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Enumerated immediately after Vincent Taylor, on page 289, of the 1830 census is Caleb Taylor, b~1770-1775, who is old enough to be Vincent's father. A review of the 1810 and 1820 census reveals that Caleb, living in St. Stephens Parish, had two boys born between 1794-1800, matching Vincent's birth date of 1798.

Caleb is deceased by the 1840 census and wife, Nancy Taylor, age 60-70, born between 1775-1780, is now the head of the household. In 1850 Ann "Nancy", age 70, b. ~1780, is found living in the household of Philip Taylor, b. 1815, and wife Martha P, b.1820.

"Nancy" is a pet form of the name 'Ann.' The Revolutionary War could have influenced Nancy's parents to name her after important events in the year 1775. The large brigantine "Nancy," loaded with ordnance supplies for the British Army in Boston, was captured 28 November, 1775, by the "Lee" schooner under the command of Captain John Manley, of Boston. The capture was hailed with rejoicings throughout the camp and poems and songs were created to commemorate this event. The ordnance supplies captured would have taken the colonists two years to manufacture.

King & Queen County records were destroyed during the Civil War making reconstruction of marriages and families difficult. Reconstruction of families can be based on wills, family bibles, church records, cemetery headstones, newspapers, military pension records, and land records. Proximity of family members in the same neighborhood-usually enumerated on the same page of the census-may indicate a family unit. Land patent data and land tract maps contain the names of surrounding neighbors and subsections of acreage given to the surviving wife as a dower until her death or remarriage at which time the land passed on to children named in a will.

For an examples of information found in land records see "Land Patents in St. Stephen's Parish, by Lt. Col. James W. Doyle, Jr., USAF, Ret., Virginia Tidewater Families, Volume 7, No. 2 and No. 3. Also: "Land Records 1719-1858, King and Queen County," Virginia Tidewater Families, Volume 4, No. 1 and No. 2.



Mattaponi Baptist Church, was first located 3/4 mile below the St. Stephen's Court House on land of Mr. Robert Pollard. Elder William Todd held the first service there October 10, 1801. The church belonged to the Dover Baptist Association. The congregation outgrew the house and the church moved to a deserted 'old Brick Church' which dated from the continental times and erected for the Church of England. It was located four miles northward and westward of the courthouse on land adjacent to Mr. Thomas Jeffries. The first roster dated 9 November 1828, consisted of sixty members. On December 9, 1843 the name of the 'old Brick Church' was changed to "Todd's Meeting House."

The book "History of Mattaponi Baptist Church, King and Queen County, Virginia," by William T. Hundley D.D., Appeals Press, Richmond, Virginia, 1928, provides a few more clues to Taylors who could be members of the same family unit of Caleb Taylor. Taylors mentioned in the minutes of the Mattaponi Baptist church include: Benjamin, Brooking, James, Elder James B., John, John R., Lewis, Mary, Mary Ann, Richard, and Mrs. Vincent Taylor.

  1. Francis Prince (1832) and wife Frances A. Prince members of Mattaponi Baptist church. (Pages Francis116, 121, 191, 249, 252; wife Frances - pages 170, 207, 509 & 514)."Frances Princes, a member of Bruington church, received as member February 19, 1843."
  2. Brooking Taylor (1832) member of Mattaponi Baptist Church. Transfer to the Exol Baptist church September 8th 1838. (Pages 110,111,113,116, 118, 121, 131, 137, 141, 174, 175, 191, & 202)
  3. Mrs. Taylor, wife of Vincent, (1832) member of Mattaponi Baptist church. (Pages 117, 122, 126, 195, & 200)
  4. Mrs. (Vincent) Taylor "who is about to remove to the west is dismissed from this church, and it is ordered that the clerk give her a letter of dismission recommending her to the communion of some sister church, September, 1835." (Page133)
  5. Mary Taylor married William Fitzhugh, sometime between July 17, 1842. (Page 196)
  6. James Taylor married Mary Ann Eubank. No date given. (Page 195)
  7. Elder James B. Taylor is mentioned in the minutes of April 8th 1848. (Page 265)
  8. Mary Ann Taylor died July 13, 1849 (Page 251)
  9. Benjamin T. Taylor (b. 1820-VA) married Ethaline Faulkner, who was received as a new member of the Mattaponi Baptist church on December 13, 1851. (Pages 298 & 316). ...Ethaline Taylor died November 16, 1868. (Pages 510 & 514).
  10. Lewis Taylor, "who is aiding in the work of erecting a Baptistry, and dressing rooms, accompanied John S. South, to a visit the City of Richmond, to examine the Baptistry lately erected in the 1st Baptist church there, and as far as practicable, we have adopted that plan on 13th day of August 1859." (Page 365)
  11. Richard Taylor transferred from Exol Baptist Church to Mattaponi Baptist church, 23 March 1873 (Page 483).




Exol Baptist Church was constituted in 1775 by John Waller and is the third oldest Baptist Church in King & Queen County. The church is located 7.6 miles east of the courthouse, via Cumnor near the junction of route CR617 and 600, at the head of the Dragon on a tributary called Exol Stream. In 1788 Exol Baptist Church was placed in the Dover Association. In 1843, the church was placed in the Rappahannock Association. The church closed its doors sometime in the 1930s. Exol's Minutes Books. 1832-1853 and 1875-1906 are deposited with the Virginia Baptist Historical Society located at the University of Richmond, Virginia.

Families making up Exol's membership were: The Carltons, Courtneys, Birds, Halls, Hundleys, Hoskins, Greenwoods, Olivers, Smiths, Muses, Todds, Warings, Purcells, Taylors, Washingtons, Moodys, Greshams, Allens, Streets, Lipscombs, Hoskings, Williams and Dews. (Sources: The Bulletin of the King & Queen County Historical Society of Virginia, Number 32, January 1972, Columns 5-8. Also "Exol Baptist Church," 1775, King and Queen County, Tidewater Virginia Families, Volume 4, No. 4, pp 227-230).


