)
9 Kathyrn Van Bebber
9 Jesse Van Bebber
8 Marcus Van Bebber
8 Franklin Van Bebber
8 Prudence Van Bebber
8 Francis Van Bebber
8 William Van Bebber
8 Huston Van Bebber
8 George Marshall Van Bebber
7 Nancy Vanbeber (1788-1868) m 1806, William Renfro
8 China Renfro (b 1807)
8 Peggy Renfro (b 1808)
8 Milton Renfro (b 1811)
8 William Renfro (b 1812)
8 Charity Renfro (b 1813)
8 John Renfro (b 1814)
8 Jane Renfro (b 1817)
8 Calvin Renfro (b 1819)
8 Lilburn (b 1821)
8 Emily Renfro (b 1825)
8 Houston Renfro (b 1827)
8 Marcellus Renfro m Elizabeth Gibson (d 1900)
7 Isaac Van Bebber (1790-1866) m/1 c1816, Mary Martin
(1795-c1835/8); m/2 1839, Sarah Parker Hamilton (Wilson) (d 1866)
8 John Melvin Van Bebber (1819-1865 [murdered]) m/1 1843, Minerva
Jane Kincaid; m/2 Nancy Elizabeth Beeler
9 Andrew Carter VanBebber m Martha Melvina Beason
10 Lillian VanBebber m Alvis Greer Yoakum
11 Gladys Evelyn Yoakum (1911-1913)
8 Louisa Ann Van Bebber (b1822) m John Wagley
9 Joseph Franklin Wagley (b 1854) m Frances Elizabeth Hall
10 Lawrence O. Wagley m Effie May Jenkins
11 Velma Frances Wagley (b 1904)
9 Augusta Bell Zora Wagley (b 1858)
8 Helen Barthena Minerva Van Bebber (b 1823) m Frank Mason
8 Nancy Malinda Van Bebber (b 1826) m Canada Hodge Rogers
9 David F. Rogers m Sarah Ann Green
10 Pearl Rogers (b 1896)
10 Nancy J. Rogers m 1910, Governor O. Rogers
9 Louisa Rogers m Stephen Harrison Cawood (b 1841)
9 Elizabeth J. Rogers m Andrew Johnson Claiborne
10 Canada Hodge Claiborne m 1907, Ida Bartley
10 Otey Taylor Claiborne (b 1882)
8 Isaac Crisman "Christopher" Van Bebber (b 1827) m Sarah McWilliams; m/2 Margaret Catherine Frazier children of Sarah McWilliams
9 James Nelson VanBebber m Amanda Lewis
10 Dovie Gertrude VanBebber m Ollie Monroe Dyer
11 Harvey Nelson Dyer (b 1915)
9 John Crittington VanBebber m Martha Virginia Ashton
10 Andrew Jackson VanBebber m 1919, Pearl Hodges
10 Ida Mae VanBebber (d 1990) m Calton Crismon VanBebber (half first cousins) child of Margaret Catherine Frazier
9 Andrew Jackson VanBebber m Nancy Elizabeth Coffey
10 Calton Crismon VanBebber m Ida Mae VanBebber (d 1990) (half first cousins)
8 Martha Elizabeth Van Bebber (b 1828) m Ewing B. Yoakum
9 Letitia Yoakum m James Campbell
10 Ewing Tipton Campbell (b 1885)
8 James Claiborne Van Bebber (b 1829)
8 Margaret Jane Van Bebber (b aft1840)
7 John Van Bibber, Jr. (1807-1815)
7 Martha Jane Van Bebber (b 1805), m ? Hunt
7 Magdalene Van Bebber (b 1793)
7 Peter Van Bebber (1798-1873) m/1 Martha Hunt, m/2 Sarah Grimes, m/3 Mary Lamb
8 Gabriel Van Bebber (b 1822)
8 Nancy Van Bebber (b 1830)
8 Franklin Van Bebber (b 1831)
8 John Van Bebber (b 1833)
8 William Van Bebber (b 1835)
8 George Van Bebber (b 1837)
8 Prudence Van Bebber (b 1839)
8 Marcus Van Bebber (b 1841)
7 Gabriel Van Bibber (1798-1832) m Barbara Carlock
8 Emely Van Bebber (1824-1890) m Samuel McBee (Step-brother)
8 Alexander Van Bibber (1826-1909) m Louisa Lee
9 Barbara Isadore Van Bebber (1849-1923) m William P. Smyth
9 Mary Lee Van Bebber (1850-1929) m Samuel Henry Wierman
10 Eliza Virgil Wierman (b 1875)
9 Sarah J. Van Bebber (1853-1920) m Joseph Lucas
10 Walter Scott Lucas (1873-1943) m Nelle Beatrice Scott
11 La Reine Gwendolyn Lucas (1904-1990) m Clyde A. Walker
12 Robert Clyde Walker (1926-1926)
12 Richard Scott Walker (b 1930) m/1 Peggy Ann Riggs (1931-1958); m/2 1961, Nancy Belle Sandvik (b 1934)
13 Robert Scott Walker (b 1956)
13 Ronald Craig Walker (b 1958)
10 Cline Van Lucas (1885-1965)
9 William T. Van Bebber (1856-1930)
9 Granville Breckenridge Van Bebber (b 1858)
9 James Scott Van Bebber (b 1861)
8 Marlena Van Bebber (b 1828) m John McCrunnel Cawood
9 Barbara Cawood m David B. Alexander
10 Rufus E. Alexander (c1880-1909)
9 Emily Cawood m William Wilson
10 Sarah C. Wilson m Thomas Tinnel
11 William Stephen Tinnel (b 1894)
8 Granville Van Bebber (1831-1889) m 1854, Mary Lee
9 Emily J. Van Bebber
9 Sarah A. Van Bebber (d 1877) m Harrison B. Jackson
9 Barbara Van Bebber
9 Mary M. Van Bebber
9 John Van Bebber
9 Tilda Van Bebber
7 Sally Van Bebber (b 1802) m George Van Bebber (First Cousins)
8 James Moss Van Bebber m China Minerva Yoakum
9 George W. Van Bebber
9 James Franklin VanBebber m Betty Malinda Sharp
10 Etta Leora VanBebber (d 1985) m Marshall David Rogers
7 James Van Bebber (1804-1873) m Elizabeth Betty Yoakum (b c1809)
8 William Henderson VanBebber (b 1831) m Caroline V. Pryor
9 Kelly Grimes VanBebber (c1887-1911) m Nellie Grant Yoakum
8 Bartine Van Bebber (b 1833)
8 Mary (Polly) Minerva VanBebber (b 1836/b 1880)
8 Margaret Van Bebber (b 1837)
8 Isaac Van Bebber (b 1840)
8 Nimrod Van Bebber (b 1842)
8 John Van Bebber (b 1844)
8 Peter Van Bebber (b 1847) m Esmeralda Maybee
9 Frederick E VB m Effie Penry
10 Winfred VB m Margaret Emerson
