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Miscellaneous Records
This is a selection of records involving Blauss family members that are not vital records, cemetery records, military records, etc.

From the 1910 June Girls' High School  - Rm 38 Class List
[Brooklyn, New York]

Room 38
 Accles, Marie Agnes
 Barlow, Marian B, R.
 Beasley, Bessie C.
 Beecher, Marian E.
 Bergmann, Edith G.
 Besthoff, Elsie
 Black, Daisy
 Blauss, Kegina [possibly Regina?]
 Bullock, Henrietta
 Cahill, Mary
 Clemente, May F.
 Coleman, May V.
 Corbett, Mary A.
 Dress, Edith F.
 Fitzgerald, Mary E.
 Eorman, Ruth
 Glickman, Miriam
 Groden, Naomi H.
 Hall, Margaret A,
 Hartung, Inga
 Henderson, Maud B.
 Hodgson, Frances
 Holzberger, Caroline
 Jaqueth, Julia F.
 Kennedy, Anna H.
 Kronman, Eva
 Lee, Jennie A.
 Levine, Rebecca
 Little, Florence B.
 Mahood, May C. A.
 Marshall, Winifred C.
 McComb, Ida M.
 McKenna, Adele
 Mehrtens, Lillian A.
 Monsees, Lillian J. C.'
 Mulcare, Elizabeth
 Patterson, May B.
 Peterson, Agnes
 Roy, Ethel
 Smith, Carolyn
 Smith, Claudine T.
 Van Deusen, Vera
 Veil, Julia M.
 Ulmann, Hilda
 Wady, Pansy E.

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