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Vincent Taylor of Leeds Parish

Leeds Manor

Manor of Leeds 1759-1793

Leeds Parish lies north of an east-west line passing through the southern outskirts of present Warrenton just above Turkey Run Church. Leeds Parish lies within the boundaries of the Manor of Leeds, a feudal district, which was established in 1759 by Lord Thomas Fairfax the 6th (1693-1781), son of Thomas Fairfax 5th Lord of Cameron and Catharine Culpepper. The Manor of Leeds consisted of 152,000 acres lying in the counties of Frederick, Fauquier, and Culpeper. Lord Thomas Fairfax the 6th hired his nephew Thomas Bryan Martin to grant "leases for life" to the sons of his tenants. The lease expired with the death of their youngest child. Thomas Bryan Martin granted one hundred major leases from 1759-1775 and two hundred twenty-five additional leases from 1783 to 1793.

Three Taylor families were granted "leases for life" in the Manor of Leeds: 1771-Charles Taylor, wife Sarah and dau. Milly Taylor. 1787-George Taylor, wife Sarah, and son Nimrod Taylor, 1787. Samuel Taylor, wife Elizabeth, and son John.



The following Taylor families were identified while attempting to find information on Vincent Taylor, b. ca. 1750, who died at age 104, in 1854, in Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia.


Benjamin Taylor and Elizabeth Waters - Arrival in 1742

Fauquier County is populated by many descendents of Benjamin Taylor, (1708-1774), Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co., Virginia, and wife Elizabeth Waters. Benjamin was the son of John Taylor and Ann Vesey, and grandson of John Taylor and Alice Gascoigne. In 1742 Benjamin moved to an area three miles north of Warrenton near Bethel Church, in that part of Prince William County that became Fauquier County in 1759. Eight children were born to this couple between 1726 and 1735: Joseph, Richard, Winifred, Hannah, Elizabeth, Frances, Sarah, and Mary Ann.

A possible ninth child named Ann Taylor is found in Fauquier marriage records. Ann Taylor who married William McBee, 15 May 1793, which state Ann is the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Taylor.

Northern Neck Land Grants were issued to sons, Richard Taylor in 1765, and Joseph Taylor in 1771.

1) Joseph Taylor, married sp.1) Elizabeth Fishback sp. 2) Peggy Gascoyne. Two children by Elizabeth Fishback: Brunella/Brunette Taylor md. William Lunsford 25 Feb 1803; and Elizabeth Taylor md. James Bayse 20 Sept 1792. In 1762, Elizabeth Fishback received from her father Harman Fishback of Culpeper, a gift of 66 acres in Germantown, where she and her husband Joseph Taylor lived. In 1798 Joseph Taylor and Peggy Taylor sold 14 acres to John Young Taylor.

2) Richard Taylor married Judith Bataille. Judith had one daughter, named Mary Taylor from a previous marriage to Argyle Taylor (d. 1758), son of Lazarus Taylor and Mary Vesey. Richard and Judith had four children: Nancy, John Young, Elizabeth and Richard Taylor, Jr. Nancy Taylor md. Richard Bayse 4 Dec 1781 and moved to Indiana; John Young Taylor, md Catherine Taliaferro Buckner 22 Nov 1790; and Elizabeth Taylor md. Ambrose Walden.

3) Winifred Taylor, b. 1732, married Edmund Bayse. 4) Hannah Taylor married John Bayse. 5) Elizabeth Taylor md sp 1: James Morgan, sp 2: Henry Mauzy; 6) Frances Taylor md. James Bashaw; 7) Sarah Taylor, and 8) Mary Taylor married Joseph Hudnal Jr., 29 November 1759 and moved to Athens County, Ohio.


Lazarus Taylor and Hannah Bradford - Arrival in 1744/45

Lazarus 4 Taylor, b. 1718, Wicomico Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia. (Aaron 3 Taylor & Betty Wilde, Lazarus 2 Taylor & Mary Vesey, and John 1 Taylor & Alice Gascoigne). Lazarus settled in 1744/45 on Marrs Run on land adjoining the Manor of Leeds. It is believed this land was located in Hamilton Parish, Prince William County, which later (in 1759) became part of the newly formed county of Fauquier. Lazarus married Hannah Bradford, in about 1748/49. Hannah Bradford, b. 1725, was the daughter of John Bradford and widow Mary (Marr) Kingcart, both of Prince William. They had nine children: Argyle, Leanna, John, Thomas, Wilder, Susanna, Bradford, Jenny and Joseph. The Lazarus Taylor family left Fauquier County in 1764 removing to Happy Creek near Lehewtown (a.k.a. Front Royal) , Frederick County in 1764. Lazarus acquired a tract of land in 1770 that adjoined the Manor of Leeds.