9 George W. VanBibber m Lois May Penry
8 James VanBebber (1847-1913) [twin brother of Peter] m/1 1880,
Martha W. Rutherford; m/2 1906, Loretta Hardey
9 Jennie Martha VanBebber (b c1871)
9 James Wesley VanBebber (b c1873) m 1910, Dora W. Kresky
10 Kenneth VanBebber
8 Christa Van Bebber (b 1852)
8 Nancy Van Bebber (b 1854)
7 William Van Bebber (1809-1870) m/1 Elizabeth Barbee, m/2 Emily Barbee
8 Barbara Van Bebber (b 1831)
8 Martha Jane Van Bebber (b 1833) m Franklin Lafayette Kincaid
9 James Madison Kincaid m Sarah Alice Russell
10 Madison "Mattie" May Kincaid (b 1895)
8 James Van Bebber (b 1835)
8 Granville Van Bebber (b 1837)
8 Pryor Van Bebber (b 1840)
8 Emily Van Bebber (b 1842)
8 Julia Van Bebber (b 1846)
8 Sarah M. Van Bebber (1849-c1881) m 1866, John Harmon
8 Mary Van Bebber (b 1851)
8 William Van Bebber (b 1855)
8 Celestia Van Bebber
8 General Van Bebber (b 1868)
7 Luvicy VanBebber m John Liford
8 Lazarous Liford m Elizabeth Huckworth
9 Amanda Liford (b 1866)
8 Nancy Liford m George Hatfield
9 William Pryor Hatfield m Nancy Jane Longworth
10 Harrison Hatfield m Amanda E. Sutton
11 Ulysses Hatfield (b 1917)
6 James Van Bibber, Sr. (1767-1833) m c1793, Hannah Hoover
7 Hannah Hoover Vanbebber (1802-1877) m James G. Owens (1800-1878)
8 George W. Owens (b 1823) m Minerva Jane ? (a1823-1876)
8 John Owens (b 1825)
8 Isaac Asbury Owens (1827-1908) m/1 1853, Elizabeth Steeley; m/2,1855, Susannah Henderson
8 Martha Emaline Owens (1829-1886) m 1848, James Richard Wheeler (1822-1904)
9 Mary Jane Wheeler (1851-1886) m 1875, Michael T. Woods
9 John Marshall Wheeler (1852-1931) m 1887, Dora Adaline Piper (1865-1934)
9 Martha A. Wheeler (b 1859) m 1879, James A. Wiggins (1857-1920)
9 James Stonewall Wheeler (1862-1946) m 1888, Claudia Evelyn Ross (1865-1936)
9 Elizabeth Maude Wheeler (1870-1904) m 1907, Frederick C. Marko (1861-1907)
8 Benjamin Franklin Owens (b 1831) m 1854, Jane Walker
9 China Minerva Owens (b 1858)
8 Thersa A. Owens (1833-1886) m 1880, Felix J. Berryman
8 Mary Elizabeth Owens (b1835) m/1 1857, Joshua Wheeler, III (b1834); m/2 Joshua Wheeler, III (b 1834)
8 China Minerva Owens (1837-1913) m 1858, James A. Walker
8 Nancy M. Owens (1839-1880) m Isaac Dugger
8 William M. Owens (1842-1933) m 1867, Lucinda Augeline Crowford
9 William O. Owens (b 1879)
7 Hoover Isaac VanBebber m Hannah Long
8 George VanBeber m Mary Tinsley
9 Robert VanBeber m 1876, Ideras Green
9 William VanBever m Emily Jane Howard
10 Robert VanBever m Bertha Bailey (d 1964)
7 George Van Bebber m Sally Van Bebber (First Cousins)
8 James Moss Van Bebber m China Minerva Yoakum
9 James Franklin VanBebber m Betty Malinda Sharp
10 Etta Leora VanBebber (d 1985) m Marshall David Rogers
7 Margaret VanBebber m David Ross
8 David Ross Jr. m Martha Jayne
9 Sarah Ellen Ross (b 1856)
8 James A. Ross m Sarah Lynn
9 Mary Jane Ross (b 1848)
7 Mary Malinda VanBebber m Powell Hamilton Sharp
8 Elizabeth Sharp m James Monroe Youngblood
9 Powell Youngblood (1856-1951)
7 James VanBebber Jr. m Nancy Ann Ferrill (1806-1875)
8 George Noah VanBebber m Mary G. Jackson
9 James David VanBebber (b 1857)
8 Robert McHenry VanBebber m Mary Jane Edwards
9 Charlotte Pearl VanBebber (b 1886)
7 Martha VanBebber m 1830, Lazarus VanBebber
6 Isaac Michael Van Bibber, II (1771-1840) m c1797, Elizabeth Hays (1776-1828)
7 Matilda Van Bibber m James Estile
8 Isaac VanBibber Estill (1824-1895) m 1852, Frances Ann Hudnall
9 Texana Estill m ? Worland
9 C.W. Estill
9 Theresa Estill m ? Yarnell
9 A. L. Estill
9 S. J. Estill
9 Jennie Lee Estill
9 Lela Josephine Estill (d 1906)
9 Jessie M. Estill
8 William Kavanaugh Estill m Margaret Ellen Larch
9 John Sites Estill (b 1864)
8 Elizabeth Ann Estill (d 1880) m Phillip Baldwin
7 Susannah Vanbibber (1798-1855) m 1816, Thomas A. Hickerson (1789-1867)
8 Susan Jane Hickerson (1838-c1862) m 1858, Virginia Rutter (1833-c1862)
9 Virginia Rutter (1859-1944) m 1878, Roma Moore (1850-1934)
10 Roma Jewell Moore (1892-1966) m 1911, John Goode Farmer IV (1890-1973)
11 Georgia Farmer (1914-1996) m 1938, Glen Adele Walz (b 1914)
12 Carolyn Farmer (b 1942) m ? Wickens
12 Linda Farmer (b 1946) m ? Ames
8 Melissa Hickerson (b 1818) m Fountain Baker Sampson (b 1807)
9 Elgivia Sampson (1847-1918) (1830-1887) m 1857, Burr Musick
9 Richard W. Sampson (1849-1923) m 1875, Melissa Musick (1858-1887)
10 Bert Sampson (1879-1959) m Clara Agnes Liberty (1884-1941)
11 Karl Henry Overbey (1914-1989) m 5 May 1939, Christina Mae Sampson (1916-1996)
12 Gail Ann Overbey (b 1940)
9 Susan A. Sampson m Richard Oliver
10 Rebecca Melissa Oliver m John Miles Duvall Bland
11 John Lyman Miles Bland (b 1880) m Elizabeth Tadden Duthie
12 Agnes Bland ( b 1924) m Donald Frederick Boales (b 1925)