  1. Caleb Taylor-Member of church. Listed as deceased. No date given. From 1832-1853 Minutes Book
  2. Lewis Taylor-Listed on membership roll. Dismissed by letter in 1851. Received by letter 1854.
  3. Brooking Taylor-Listed on membership roll. No date given. Dismissed by letter 1851. Listed as deceased. No date given. Deacon.
  4. Mary Ann Taylor-Listed on the church roll. Dismissed by letter in 1851.
  5. Frances Taylor-Listed on the church roll. Note state she "moved out of the boundary."



  1. James Taylor, Jr.-Excluded from church, May 4, 1878. Minutes Book 1811-1900, page 182.
  2. William Taylor-Dismissed August 18, 1881. Minutes Book 1811-1900, page 226.
  3. Mary Ann Whayne-Listed as being dismissed. No Date Given. Minutes Book 1811-1900, page 250.



There are four Mary Taylors in King & Queen County: 1) Miss Mary Ann Taylor, or 2) Mrs. Mary Ann (Eubank) Taylor, 3) Mrs. Mary Ann (Wyatt) Taylor, wife of Lewis Taylor, and (4) Mrs. Mary (Taylor) Fitzhugh.

Mattaponi Church Minutes, dated August 7, 1847, indicate that both Mary Ann Taylor and Mary Fitzhugh are deceased. Mary Ann Taylor died July 13, 1849. No date of death is given for Mary Fitzhugh though it most likely occurred before the date of the membership roster. This roster is unique in the fact it was generated in order to ascertain the exact membership of active participants. It accounted for those that were deceased, married and left the church, or left the church without a letter of dismission. Those identified as non-active participants were dismissed.

(1) Miss Mary Ann Taylor, born 1800, never married, is enumerated in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 King & Queen census in the household of Francis Prince and wife Frances. Therefore she is not the Mary Ann Taylor who died in 1849.

Mary Ann Taylor lived with the Prince's for over thirty years. The census lists her occupation as a weaver and she does not appear to be domestic help. The assumption is made that Mary Ann and Frances Prince are sisters and therefore both Taylors. Frances (Taylor) Prince, born in 1811, matches the range of a female in the Caleb Taylor family born between 1800-10, enumerated in the Caleb Taylor household in 1810, 1820, and 1830 census. Sometime between 1830 and 1840 Caleb Taylor died and wife Nancy became the head of household. In the 1840 census Mary Ann appears to have moved in with Brooking Taylor, wife, and a young son aged five and under. The female, born 1800-1810, in the Nancy Taylor household is the wife of son, Lewis Taylor.

(2) Mrs. Mary Ann (Wayne) Taylor, wife of James Taylor, died between August 6, 1850 and 1851. The King & Queen county 1840 Federal census states that James is aged 30-40, born between 1800-1810, while his wife is aged 20-30, born between 1810-1820. There are two children. The first child, a female, age 5-10, born between 1830-1835, and a male, age five and under, born between 1835-1840. Based on the birth of the oldest child James Taylor married sometime between 1829-1834.

The August 6, 1850 census enumerated James Taylor and wife Mary Ann, both age 41, born 1809/10, matching the birth ranges of the James Taylor and wife in the the 1840 census. In addition the first child, a female, aged 5-10, in the 1840 census matches the age of Dicey Eubank, age 18, b. 1832, found living in the James Taylor household in 1850. The male, age five and under, born between 1835-1840 matches their son John Henry Taylor, b. 1837.

Is Dicey Eubank, age 18, b. 1832, a child born in a previous marriage for the wife Mary Ann Wayne? Are Mary Ann Eubank and Mary Ann Wayne one and the same person? There are two new children in the household in addition to John H. Taylor, b. 1837, they are Richard C. Taylor b. 1839 and Philip D. Taylor b. 1841. Also living in the 1850 household is a boarder, Laura Enza, age 28.

Shortly after the 1850 census wife Mary Ann Wayne died and James Taylor married Laura Enza in about 1851.

(3) Mrs. Mary Ann (Wyatt) Taylor, wife of Lewis Taylor, died between 1860-1865.

(4) Mrs. Mary (Taylor) Fitzhugh died sometime before the church membership roster dated August 7, 1847. Mary Taylor joined the Mattaponi Baptist church July 17, 1842. She married William Fitzhugh sometime between 1842 and the August 7, 1847 roster where it is indicated that she is deceased.


(1) Philip Taylor, b. ca. 1800-1810, Drysdale Parish, King and Queen County, Virginia. The earliest Philip Taylor is found living in Drysdale Parish in the 1830 Federal census. Both Philip and wife are aged 20-30, born between 1800-1810. Two children are in this household, a boy born 1815-1820, and a girl born 1825-1830. Philip is enumerated on the same page as Charles Taylor, who has a household of five: Charles, aged 40-50, born 1780-1790, wife, aged 50-60, born 1770-1780, two females, aged 15-20, born 1810-1815, and a male, aged 10-15, born 1815-1820. Also residing in Drysdale Parish is the household of Ruth Taylor, age 40-50. born 1780-1790, an elderly female, aged 70-80, born 1750-1760, and one female and one male, both aged 15-20, born 1810-1815.

There are no Philip Taylors in the 1840 King and Queen County, Census. Under the household of Nancy Taylor is a male, born between 1800-1810, who matches the above Philip in age. A "Philes" Taylor is enumerated in Caroline County on page 114 along with Brooking Taylor. Also in Caroline County is recorded the marriage of Phillip Taylor and Martha Jones on the 8th of January 1829, with Chris Taylor as bondsman. (Ref "Marriages of Caroline County, Virginia, 1777-1853, by Therese Fisher, page 213, Heritage Books, Inc.

(2) Philip Taylor, b. 1815, Drysdale Parish, King and Queen County, Virginia. Twenty years later in the1850 King and Queen County census, a Philip Taylor, age 35, b. 1815, appears with wife Martha P., age 30, b. 1820. They have six children: Nancy Taylor, age 70, is residing in this household in 1850. It is probable that Nancy is Philip's mother.