Argyle Taylor, born 25 May 1750, married the widow Mrs. Mary (Tibbs) Ashby in 1767. Argyle owned land on the southern edge of the Manor of Leeds on Happy Creek. Argyle removed to Woodford County, Kentucky sometime after 1788.

John Taylor, born 1752, married Elizabeth Kavanaugh, September 1782 in Orange County. John inherited land from his Uncle Joseph Taylor, a tutor of the children of Robert Carter III, in the lower Northern Neck of Wicomico Parish in 1782. John, a Baptist minister, sold the inherited land and removed September 1783, to Fayette County, Kentucky. A year later in 1784, his brother Joseph and sister Jenny joined him in Kentucky. In May 1789 that portion of Fayette County where John resided became Woodford County.


William Taylor and Sarah Bradford - about 1748-1752

William 4 Taylor, b.~1730, Wicomico Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia. (Aaron 3 Taylor & Betty Wilde, Lazarus 2 Taylor & Mary Vesey, and John 1 Taylor & Alice Gascoigne). William, the brother of Lazarus above, married Hannah Bradford's sister Sarah Bradford, sometime between 1748 to 1752. Two children, both born in Prince William, are known: Parmenas, (1753-1827) and Leroy, (1758-1834). This family removed to that part of North Carolina which later became Tennessee. William died between 1760 and 1774. His widow secondly married in 1774, Hosea Rose, who moved the boys to Burke County, North Carolina. Both boys went by the last name "Rose" until they served in the Revolutionary War under their birth name "Taylor." Leroy Taylor married 1) Susan Sherrill 2) Mary Bradford and lived in Washington County, Tennessee. Leroy had 24 children, 12 by each wife. Parmenas Taylor married Betty White and lived in Jefferson County, Tennessee with 11 children.


Richard Taylor - 1756 - Lieutenant of Horse

Richard Taylor, was the head of a group of militia, organized for defense against Indians raids, consisting of forty mounted troopers including Fauquier men: John Fishback, Henry Kemper, Richard Byrne, Thomas Marshall, Peter Peirce, John Cornwell, William Peake and Robert Nevill.

Prince William in 1756 included that portion of Prince William that later became Fauquier County in 1759.

Below are the men, from Prince William, who were paid in "Tobacco" which was the medium of exchange at that time.

The Virginia House of Burgesses Journal, dated April 21, 1756: "Order, That the following Claims from the County of Prince William, ought to be paid by the Public, viz:

Prince William Militia Soldier Days of Service Lbs of Tobacco/day Total Payment in Tobacco
John Frogg, Major 23 40 lbs/day 920 lbs
William Baylis, Captain 80 30 lbs/day 2,400 lbs
Richard Taylor, Lieutenant of Horse 93 30 lbs/day 2,790 lbs
William Splane, Lieutenant of Horse. 93 30 lbs/day 2,790
William Farrow, Coronet 93 25 lbs/day 2,325
Samuel Porter, Corporal 93 22 lbs/day 2,325
Jacob Spilman, Corporal 93 22 lbs/day 2,325
William Whalley, Corporal 93 22 lbs/day 2,325
Lewis Renno, Corporal 93 22 lbs/day 2,325
William Buchanan, Corporal 66 22 lbs/day 1,452
Thomas Hoard, Corporal 66 22 lbs/day 1,452
George Kenner, Corporal 66 22 lbs/day 1,452
Henry Floyd, Serjeant 66 18 lbs/day 1,188
Foushee Tebbs, Captain 13 30 lbs/day 390
John Baylis, Captain 26 30 lbs/day 780
James Seaton, Lieutenant of Foot 26 25 lbs/day 650
Richard Hampton, Lieutenant of Foot. 22 25 lbs/day 550

To Fifteen Troopers, 93 Days, each, at 20 lbs. of Tobacco per Day, viz. Joseph Nevill, Richard Matthews, Benjamin Wilson, Stephen Morris, Thomas Marshall, Richard Marshall, John Lutrell, Thomas Doyle, Joshua Welch, Nathaniel Freeman, Standley Singleton, Samuel Balson, John Murray, William Fielder, and Andrew Cannaird, 1,860 lbs. of Tobacco each. Total = 27,900 Lbs. Tobacco.