13 James Arthur 'Jim' Boales (b 1958) m Lorna Boales
14 Heather Ann Kehaunani Boales
14 William Alexander Kalani Boales
14 David Douglas Kona Boales
7 Martha (Marcha) Van Bibber m ? Roberts
8 Thomas A. Roberts
7 Elvira (Elgiva?) Van Bibber m ? Davis
7 Frances ("Fanny") Van Bibber m ? Cox
8 Van Cox
8 James Cox
8 Ewing Cox
8 Missouri Cox
8 Alponso Cox
7 Erreta Van Bibber (b 1810) m George W. Burt (c1797-1876)
8 Huron Burt
8 daughter Burt
7 Pantha Van Bibber
7 Isaac Van Bibber, III
8 John Van Bebber
8 Peter Van Bebber
8 Isaac Van Bebber, IV, m Susan Hays
9 Matilda Van Bebber
9 Marcha Van Bebber
9 Susan Van Bebber
9 Elvira Van Bebber
9 Frances Van Bebber
9 Erretta Van Bebber
9 Pantha Van Bebber
9 Isaac Van Bebber, V
9 Ewing Van Bebber
9 Alonzo Van Bebber
7 Ewing Van Bibber
7 Alphonso B. (Alonzo) Van Bibber
6 Margaret Van Bibber (1756-1848) m c1790, George Yoakum, Sr.
7 Isaac Yoakum m Mary Davis
8 Marcellus Yoakum m Sarah N. Cawood
9 David M. Yoakum m Rachel M. Moyers
10 Alvis Greer Yoakum m Lillian VanBebber
11 Gladys Evelyn Yoakum (1911-1913)
6 Nancy Van Bibber m Robert Howard
6 Martha ("Patty/Patsy") Van Bibber (d 1810) m c1776, George Yoakum (1752-1800)
7 Isaac Yoakum m Mary Davis
8 Aaron Alvice Yoakum m Lucinda Elizabeth Duke
9 Euin Yoakum m Emily Jane Thomas
10 Lulu Maude Yoakum m James Isaac Jackson
11 Raymond L. Jackson (b 1919)
9 Mary Theny Yoakum (b 1840)
9 John Marcellus Yoakum m Nancy Virginia Richardson (d 1947)
8 George Washington Yoakum m Jane Rogers
9 China Minerva Yoakum m James Moss VanBebber
10 James Franklin VanBebber m Betty Malinda Sharp
11 Etta Leora VanBebber (d 1985) m Marshall David Rogers
8 Moses Yoakum m Elizabeth Grimes
9 Barbara Ellen Yoakum (d 1924) m John W. McGaugh
8 Marcellus Yoakum m Sarah N. Cawood
9 Winney Yoakum (d 1926) m Isaac Curigur Gibson
9 Sallie Ann Yoakum m Benjamin Bolinger
10 Cora Bell Bolinger m Emerson Etheridge Fortner
11 Louie Bolinger m John T. Fortner
12 Alonzo "Lon" Fortner (d 1975)
10 Florence Bolinger m 1893, Byrd V. Bryant
8 Thomas H. Yoakum m Lucinda Carr
9 Mary Tobitha Yoakum m Joseph Russell
10 Sarah Alice Russell m James Madison Kincaid
11 Madison "Mattie" May Kincaid (b 1895)
9 Isaac Taylor Yoakum m Martha V. Pearman
10 Vesta L. Yoakum m Cannifield Milburn Davis
11 Walter B. Davis (d 1921)
7 Peter Yoakum m Sarah Stinnett
7 John Yoakum m Rachel Weaver
7 Valentine "Felty" Yoakum m Charlotte Reynolds
7 Margaret Yoakum m ? Condra/Condrey
7 Nancy Yoakum m David Batterton?
7 Robert Yoakum (d 1824) m Parkey Berry
8 Ewing B. Yoakum m Martha Elizabeth Yoakum
9 Letitia Yoakum m James Campbell
10 Ewing Tipton Campbell (b 1885)
8 Mary Ann Yoakum
8 Robert G. Yoakum (d c1824) m Lucinda Jennings
9 Ewing Frank Yoakum (d 1887)
9 Darcus Buchanan Yoakum m John Edward Mason
10 Burnside Grant Mason (b 1893)
7 William Yoakum m/1 Sarah Simmons; m/2 Letitia Rice/Henderson
7 James Yoakum m Julia Owens
7 Matthias Yoakum m Elizabeth McHenry
7 George Yoakum Jr. (1783-1841) m 1809, Mary Ann Maddy (1792-1848)
8 Henderson King Yoakum (1810-1856) m 1833, Evaline Cannon
8 Mary Louise Yoakum (1812-1854) m Dr. Ben Bayless
8 Washington C. Yoakum (1814-1869) m/1 Mary Elizabeth Turnstill;
m/2 1846, Sophia Conger
8 Emily Ann Yoakum (1816-1854) m/1 bef1832, Albert C. Price; m/2
1839, Wesley Stephens (c1804-bef1850)
9 Benjamin Franklin Stephens (1840-1875) m 1865, Hattie Bell
Amanda Thompson
9 George Wesley Stephens (1842-1927) m/1 1864, Mary Catherine
Sarver (c1842-1874); m/2 1864, C. Fannie Edsall
10 William F. 'Bill' Stephens (1866-1942) m Lena ?
10 Martha Olivia 'Mittie' Stephens (1869-1943) m 1887, Rufus Rowland Cobb (1865-1947)
11 George Henry Cobb (1888-1965) m 1907, Lela Livingood
11 Cecil Clarence Cobb (1889-1954) m Lena ?
11 Rexie Elmo Cobb (1892-1893)
11 James 'Jack' Rufus Cobb (1894-1963) m 1918, Georgia Whorton
11 Frank Paul Cobb (1896-1973) m 1917, Edna May Baxter
11 Lois Estelle Cobb (1898-1978) m 1920, Alfred P. Cooper
11 Harve Glen Cobb (1900-1939) m 1924, Grace Evelyn Dovel (1906-1994)
12 Joe Lonnie Cabaniss Jr. ( b 1921) m 1948, Betty Lou Cobb (b1929)
13 Susan Marie Cabaniss (b 1949) m 1973, Jerry Donald Bradford (b 1948)
14 Marie Rene Bradford (b 1974) m 1996, Robert Blake Darby
14 Donald 'Donny' Wayne Bradford (1980)
14 Russell James Bradford (1986)
13 Norman Whit Cabaniss (b 1950) m 1975, Brenda Watson Matte
13 Mary Louise Cabaniss (b 1952) m 1975, Alan Wayne Petzold
13 Riley Joe Cabaniss (b 1953) m 1982, Pamela Kay Carpenter
13 Harve Lon Cabaniss (b 1955) m 1975, Karen Jean Richardson
11 Randle Wesley 'Bill' Cobb (1902-1961) m 1919, Thelma Marvin
11 Walter Rollie Cobb (1904-1905)
11 Fannie Fern Cobb (b 1906) m 1926, Richard Park Bland
11 Mary Irene Cobb (1909-1972)
11 Mildred Lucille Cobb (b 1912) m 1933, Ralph Thompson Shankland