1. Robert Taylor, age 17, b. 1833
2. Peter O. Taylor, age 15, b. 1835
3. Henrietta P. Taylor, age 13,b. 1837
4. Mary or Ann E. Taylor, age 10, b. 1840
5. Christopher Taylor, b. 1842/3
6. Theodorick/Frederick M, age 6, b. 1845

7. Philip S. Taylor, age 8, b. 1852 (new in 1860 census)

In the June 26th 1860, Newton, King and Queen County Census, Philip Taylor, is age 53, b. 1807, and Martha P., age 54, b. 1806. The oldest boy Robert is no longer in the household and there is one new son named Philip S. Taylor. Nancy Taylor is not residing in the household and is presumed to be deceased.

The ages and birthdates of Philip and Martha P. in the 1850 census versus the 1860 census creates confusion. Three of the children's names match those given in the 1850 census i.e. Peter O. Taylor, Henrietta P. Taylor, and Christopher Taylor. Daughter Ann E. Taylor, b. 1840, was previously referred to as "Mary" in 1850, while Frederick M. Taylor was previously referred to as "Theodorick Taylor" in 1850.

The last born child Philip S. Taylor was born seven years after the prior child. A possibility could be that there are 2 wives both with the name of Martha which would account for the large variance of 14 years in birthdates between the 1850 census birth date of 1820 and birth date of 1806 in 1860.

(3) Philip Taylor, b. ca. 1805, Bowling Green, Caroline County, Virginia. Philip, age 65, b. ca. 1805, Farmer, and wife Martha, age 63, b. ca. 1807, both born in Virginia are enumerated in the 1870 census living in Bowling Green. Also residing in the household is Mary E. Taylor, age 25, born ca. 1845, Virginia. Enumerated immediately after Philip is Robert Taylor, age 35, b. ca. 1835, and wife Phebe, age 30, b. ca. 1840 and four children: Susan A. Taylor, age 12, Elouise Taylor, age 5, Belle P. Taylor, age 3, and Selvina M. Taylor, age 1.


Lewis Taylor, age 17, b~1807, married Nancy Durham, b. bet. 1800-1810, in ca. 1825, in King & Queen County. They had three children: a boy, name unknown, b. 1825, Elizabeth Ann, b. 1829, and Thomas Jefferson, b. late 1830. The 1828 Real Property tax listing for Lewis mentions his wife Nancy, by her maiden name, "Durham." Co-owner of the land is Lydia Shackleford. Earlier tax lists state Lydia's name as Lydia Durham, and are later replaced by the name Lydia Shackleford, suggesting a marriage. Inspection of the 1830 and 1840 King and Queen County reveals that Lydia was born between 1780-1790 indicating a mother/daughter relationship between Nancy Ann and Lydia.

Lewis, wife and two children, are enumerated in household of father, Caleb Taylor, in 1830 King & Queen County Federal census. Caleb Taylor died sometime before the 1840 census and wife Ann "Nancy" took over as the head of household in 1840. Lewis, wife and three children, are living in the household of widow, Nancy Taylor, in the 1840 census.

Nancy Durham, wife of Lewis Taylor, died sometime between 1840 and 1849. Lewis secondly, married before 1850, Mary Ann Wyatt, b. ca. 1806. The 1850 King & Queen County Federal census finds Lewis, a farmer, living in St. Stephen's with wife Mary Ann and two adult children Elizabeth Ann, age 21, and Thomas Jefferson Taylor, age 20. In 1850 Lewis is aged 43 at census time and in 1860, age 52 indicating a birth date of 1807, which is the same birth date year as Philip above.

Lewis, wife Mary Ann, and Brooking Taylor were all dismissed from the Exol Baptist Church in the Fall of 1851. Brooking Taylor died June 7, 1853 in Richmond, Virginia. In August of 1859 Lewis Taylor, a carpenter, aided in the work of erecting a Baptistery, and dressing rooms at Mattaponi Baptist Church, accompanied Jno. S. South, on a visit to the City of Richmond, to examine the Baptistery lately erected in the First Baptist Church there.

The widow of Brooking Taylor, Susan P. (Wyatt) Taylor, age 47, b. 1813, and her three children Joshua Taylor, age 17, Effy J. Taylor, age 15, and Alice Taylor, age 13, are living with Lewis and Mary Ann (Wyatt) Taylor in Stoneville in the 1860 King & Queen County census.

Lewis, a widow, thirdly married Martha Jane (Goode) Broach, 25 December 1866, in Essex County, Virginia and moved to Miller's Tavern in Essex County. Martha Goode, b~1830, was previously married to Robert Broach on the 24 November 1852 in Essex County and had four children: Charles Broach, b.1853/4, Georgeanna Broach, b.1855/56, James Broach, b.1858/59, and Robert Broach, b~1862. (Reference: 1870 Essex county Federal Census, page 218, house/dwelling number 1706). One child was born to this marriage: Mary Taylor, b ~ 1871, Essex County, Virginia.

The marriage certificate dated December 25, 1866, states Lewis Taylor, age 59, widowed, native and residence of King and Queen County, Virginia. Parents: Caleb Taylor and Ann Durham, occupation House Joining. Martha J. Broach, widowed, age 36, native and residence of Essex County, Virginia. Daughter of Edmund Good and Mary L. Shelton. The marriage ceremony was performed by I. Hosprey Hundley.
Record was filed March 1867 in Essex County, Virginia.

Lewis Taylor died sometime between 1871 and the 1880 census. Widow Martha Taylor is found living with her two sons Charles Broach, and Robert L. Broach, and daughter Mary Taylor, in the Essex County, Virginia census. Page number 219D.


