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Family Group Sheet

Name John Woods756
Birth 1 Jul 1610, England757
Death 10 Jul 1678, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA
Burial 10 Jul 1678, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA
Occupation Pinmaker758
Baptism Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA
Father James Wood (1573-1628)
Mother Mrs James Wood (~1575-?)
Misc. Notes
Born in England; Mass. baptism seems doubtful

“JOHN WOODS, b. England abt. 1609-10, d. Marlborough, MA 10 Jul 1678, aged 68, m. MARY PARMENTER, b. England abt. 1610, d. Marlborough, MA 17 Aug 1690, aged 80.

John Woods, aged 26, "pin-maker", came to the Massachustts Bay Colony in the Hopewell from London to Boston in 1635. He first went to Salem but soon moved to Sudbury, where he settled in 1638 and where he was a proprietor in 1639. His home-lot was between those of John Bent and the widow Hunt and located on the mill road. He had grants of 3 acres in the first division, 7 acres in the second division, and 5 acres in the third division. Grants of land were laid out by order of the selectmen 4 Jan 1655. John Woods received lot 35 in the third squadron division. All of these lots were 130 acres each.

John was admitted freeman on 10 May 1642, and on 26 Nov 1643 he was on a committee of nine appointed to lay out the "cow common". In May 1656 he was one of the petitioners to the General Court for the laying out of a new town west of Sudbury. The petition was granted in 1660 and the town of Marlborough was formed. About 1661 John moved to Marlborough where on 26 Nov 1660 he had shared in the first division of land with a grant of thirty acres. He resided near the east village, on the road toward what later became Southborough.

In May 1661 he was called "Sargent". On 29 Sep 1663 John sold his land in Sudbury, and on 4 April 1664 he deposed that he was aged about 54. The same year he was one of the petitioners to the General Court to appoint a committee to settle difficulties within the settlement. He was a Selectman in 1664 and 1665. On 1 October 1675 Sergeant John Woods helped to decide upon the location of garrison houses, one of which was at his house and was manned by two soldiers and six citizens. This precaution was taken due to the Indian troubles at the time of King Phillip's War. In 1677, after two years in which no town meetings were held because of the Indians, Constable John Woods petitioned the General Court to call a town meeting.

His will, dated 26 November 1677 and proved 1 October 1678, names his wife Mary, sons John, Isaac, and James, daughter Katherine, son-in-law John Bellows, and grandchild Hannah Levins.[4/6:124] The inventory of his estate was taken 19 July 1678 and totaled 303.03.07. In it was mentioned his son-in-law Joseph .”762

(The above information from the Marlborough web site on Rootsweb was in turn taken from the following book: Historical Reminiscences of The Early Times in Marlborough, Massachusetts and Prominent Events from 1860 to 1910 By Ella A. Bigelow ?Published originally by The Times Publishing Company, Printers, Marlborough, Mass. in 1910)

Will dated Nov. 26, 1677, proved March 8, 1678 (disagrees with AF death date).84

Submitted and transcribed by Judith Rigopoulos:

(John Woods and Mary Parmenter were my immigrant ancestors.)

John Woods, b. 1 July 1610 Wooton, Bedford, England d. 10 July 1678 Marlborough, Middlesex, MA  m. 10 Oct. 1633 Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England to Mary Parmenter (John and Bridget Davies) b. 11 Oct. 1610 Little Yeldham, Essex,  England d. 17 Aug 1690 Marlborough, Middlesex, MA

The Will of John Woods: Probate file # 25456, Middlesex county, Massachusetts

I John Woods Junior of the towne of Marlborough being weak of body but intact of understanding and apprehending by my presence of the hand of God upon me that my time of continuous here cannot be long, I first commend my soul unto God in _____ ______ and to his _____ in him as my all sufficient savior and reverent _________.  I doe will and dispose of it which God hath given me. The following I doe will and give to my two sonns John and Isaac all my broke up lands and pasture that is from the highway with that on the other side of the highway being three quarters of an aker.  I say all that land broke and whole from that highway to the path that goeth over from Jonathan Johnsons to Richard Newtons by which path there is a rock with which it shall squared from the sidelines with all the housing and barns upon it.  I doe will that my sonn John shall have the easterly end of the house for his own, and that Isaac shall have the westerly end for his own, and that John shall help him build and end _____ to have a fourth of that part of which timber is preparedand the barn shall be shared between them.  I doe further will and give to my sonn Jeams all the remainder of my land both the whole and broke that is between the rock and Joseph Newton's fence which land he shall enter upon and possess out of his proxie own from this present date.  Further, I doe will and give to my sonn John six akers of upland that was part of my second division and is already in his possession.  Further, I doe will and give to my three sonns John and Jeams and Isaac therefrom akers of upland that is my third division. To each of them twenty akers, to john the first twenty beginning next his own, the other forty akers to be divided between Jeams and Isaac that each of them may have an equal part of that which is or may be meadow, and if it so fall out that there be any other divisions of lands or meadows in the town, I doe will that what is falleth to my share shall be divided up on half to John, and the other half between Jeams and Isaac, and for the division of my meadows I will and give to my sonns John and Isaac my part angle meadow that is meted by my hous and white meadow - and easterly meadow to be equally divided between them both, and to my sonn Jeams I give all my further part of the angle meadow except three akers which I repare to my self while God continues my lif, but after my death that shall go to him forever.

