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Here is a compiled list of families living in New York with the last name "Blauss" or "Blaus" from 1860-1920. Some of these families are directly related, having immigrated from Stuttgart, Wurtemberg, Germany. I am currently researching to more directly link these families. If you have further genealogical information on the Blauss families mentioned, please feel free to send it.

Blaus, Adolf. 1860. Lancaster, Erie, NY.

Blaus, Augustus. 1910.

Blauss, Alonzo. 1920.

Blauss, Austedes. 1920.

Blauss, Baltza. 1860. Flushing, Queens, NY.

Blauss, Barbara. 1920.

Blauss, Benjamin. 1900.

Blauss, Benjamin. 1910.

Blauss, Benjamin. 1920. 

Blauss, Catharine. 1860.

Blauss, Eugen. 1910.

Blauss, Ferdinand. 1870. (also see Blauss, Ferdinand. 1880.)

Blauss, Ferdinand. 1880
. New York, New York. (also see Blauss, Ferdinand. 1870.)

Blauss, Fred. 1910.

Blauss, George. 1920.

Blauss, Job. 1920.

Blauss, John. 1860.

Blaus, John. 1870. Brooklyn, Kings, NY. (also see Blauss, John. 1880; Blauss, John. 1900)

Blauss, John. 1880. Brooklyn, Kings, New York. (also see Blauss, John. 1870; Blauss, John. 1900)

Blauss, John. 1900. Brooklyn, Kings, New York. ( also see Blauss, John, 1870; Blauss, John, 1880)

Blauss, John. 1920.

Blauss, John A. 1910.

Blauss, John A. 1920.

Blauss, John L. 1910.

Blaus, Louis. 1860.

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