Mattaponi Church records state that a James Taylor married Mary Ann Eubank in about the year 1842. Church records indicate that a Mary Taylor died by 1849, but it cannot be determined if this was a single or married woman. The King & Queen County 1850 Federal Census shows that James' children were born between 1830 and 1842. Is the James Taylor that married Mary Ann Whayne the same Taylor who married Mary Ann Eubank? The 1840 census enumerated a female born between 1830-1835, name unknown. A Dicey Eubank, age 18, b, 1832, is enumerated in the 1850 James Taylor household. Is it possible that this is an enumerator error and should be Dicey Eubank Taylor or was Dicey Eubank, the daughter of Mary Ann Eubank from a previous marriage? Mattaponi Baptist Records have two Dicey Eubanks. The elder Dicey joined the church in 1828 and died by January 1833. The second Dicey Eubank transferred from Exol Baptist Church in 1848, married Robert Lumpkin and was deceased by June 1851.



Head of Household
Adult Males
Adult Females
1810 King & Queen Co., Virginia
Brooking Taylor
Brooking Taylor
age 26-44
Ann Gayle
age 26-44
1. F-age 10-15, 1795-1800
2. M-age <10, 1800-1810
3. M-age <10, 1800-1810
Notes: This Brooking Taylor, b. 1784, married Ann Gayle, 18 March 1806. They moved to Bridgeport, Franklin County, Kentucky
in 1811. Had 13 children. Brooking Taylor died in Franklin County, Kentucky 15 March 1841. (Ref. Forks of the Elkhorn Church)
1830 Essex Co, Virginia. Pg 151
1-1-0-0-0-1-0 males
1-0-0-0-2-0-0 females
Brooking Taylor Brooking Taylor
age 30-40
Lucy A. Ingram
1. age 20-30
b. 1800-1810
unidentified female
2. age 20-30
b. 1800-1810
1. age 5-10, 1820-1825
Temple H. Taylor
2. age 5-10, 1820-1825
Maria Taylor
3. age <5. b. 1825-1830
Robert Taylor
Notes: Essex County: 24 December 1823 - Brooking Taylor married Lucy A. Ingram. Bondsman James Ingram.
1840 Caroline Co., Page 114 Brooking Taylor

Brooking Taylor
age 40-50

Lucy A. Ingram
age 30-40
1840 -1850

1. Temple H. Taylor, b. 1824
2. Maria Taylor, b. ca 1827
3. Robert Taylor, b. ca. 1829
4. Mary Taylor, b. ca 1831
5. Edward Taylor, b. ca. 1833
6. Lucy Taylor, b. ca. 1835
7. Theodrick Taylor, b. bet 1836-1840
8. male Taylor, b. bet 1836-1840
9. female Taylor, b. bet. 1836-1840
1840 King & Queen Co., Pg 103 Brooking Taylor Brooking Taylor
age 20-30,
Susan P. Wyatt-wife
1. age, 20-30, 1810-1820
Mary Taylor - sister of

2. age, 30-40, 1800-1810

1. Male Taylor, age < 5 1835-1840
Notes: Brooking Taylor, b. 1814, son of Caleb Taylor and Nancy Ann Durham. Married Susan P. Wyatt.
1850 Caroline Co., Page 28 Brooking Taylor Brooking Taylor
age 46, b. ca. 1804
No wife 1. Maria Taylor, 23, b. ca. 1827
2. Robert Taylor, 21,
3. Mary Taylor,19,
4. Edward Taylor, 17, 1833
5. Lucy Taylor, 15, b. ca. 1835
Notes: Brooking Taylor's age is off by 14 years. No explanation.
1850 King & Queen Co., Pg 203 Brooking Taylor Brooking Taylor
age 36, b. 1814
Susan P. Wyatt
age 40, b. 1810
1. Joshua Taylor, age 8, 1843
2. Effie J. Taylor, age 4, 1845
3. Alice Taylor, age 3, b. 1847
Notes: Brooking Taylor, b. 1814, Deacon, Mattaponi Baptist Church, died June 7, 1853, in the city of Richmond, Virginia.
Daughter Alice Taylor, age 3, b. 1847, is only enumerated in the 1860 census. Missing in 1850 census.
1860 Caroline County, VA
census not researched
(1) Son of Brooking Taylor named Temple H. Taylor married Rebecca Pennella Schools about 1856, King & Queen County, Virginia.
Brooking Taylor, died in March of 1862, at the age of 72, (b. 1790) the result of a gunshot wound. His parents are listed as
Information on the death certificate was provided by Temple H. Taylor.
1870 Caroline County, VA. Pg 253
Bowling Green
Theodrick Taylor Theodrick Taylor
age 48, 1822
Sally Taylor
age 43, 1827
1. Muscoe Taylor, age 19, 1851
2. Barbara E. Taylor, 16, 1853
3. Louisa Taylor, 13, 1856
4. Sarah F. Taylor, 10, 1859
5. Jesse B. Taylor, 8, 1862
6. Mary F. Taylor, 6, 1864
7. John W. Taylor, 5, 1867
Note: Deed, 17th April 1861, Caroline County, Virginia. Brooking Taylor deeded land to Theodrick Taylor and Temple Taylor. This land lies
in Caroline County, on the border between King and Queen near Essex, and is known as "WILLOWS" on Sparta Road near the Tignor Store.
1870 King & Queen, VA. Pg 430
Temple H. Taylor Temple Taylor
age 46, 1824
Rebecca Schools
age 32, 1838
1. Andrew J. Taylor, 13, 1857
2. Edward Taylor, 11, 1859
3. Willia A. Taylor, 9, 1861(female)
4. Lucy Taylor, 6, 1864
5. Virginia Lee Taylor, 5, 1865
6. Mary C. Taylor, 4, 1866
7. Laura B. Taylor, 1, 1869
1880 King & Queen, VA, Pg. 438B Temple H. Taylor Temple H. Taylor
age 54, 1826
Rebecca Schools
age 41, 1839
1. Virginia L. Taylor, 15, 1865
2. May C. Taylor, 14, 1866
3. Laura B. Taylor, 11, 1869
4. Lelia H. Taylor, 7. 1873
5. Marion W. Taylor, 5, 1875
6. Carrie G. Taylor, 1, 1879

Essex County, Virginia

The first Brooking Taylor is enumerated in the 1830 Essex County, Virginia census. He is aged 30-40, and born between 1790-1800. There are two women in the household, aged 20-30, born between 1800-1810; one boy, age 5-10, born between 1820-25, and one girl and one boy, aged 5 and under, born between 1825-1830.

