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The Tidewater Virginia Blantons

Descendants of Thomas Blanton
and Jane Maguffey

1. Thomas Blanton was born on an unknown date and died in 1697 in Essex County, Virginia 1.

Thomas married Jane Maguffey, daughter of John Maguffey and Jane Unknown, after 1678 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia 1 2.

Children from this marriage were:

               2 M    i. Richard Blanton 1 was born in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia and died in 1734
               in Spotsylvania County, Virginia 3.

               Richard married Elizabeth 3.

              3 M    ii. John Blanton was born in 1679-1693 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia 1 .

John's birth date is between 1679 and 1693. The fact that he witnessed a deed in 1707 means that he was at least 14 years of age in 1707. Therefore, he was born at least by 1693.

In Spotsylvania County Virginia Records by William Crozier, the following Will is listed. It is uncertain whether this is really John Blanton, the son of Thomas Blanton. More research needs to be done to see if we can determine if there was a John Banton in Spotsylvania at the same time as our John Blanton.

JOHN BANTON, St. George's Parish, d. July 27, 1735, proved February 3, 1735. Witnesses: William Hansford, Henry Sharkes, William Hollot. Executrix wife Mary Banton. Leg. Son William choice of my whip saws and all my shoemaker's tools; son John; daughter Elizabeth Elson; daughter Alice Banton; wife Mary Banton. (Will Book A, pg. 5.)

              4 M    iii. William Blanton was born in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia 1.

              5 M    iv. Thomas Blanton 1 was born in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.

              6 F    v. Jane Blanton 1 was born in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.

              7 F    vi. Elizabeth Blanton 1 was born in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.

Thomas Blanton is shown on the following deeds in Old Rappahannock County which is now in Essex County:

1682 - 20 April - Land Grant of 200 acres Rappahannock County, Virginia . . . dividing the land of Major Robert Beverly . . . to the land of Francis Graves.  The said land being due to the said THOMAS BLANTON for the importation of four persons into the colony whose names are under this patent.  Imported:  Ann Edwards, Grace Davies, John Elam, Richard Leather.  (Book 7, p. 175)

1682 - 20 April - Land Grant of 200 acres in Rappahannock County, Virginia . . . on the main Poquoson and branches of Gilsons Creek adjoining Maj. Robert Beverley's land and the land of Francis Graves . . . due THOMAS BLANTON for the importation of four persons: Chas. Morgan, Wm. Lake, Edwd. Donsel (?), Tho: Mackall.   (Book 7, p. 175)

1687 - 21 April - Land Grant of 266 acres in Rappahannock County, Virginia . . .adjoining Francis Graves . . . the line of Henry Tandy, thence to Major Robert Beverly's corner. . . due THOMAS BLANTON for the importation of six persons: Darby an Irish boy, John Grove, Susan Kinsman, Anne ?, Eliza. Richardson, Xalian Holdbook. (Book 7, p. 613)

1689 - 3 July - THOMAS BLANTON of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia released John Moore from service.

1697 - 7 February - Will signed by THOMAS BLANTON in Essex Co., VA.  Lists Wife, Jene (Jane).  Sons: Thomas, John, William, and Richard.  Daughters:  Jene and Elizabeth.  (Copy of Will)

1697 - 16 March - THOMAS  BLANTON'S Will proved in Essex Co., VA by John Doughty and John Butcher.  (Copy of Will)

Will of Thomas Blanton


The last Will & Testament of Thomas Blanton being very sick & weak yet in perfect sense & memory first I bequeath my Soul to the Lord that gave it me & my body to the earth from whenth it came it.

I give to my daughter Jene Blanton two heifers one marked allreddy and the other a whit pide heifer about three years ole.  I give to my other daughter Elizabeth Blanton one heifer marked allreddy and another which is about three years ole being a brindle heifer and I give one Town Gray Mare being about two years ole branded with my Brand and the said Mare to run & her increase for the benefit of these two Daughters.  & I give to my four sons Thomas and John and William and Richard Blanton all my Land it to be equally divided unto them and if either of them shall die before he shall come of age then his part shall come to the others and so in case to them all & my son Richard Blanton shall hafe my plantation in his part & I give to my daughters before mentioned each of them a young sow and I give to my loving wife Jene Blanton all the remaining part of my Estate so long as she shall remain a widdo and when she shall marry then the said Estate shall equally be divided unto the remaining part of my Children and my Wife shall hafe a Childes part with them and shall hafe the plantation for her life.

Sealed in the as Witness my hand this Seventh day of February 1697.

                                                                Thomas Blanton

John D. Doughty, his mark
Peter H. Himan, his mark
John Butcher

Proved by the oathes of Jno Doughty and Jno Butcher in Essex County Court ye 16th day of March Ano Dom 1697.
                     Francis Meriwether Cl Cur

(Source: Deed Book 9, page 160)


The following information was listed by Louise McDonald in her book, Blanton Family Records, for Thomas Blanton in Charles City County and Henrico County, VA.

1672 - November 2 - Charles City Co., VA.   A Power of Attorney was given to  THOMAS BLANTON of Martins Brandon in Virginia, by John Sadlier and  Thomas Quiney "so that he might sell our plantation in the James River and also Merchants Hope in Virginia, in parts beyond the seas."  (Virginia Colonial Records, Vol. 13, pg. 522 by Fleet)

1673 - THOMAS BLANTON petitioned the Charles City Court about a guardianship.

1677 - THOMAS BLANTON and others accuse Edward W. Hill of trying to ingratiate himself with the Crown.  (Vol. 3, pg. 132)

1680 - In a deposition, THOMAS BLANTON stated that he was 34 that year.  (Colonial Records of Henrico County, Virginia.  Book I, pg. 153)

It is questionable that the information above pertains to our Thomas Blanton.  Robert Stafford, another Blanton researcher, found the Charles City County records in Colonial Records by Clearfield.  He found 16 entries which used various spellings of the name Blayton, and only 1 which used the name Blanton. He also found the following entry in Henrico County:

Power of Attorney from Thomas Blayton, attorney for Roseland Place, to John Stith, in debt case vs Thomas Batte, for L 6.  21 Nov 1683. (Weisiger, Henrico County Deeds 1677-1705, p. 260)

Robert goes on to state, "It seems unlikely that he would use the name Blanton to apply for patents in Rappahannock in 1682 and then use Blayton in Henrico in 1683."




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Researched by Blanton Family Historians

Compiled by Deborah Blanton McCoy

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