10 James W. 'Jim' Stephens (1870-1954) m 1896, Charlotte 'Lottie' Bell McDown (d 1954)
8 Dr. Franklin L. Yoakum (1819-1891) m/1 c1840, Elizabeth Wright Henderson; m/2 c1849, Narcissa Teague Key
8 Madison Yoakum (1822-1855) m Mary Dillard Elkins
8 Celia Ann Yoakum (1824-1854) m George M. Cuson
8 Martha Aurelia Yoakum (1827-1852) m Julius Wright
8 Mary Ann Yoakum (1830-1857) m 1852, Joseph W. Lemmons
8 Lavina Yoakum (1832-1833)
8 Adeline Yoakum (1835-1858)
7 Valentine Felty Yoakum (1785-c1828) m Charlotte Reynolds
7 Jesse Yoakum (b 1787) m Anna Berry
8 William Yoakum m Sarah A. Stone
9 Mary Ann Yoakum m 1875/76, William McTeer Grimes (b 1849)
10 Clyde Grimes m 1907, Ethel Johnson
11 Patsy Grimes m 1938, Edward Elliott
12 Janice Hoy m 1958, Valentine Hoy
7 Isaac Yoakum (1778-1857) m Mary Davis
7 Peter Yoakum (b 1781) m Sarah "Sally" Stinit
7 Robert Yoakum (1789-1824) m 1820, Parkey Berry
7 Margaret Yoakum (b 1791) m Condra
7 Nancy Yoakum
7 William Yoakum
7 James Yoakum
7 Matthias Yoakum
5 Peter Van Bibber, Jr. (1732-1796) m 1756, Margary Bounds (b c1740)
6 Jesse Van Bibber (1759-1852) m Rachel Greenlee (b 1779)
7 Elizabeth Greenlee VanBibber m/1 Joseph Smith; m/2 Richard Tillis
8 VanBibber Smith m Louisa Hart
9 Elizabeth C. Smith (b 1848)
8 Smith Tillis m Jane Ann McCoy
9 Martha Tillis (c1880-1902) m Columbus Tilden Connolly
8 Clark Tillis m Eleanor Pontzler
9 Lewis Grant Tillis (b 1863)
8 Cassandra Jane Smith m Myrtilloe E. Hart
9 Nehemiah Ambrose Hart (1842-1911) m 1863, Parmelia Cox (1844-1900)
10 George N. Hart
10 James I. Hart
10 William L. Hart
10 Martin L. Hart
10 Ella B. Hart
10 Leona Edith Hart
10 Unknown Hart
6 Veronica Sophrina Van Bibber (c1764-1824) m 1782, George Dixon (b 1754)
7 Peter Dixon (b 1788) m Lucinda Long
8 William Rufus Dixon (1817-1907) m 1847, Emily Caroline Mitchell
9 Ora Dixon
7 Eunice Dixon (b 1789)
7 Jesse Dixon (b 1798)
7 Henry Dixon (b 1800) m Mary Massie
8 Elsie J. Dixon m 1843, Zacharia Clem
7 Olive Dixon m Jack Stoner
6 James Van Bibber (1766-1840) m Jean Irvine
7 Joseph Van Bibber d 1843) m 1827, Susanannah (Susan) Boone (b 1806)
8 Letitia Van Bibber (1829-1899) m/1 Arthur Bolen; m/2 1856, James C. Maxwell
Letitia's Children With Arthur Bolen
9 Centha Bolen (b 1846) m 1864, Owen Forester
9 Mary Elizabeth Bolen (1850-1918) m/1 ? Fisk; m/2 Rufus Alexander
Smith (1846-1914), Div 1890; m/3 Elvin A. White
9 Joseph L. Bolen (b 1853)
Letitia's Children with James C. Maxwell
9 John Wesley Maxwell (1857-1946) m/1 Lettie Atwell; m/2 1904,
Cordelia Lamb
9 Lucindia C. "Cina" Maxwell (1862-1934) m/1 1879, Joseph Franklin
Roberts (b 1863); m/2 1881, Nelson A. Pope
9 Sarah Angeline "Annie" Maxwell (1863-1949) m 1881, Nelson A.
Pope (1856-1944)
10 Zora Pope (b 1884) m 1904, Widner S. Deaton
10 Jesse Pope (b 1886) m 1908, Winnie Stone
10 Benjamin Harrison Pope (1888-1956) m 1906, Mary Ann Hendrickson
10 William Arthur Pope (b 1891) m 1924, Bertha Ellen Hill
10 Mary Ethel Pope (b 1893) m 1910, Jerimiah "Jerry" Doyle
10 Oda Dell Pope (b 1895) m 1910, William L. Lewis
9 James S. Maxwell (1869-1889)
8 James Van Bibber m Caroline Staley
8 Sarah Van Bibber m Alsey Woodard
7 Irwin VanBibber (1800-1853) m/1 Mehala Sitton; m/2 1853, Mary (Gee) Brashear (Bosher) (d 1882)
8 Mariah Martha Van Bibber (c1838-bef1886) m 1855, Benton P. Taylor (b 1834)
9 George S. Taylor (c1858-1888)
9 Annie M. Taylor (b c1870)
9 Mary Taylor m George Harris
9 Vera Margaret (Maggie) Taylor (b c1875) m Clark M. Cornell
9 James Smith Taylor (b c1884) m Florence Liddiard
8 Jeffery James VanBibber m Sarah Josephine Spurgin
7 Frances (Francis?) Van Bibber
7 Lucinda Van Bibber
7 Melissa Van Bibber
7 Daniel Van Bibber
7 Minerva Van Bibber m 1850, William J. Davis
6 Peter Van Bibber III (1757-1838) m 1785, Sarah Yoakum (b c1758)
6 Matthias (Tice) Van Bibber (1774-1829) m/1 1797, Mary Robinson Gardner, m/2 1811, Margaret Hutchinson
7 Felicity Brown Van Bibber (1797-1857) m/1 1820, Moses Man Hill; m/2 John H. Morris
8 Martin Hill m Emily Branham
9 Benjamin Franklin Hill (b 1864)
8 David Moses Hill m Martha Riggs
9 Felecity Hill m 1896, John Akers
8 John Hansford Morris (1873-1940) m Nina Tucker
9 Henry Hansford Morris (1904-1941) m ?
10 Catherine Morris m ? Flournoy
10 Henry Morris
8 George Washington Hill m Rebecca H. Kendall
9 Joseph Moses Hill m 1890, Elizabeth Warner
7 David Campbell Robinson Van Bibber (1799-1889) m 1824, Jane Ann
8 John Campbell Robinson VanBibber (d 1928) m Catherine Taylor
9 James VanBibber (b 1871)
8 Andrew Donnally VanBibber (d 1908)
8 Noah Davis VanBibber (d 1899)
8 Moses Hill VanBibber (d 1914) m Virginia Ann Holt
9 Ulyssus Simpson Grant VanBibber (d 1961)
8 James Van Bebber
9 Frances Van Bebber
7 Miriam R. Van Bibber (1801-1816)
7 Marjory Bounds Van Bibber (c1804-1860) m 1823, Noah Davis
7 male Van Bibber (1804-1820)
7 Olive Boone Van Bibber (1805-1860) m 1824, Robert Keenan (1791-1860s)
8 Elizabeth Ann Keenan m William Wesley Keenan
9 George Henry Keenan m Martha Neil
10 William Henry Harrison Keenan (1910-1963)
8 William V. Keenan (1824-1901) m 1848, Electra Grose (1823-1887)
9 Ruhamy "Ruhamy" Ann Keenan (1849-1918) m 1866, Charles W. Preast (1836-1926)
10 Isadora Madora ("Icy," "Isydora," "Dora") Preast (1866-1935) m 1886, Andrew Mack Johnson (1866-1924)
11 John Wesley Johnson (1887-1961) m Lula Skaggs Augustus Edward (1889-1912)
11 Lanty Chilton ("L.C.") Johnson (1891-1928)
11 Clarence Floyd ("C.F.") Johnson (1892-1957) m 1912, Ina Haynes (1889-1976)
12 Virginia "Bernice" Johnson (1913-c1983) m c1939, Robert Aldrige
12 Clarence "Bernard" Johnson (1915-1959) m c1940, Phala Perkins
12 Edith ("Eddie") Margarette Johnson (b 1917) m William Lyons
12 Genevieve Stella Johnson (1919-1989) m Robert Williamson or ? Ewings
12 Ocie "Hilda" Johnson (b 1921) m Richard Tindell
12 Helen Francis Johnson (b 1923) m/1 1943, Walter Powers; m/2 1955, Chesley Turner
13 Thomas Edward Martin, Jr. (b 1945) m Victoria Arlene Powers (b 1944)
