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Van Bibber Pioneers Electronic Newsletter
Volume 1, Number 1   ·   November 1996


The response to the Van Bibber electronic newsletter has been very good. I thought of the idea of a newsletter in order to connect the ten original Van Bibber researchers that I have contact with on the Internet and give each researcher a way to share the information they have found with the other researchers in an easy manner. It is my hope that the list of subscribers will grow and the information each of us gathers will be shared via this medium. If you know of other Van Bibber or related researchers on line please inform them of this newsletter or send me their e-mail address and I will contact them.

The content of this newsletter is not limited to the Van Bibber surname, but will include related families. Many of us share these lines and will welcome the information to be included in our family trees.

If you care to print this newsletter and send it to a friend or fellow researcher who does not have access to the Internet feel free to do so. Also, feel free to forward the newsletter via e-mail. We welcome input from any Van Bibber genealogist, but I do not plan to send this news letter via snail mail at the present time. The researchers who are not online and receive this newsletter from you may make submissions through you or may send their information and queries directly to me at my snail mail address.

I have named the newsletter the Van Bibber Pioneers for lack of a better name. If any subscriber has a suggestion let me know and I will post those suggestions for a vote of the membership in the next letter.

If you can make any corrections or additions to this newsletter feel free to send them to me for inclusion in the next newsletter.

The editor reserves the right to edit any contributions.

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  1. New Members
  2. Early Van Bibber family
  3. Battle of Point Pleasant
  4. Wanderings of the family of Isaac Van Bibber Sr.
  5. Sources of Information
  6. Queries

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Welcome to the charter members of the Van Bibber Pioneers.

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By Bruce E. Logan Jr.

The Van Bibber family that was the first to settle in the New World was the family of Isaacs Jacob Van Bibber who came to Philadelphia in 1687. He came to America to prepare the way for his parents and the rest of the family that would soon follow. The Van Bibbers were residents of Krefeld (now Germany) and had been persecuted in Europe because they were followers of Menno Simons. Other Mennonites from Krefeld had come to Philadelphia in 1684 at the invitation of William Penn including Herman op den Graff, who was the husband of two of the sisters of Isaacs Jacob. Isaacs Jacob Van Bibber moved to Germantown (now a suburb of Philadelphia) and was engaged in commerce.

It was not long before the rest of the family immigrated to Germantown and resided there and in Philadelphia until moving to Cecil County Maryland. While in Germantown the family got involved in a religious dispute and perhaps that is what caused the migration to Maryland.

Below you will find a family group sheet of the first known family of Van Bibbers in America.

Jacob Isaac Van Bibber, b. ca. 1640, d. Sept. 1705, Cecil Co., MD
m. Christina Unknown, b. ca. 1640, d. 4 Sept. 1711, Cecil Co., MD

Jacob Isaac and Christina Van Bibber are buried in the floor of St. Stephen's Church in Earlsville, Maryland.

  1. Deborah Van Bibber, b. ca. 1660, d. ???
    m. (1) Herman op den Graff
    m. (2) Dirk Keyser, aft 1704
  2. Henry Van Bibber, b. ??? d. Aft 1729, Cecil Co., MD
    m. Catherine Bougard
  3. Lisbet Isaacs Van Bibber
    m. Herman op den Graff
  4. Margaryte Van Bibber
    m. J. Bool
  5. Matthias Jacobs Van Bibber
    m. Hermana Peterson
    m. 7 Nov. 1705, Cecil Co., MD
  6. Isaac Jacob Van Bibber, b. ca. 1661, d. 1722/23
    m. Fronica/Veronica "Frances" Schumacher, daughter of Peter and Sarah Hendricks) Schumacher.
    m. 28 May 1690, Maryland

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By Bruce E. Logan Jr.

The Battle of Point Pleasant took place in what is now Mason County West Virginia on 10 Oct. 1774. The battle site overlooks the Ohio River. The battle was between the English colonists and the Indians and was part of what is known as Dunmore's War. The main cause of Dunmore's War was basically the incursion of the white man into Indian lands and especially the Ohio Valley.

The Van Bibber family were early settlers in the Greenbrier and were, like most settlers on the frontier, seeking new and better land. Also, like most pioneers, the Van Bibbers were members of the malitia and were willing to fight for possession of this new land.

The battle was a temporary defeat for the white settlers but a great loss for the Van Bibber family who settled on the this primitive frontier.