To Twenty-one Troopers, 66 Days each at 20 lbs. of Tobacco per Day, viz. John M'Millon, Henry Kemper, John Fishback, Clement Norman, Joseph Martin, Richard Byrns, Peter Pierce, Michael Lynn, John Cornwell, John Dowell, William Key, Robert Nevill, Thomas Gardiner, Charles Smith, Isaac Gibson, Benjamin Edwards, John Coreham, Griffin Matthews, John Bland, Jr., William Peak, and William Berry, 1.320 lbs. of Tobacco each. Total = 27,720 Lbs. Tobacco.

To Gilbert Crupper, a Trooper, 9 Days Service at 20 lbs./day = 180 lbs of Tobacco payment.
To William Barr, Trooper. 8 Days Service at 20 lbs/day= 160 lbs of Tobacco payment.
To Nathaniel Overall, Trooper. 13 Days service at 20 lbs/day = 260 lbs of Tobacco payment.
To Samuel Grigsby, Trooper. 9 Days service at 20 lbs/day = 180 lbs of Tobacco payment.

To Fifteen Foot Soldiers, 93 Days each, at 15 lbs. of Tobacco per Day, viz. Nicholas Hill, John Bolling, Edward Oneal, Joseph Neal, John Carter, Thomas Shirley, Lewis Oden, John Green, Martin Suttle, David Parsons, George Rose, John Low, James Crockett, William Suttle, and William Bowling, 1,395 lbs. of Tobacco each. Total = 20,925 Lbs. Tobacco.

To Six Foot Soldiers, 66 Days each, at 15 lbs. of Tobacco per Day, viz. Isaac Settle, William Jennings, Valentine Barton, William Crouch, Moses Coppage, and John Rice, 990 lbs. of Tobacco each. Total = 5,940 Lbs. Tobacco.

To William Baylis, for paid John Edwards, per Receipt, 12 shillings.
To George Calvert, Jr., for an Express, 6 shillings 8d.

To the Clerk for certifying two allowed Claims- Paid 40 lbs of Tobacco.

Resolved, That the several Claims of: William Baylis, for paid Lewis Casselman, John Hite, and Enoch Pearson; also the Claims of John Baylis, for paid Owen Jenkins, Robert Pearis, Enoch Pearson, and James Lemen, and the Claim of Henry Lee, for paid said Lemen, ought not be paid by the Public, it not appearing for what the same were paid.


Frances Ashby, widow of Nimrod Ashby - 1764

The following Ashby's were found in the Journals of the House of Burgesses, Volume 10, pages 281 and 363. Though not linked to any Taylor family the Ashby's resided in north Fauquier County. Nimrod Ashby married Frances Wright 30 November 1759 in Fauquier County.

Journals of the House of Burgesses of Virginia-Petitions of Robert Ashby and Frances Ashby.

December 1, 1764: A Petition of Robert Ashby, setting forth that Nimrod Ashby his Son was in the Year 1763 stationed on the Frontiers, with the Command of a Detachment of Militia, that in the Month of April 1764 the said Nimrod received from the Treasurer a considerable Sum of Money, as well for his own Pay as the Pay due to his Men; that on his Return back to the Fort where his Men were stationed, in Order to pay them the Money which was respectively due them, and to discharge some Debts which he had been under a Necessity of contracting there, he was surprised by a Party of Indians, who murdered him, and took from him L74, which Sum has been since paid out of his Estate for the Purposes aforesaid; which, together with his ordinary Debts, hath reduced his whole Estate, and left two poor helpless Orphans destitute of Bread; and praying that this Honourable House will take the same into their Consideration, was presented to the House and read. (Volume 10, pg 281).

May 22, 1765: A Petition of Frances Ashby, setting forth that her deceased Husband Nimrod Ashby commanded a Company of Militia on the Frontiers in the Year 1763, and that he was under the Necessity to advance his own Credit to furnish the Militia with Clothes and other Things for the Service; that he employed certain Persons as Pilots or Runners, who with several others empowered him to draw their Pay which he did; and on his Return to the Frontiers was attacked by a Party of Indians, who murdered him and took from him all his Money, to the Amount of 66 or 67 Pounds, and praying the Relief of this House. (Volume 10, pg 346)

December 3, 1766: Resolved, that it is the Opinion of this Committee that the Petitions of Francis and Robert Ashby, to be reimbursed the Sum of 67 pounds, said to have been taken from Nimrod Ashby by a Party of Indians, by whom it was supposed he was killed, be rejected. (Volume 11, pg. 50)


Samuel Taylor and wife Elizabeth, md. ca. 1769-1771

Based on Fauquier Marriage records Samuel had the following daughters listed in the order they married: 1) Mildred Taylor md. Joseph McCoy 2-Feb-1789; 2) Sinah W. Taylor md. Hugh Howell 21 December 1795; 3) Elizabeth Taylor md. Milton Drummond 15 August 1801. Samuel Taylor was the bondsman for the marriage of Elizabeth Taylor and Joseph Grant 25 Oct 1796.