13 Rhonda Kay Martin (b 1965) m 1988, Anthony Popp
14 Ryan Anthony Popp (b 1991)
14 Brianne Arlene Popp (b 1995)
13 Thomas ("Tommy") Edward Martin, III (b 1967)
11 John Joseph Johnson (b 1929) m three times
11 India Mae Johnson (1894-1982) m Albert Hypes
11 Lula Ann Johnson (1896-1897)
11 Clydia Fay Johnson (1898-1899)
11 Ruth Frances Johnson (1902-1971) m Grose Pierson
11 Arley Mack Johnson (1904-1965) m Irene Butler
11 Virgie Elizabeth Johnson (1906-1915)
11 Paul Barrett Johnson (1908-1910)
11 Charles "Robert" Johnson (b 1912)
10 Mahala "Electa" Preast (1868-c1880) m John Gray
10 Virginia E. Preast (1870-c1880)
10 William E. Preast (1872-1956) m Martha Ann Drennan
10 Sarah J. Preast (1874-1880)
10 Lola Preast (1878-1879)
9 Mary J. Keenan (1851-c1870)
9 John Robert Keenan (1855-c1880) m Lucinda Williams
9 Lucinda J. Keenan (1858-c1880)
9 America E. Keenan (1860-bef1870)
9 James Keenan (1861-c1870)
9 Edward "Leagren" Keenan (1862-c1880) m Malissa Hypes Logan (b c1865)
9 Octavia Keenan (1875-c1880)
9 Martha A. Keenan (1880-c1880)
8 Noah Keenan (1826-c1880)
8 Addison Keenan (1828-c1860)
8 David B. Keenan (1831-c1926) m Margaret E. Dunbar
9 Hattie Belle Keenan (d 1962) m Moses Wilson Burnette
8 Andrew? Keenan (b c1830)
8 Marjory Keenan (1833-c1850)
8 Moses Keenan (1835-c1870)
8 Edward McClung Keenan (1837-c1920) m c1860, Jane C. Summers
9 Liddie Jane Keenan (b 1876)
8 Thomas P. Keenan (1839-1887) m Lucy Margaret Painter
9 James Henry Keenan (1885-1963)
8 Sarah J. Keenan (1841-c1880)
8 John Robert B. Keenan (1843-c1910) m Lucinda Jane Williams
9 Calvin James Keenan (1882-1982)
9 Middleton B. Keenan m 1903, Altha Smith
8 Ann Keenan (1845-c1860)
8 Robert L. Keenan (1848-c1910) m c1872, Elizabeth ?
7 Matthias Van Bibber
7 Moses Van Bibber
7 James Van Bibber
7 Donally Van Bibber
7 Nathan Van Bibber
7 John Van Bibber
7 Davis Van Bibber
7 Lazrous Van Bibber
6 Jacob Van Bibber (c1775-1836) m Sarah Miller (1776-1843)
7 Ezekiel Van Bibber m/1 1833, Susan Rice
8 David Van Bibber m 1876, Minnie Ederwine
8 Esther Van Bibber m 1857, Aaron Lore
8 Harding Van Bibber (1842-1915) m 1864, Elizabeth Jane Artis
8 Elizabeth Vanbibber (b c1838) m/1 1854, William Nethercutt; m/2? Benjamin F. Williams (b c1842)
9 Rebecca Nethercutt (b 1857)
9 Laura Caroline Nethercutt (b 1861)
9 George Nethercutt (b c1865)
9 Mary Belle Williams (b 1868) m George W. Whittaker (b 1861)
9 Dolby Williams (b 1873)
9 Anna L. Williams (b c1869, d bef1880?))
9 Martha Williams (b 1871)
9 Benj. F. Williams (b c1876)
9 Catherine Williams (b c1878)
9 Charlie Williams (b 1879)
7 Elizabeth Ann Van Bibber m 1834, David Millirons; m Ezra Jeffords???
8 Sarah Jane Jeffords m Stout Barklow
9 Benjamin S. Barklow (d 1864)
7 Jacob Van Bibber m 1828, Margaret Bryson
7 Maggie (Mary Anne) Van Bibber m 1834, David M. Kouns
7 Nancy Van Bibber m 1827, Moses Haney (c1803-c1886)
8 David Haney m Martha Ann Henry
9 Adoniram Judson Haney (b 1860) m Mary L. Clark
10 Roy W. Haney (b 1880) m 1910, Marie A. Simmons (b 1859)
11 Nancy Marie Haney
11 Jack Simmons Haney
10 Anna L. Haney
10 Rose May Haney
10 Edward H. Haney
10 David J. Haney
10 William C. Haney
8 Lottie Haney m John Frank Randleman (b 1873)
9 Violet Ethey Randleman (b 1900) m 1919, Thomas Brown Wood (b 1891)
10 Leonard Thomas Wood (b 1920) m Iola Flippins (b 1915)
11 Ronald Lee Digiarno m Katherine Simonson
11 Charles Vincent Digiarno m Gerry Mello
11 Clifford C. Wood (b 1921) m Jewel Madron (b 1920)
12 James "Jim" C. Wood (b 1945?)
12 Nancy Wood (b 1956)
12 Lori Wood (b 1957)
11 Earl Wood (b 1923) m 1944, Tula Evelyn Cox (b 1924)
12 Yvonne Ruth Wood (b 1948)
12 Marilyn Lauri Wood (b 1950)
12 Gary Keith Wood (b 1955)
12 Angela Darlin Wood (b 1957)
11 Ila May Wood (b 1925) m 1943, Michael C. Romano (b 1922)
12 Ila Carpole Romano (b 1944) m Michael V. Romano (b 1948)
11 Ruth Naomi Wood (b 1928) m 1946, Charles T. Anderson (b 1926)
12 Shawnee Kathleen Lehela (b 1961)
11 Kenneth H. Wood (b 1930)
8 James V. Haney m Tabitha Miller
9 Moses A. Haney (1873-1940) m Millie/Milley Keith (1877-1946)
10 Isa Fae Haney (1909-1963) m 1932, Ireland Floyd Legan (1909-1975)
11 Phillip Ronald Legan (b 1933) m 1953, Helen Louise Taplin
12 Thomas Lee Legan (b 1954)
12 Cindy Lou Legan (b 1957)
12 Ronald Allen Legan (b 1958)
12 Cheri Lynn Legan (b 1960)
12 James Ray Legan (b 1964)
11 William Donald Legan (b 1938) m 1960, Bonnie Richerson
10 Cecie Marie Haney (b 1912) m 1933, Clarence Lawson (1909-1959)
11 Terrence Franklin Lawson (b 1951)
9 Ida Ellen Haney (1876-1949) m 1894, James Henry Keith (1874-1962)
10 Roy Lester Keith (b 1895)
10 James Moses Keith (b 1898) m 1942, Janie M. Woodhouse
10 Virgil William Keith (1900-1971) m/1 1918, Minnie Ethel Simmons, (1903-1980); m/2 1957, Dorothea ?
11 James Windell Keith (1918-1980)
11 Buell Warren Keith (b 1921)
10 Elsie Mae Keith (1905-1976) m 1926, Homer Williams (b 1901)
11 Dolores Emocene(sic) Williams (b 1927) m 1957, Raymond G. Sechler
12 Jennifer Lee Sechler (b 1960)
12 Stanley Brent Sechler (b 1962)
11 Dorothy Maxine Williams (1933-1933)
10 Elva Myrtle Keith (b 1910)
10 Jethro Leo Keith (b 1914) m 1937, Wanda Lavina Snider (b 1918)
11 Norma Jean Keith (b 1937) m 1956, Charles Stembridge
11 Sharon Lynn Keith (b 1946)
10 Roy Lester Keith (1895-1932) m/1 1914, Iva Melissa Hyde
(1896-1976); m/2 1932, Alva Adams
11 Dessie Lucille Keith (1915-1966) m 1937, Noble Bration Phillips
12 Linda Jo Phillips (b 1943) m Doyle Williams
13 Douglas Williams (b 1962)
13 Patricia Paige Williams (b 1963)
12 Jeffery Noble Phillips (b 1951)
12 Luann Sue Phillips (b 1952) m Charles Hindes.
11 John Donald Keith (b 1918) m 1943, Prudence Zarcone
12 Richard Allen Keith (b 1944)
12 Craig Dennis Keith (b 1955)
12 Bryan Douglas Keith (b 1958)
12 Thelma "Thoma" Wanda Keith (b 1921)
12 Thelma "Thoma" Wanda Keith (b 1921) m Harry Henrichs (1912-1959)
13 Karen Lucille Henrichs (b 1950) m 1969, Richard Joel Crow (B 1949)
14 Lance Richard Crow (b 1972)
12 Harold J. Keith (b 1922) m 1947, Helen Frances Thomsen (b 1926)
