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Ebenezer Brewster married Margret Brewster.

Margret Brewster [Parents] married Ebenezer Brewster.

Joe Wise married Nickiti Brewster.

Nickiti Brewster [Parents] married Joe Wise.

Andy Brewster [Parents] was born 4 Mar 1870. He died 29 Jun 1960. Andy Brewster married Sis Ellen Barrett.

Sis Ellen Barrett married Andy Brewster.

They had the following children:

  M i Bobby Brewster died died young.
  M ii Willie Brewster died died young.
  F iii Audrey Brewster.
  F iv Maggie Brewster.
  M v Jasper Brewster was born 1886. He died 1919.
  F vi Kate Brewster was born 1891.
  F vii Pansy Brewster was born 1894.

Jim Atwell married Audrey Brewster.

Audrey Brewster [Parents] married Jim Atwell.

PRL Monk married Maggie Brewster.

Maggie Brewster [Parents] married PRL Monk.

Gus Shrader married Kate Brewster.

Kate Brewster [Parents] was born 1891. She married Gus Shrader.

Fayette Monk married Pansy Brewster.

Pansy Brewster [Parents] was born 1894. She married Fayette Monk.

William Mathias Brewster [Parents] was born 14 Aug 1874. He died 28 May 1958. William Mathias Brewster married Julia Ann Virginia Godbey on 20 Sep 1896.

Julia Ann Virginia Godbey married William Mathias Brewster on 20 Sep 1896.

They had the following children:

  M i Clarence Edwin Brewster was born 27 Jul 1897.
  F ii Sadie Brewster was born 6 Mar 1899 and died 12 Sep 1929.
  F iii Mary Roosevelt Brewster was born 8 Oct 1901.
  iv Dicie Brewster was born 31 Jan 1904. Dicie died 12 Oct 1908.
  M v Resin Orestus Brewster was born 24 May 1905.
  vi Alsa B Brewster was born 12 May 1907. Alsa died 2 Jan 1912.
  M vii Howard Taft Brewster was born 13 Mar 1909.

Clarence Edwin Brewster [Parents] was born 27 Jul 1897. He married Bess Porterfield on 17 May 1924.

Bess Porterfield married Clarence Edwin Brewster on 17 May 1924.

Taylor Bowman married Sadie Brewster on 17 May 1919.

Sadie Brewster [Parents] was born 6 Mar 1899. She died 12 Sep 1929. Sadie Brewster married Taylor Bowman on 17 May 1919.

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