Samuel Taylor was granted a Lease in the Manor of Leeds for lives of him, wife Elizabeth, and son John in 1787.


Mandley Taylor and Susan Rust - 1773

Mandley 3 Taylor, b. 1736 (William 2Taylor, Jr. & E. Brown, William 1 Taylor, Sr & Mary Waters). Mandley Taylor and Susan Rust married in about 1773. They had the following children: Mandley (b. 1774), Sarah (b. 1784), Nancy (b. 1785), William Rust (b.1787) who married Alice Triplett, Phoebe (b. 1789), and Elizabeth (b.1793).

Son, Mandley Taylor, b. 1774, and wife, Catherine Williams had a daughter Catherine P. Taylor (1807-1842), who married George T. Wheatley, (1803-1877). Mr. Wheatley was previously married to Sarah Ann Taylor (1804-1835).

George T. Wheatley, and his two wives Sarah Ann Taylor and Catherine P. Taylor are all buried in the Cemetery at Belcoir, 5 miles S. E. of Remington on Route #751. The three headstone inscriptions read as follows:

Headstone 1: "In memory of Sarah Ann, wife of G. T. Wheatley, & daughter of _____ Taylor, born ____ 1804, died 23 ____ 1835."

Headstone 2: "Our dear mother Catherine P., wife of George T. Wheatley, daughter of Mandly & Catherine Taylor, Born Nov. 12, 1807, Died March 31st, 1842."

Headstone 3: "In memory of George T. Wheatley, born January 28, 1803, Died May 19, 1877."



Nimrod Taylor and Mary Lutz - 1777

Nimrod Taylor, b. 1756, Shenandoah Co., Virginia- d. 1834, married Mary Lutz, 4 December 1781. Nimrod and Mary had five children: James N. (b. 1778), Nancy (b.1780), William N. (b. 1784). Nimrod, Jr., (b. 1793), Lydia, (b. 1795), and Mary (b.1799). James N and Nancy appear to be from a previous marriage. James N. Taylor married Sarah Carter; Nancy Taylor md. Charles Burr Carter; William N. Taylor married Mary Horton; Nimrod Taylor, Jr., married Judith Stewart; Lydia Taylor married James Johnson, and Mary "Polly" Taylor married Henry P. Davidson. Nimrod Taylor, Sr. and family removed to Fort Blackmore, Scott County, Virginia. Nimrod was received at Stony Creek Baptist Church in Scott County, 23 May 1807.

In 1787 a George Taylor, was issued a Lease in Manor of Leeds for lives of him, wife Sarah, and son Nimrod Taylor.


William Taylor and Susanna Drummond- 1778

William Taylor married Susanna Drummond 5 September 1778, Bondsman Laban Shipp. William Taylor was appointed guardian of Sarah and Mary Drummond, orphans of Richard Drummond, deceased, on 27 September 1784. William and Susanna removed to Frederick County, Virginia where William died in 1818. They had five children: Mary, Elizabeth, George, James and Jefsy Taylor.


Drought of 1781

A severe drought in 1781 and overworked soil resulted in many Fauquier County families leaving Virginia and removing to the states of Kentucky and Ohio looking for fertile soil.


Vincent Taylor and wife - about 1783

Vincent Taylor, of Leeds Parish, Fauquier County, born about January 1750, Virginia and wife, born bet. 1765-1780. Vincent's wife is about 14-29 years younger than Vincent suggesting either a late first marriage or second marriage for Vincent. Based on the 1810 census his five children were born between 1784 and 1810. All of Vincent's children enumerated in the 1810 census except one male, aged 10-16, have grown up and left home by the 1820 census. There is one new female, under age 10, born between 1810 and 1820.

The 1830 Fauquier County census Vincent, age 79, and wife, age 50-60, have a young female, aged 20-30, and three boys under the age of five residing in their household. The 1840 census finds Vincent, whose occupation is in manufacturing and trade, and wife living alone in Leeds Parish.