Isaac Van Bibber (sometimes known as Michael) was one of the victims. There were one-hundred and forty whites killed including the commanding officer, Colonel Charles Lewis, but to the family of Isaac Van Bibber it was a loss that would change their entire world.

Isaac had several young children and his loss would cause the breakup of the family. Isaac's wife remarried and his son Isaac Jr. would live with the famous Daniel Boone. Kanawha Co., VA records indicated that another son, Matthias, was raised by Isaac's brother Peter Van Bibber. Isaac Van Bibber's group sheet is listed below.

Isaac was not the only Van Bibber family member at the Battle of Point Pleasant. Various lists also include Captain John, Peter, and John Jesse Van Bibber as participants in the battle.

Group Sheet by Bruce Logan and Steve Smith

Isaac Van Bibber, I. b. Abt 1724 - mortally wounded 10 Oct. 1774 at Point Pleasant, VA. (Now Mason County, WV) (The name Michael has never been documented by Steve Smith).
m. Sarah Davis, traditionally from North Carolina. Sarah m. 2nd. William Griffin/Griffey (sp)(Possibly went to Tennessee with children, where William GRIFFEY can be documented with the VAN BEBBER brothers several times.

Children and Spouses

  1. Peter Van Bibber, Sr. b. ??? d. 1816-1817 in CLAIBORNE County, Tennessee.
    m. Eleanor "Nellie" Van Bibber, dau of Peter VAN BIBBER Jr., and Margery BOUNDS. Nellie went to Mo. after death of Peter and can be found in family of Nathan BOONE and Olive BOONE by 1840.
  2. Rebecca Van Bibber (No child named Rebecca can be documented by Steve Smith).
  3. James Van Bibber, Sr. b. Abt 1768 - d. ca 1834 in CLAIBORNE County, Tennessee
    m. Hannah Hoover in Russell Co., VA. ca 1793.
  4. Isaac Van Bibber, II., b. 20 Oct. 1771, Greenbrier Co., VA, d. 30 Sept.1840, Montgomery Co., MO.
    m. Elizabeth Hays, b. 12 June 1776, Ft. Boonesborough, KY, d. 3 Aug, 1828, Montgomery Co., MO, daughter of William Hays and Susannah Boone and granddaughter of Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan.
  5. Margaret Van Bibber (no daughter named Margaret can be documented by Steve Smith.)
    m. George Yokcome I
  6. John Van Bibber, Sr., b. ca 1765 - d. 1818 in Claiborne County, TN.
    m. Margaret CHRISMAN ca 1787 in Russell County, VA. Margaret was daughter of Isaac CHRISMAN, I., and Jean/Jenny SCOTT.
  7. Nancy Van Bibber b.   d.  
    m. Robert Howard b. d. Powell Valley, Claiborne County, TN.
  8. Martha (Patty/Patsy) VAN BIBBER b. d. in Salisbury Township, Sangamon Co., Illinois
    m. George YOAKUM, I., ca 1776 in Greenbrier Co., VA.
    George YOAKUM b. ca. 1755 in VA. d. Oct 28, 1800 in Grainger Co., (now Claiborne Co., TN.) in bear hunt. George was son of Valentine "Felty" YOAKUM.
(Isaac and Sarah were parents of seven children: Nancy, Peter, Martha, John, James, and Isaac, Jr. or II. I cannot document the name of seventh child. Would love to know. I suspect the name Matthias, but if so I don't know what happened to him after the death of his father. Steve Smith.) (See query below. BEL)

(Rebecca and Margaret are mentioned in the research paper of Josephine Nell Letts and the DAR papers of Mrs. Mabel Holliday Moody.BEL).

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By Steve Smith <>

I think the VAN BEBBER e-mail club would be a good idea and a good way to gather new information and find new unexplored branches of the family. I would support this with giving you information on the family. Most of the research I have (about 50 3" binders) is based on descendants of Isaac VAN BIBBER, I., of Point Pleasant battle (Oct 10, 1774). He and wife, Sarah DAVIS, had seven children. I can document the name of six of those children. Five of the six children I document went to CLAIBORNE County, Tennessee by 1796, and helped to establish Fort YOAKUM with brother-in-law, George YOAKUM, I., and remained in this area. John VAN BEBBER, Sr., one of the children of Isaac and Sarah, purchased 3250 acres in the newly established HENDERSON Grant of Powell Valley. He immediately began colonizing this land by selling farms to family and friends. This was still in Indian disputed territory at this time and was not recognized by U.S. Government until two years later.