Also,I give to Jeams four akers in middle meadow.  I also give to John four akers in _____meadow - further I doe will that my town site shall be to that part that I give to Jeams and Isaac and shall be divided between them.  I also __________ viz John and Isaac shall be for the use and improvement of my beloved wife with the housing, lands, and meadows for her comfortable subsistence while she live, she enjoying which of them she will be with.  And further, at present I give to my sonn John a bay mare and to my daughter Catherine the colt that goeth with her.  And further as concerning my movable goods, all of them. both R____, wheat, swine, corn and all the household stuff, I doe will that it shall be disposed amongst all my children and be equally divided amongst them except ten pounds which shall be payd out of the whole to Hannah Leavins my grandchild, and further I give to my son John five yards of new carsy cloth, and to my son Jeams I give my gray carsy coat and one pair of new shoes, also one suit of clothes and a cloak that was my father parmenter's, i give to my sonn in law, John Bellows - and all the remainder of my clothes, I give to my sonn Isaac.  Further, I doe will that all my debts be well and truly payd, and what is remaining which is due to me, I doe will and bequeath to my beloved wife.

Finally, as a conclusion to this my last will and testament,I charge and appoint my beloved wife Mary Woods my executrix and my sonn John Woods with her executor, to see to the full and true performance of all things contained in this my will this 25th of November 1677.

                                  John Woods

This will and testament was owned and signed the day of this date in the presence of
William Bri______ [Brigham?]    William Ward Junior       Abraham Williams [his mark]

The inventory of the estate of John Woods Junior, Inhabitant of Marborough, and there deceased the 11th of July 1678 was taken the 19th of July 1678.  Total value was set at 303 pounds, 3 shillings, 7 pence.

Signed by William Ward Junior, John _____ Junior [his mark], Abraham William [his mark]

Accepted upon oath sworn by Mary Woods and John Woods, executors 1 August 1678 in court at Cambridge. 763
Marriage 10 Oct 1633, Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England610
Spouse Mary Parmenter609
Birth ca 1610, Little Yeldham, Essex, England610
Death 17 Aug 1690, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA610
Burial Middlesex, MA
Baptism Sudbury, England
Father Deacon John Parmenter (ca1588-1671)
Mother Bridget Uncertain (-1660)
1 F Mary Woods764
Birth 10 Jun 1634, Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Death 16 Sep 1707, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA
Spouse John Bellows
Marriage 9 May 1655, Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts765
2 F Dorcas Woods766
Birth 1636
Death ?
3 F Hannah (1) Woods767
Birth 10 May 1638, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Death 25 Oct 1666, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
4 F Hannah (2) Woods768
Birth abt 1640, Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA
Death BET 1667 AND 1668
5 M Deacon John Woods Sr.769
Birth 8 May 1641, Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA770,84
Birth Memo alt. 7/18/1647, History of the Town of Marlborough
Death 5 Apr 1716, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA214
Baptism Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA
Spouse Lydia Rice
Marriage 1669, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA
6 F Katherine Woods771
Birth 1643, Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA
Death ? , Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA
Death Memo died young
7 F Frances Wood772
Birth 10 May 1645, Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA
Death 14 May 1718, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA
8 M Francis Woods773
Birth 10 May 1645, <Bures St Mary, Suffolk, England>
Birth 10 May 1645, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA
Death ?
9 M James (Wood) Woods774,214
Birth 18 Jul 1647, Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA214
Death 7 Aug 1718, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA
10 F Katherine Wood775
Birth 1650, Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA
Death 26 Jan 1716, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA
11 M Isaac Woods776
Birth 14 Jul 1655, Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Death 11 Jan 1740, Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
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