Vincent Taylor, aged 99, is living in 1850 at the household of Armistead Taylor, b. 1824, a stone mason, and wife Elizabeth (Grant) Yates, 1825. Armistead and Elizabeth Yates were married 29 September 1846 in Fauquier County. Living with Armistead and Elizabeth is a boy named William Yates, b. 1840. Five children were present in the 1860 census: Amanda S., b. 1848, Mary C, b. 1850, Robert, b. 1852, Loudon, b. 1854, and Sallie, b. 1855. (Ref. 1860 Fauquier Co., VA Federal Census, Dwelling 514, Family 475). Armistead Taylor is the son of William Taylor, b~1798, Centreville, Fairfax County, Virginia.

Enoch Barber, superintendent of a poor house in Fauquier reported the death of Vincent Taylor, white, aged 104, on 21 October 1854. (Ref: Deaths-Virginia-Fauquier County. Death Records Indexing Project. The Library of Virginia. Detailed information obtained from lookup volunteer Pat Duncan-Fauquier Co., VA, UsGenWeb). Vincent Taylor died without a will in 1854 leaving no list of heirs.


Benjamin Taylor and Catherine Weaver - 1789.

Benjamin Taylor married Catherine Weaver 30 November 1789, Bondsman William Gough. Private in George Slaughter's Illinois Regiment. Disabled in fight with Indians in Kentucky in 1781. Ball in his arm rendered it almost useless. Legislative Petition 1789- for Pension warrant.


Rawleigh Alexander Taylor and Spouses: 1) Elizabeth Waddell - 1792
2) Hannah Crawford-1814

Rawleigh Alexander Taylor, b. 26 December 1763, married Elizabeth Waddell, 10 September 1792. bondsman Mathew Waddle.. They had ten children born between 1793 and 1810: Alpheus, Judith, Beaufort, Rolley, Zachary, George Waddell, Wilfred Asbury, William, John and James Taylor.

Rawleigh lived with Charles Taylor in Fauquier county from the age of 21 (1784) until he married in 1792. No relationship has been established between Rawleigh and Charles Taylor who died in 1794. A Lease in Manor of Leeds was issued to Charles Taylor for his life and those of wife Sarah and daughter Milly Taylor in 1771.

Other transactions involving Charles Taylor, Sr:

1. 1761 - Peter Taylor sells 50 acres to William Robertson, tract patented by Charles Taylor.
2. 1767 - Samuel and Eve Porter sell James Taylor and Charles Taylor 150 acres, 1767.
3. 1775 - Charles and Judith Taylor and James and Sarah Taylor sell 75 acres bought in 1767.
4. 1780 - Charles Taylor and James Taylor sell 75 acres to Daniel Flowerree, 1780.
5. 1783-David Robinson et al to take deposition of Charles Sr., aged wit, in suit against execs of John Rector

Rawleigh Taylor was the bondsman for the marriage of George Taylor to Mary Waddell, 13 November 1799. Mary was the daughter of Mathew Waddell, witness to marriage John Waddell. Mathew Waddle/Waddell was also the bondsman for the marriage of Rawleigh Taylor and Elizabeth Waddell suggesting a sister relationship between Mary Waddell and Elizabeth Waddell.

Alpheus Taylor, the eldest son, married Mrs. Elizabeth (Ault) Stull, in 1826, and removed to Coshocton County, Ohio. Alpheus and Elizabeth had eight children: George, William, Freelove, Julia, Mary, Amanda, Lucinda, and Peggy. Judith Taylor, b. ca. 1795, no further data. Beauford Taylor, b. ca. 1797, was an invalid and died unmarried. Rolley Taylor, b. ca. 1800, removed to Iowa.

Sons Zachary, George Waddell, Wilfred Asbury, and John removed to an area near Flemingsburg, Fleming Co, Kentucky in about 1830. Zachary Taylor, b. ca. 1801/02, d. 1844, married Phoebe Wallingford and had three children: Jennie, b. 1833; Mark b. 1835, and Samuel b. 1838. George Waddell Taylor, b. 1803, d. 1880, married Harriet Fleming in 1833 and had six children: William F., James Monroe, b. 1838; George H., b. 1840; Charles, b. 1843; Eliza, b. 1845; and Rolla A. b. 1848. Wilfred Asbury Taylor, b. 1804, d. 1874, Bethel, KY, married Eliza Duty and had eight children: Eliza Fenton, b. 1840; Elizabeth; Wilfred McKendrie, b. 1843; Alpheus, b. 1845; James Milton, b. 1848; Daniel D; William, and Jennie. John Taylor married Susanna Trotter and lived near his brother George Waddell Taylor.