John married Margaret CHRISMAN, oldest daughter of Isaac CHRISMAN, I., and Jean/Jenny SCOTT of Southwest Virginia. Isaac CHRISMAN was killed in Washington County Virginia by hostile Indians in 1776. Jean remarried to Nathaniel HIX. The VAN BEBBER's moved to the area around late 1785 or early 1786. With the party were: George YOAKUM, I., and bride, Martha (Patty/Patsy) VAN BIBBER; Peter VAN BEBBER, Sr., and new bride, Eleanor/Ellen/Nelly VAN BIBBER (first cousin, and daughter of Peter VAN BIBBER, II., and Margery BOUNDS); Robert HOWARD and wife, Nancy VAN BEBBER; John VAN BEBBER, and James VAN BEBBER. Younger brother, Isaac VAN BIBBER, II., stayed behind with mother, Sarah DAVIS/VAN BEBBER and her new husband, William GRIFFEY. He later was informally adopted (meaning he stayed in the family of) Col. Daniel BOONE. He migrated west into Kentucky with BOONE and later to Missouri where he became wealthy owning and operating a health spa with hotels and cabins. He married the grand daughter of BOONE, Elizabeth HAYS, the daughter of William HAYS and Susannah BOONE.

The area of the VAN BEBBER settlement was Washington County, Virginia when they moved there. They established Fort YOAKUM on the Powell River at present day Dryden, Wise County, Virginia. In early 1786 the area of far southwest Virginia was surveyed to become RUSSELL County, Virginia. The county seat was established in Lebanon, VA. John VAN BEBBER was appointed Lieutenant of the county Militia on the first court held for the county in May, 1786. While here in this area he married Margaret CHRISMAN and younger brother, James VAN BEBBER married Hannah HOOVER.

The VAN BEBBER's remained here until 1796, when they moved further down Powell Valley to HAWKINS County, later GRAINGER County (June 1796) and finally CLAIBORNE County (1801). John VAN BEBBER was Justice of the Peace for the new organized county of GRAINGER. He was appointed to Captain of a company in Powell Valley in the State Militia by Governor John Sevier. He rode horse back about 50 miles to court meetings in Rutledge, Tennessee (the county seat.) He was instrumental in helping to organize CLAIBORNE County in 1801 and was appointed by Governor Archibald ROANE to be Justice of the Peace in the County at the organization of the county and sworn in at the first court. He held this position until 1815, when son John, Jr. was killed in War of 1812. He died in late 1818. Older brother died in late 1816 or early 1817. James VAN BEBBER died ca 1834. George YOAKUM died in 1800 in bear hunt. Widow Martha VAN BIBBER/YOAKUM remained at the Station until 1810 when she and several of the children moved to Illinois, eventually settling just Northwest of Springfield, where she died at Salisbury Township. She was mother to at least 12 children. John was father of at least 11 children.

Descendants of these families may be found in many states. Their history is full of very interesting accounts of adventure, strife, hardship, and victory.

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Sources of information:

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From Bruce E. Logan Jr.

On 22 Mar. 1786, Peter Van Bibber was appointed guardian of Matthias/Matthew Van Bibber, son of Isaac and Sarah (Davis) Van Bibber. Could this be the same Matthias "Tice" Van Bibber who married Margaret Gardner and Peggy Hutchinson. Most researchers, including me, have assumed that Matthias was the son of Peter and Margery (Bounds) Van Bibber. He was born on 24 Nov. 1774 and that date would put him in the realm of possibility of being Isaac's son even though Isaac was killed on 10 Oct. 1774 at the Battle of Point Pleasant. (Guardian Book of Kanawha Co., VA/WV).

From Bob Lynn

Any information requested on Absulum Van Bibber b. circa 1830, probably perhaps at Sodom, Hardin Co., Illinois. d. circa 1860. Wife was Frances ("Frankie") A. Dickerson b. Sep 2, 1834 d. Aug 25, 1919 Clarkton, Dunklin Co., MO. Six known children (one born at carrier Mills, Saline Co. Illinois). What was Absulum Van Bibber's ancestry, siblings, where did his family come from?

Bob Lynn
E Mail:
Snail mail: 4400 Trapline Drive, Anchorage AK 99516-1538
Phone (907) 346-4447.

From Kathleen M. O'Kelley

Lettitia VanBibber, daughter of Joseph and Susan (Boone) Vanbibber m. 1st. ______Bolen. What was his given name, who were his parents, and what happened to him? Lettitia (Vanbibber) Bolen m. 2nd James C. Maxwell, 18 Dec 1856, Green Co., Mo. She died 14 Dec 1899, Crawford Co., AR.