The marriage of Brooking (Booker) Taylor and Lucy A. Ingram, 24 December 1823, in Essex County, with James Ingram, as bondsman, suggests that one of the women, aged 20-30, in the 1830 household is Lucy Ingram.

Brooking Taylor, b. bet 1790-1800, was the bondsman for the marriage of Mourtin Elliott and Phebe Taylor, 12 January 1805 in Essex County, Virginia. The age requirement for a bondsman is unknown-perhaps 18 or as young as 16 years old? Assuming an age range of 16-21 would require the bondsman to be born between 1784-to-1789. In a book on contested election returns Caroline County, 1844, page 68 it states: "William Elliott says he voted on an interest in his mother's land a lifetime est. of 100 acres. The 25 acres he lives on was purchased by his mother from her brother Brooking Taylor. Mother got 75 acres from her father Muse Taylor. Her name is Phoebe Elliott and she has 3 children besides despondent." (Per posting by Alecia Tipton). Thus this Brooking Taylor, b. between 1790-1800, and Phoebe (Taylor) Elliott are children of Muse Taylor.

Caroline County, Virginia

Brooking Taylor moved from Essex County sometime between 1830 and 1840. He is living in Caroline County, Virginia for the 1840 census, living with wife Lucy, and nine children-5 boys and 4 girls. To date 4 boys and 3 girls are identified using the 1850 Caroline County census and a land sale in 1861. Four boys: Theodrick, Temple, Robert, and Edward. Three girls: Maria, Mary, and Lucy.

The 1850 Caroline County Federal Census taken 1st November finds Brooking Taylor, age 46, born ca. 1804, (note age is off by 14 years), widowed, with five children living at home: Maria Taylor, b.~1827, Robert Taylor, b.~1829, Mary Taylor, b.~1831, Edward Taylor, b.~1833, and Lucy Taylor, b.~1835.

Theodrick Taylor, (1822-1874), farmer, resided in Bowling Green, Caroline County with wife Sally Taylor (a cousin), (b. 1827-d. > 1874), and seven children in 1870. Theodrick Taylor and cousin Sally Taylor married 23 April 1849. Children: Muscoe L. Taylor, (b. 15 Jan.1851-4 Feb 1929), Barbara E. Taylor, b. 27 Nov. 1853, Louisa Ann Taylor, b. 28 July 1856, Sarah F. Taylor, b. 1859, Jesse B. Taylor, female, b. 1862, Mary F. Taylor, b. ca. 1864, and John W. Taylor, (6 March 1867-d. 6 Aug 1952). (Reference: 1870, Bowling Green, Caroline County, Virginia, Federal Census, page 253).

Son, Muscoe L. Taylor, was a sheriff for Caroline County. Muscoe and many of his family are buried at
Lakewood Cemetery, in Bowling Green.

Son, John William "Billy" Taylor married Florence "Betty" Rouse. Billy inherited 100 acres from his
father Theodrick Taylor. The land lies in Caroline County, on the border between King and Queen near
Essex, and is known as "WILLOWS" on Sparta Road near the Tignor Store. This land previously was
deeded to Theodrick Taylor and his brother Temple Taylor from Brooking Taylor on the 17th
of April 1861 in Caroline County.
. The land is still in possession of present day family members.
John William "Billy" Taylor is buried at Bethel Baptist in Hustle, Virginia.

Brooking Taylor, died in March of 1862, at the age of 72, (b. 1790) the result of a gunshot wound. His parents are listed
as WILLIAM and REBECCA TAYLOR. Information on the death certificate was provided by Temple H. Taylor.


For more on the Caroline County Taylors see Norman Taylor's web site "Taylor & Barry Genealogy"


Temple H. Taylor, b. ca. 1825/6, married Rebecca in about 1856, and resided in Newton, King & Queen County, Virginia. In the 1870 census are listed seven children: Andrew J. Taylor, b~1857, Edward M. Taylor, b.~1859, Willia Taylor, b~1861, Lucy Taylor, b. 1864, Virginia L. Taylor, b~1865, Mary C. Taylor, b.~1866, and Laura B. Taylor . b~1869. (Reference: 1870 King & Queen County Federal Census, page 430, household #257, and dwelling number 266.) Temple is previously found living in Caroline County in the 1850 census with a wife named Mary.

Daughter, Laura Belle Taylor, born 22 August 1868, married on the 25th of December 1895,
Frederick Samuel Verlander
(31 July 1859-21 Feb 1933). They had five children:

1. Robert Harris "Harry" Verlander (9 April 1896-19 Jan 1960);
2. George Samuel Verlander, (27 Aug 1898-29 Mar 1989);
3. Leon Clyde Verlander (28 Dec 1902-5 May 1933);
4. Rebecca Alice Verlander (29 Dec 1907 - 21 February 1998)
5. Laura Fedora Verlander
. (18 May 1912-Nov 1994)

(1) Pam Verlander, August 4, 2003 email,;
(2) "Jeff Clark's Extended Family and Related Lines" RootsWeb gedcom, by Jeff Clark,;
(3) Ancestral File of Shirley Garrett Schwartz, 540 Bringhurst Drive, Providence, Utah.


King & Queen County, Virginia

Two Brooking Taylors lived in King & Queen County, Brooking Taylor, b. 1784 and Brooking Taylor, b. ca. 1814.