William Taylor, b. 1806, d. 1892, removed to Rockingham County, Ohio where he married Mary Polly Hannah in 1830. They had nine children: Mary Caroline, b. 1831; George W., b. 1833; Wilfred Hancock, b. 1835; Margaret L., b. 1837; James Henry, b. 1839; Rachel E., b. 1841; Rolla E., b. 1844; Amandaville Jane, b. 1847; and William L., b. 1849. William secondly married Elizabeth Archibald Duncanson in 1867 and had two girls: Ida B., b. 1868, and Emma Polly, b. 1870.

The youngest son James Taylor, b. ca. 1808-10, was given to neighbors as an infant when his mother Elizabeth Waddell died and they took him to Kentucky.

Rawleigh Taylor married a second time to Hannah Crawford in about 1812 (no date, filed with 1812 bonds, Bondsman William Collins), in Virginia. They had the following children born between 1815 and 1825: Thomas, Elijah (died in infancy), Samuel, Taylor, Lucinda (died in infancy), Elizabeth, Nancy, Sarah Ann, and Henry (died age 22 of accidental gunshot wound).

In about 1831 Rawleigh removed his family to Pleasant Valley, near Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio.

Thomas Taylor, (1815-1901), Rush County, Indiana, married Miss Langstaff, they had no children. Thomas secondly married Emily Cassidy, and had nine children: Jane Amanda, b. 1851; Mary Belle, b. 1853; Martha, b. 1854; Frances Ann, b. 1856; Thomas Ashley, b. 1858; John Roll, b. 1860; Llewellyn, b. 1862; Delilah, b. 1863; and Hannah, b. 1865.

Samuel Taylor, (1819-1893), married Abigail Ross in 1842 and had eight children: Thomas W., b. 1846; Rachel J., b. 1848; James Henry, b. 1851, Nancy Maria, b. 1853; George Wilfred, b. 1856; John Roll, b. 1858, Samuel Lewis, b. 1860; and Charles Isham, b. 1864.

Elizabeth Taylor, (1821-1889), married George W. Cochrel and had ten children: Levi, Nancy, Eliza, Thomas, Elsie, Retta, William, Marcus, Emma, and Stewart. Nancy Taylor, (1824-1866), married William Clingman in 1847 and had ten children: Mary Elizabeth, b. 1848; Alice Maroa, b. 1850; Sarah Ann, b. 1852; William Henry, b. 1854; twins John Thomas and Samuel, b. 1857; James Monroe, b. 1859; Rolley Alexander, b. 1861; Hannah Crawford, b. 1865; and Clara, b. 1867.1844. Sarah Ann Taylor, (1825-1922), married Ephraim Allen in 1844.

Rawleigh Alexander Taylor died 2 January 1847, in Zanesville, Ohio. Son Thomas moved from Zanesville, Ohio to Rush County, Indiana in 1856. About two years later in 1858, widow Hannah Crawford Taylor, and all her living children and their spouses, except daughter Sarah Ann, moved to Rush County, Indiana. Sarah Ann and her spouse Ephraim Allen joined the rest and moved to Rush County, in 1865.


Judge John Young Taylor and wife Catherine Taliaferro Buckner - 1790

Judge John Young 5Taylor, (11 July 1765- 6 Oct 1845), married Catherine Taliaferro Buckner, on 22 November 1790, bondsman Francis Brooke. (Richard 4 Taylor & Judith Bataille, Benjamin 3 Taylor & Elizabeth Waters, and John 2 Taylor & Ann Vesey, John 1 Taylor & Alice Gascoigne).
John Young Taylor was appointed Deputy Sheriff in 1794 in Fauquier County.

Catherine Taliaferro Buckner, (1765-1820), was the daughter of Aylett Buckner. The will of Aylett Buckner, dated 25 May 1807, indicated that son-in-law John Young Taylor was assigned guardian of Aylett's son John Buckner.

WILL: Aylett Buckner Will Book 1, Page 28 Green County Court, Greensburg, Ky.

In the name of God, Amen, I, Aylett Buckner, of the county of Green and the state of Kentucky, being weak of body but of perfect mind and memory do make, constitute and order this my last will and Testament in manner and form following, revoking all others by me made, and do acknowledge this to be my last.

In premise, all the property which I have heretofore given to my children, viz., Thornton Buckner, Caty I. [T.] Taylor, wife of John Young Taylor, Louisa Buckner, wife of Horace Buckner, and Richard A. Buckner, I confirm to them and their heirs forever.

Item, I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Buckner the following property to her and her heirs forever, one negro woman named Molly, and her children, Lucinda, Mariah, Adaline, and Spencer, one bed and furniture, one cow and calf.

