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Frederick John NORTON & Philip Sydney NORTON, circa WW1
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This page - and in fact this website - is dedicated to the memory of three deeply-respected, honourable men : my beloved father, Philip Sydney NORTON (1907 - 1989); my dearly-loved uncle, Frederick John NORTON (1904 - 1986); and also their oldest brother, Arthur Edward NORTON (1895 - 1916) - whom, along with their two baby brothers, - I was deprived of knowing.

This page also celebrates the lives of three first cousins they never met - the younger children, in Burton on Trent, of their Uncle Fred - whom, after embarking on my family research, I was privileged to meet in their last years : Marjorie ELLIS (1909 - 1997); Frederick George NORTON (1911 - 1997) and William Charles NORTON (1911 - 1996).

May they all rest in peace.

My father served in World War II in the South African Army. He was captured, and taken Prisoner of War, at Tobruk, and interned in Campo 54 at Fara Sabina, near Rome. When Italy surrendered, in September 1943, along with many others, my father escaped. In his later life, he wrote an of his experience as a POW escapee and the family to whom he owed his life. Here is his memoir.

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