Brooking Taylor, b. 15 June 1784, is enumerated in the 1810 King & Queen County, Virginia census with wife Ann Gayle and three children- two boys and a girl all born between 1800-1810. Brooking and Ann married 18 March 1806. Brooking and wife Ann Gayle settled on South Benson near Bridgeport, Franklin County in 1811. A Deed was recorded in King and Queen county, 13 February 1826, between Edmund Lynne, King and Queen County, and Brooking Taylor and wife Ann Gayle of Kentucky , to Reuben M. Garnett, land in King and Queen County. They had thirteen children: Sally, Louise, James M., Henry Lee, William G., Elizabeth, Polly, George M., Thomas, Phoebe, John G., Brooking (b. 1823), and Ann. Brooking Taylor died in Franklin County, Kentucky 15 March 1841.

The last Virginian, Brooking Taylor, b. 1814, appears in the 1840 and 1850 census for King & Queen County and matches the range of a male in the Caleb Taylor family born between 1810-1820. Brooking Taylor married Susan P. Wyatt about 1834. They had four children: a male, born between 1835-1840, name unknown, Joshua, b. 1843, Effy J., b. 1845, and Alice, b. 1847. The obituary for Brooking (Brooken) Taylor published in the Religious Herald, June 13, 1853 states that Brooking died June 7, 1853 after a protracted sickness of some months, in the 40th year of his age. Brooking was a native of King and Queen where he joined the Exol Baptist Church in 1831 at the age of 17. For ten years, from 1841-1851 he was a Deacon at Exol. In the Fall of 1851 he was granted a letter of dismission from Exol. Brooking removed to Richmond, Virginia and joined the Second Baptist Church.

Caleb Taylor was a member of Exol Baptist church as were Lewis Taylor and his wife Mary Ann Wyatt. Both Lewis and Mary Ann were dismissed from Exol Baptist church at the same time as Brooking in the fall of 1851. After the death of Brooking, widow Susan P. Wyatt and her three children are found living in the household of Lewis Taylor and Mary Ann Wyatt in Stoneville in 1860. Both Brooking and Lewis are carpenters-perhaps their dismissal in 1851 was related to employment in the City of Richmond.

Henderson County, Kentucky

Brooken T. Taylor, (1823-1899) was born and raised in Henderson County, Kentucky, was a Baptist minister. Brooken attended Georgetown College and upon completion of his studies in 1854, moved to Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky. For fourteen years he worked in Kentucky completing assignments in New Castle, Henry County, Owensboro (Bath Co.?), and Henderson, Henderson County. In 1868 Brooken moved to Columbia, Boone Co., Missouri and resided there until his death in 1899. Brooken was buried at Smithland, Livingston, Co., Kentucky. ( "A History of the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association in Kentucky, 1844-1943" by Wendell H. Rone. Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, KY, ca. 1944, pp. 351-352)



In 1850, Benjamin Temple Taylor, b. 25 August 1820-VA, is a Deputy Clerk, residing in the St. Stephen's hotel managed by hotel keeper, William B. Baily, age 60. Also living at the hotel is Thomas W. Taylor, a Lawyer, b. 1825- VA. Twenty years later in 1870 Benjamin Temple Taylor is the Deputy Sheriff.

Ethaline Faulkner, b~1823/24 joined the Mattaponi Baptist Church 23 December 1851. Previously, on 1 September 1850, a Mr. H. D. Faulkner joined the church and died on 25 February 1851.

Benjamin T. Taylor. age 34, married Ethaline Faulkner, age 30, on 30 March 1854. Benjamin and Ethaline established a home in Stevensville and had three children: John R. Taylor, b.1855, Lilly T. Taylor., b.1857, and Fannie E. Taylor, b. 1860. Mattaponi Baptist Minutes state that Ethaline (Faulkner) Taylor died 16 November 16, 1868, age 45 years old.

Living with Benjamin and Ethaline both in 1860 and 1870 is Thomas W. Tyler (Taylor), Lawyer, born 1822/25, and Lewis A. Tyler (Taylor), born 1840/42, Lawyer. Living with Benjamin in 1870 is his sister Mary Hill Taylor, age 54, b. 1815, and , Evelina Taylor, age 28, b.~1842.

Benjamin Temple Taylor was the fifth born child of Richard Squire Taylor (23 Oct. 1790- 8 Sept. 1835) and Eleanor Gwathmey (27 Jan. 1791- 10 Mar. 1858). Richard S. and Eleanor were married 23 December 1812. They had twelve children:

1. Robert Taylor, 18 Nov 1813-22 Feb 1873

Spouse1: Barbara O. Thilman (Tilghman) , d. 1 May 1857, Married 4 February 1841.

1-1. Eugenia Taylor, b. 1 Sept 1842. Sp: Alfred E. Slaughter. Married 10 Nov 1867.
1-2. Eleanor Taylor, b. 30 Aug 1844. Sp: Conway Newman. Md 13 January 1869.
1-3. Catherine (Kate) Randolph Taylor, b. 19 March 1847. Sp: Reuben M. Newman. Md. 25 Oct. 1871, Orange Co., VA.
1-4. Bettie T. Taylor, b. 23 September 1852. Sp: B. Randolph Robertson. Md. 18 Dec 1873.
1-5. Mary Overton Taylor, b. 28 April 1855. d. Feb. 1891. . Sp: Strother M. Newman. Married 12 March 1884.
1-6. Walter Howard Taylor, b. 26 Feb. 1857, d. 5 April 1885. Died at age 28.

Spouse 2: Sallie T. Moore. Married 20 November 1860.


1-7. Marshall Taylor. Died 8 June 1882, Texas.

2. Mary Hill Taylor, b. 16 May 1815. Not married as of 1880 census.
3. Frances Ellen Taylor, b. 22 April 1817
4. Charles Taylor, 16 October 1818-28 November 1825. Died age 7 years old.
5. Benjamin Temple Taylor, b. 25 or 28 August 1820. Sp: Ethaline Faulkner. Md. 30 March 1854.
6. Joseph Taylor, b. 8 April 1822
7. Ann Maria Taylor, 1 February 1824. Sp: James Dickenson. Married 31 October 1867.
8. Elizabeth Temple Taylor, 9 December 1825-October 1826. Died age 10 months.
9. Richard Squire Taylor, Jr., 4 March 1827-5 September 1873.
10. John William Taylor, b. 8 Feb.1829. Sp: Willie D. (Williana Daingerfield) Pollard, b~1838-d.25 Aug 1887. Married 9 Oct 1850.