Item, I give to my son John Buckner the following property to him and his heirs forever; one negro man Abraham, one Do Jacob, Lucy, Phillis, Nancy, Matilda, and Aleseander, also the tract of land I now live on, and as part of the purchase money is still due,

I desire that the balance of a Bond still due me from James and Rice given to my son Richard A. Buckner be applied to the payment of the land. Also, one bed and furniture with all my stock of every kind, but the cow and calf before given, and all my household and kitchen furniture with my gun and pistols.

Item, I give to my son Richard A. Buckner all my right title and interest that I have to a tract of land lying in Fauquier County, Virginia, on the watery mountain adjoining the land I formerly owned, to him and his heirs forever.

Item, it is also my will and desire that all my just debts should be paid out of the property which I have given to my son John Buckner, _______ also by their presents

I convey to my son-in-law, John Y. Taylor, my right title and interest, which I had to a certain tract of Military land lying now in Hopkins County, but patented when Logan, which we purchased jointly of Presley Thornton of Essex County in the state of Virginia containing one thousand acres, and which was conveyed to us jointly by the aforesaid Presley Thornton, which I sold to the said John Y. Taylor and have received full payment of him for the same to him and his heirs forever.

Item, it is my desire that my son-in-law, John Y. Taylor shall act as guardian to my son John Buckner during his minority, and that he may not be compelled to give Security for his faithful performance of the trust reposed in him as I can rely on him without, and also further wish that no Appraisement and Inventory of my estate be made.

In Testimony where I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 25th day of May, 1807. Signed, sealed and acknowledged and delivered to be my last will and Testament in presence of Teste Anthony Thornton and: Chadowin Aylett Buckner Seal David Chadowin John R. Smith


Judge John Young Taylor and Catherine Taliaferro Buckner had a daughter named Judith Taylor, (01-October-1794 Fauquier Co., Virginia -26 October 1882 Louisville, Kentucky). Judith first married William Price White (1788-1822), on 29 July 1812 in Green County, Kentucky. Judith and William had three children: Daniel Price White, b. 1813; Catherine Aylett White, b. 1820; and Martha P. White, b. 1822. Kentucky. Judith secondly married John P. Gaines on 1 September 1828 in Green County, Kentucky.

Fauquier County land transactions of John Young Taylor.



Fauquier County Taylor families arranged in chronological birth order

In 1820 there were eight Tayler/Taylor households enumerated: Charles, Nimrod, Sally, and Vincent on page 090 and Charity, Gregory, Henry and William on page 091. There are at least three generations of Taylor enumerated between 1820 and 1850. All Taylors were Virginia natives except William P. Taylor who was born in New York. Residing in Leeds Parish were Vincent Taylor, Charles Taylor, William P. Taylor, Nathaniel Taylor, Herbert Taylor, Caroline G. Taylor, and Lucinda.


Fauquier Co. Taylors


Household Members

Vincent Taylor Jan. 1751-VA 1810 census-page 239: Vincent, >45, Wife, 26-45, 1 female, 16-26; 1 male 10-16; 2 males and 1 female, under age 10.

1820 census-page 090: Vincent and wife, age >45, wife. 1 male 10-16 and 1 female under age 10. Additional adult female living in household, age >45.

1830 census-page 449: Household of 6. Vincent, age 79, wife, age 50-60, 1 female, age 20-30, and 3 boys under age 5.

1840 census-page 229: Leeds Parish: Household of 2: Vincent, age 89, and wife, age 60-70.

1850 census-page 301-Turners District.: Wife deceased. Vincent, age 99-VA, living in household of Armistead Taylor.

Nimrod Taylor 1756-VA 1820 census-page 090: Nimrod, age 64, and wife Mary Lotz, age >45. Eleven children in household born between 1794-1820. 3 females & 1 male age 16-26; 3 females & 2 males, age 10-16; and one male and one female, under age 10. Nimrod moved to Fort Blackmore, Scott County, Virginia and was received at Stony Creek Church, May 23, 1807. Surviving children as of 1855: James, Sr., Polly Davison, Lydia Johnson, and Nimrod, Jr. (Rev. War Pension R10422)
Peggy Taylor 1760-1770 1830 census-page 448. Single, age 60-70. Eleven slaves.
Jane Taylor 1770-1780 1830-page 409: Jane 50-60; 2 males & 1 female, age 20-30; 2 females, age 15-20.
Henry Taylor b. < 1775 1820 census, page 091: Henry >45, 1 male, 10-16. (Indexed name: Tennis)
Sally Taylor b. <1775 1820 census, page 90. Sally, age > 45; 1 female 26-45; 1 male and 1 female under age 10.
William Taylor b. <1775 1820 census, page 091: William, age > 45: wife age 26-45, 1 female 16-26. Indexed in census as "Tayler"

1830 census, page 438: William, age 50-60. 1 female and 1 male, 20-30. Indexed in census as "Taylor"

Charles Taylor 1784-VA 1820 Census-page 090: Charles and wife 26-45, 1 female 16-26; 2 males and 2 females, under age 10.