13 Shirley Marie Keith (b 1948)
12 Beverly Jean Keith (b 1930) m 1971, Alan Doswald
13 Lisa Ann Doswald (b 1974)
13 Eric Michael Doswald (b 1978)
12 Jeanette Louise Keith (b 1956) m 1977, Michael Joseph Jurkovick
12 Jane Ellen Keith (b 1959)
11 James Moses "Mose" Keith (1898-1976) m/1 Ruby Icel Norman (b
1906); m/2 1935, Nova Hildreth Strickland (1903-1976)
Children by Ruby Icel Norman
12 Mary Elizabeth Keith (1928-1967) m 1949, Norman Dwayne
Fouser (b 1927)
13 Kristine Denise Rouser (b 1951)
13 Kathleen Avonne Rouser (b 1952)
13 John Dwaine Rouser (b 1955)
13 Douglas Norman Rouser (b 1961)
Children by Nova Hildreth Strickland
13 James Franklin Keith (b 1935) m 1957, Ramadine Hayden (b 1939)
14 Stacy Pauline Keith (b 1939)
14 Philip Eugene Keith (b 1944) m Darlene Kay Sons (b 1945)
15 Guy Lynne Keith (b 1965)
15 Cheryl Kay Keith (b 1970)
14 Elva Myrtle Keith (b 1910) m 1929, Claude Townsend Sweaney
15 Dixie Colleen Sweaney (b 1930) m 1948, William Pateen Hensley
16 William P. Hensley, Jr., (b 1949) m 1979, Marianne ?
17 Jesse Hensley (b 1980)
15 Dillard Dalton Sweaney (b 1931) m 1952, Beulah M. Nunn
16 Brenda Nadine Sweanty
16 Belinda Radine Sweaney
16 Lyndell Eugene Sweaney
16 Glenda Colleen Sweaney
16 Gayla Racine Sweaney
15 James William Sweaney (b 1933) m 1960, Nora A. Steinbeck
16 James Allen Sweaney
16 Karrie Jean Sweaney
15 Myrna Joanne Sweaney (b 1936) m 1955, Leon Dean Stilen (b 1935)
16 Becky Quette Stilen m 1979, Kirk Nicholson
16 Karen Lavonne Stilen
16 Craig Dean Stilen
15 Marsha Jean Sweaney (b 1945) m 1969, Gerald W. Martin (b 1943)
16 Leigh Ann Martin (b 1970)
15 Claude Randle Sweaney (b 1952) m 1974, Linda Sue Butler (b 1953)
16 Tonya Jane Sweaney (b 1973) m ? Cain?
16 Kimberly Dawn Sweaney (b 1975)
16 Lynn Sweaney (b 1977)
8 Andrew Jackson VanBibber Haney m Cynthia Ann Miller
9 Wallace Uzil Haney (b 1869)
7 Peter Van Bibber m 1815, Nancy DeVore
7 Ruth Van Bibber m 1815, George Hensley
7 Solomon Van Bibber m 1826, Mary Jane Bryson
8 Noah B. VanBibber (1826-bef1910) m 1853, Elizabeth Carter (b c1835-aft1920)
9 Rodell VanBibber (1856-1918) m c1878, Frederick William Hase
9 Soloman VanBibber (1857-1926)
9 Benjamin Franklin VanBibber (1859-1919)
9 Ruth VanBibber (b 1862)
9 William Lee VanBibber (1866-1930) m Sarah Jane Currens
10 William Noah VanBibber (b c1900) m Helen Grace Weiser
11 Russell Bert VanBibber m Saundra Kay Jackson
9 Verlina (Varlena) VanBibber (1867)
9 Omsby (Ormsby) M. VanBibber (1869-1942)
9 James E. VanBibber (b 1874)
8 William VanBibber m Frances A. Thoroughman
9 Sarah Emeline VanBibber (d 1908) m James R. Stonebarger
6 Joseph Van Bibber (c1776-1796)
6 Olive Van Bibber (1783-1858) m 1799, Nathan Boone (1781-1856)
7 James Boone (b 1800) m 1840, Polly Allen
7 Delinda Boone (1802-1877) m 1819, James Craig
8 Lemuel Craig
8 Nathan B. Craig
8 Melcena Morris Craig
8 Emma Caroline Craig m Samuel Cutler
9 Charles M. Cutler (d 1952)
8 James Lionel Craig
8 Elizabeth Craig
7 Jemima Boone (b 1804) m 1824, Henry Zumalt
7 Susan Boone (b 1806) m 1827, Joseph Van Bibber
8 Lettitia Vanbibber (d 1899) m 1843, Arthur Shaver
7 Nancy Boone (b 1808)
7 Emilia (Malinda?) Boone (b 1810)
7 Olive Boone (b 1812) m Philip Anthony
7 Benjamin Howard Boone (1814-1866) m 1840, Mary E. Stallard
7 John Coburn Boone (1816-1902) m/1 Molly Wardlow; m/2 1867, Nancy Bryson/Mcquarry
7 Levica (Lavina) Boone (1818-1854) m William Cawlfield, Jr.
8 James Howard Cawfield (d 1916)
8 William Owen Cawfield m Sarah E. Howard
9 Virgil D. Cawfield (b 1884)
7 Melcina (Melvina) Boone (1820-1900) m/1 c1850, Franklin Frazier;
m/2 c1898, James Howard (d 1900)
7 Mary C. Boone (1822-1915) m 1841, Alfred Hosman
7 Sarah Boone m Winfield Wright
7 Mahala (Mahaley) Boone m Robert C. Printy
6 Nancy Van Bibber m Robert Howard
6 Eleanor Van Bibber (b 1757) m 1785, Peter Van Bibber (d 1816/17)
7 Jacob Van Bibber (b c1786) m 1818, Catherine Guthrie
7 Calvin Van Bibber (c1816-1911) m 1850, Barthena Van Bibber
7 Lazarus VanBebber m 1830, Martha VanBebber
7 Luvicy VanBebber m John Liford
8 Duff Liford (1831-1907)
9 Reuben Liford (b 1873) m Lucy J. Lawson (b c1889)
9 ? Liford
10 Daisy Liford (b c1891) m ? Lofton
10 Mattie C. Liford (b 1883) m ? William L. Willis
11 Clarence Reuben Willis (1900-1959)
11 Carl Raeburn Willis (1904-1989)
8 Amanda Liford
8 Nancy Liford m George Hatfield
9 William Pryor Hatfield m Nancy Jane Longworth
10 Harrison Hatfield m Amanda E. Sutton
11 Ulysses Hatfield
8 John N. Liford m 1853, Minerva Hatfield
6 John Van Bibber
5 John Van Bibber (1734-1820) m 1772, Chloe Standiford (b c1760)
6 Hannah VanBibber m Goodrich Lightfoot Slaughter
7 John VanBibber Slaughter m 1838, Eliza Ann Swazey
8 Hannah VanBibber Slaughter (1839-1888) m 1859, William Henry
Manning (1828-1890)
9 Maude Alice Manning (b 1861)
9 Grace Ethel Manning (b 1863)
9 Charity Eliza Manning (b 1865)
9 Blanche Henrietta Manning (b 1868)
8 Marian Walker Slaughter m 1862, Richard Thomas Cresap (1837-1925)
9 Annie Laura Cresap (1863-1958)
9 Ellsworth Byron Cresap (1865-1940)
9 Charles Perry Cresap (1868-1929)
9 Edward F. Cresap (1872-1950)
9 Jessie M. Cresap (1876-1971)
9 Hallie C. Cresap (1878-1903) m 1901, John Burr, Jr.
9 Dollie E. Cresap (1881-1972)
9 Richard T. Cresap (1884-1971) m 1923, Rose Sabotka
7 Chloe S. Slaughter m James Norton
8 Eugene B. Norton (b c1836) m 1867, Alice E. Alderson (b c1849)
7 Catherine Grizzage Slaughter (d 1885) m Levi Welch
8 Miriam VanBibber Welch (d 1915) m Lewis Fry Donnally
9 James Monroe Brown Donnally (d 1895)
7 Francis Dawson Slaughter m Charles G. Reynolds
8 Eliza Maria Reynolds m Lewis Fry Donnally
9 Caroline Donnally m William Ernest Truslow
10 Lewis Donnally Truslow (b 1878)
6 Miriam VanBibber m John Reynolds
7 VanBibber Reynolds m Elizabeth P. Buster
8 Henry William Reynolds m Ellen (Anne) Whiteker
9 James W. Reynolds (b c1857) m 1878, Blanche A. Rooke (b1859-1844)
6 Chloe VanBibber (1772-1822) m Jesse Bryan Boone