10-1. Susan Eleanor Taylor, b. 21 Sept 1851.
10-2. Walter Taylor, 1854-1855
10-3. Lucy Taylor, b. 12 Sept 1856
10-4. Hubbard Taylor, b. 7 Oct 1858.

11. Willamina Taylor, b. 8 September 1830-7 September 1838. Died one day short of 8th birthday.
12. Evelyn Taylor, b. 4 February 1835.

(Source: , 8 September 1830-7 September 1838; and 12) Library of Virginia Digital Collection: Bible Record Image, Accession 30919, "Taylor family Bible record 1790-1920, 4 pages).

Lineage of Benjamin Temple Taylor 6 (Daniel 1 immigrant of England; Daniel Jr.2 & Alice Littlepage ; Richard Squire 3 & Ann Meade Meaux; Richard Squire, Jr. 4, & Elizabeth Temple, Richard Squire5 & Eleanor Gwathmey)

No relationship between Benjamin T. Taylor and the other Taylors living in Stevensville has been established. The Taylors discussed above: Mary Ann, Philip, Lewis, James, Frances, and Brooking were employed in 'trade' occupations of weaver, carpenters and farmers, many of them cannot read or write, and own either small farms or no land at all. Benjamin, a Deputy Sheriff, is educated, and owns real estate valued at $1800 in 1870, which is at least two to three times the value of land owned by other Taylors in Stevensville.

The oldest Taylor living in Stevensville in 1870 is Mary Ann Taylor, age 70, b. 1800-VA, daughter of Caleb Taylor. Mary Ann is living with her sister Francis Prince, age 59, widowed. Two children of James Taylor discussed above also live in Stevensville: Richard C. Taylor, age 29, born to James's first wife Mary Ann. Martha E. Taylor, age 14, born to James' second wife Laura Enza is living with Richard C. Taylor and wife Amanda (Didlake) Rowe. Also living in Stevensville is Thomas Jefferson Taylor, age 40, son of Lewis Taylor and Susan Taylor, age 50, widow of Brooking Taylor (1814-1854), her daughter Alice Taylor, age 20,. Susan's second daughter named Effy Jane Taylor, age 23, resides in Buena Vista, King and Queen County, with her husband Thomas H. Walton, age 24.

Other Taylors living in Stevensville in 1870 include, William H. Taylor, age 54, b. ca. 1816; James W. Taylor, age 46, b. ca. 1824; and George H. Taylor, age 37, b. ca. 1833. All list their birthplace as Virginia.



Below is a reconstruction of a possible Caleb Taylor family unit.
 The assumptions:
(1) Family members lived in the same neighborhood and attended the Baptist churches named Mattaponi and Exol Baptist Church
(2) Family members found living with either their sister, brother, or mother, in the course of fifty years as reflected in the Federal Census.
(3) Ages matching the ages of children enumerated in the 1810 and 1820 household of Caleb Taylor.
(4) Richard "C" son of James Taylor and William "C" son of Frances Taylor Prince have the middle initial "C" possibly for Caleb, Charles, Christopher, or Columbus.


Caleb Taylor (b. bet 1765-1770; d. bet. 1830-40)
Wife: Ann "Nancy" Durham (b. bet. 1770-1775; d. bet 1850-60)


1. Male Taylor (1794-1800). 1810 census only
2. (Fountain E.) Vincent Taylor, b. 1798. Farmer
3. Mary Ann Taylor, b. 1800. Weaver. Never married.
4. Female (1800-1810). In 1810 census only. Unknown
5. Philip Taylor, b. 1807. Trader/Farmer
6. Lewis Taylor, b. 1807. Farmer/Carpenter
7. James Taylor
, b. 1810. Carpenter.
8. Frances A. Taylor
, b. 1811. Housewife.
9. Brooking Taylor, {Deacon} b. 1814, Carpenter.


Common male names are William, John, Henry, Eli, and Richard and Philip, while common female names are Mary, Frances, Nancy, and Elizabeth, and Mary Frances.

1. Male Taylor (1794-1800). 1810 census only

2. (Fountain E.) Vincent Taylor, b. 1798-d. before 6 May 1865; Farmer. Married Sarah "Sallie" Durham b. bet. 1790-1800; d. bet. 1835-1839. Married about 1817. Moved to Missouri about September 1835. See chapter on Vincent for full details of his children.

2-a. Flory Fountain Taylor, b.1818. Sp: Delilah McCann.
Children: John Lawrence, Louisa Frances, Mary, Sarah, Laura, Josephine, and Helena Armilla.
2-b. Kitturah Taylor, b.1820. Sp: William Brisco. Children: Elizabeth, John Henry, Mary Frances, William Campbell, Permelia Jane, Nancy Margaret, Winnie Ann.
2-c. Miranda Taylor, b.1827. Sp: Nathaniel Morris. Children: John, William Eleazor, Mary E., Charles, Martha, Louella, Eli A.
2-d. Eli Patterson Taylor, b.1829. Sp: Elizabeth Perrin. No children.
2-e. Elizabeth Ann Taylor, b.1830. d.<1840
2-f. Stephen Bernard Taylor, b.1832. Sp: Martha Harmon.
Children: Mary Frances, Nathaniel O., Nancy B., James V., Ella P., Robert Lee, Eli P., Sarah A., Henry E., Porter, and Laura..


3. Mary Ann Taylor, b. 1800. Weaver. Never married. . Living with parents 1810, 1820, 1830. Living with brother Brooking Taylor in 1840 census. Living with sister Frances Prince in 1850, 1860, and 1870 census.