1840 Census-page 229, Leeds Parish: Charles, 50-60, wife 40-50, 1 female 50-60; 1 female 10-15; and 2 males 5-10.

1850 Census-page 300-Turners District.: Charles, age 66, Wife Ann, age 57. Loretta 22, William F. 19, Thomas 15. All born in Virginia.

Charity Taylor 1775-1794 1820 census, page 091: Charity >45, second female also >45; 1 female 26-45; and 2 males & 1 female, age 10-16.
Gregory Tayler 1775-1794 1820 census, page 091: Gregory and wife 26-45. 1 male and 2 females under age 10.

2nd GENERATION-Fauquier County, Virginia

Fauquier Co. Taylors Born Household Members
Mary Ann Taylor 1790-1800 1830 census, page 423: Mary Ann 30-40; 1 male & 1 female, age 5 or <.
Woodford Taylor 1790-VA 1850 census, page 215, Ashby District. Woodford 60,wife Polly, 53. Jane 26, Thornton 18, Robert 15, William 13; and Samuel 10. All born in VA.
Pendleton Taylor 1792-VA 1850 census, page 245, Ashby District. Pendleton 58; Marshall 40; Elizabeth 25; William 9. All born in Virginia.
Agnes Taylor 1794-VA 1850 census, page 276, Turners District. Agnes 56-VA; Sarah J. Powell 10-VA-atttends school.
Peyton Taylor 1800-1810 1830 census, page 421. Peyton and wife both 20-30. 2nd adult male 20-30; 1 female 10-15.

1840 census, page 231, Hamilton Parish: Peyton and wife both 30-40; 1 female, age 15-20.

Simon Taylor, 1806-VA 1830 Census, page 482: Simon and wife 20-30.

1840 Census, page 254, Hamilton Parish: Simon and wife 30-40. 2 males 5-10; and 1 female & 1 male under age 5.

1850 Census, page 314 Turners District: Occupation: Physician. Simon 44; Wife Elvira M. 40; William G. 18; Henry L. 16; Fanny L 14; John S. 8; Julia W. 7; Robert 5; Zachary 2.All Born in Virginia.

William P. Taylor 1803-NY 1830 Census, page 449: Wm P., age 20-30-Single.

1840 Census, page 230, Leeds Parish: Wm P. census microfilm is not legible.

1850 Census, page 280, Turners District: Wm P. 47-NY; wife Fanny W. 36-VA; Rufus 14-VA.

Nathaniel Taylor   1840 Census, page 230, Leeds Parish. Census microfilm is not legible
Herbert Taylor 1812-VA 1840 Census, page 230, Leeds Parish: Harbert and wife 20-30; 1 male 5-10; and 1 male & 2 females under age 5.

1850 Census, page 215, Ashby District: Herbert, 38, Wife-Clov, 42. George T., 19; Jno W. 16; Mary A. 13; Catharine C., 11; Mary J., 9; Martha E., 8; and James W., 5. All born in Virginia.

Caroline G. Taylor 1800-1810 1840 Census, page 231, Leeds Parish: Caroline G. 30-40; 1 female 15-20; 2 males 10-15 and 1 female 5-10.
Lucinda Taylor 1800-1810 1840 Census, page 231, Leeds Parish. Lucinda, age 30-40. Census microfilm-barely legible.
Marshall Taylor 1810 1840 Census, page 253, Hamilton Parish. Marshall and wife 20-30. No children: Living with Pendleton in 1850 census.


3rd GENERATION-Fauquier County, Virginia

Fauquier Co. Taylors Born Household Members
Armistead Taylor 1824-VA 1850 Census, page 301, Turners District. Armistead, 26, Wife Elizabeth Yates 25; William Yates 11; Amanda S. 2; Mary C. 5/12 mos; and Vincent 99. All born in Virginia. Son of William Taylor, b. 1798 Centreville, Fairfax Co., VA.
George Taylor 1828-VA 1850 Census, page 199, Ashby District. George, 22, Shoemaker. In James Newman household.
Griffin Taylor 1834-MD 1850 Census, page 271, Turners District. Griffin 16. Living in household of Elizabeth Armistead, 52-NC. Student of Franck Stanley, 41, NC.


Taylor Marriages in Fauquier County, Virginia



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