7 Jeremiah Boone (b 1793)
7 Harriett Morgan Boone (b 1794) m 1819, Col. Hiram H. Baber
8 Albert G. Baber (1829-1874)
7 Alphonso D. Boone (b 1796) m Nancy Linville Boone (b 1798)
8 George Luther Boone m Mourning Ann Young
9 Albert Pope Boone (d 1955)
8 Mary Elizabeth Boone m Thomas Cecil Norris
9 Thomas Cecil Norris Jr. (b 1860)
8 Mary Elizabeth Boone m Thomas Cecil Norris
9 Louisa Sophia Norris (b 1855)
7 Minerva S. Boone (b 1799) m Wynkoop Warner
8 Theodore Fulton Warner (b 1818) m Emily Hart Underhill (b 1824)
8 Mary B. Warner (b 1822)
8 Margt Jane Warner (b 1827)
8 Rusella Warner (b 1830)
7 Pantha Grant Boone (b 1801) m Lilburn Wycliffe Boggs
8 Albert Gallatin Boggs (d 1897)
7 Albert Gallatin Boone (1806-1884) m/1 1829, Ann Reid Hamilton
(1811-1842); m/2 1843, Zerelda E. Randall (1816-1851); m/3 1851, Kate
Pierson Phillips (1845-1882)
Children by Ann Reid Hamilton
8 William Ashley Boone (1832-1833)
8 John Hamilton Boone (1834-1848)
8 Margaret Ann Boone (1836-1890) m 1863, Sidney S. Barnes
9 Minnie Spencer Barnes (b 1864)
9 Charles Hamilton Barnes, (b 186?)
9 Mary Alberta Barnes (b 1872)
8 Eliza Gantis [or Yantis] Boone (b 1838) m 1856, Henry William Jones
9 John Albert Jones (b 1864)
9 Theodore "Dory" Jones m Harriett Boone)
8 Agnes Reid Boone (b 1840) m 1861, Elmer Otis
Children by Zerelda E. Randall
8 Mary "Mollie" Boggs Boone (b 1845) m 1863, Benjamin Davies Spencer
8 Minerva Warner Boone (b 1848) m Col. Charles Hobart
8 Martha Randall Boone (1851-1872)
7 Madison Boone (b 1809)
7 Emily Boone (1811-1873) m James Steele Henderson
8 Theodore Warner Henderson (b 1839)
7 Van Daniel Boone (1814-1871) m 1845, Mary Ann Randall (1823-1909)
8 Albert Gallatin Boone (1845-1916) m Susan Fosdick
8 Emma Henderson Boone (1848-1925) m 1866, Lewis Barnum (1830-1876)
8 William Randall Boone (b 1850)
8 Zeralda Engleton "Dal" Boone (1852-p1925) m Conrad Otto Unfug
8 Harriet Baber "Hattie Boone (1855-1925) m Theodore Robert "Dory"
8 Charles Randall Boone (b 1858)
8 Benjamin Franklin Boone (b 1863)
8 Jesse Murry Boone (1866-1899)
6 Rhoda VanBibber (d 1793)
6 James VanBibber m Lois Reynolds
7 Hannah Van Bibber m 1815, Joshua Rawlings
8 Elizabeth Rawlings m Jacob Lawson
9 John Metz Lawson m Mary Hannah Gammon
10 Denver Riogrande Lawson (d 1958)
7 Cyrus VanBibber (c1799-1869) m 1821, Mary S. Rachel Timberlake
8 Cyrus (Klink) Van Bibber, Jr. (1826-1900) m/1 1855, Sophia A.
Baker (1834-1870); m/2 1872, Abeline Clutz (Clutts)
9 Lamard VanBibber (1858-1929) m 1883, Annie Laurie Hill
10 Charles Faris VanBibber (b c1891) m 1911, Bessie L. Bedford (b c1894)
11 Charles Everett VanBibber (b 1914)
9 Marshall Baker Van Bibber m Harriet Agnes (Hattie) Ghent
10 Goldie Van Bibber (b 1885) m 1916, Charles Frederick (Fred) Putnam
11 Carl Van Putnam (b 1917) m Florence Whiting Lee
12 Eunice Van Bibber died young
12 Clyde Van Bibber m Roie Putnam [sister of Charles Frederick
(Fred) Putnam]
12 Joseph Marshall Van Bibber m m. 1__ ,m. 2 Shirley Seaman
13 Elmer Neal m Peggy Cone
14 Bernice Van Bibber died young
13 Rolfe Earl Van Bibber m Matilda (Tilda) Collins
14 Marsha Nina (Pat) Van Bibber
13 Delia Van Bibber died young
13 Lola Van Bibber died young
13 Leslie Keyes Van Bibber died at age 24
13 Louise Margaret Van Bibber m Melvin Lenzy Clarke
14 David Marshall Clarke, S.J.
15 Ann Carol Clarke m Warren Stanley Nechodom
10 Louise Margaret Van Bibber (b 1904) m ? Clarke
11 Ann Clarke m ? Nechodom
8 Charles W. VanBibber m Caroline Dewar
9 Rachel T. VanBibber (b 1861)
8 Mary Ann VanBibber m 1898, Jeremiah Farmer
8 Sydney VanBibber (b 1838)
7 Rhoda VanBibber m 1830, John Passmore Tanner (d 1881)
6 Margery VanBibber m Col. Andrew Donnelly
7 Lewis Fry Donnally m/1 Eliza Maria Reynolds; m/2 Miram VanBibber Welch
8 Caroline Donnally m William Ernest Truslow
9 Lewis Donnally Truslow (b 1878)
8 James Monroe Brown Donnally (d 1895)
7 William Howard Donnally m 1853, Margaret Catherine Wood
7 Jane A. Donnally m James Henry Fry
8 Joseph Lapenios Fry m Lila J. Follansbee
9 Virginia Hampton Fry (b 1898)
7 VanBibber Donnally m Mary Body Waggoner
8 William Boyd Donnally m Sally Ashton Cotton
9 Henry Fitzbugh Donnally (b 1892)
7 Chloe Donnally m James Henry Fry
8 James William Fry (b 1859)
6 Joseph VanBibber
5 James Van Bibber (b 1728) m Anna ?
5 Brigetta Van Bibber (1732/35-1787/1828) m Isaac Robinson
5 Bridgitte Van Beber (b 1735) m John Reynolds, Sr.
5 Anne Van Bibber (b 1736)
5 Margaretha Van Bibber (b 1738)
4 Hester Van Bibber (1696-1723+) m Jacob Gooding (Goddin)
4 Christina Van Bibber (1698-1723)
4 Isaac Jacob Van Bibber, Jr. (b 1701)
4 Veronica Van Bibber (1703-1723) m/1 John Birmingham; m/2 Adam Peterson
3 Matthias Van Bebber (1663-1739) m 1705, Haramontie (Hermana) Peterson
(d 1745)
4 Jacob Vanbebber
4 Adam Vanbebber
4 Mathias Vanbebber
4 Henry Vanbebber
4 Sarah Vanbebber
4 Chrisitan Vanbebber
4 Hester Vanbebber m ? Naudine
4 Rebecca Van Bibber m Jacob Cazier
3 Hendrik (Henry) Van Bebber (1665-1736) m Katrina (Catherine Ann) Bougard
4 Mary Vanbebber
4 Mathias Vanbebber
4 Hester Vanbebber (b c1719)
4 Huybert Vanbebber
4 Catherine Vanbebber (b 1721/2) m Jacob Hoefnagel
4 Jacobus (James) Van Bebber
5 Catherine Van Bebber
5 Anna Van Bebber
5 Jacob Van Bebber
5 Isaac Van Bebber
5 Abraham Van Bebber
5 Henry Van Bebber (b 1729) m Hester Gooding (1737-1802)
6 Andrew Van Bebber
6 James Van Bebber
6 Henry Van Bebber, Jr.
3 James Van Bebber (1667-1750)
4 Henry Van Bebber
4 Jacob Van Bebber
4 Isaac Van Bebber
4 Stephen Van Bebber
4 Abraham Van Bebber
4 Catrin Van Bebber
4 Mary Ann Van Bebber m ? David
3 Deborah Van Bebber (b 1669) m/1 Hermann Op Den Graff; m/2 aft1704, Dirk Keyser
3 Marguerite Van Bebber (b 1671) m Jurriaen Bool
3 Elizabeth (Lisbet) Isaacks Van Bebber (b c1643) m Herman Isacks Op Den
Graff (1642-1701/8)
4 Margaret Isacks Op Den Graff
4 Elsabet (Elizabeth) Op Den Graff m Peter Bon
4 Isaac Op den Graeff
4 Sytje Op den Graeff
4 Herman Isaac Op Den Graff (1616-1669) m Greitigen Peters (c1620-1683)