4. Female (1800-1810). In 1810 census only. Unknown

5. Philip Taylor, b. 1807. Trader/Farmer. Married Martha P., b. 1806. Married about 1832.

5-a. Robert Taylor, b. 1833
5-b. Peter O. Taylor, b. 1835
5-c. Henrietta P. Taylor, b. 1837
5-d. Ann E. Taylor, b. 1840
5-e. Christopher Taylor, b. 1843
5-f. Theodorick/Frederick Taylor, b. 1846
5-g. Philip S. Taylor, b. 1852.

6. Lewis Taylor, b. 1807. Farmer/Carpenter.
Spouse 1: Nancy Durham b. bet 1800-1810. (Name per 1828 Property Tax List). Married about 1824.

6-a. Male Taylor, b. 1825.
6-b. Elizabeth Ann Taylor, b.1829
6-c. Thomas Jefferson Taylor, b. late 1830
Living in Bruington, in 1860. Occupation: Painter, Wife: Sarah J., b. 1839/40. Occupation: Seamstress. 1870 census living in Stevensville.

6-c-1. William Taylor, b. 1862
6-c-2. Charles E. Taylor, b. 1863
6-c-3. Cornelia Taylor, b. 1866
6-c-4. Catherine Taylor, b. 1869

Spouse 2: Mary Ann Wyatt, b. ca. 1806. Married before 1850 census. No children by this marriage.

Spouse 3: Martha J. Broach, b. 1830. Married Dec. 25, 1866, Essex Co, VA. Daughter of Edmund Good and Mary L. Shelton. Children from previous marriage: Charles, b. 1853, Georgeanna, b. 1855, James, b. 1858, and Robert L., b. 1862. Residing in Miller's Tavern, Essex County, Virginia in 1870.

6-d. Mary Taylor, b. 1871, Essex County, Virginia.

7. James Taylor, b. 1810. Carpenter. Married two possibly three times. Head of household in 1840 census with wife's parents residing in household. Grandfather age 70-80, born bet 1760-70 and grandmother age 50-60, born bet. 1780-90.

Spouse 1: Mary Ann Wayne/Whayne, b. 1809. Married 1829-1834.

7-a. Female Taylor, b. bet 1830-1835.
.......Possibly Dicey Eubank, (1832-1851)
7-b. John Henry Taylor, b. 1837
7-c. Richard C. Taylor, b. late 1840- after census. .......Living in Stevensville in 1870.
        Spouse: Amanda C. (Didlake) Rowe, b~1840/41. Md: Jan. 15, 1867,
........Essex County, Virginia. Child from previous marriage: James F. Rowe, b. 1859.

Children: (Source: 1880 Federal Census, Vol. 18, ED 38, Sheet 11.)

7-c-1. William L. Taylor, b. 1868.
7-c-2. John P. Taylor, b. Mar 5,1871
.........Spouse: Margaret Armistead.
.........Married: September 6, 1892.
7-c-3. Richard H. Taylor, b.~1875
7-c-4. Elizabeth Taylor, b.~ 1878
...........Spouse: Wilbur Dyke

7-d. Philip Douglas Taylor, b. 1841.
........Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Booker, md~1868


7-d-1. George William Taylor, b. 1869
...........Spouse: Sally Y. Muse.
...........Married: December 26, 1895
7-d-2. James Henry Taylor, b~187X
...........Spouse: Fanny L. Brizendine
...........Married: July 20, 1898
7-d-3. Mary Elizabeth Taylor, b~187X
..........Spouse 1: Philip C. Wood
..........Spouse 2: Charles Ellis Taylor
7-d-4. Ora Taylor, b. ~187X-1880
..........Spouse: Harry Boughton
7-d-5. Philip Douglas Taylor, b~1880
..........Spouse: Eunice Elliott
7-d-6. Joseph Christopher Taylor, b.1882
...........Spouse: Suzie Brizendine

Spouse 2: Laura Enza, b~1822. Married about 1851.

7-e. Catharine Taylor, b. 1852
.......Spouse: G. H. Taylor.
7-f. Martha E. Taylor, b. 1856.
.......Spouse: A. Aldnen
7-g. Fanny B. Taylor, b. 1860.
.......Spouse: J. F. Koegel

8. Frances A. Taylor, b. 1811. Married Francis "Johnson" Prince, b. 1805, d. bet 1860/70. Farmer. Married about 1841. On Membership roster of Mattaponi Baptist Church in1832. Mary Ann Taylor, sister, living with Frances in 1850, 1860, & 1870.

8-a. James R. Prince, b. 1842
8-b. Catharine A. Prince, b. 1844
8-c. Eldred (Ethelred) Alonzo Prince, b. 1849
8-d.William (Milton) C. Prince, b. 1850/51. Married 1st cousin Alice B. Taylor.
.......Children: Evelyn L. Prince, b. ca. 1877; and Ida May Prince, b. ca. 1879.
.......Reference: 1880 Census. Household of mother Frances Prince, Page 494A.

9. Brooking Taylor, {Deacon} b. 1814, King & Queen Co., VA-d. June 7, 1853, Richmond, Henrico Co., VA. Carpenter. Married Susan P. Wyatt, b. ~1813. Married between 1834-39.

9-a. Male Taylor, b. bet. 1835-40-not in 1850 census
9-b. Joshua Taylor, b. 1843
9-c. Effy J. Taylor, b. 1845. Married Thomas Walton
9-d. Alice B. Taylor, b. 1847. Married Milton C. Prince-her first cousin.




The greatest weakness to the structure of this family is James Taylor, b. 1810. James fits the same age range of two children (b. between 1800-1810) of William D. Taylor. (K&Q 1810 census, page 227). One of James Taylor's children has the middle initial "D" in his name: Philip Douglass, b. 1841. Other males who could be children of William D. Taylor include: John M. Taylor, b. bet. 1800-10; Edmund W. Taylor, b. bet. 1810-20; and Sansford Taylor, b. bet. 1810-20. William D. Taylor, who lived further north in Drysdale Parish, was born in the same year range as Caleb, between 1765 and 1784.


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