Kathleen Smith O'Kelley
E Mail:
Snail mail: 9232 Old 81 Loop, Rudy, AR 72952
Phone (501) 632-3865

From Steve Smith

Can anyone identify the following Isaac VAN BIBBER of Ohio??


Born in Delaware. Served in the War of 1812. 1840 and 1850 Census in Athens County, Ohio and died there. Wife named Maria/Marie/Mary Children:

  1. Merritt Grant VAN BIBBER (Aug 22, 1820 in Ohio- ca 1880) md.
    1st Mary AXTRELL in Athens County, Ohio. Marred 2nd. Neoma WEESNER in 1879 in Tipton County, Indiana.

    James Madison VAN BIBBER; Maria Elizabeth VAN BIBBER md. George WOOKEY in Indiana; Taylor VAN BIBBER md. Sarah Catherine GOODNIGHT; Harriet VAN BIBBER md. 1st James WALTERS, 2nd. Samuel F. BROWN; Marcus VAN BIBBER md.1st Mary Melissa GRISHAW, md.2nd Eva ARBUCKLE; Mary Susan VAN BIBBER md.1st Harlan W. KEENE, md.2nd Lewis MORFORD; John F. VAN BIBBER, born in Indiana; William Dayton VAN BIBBER md.1st Charlotte HIATT, md.2nd Rosaltha BEAGRAVES; Emma VAN BIBBER, born in Indiana; Merrit Grant VAN BIBBER, Jr., Md. Susie _____, 1920 census in Columbiana County, Ohio; Neosho Valley VAN BIBBER md. Caddie Bell HAYWORTH; and Cary VAN BIBBER, born in Indiana.

  2. Loyal VAN BIBBER, (Sep 17, 1822 Ohio - May 4, 1869 Ohio ) md.
    Sarah Elizabeth ROBINSON 1845 in Athens County, Ohio. Both buried there in Athens County, Ohio.

    Robinson VAN BIBBER died at battle of Missionary Ridge in TN. for Union Army in 1863; Hamilton VAN BIBBER md. Rhoad (Kelly) METCALF; Albert VANBIBBER md. Phebe EAKINS; Oscar VAN BIBBER md. Margaret WILSON, living in Kansas in 1900; Susan VAN BIBBER md. Mordecia WEST; Maria L. VAN BIBBER md. John CLINE; Cook VAN BIBBER md. Margaret J. ALLEN

  3. Johnathan VAN BIBBER, Sr. ( 1826 Ohio - Nov 14, 1889 Ohio) md.
    1st Mary Ann ROBINSON in Ohio, md.2nd Mary Jane HOWELL, md. 3rd Jennie BROOKS in Athens County Ohio.

    Jesse VAN BIBBER md.1 Alice Amelia DUDLEY in Meigs Co., Ohio, md.2 Lovie HINKLE in Athens Co., Ohio, and died in Illinois; Mariah VAN BIBBER, born in Ohio; Jonathan VAN BIBBER, Jr., md. 1 Mary Ann CLAY, md.2 Ida Mae WELCH; Eliza J. VAN BIBBER, born in Ohio; Eunice VAN BIBBER md. Henry M. CHASE in Meigs County, Ohio; Ulysses VAN BIBBER md. Annie E. HANING, and living in MEIGS Co. in 1920;

  4. James K. VAN BIBBER, (1829 Ohio - before 1870) md.
    Amanda Malvina RARIDAN.

    William VAN BIBBER md. Nancy Jane BROWN; Emma Cordelia VAN BIBBER md. Jasper N. LONG; and Nancy Elizabeth VAN BIBBER md. William Harvey SAMS, lived in Kansas

Anyone with information or looking for further information contact:

Steve Smith
E Mail:
Snail mail: 218 Reagan Street, Cumberland Gap, TN 37724

Thank you

From Joanna B. Curtis

I need a marriage date and other children for Jesse Van Bibber (1769-1852) and Rachel Greenlee who were md. abt 1799, probably in Mason Co., WV. I have only two children: Isaac bn. 2 Apr 1800 and Elizabeth Greenlee bn. 29 May 1802.

Joanna Curtis
E Mail:

(Editor's note: John Jesse Van Bibber md. Rachel Greenlee on 9 July 1799, Washington Co., OH)

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