Dick Walker



From Richard A. Parent (

I am still seeking information on John Henry VanBebber, born 1834, who's descendency chart was outlined in the Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 3. I have all the information as to his children with Rhoda Ruth John, Whom he married Sept. 24, 1853. My grandmother was his youngest daughter, Ida Elenora VanBebber (Bozorth), who was born Jan. 7, 1862. This was after John Henry left his family & went on his pirating adventures. I am especially interested in his background, & parents. There is some discrepancy as to where he was born. When & how did he come to Washington Territory? What happened to him after he left? It is reported that he married the 2nd. time to Marinda Younger. Is there any record of when or where he died & is buried? John Henry is a very interesting character who appears in our family out of nowhere, & disappears the same way.

Any information would be appreciated.

Richard A. Parent

From Carol Harrison McCoy (

I would like to make contact with descendants of Claude and Mary (HARRISON) VANBEBBER who lived in Ray Co., Richmond, MO. My great-aunt Mary was Claude's second wife, and they married on 28 May 1928 in Ray County, MO. Claude was born 4 Jan 1883 and died 15 Oct 1962. His parents were John Franklin and Florence HUTCHINGS) VANBEBBER.

Mary HARRISON was born 20 Sept 1886 in Scranton, KS and died Oct 1979.
Her parents were Arthur and Jane Ann (ARMITAGE) HARRISON who emigrated from Yorkshire, England.

I have a letter from Mary in which she told me that her 65 yr old son had died at Easter in 1973. I do not know his name nor if he is the son of Claude VANBEBBER.



From Pamala Sayer (

I am trying to follow all the VanBibber info. (over load)! and make the proper connections to my line. However, I missed the first one, that is the Isaac VanBibber and Hester Op den Graeff. Could you or someone fill me in. Thanks! I don't have Windows 95, just a straight word program 3.11.

Pamela Holt


From Robert D. Hasse (

My great grandmother, Rodella H. Van Bibber was married to Frederick W. Hase
and lived in Pinckney township, Warren County, Missouri from 1899 to ?. Could you, by chance, have any information on them and their family?


Robert D. Hase


From Debbie Dillard (

I am searching for information on Margery Cole b. abt. 1774. She was the daughter of Eleanor Bounds (daughter of James Bounds and Ann Dick) and Stephen Cole b. 1736 (son of James Cole). Margery Cole married James Dillard. Their children: Joseph b. 1792; William b. 1794; Mary Ann (Polly) b. 1796; Marjorie Elliner b 1797; Abraham b. 1801; Nancy b. 1802; Stephen b. 1806; Phoebe b. 1808; Sarah b. 1810; Ann b. 1814. James and Margery Cole Dillard wound up in Cooper Co., MO ca. 1814. James died in 1836 and Margery 1842-1850.

Thank you for any information.

Debbie Dillard

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