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Stapenhill Baptism Entries:
Cauldwell Families
1813 - 1869

Date Child Parents Abode Occupation
6-Feb 1814William CAMPIONJohn & MaryCauldwellFarmer
5-Feb 1815Thomas COXENWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
3-Sep 1815Jane COXENJames & ElizabethCauldwellLabourer
7-Apr 1816Ann COXENWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
20-Dec 1816Mary CAMPIONJohn & MaryCauldwellFarmer
4-May 1817Mary LEEDHAMStephen & JaneCauldwellFarmer
2-Nov 1817Rebecca MILLERWilliam & JaneCauldwellLabourer
1-Mar 1818Catherine INSLEYJohn & AnnCauldwellLabourer
6-Dec 1818Mary COXENWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
7-Feb 1819Thomas CAMPIONJohn & MaryCauldwellFarmer
18-Apr 1819Samuel PEACHJohn & MaryCauldwellLabourer
20-Jun 1819John SCOTTJoseph & MariaCauldwellLabourer
6-Dec 1819Elizabeth CARVERThomas & CatherineCauldwellLabourer
1-Apr 1821Harriet COXENJames & MaryCauldwellLabourer
1-Apr 1821Thomas SCOTTJoseph & MariaCauldwellLabourer
1-Apr 1821Maria KIRKMANWilliam & SarahCauldwellLabourer
15-Apr 1821Sarah CARVERThomas & CatherineCauldwellLabourer
20-May 1821Jane CAMPIONJohn & MaryCauldwellFarmer
28-Apr 1822Elizabeth PEACHJohn & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Jul 1822Thomas COXJames & MaryCauldwellLabourer
1-Sep 1822Harriet PEACHWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
1-Sep 1822William CROSSLEYJohn & AnnCauldwellLabourer
26-Jan 1823Joseph CARVERThomas & CatherineCauldwellLabourer
6-Apr 1823Joseph SCOTTWilliam & MargaretCauldwellClerk
18-May 1823John KIRKMANWilliam & SarahCauldwellLabourer
9-Nov 1823Judith BAILEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
11-Apr 1824Martha COXENWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
9-May 1824George PEACHThomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
23-May 1824William PEACHJohn & MaryCauldwellLabourer
14-Nov 1824Henry CARVERThomas & CatherineCauldwellLabourer
19-Dec 1824Emily BAXTERWilliam & SarahCauldwellLabourer
5-Jun 1825William KIRKMANWilliam & SarahCauldwellLabourer
6-Aug 1826Harriet BROADHURSTWilliam & ElizabethLintonLabourer
15-Oct 1826Mary PEACHJohn & MaryCauldwellLabourer
24-Dec 1826John CARVERThomas & SarahCauldwellLabourer
11-Feb 1827Emma PEACHWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
11-Feb 1827James PEACHThomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
8-Jul 1827Mary KIRKMANWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
5-May 1828Ruth BAILEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
20-Jul 1828Joseph COXENJames & MaryCauldwellLabourer
16-Nov 1828Hannah PEACHJohn & MaryCauldwellLabourer
8-Feb 1829Mary CARVERThomas & CatherineCauldwellLabourer
5-Mar 1829Rebecca BROADHURSTWilliam & ElizabethCauldwellButcher
9-May 1830Charles PEACHWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
16-May 1830Thomas COXENJames & MaryCauldwellLabourer
17-Oct 1830Amy COXENJames & MaryCauldwellLabourer
12-Feb 1831Emma PEACHThomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
22-Jun 1831Elizabeth BAILEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
1-Apr 1832Enoch PEACHJohn & MaryCauldwellLabourer
3-Jun 1832John Cabott MOSSThomas & HannahCauldwellFarmer
3-Mar 1833Vincent BAILEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
17-Mar 1833Harriet PEACHThomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
22-Sep 1833Hannah MOSSThomas & HannahCauldwellFarmer
31-Jan 1836George PEACH, b 23 Apr 1824Thomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
31-Jan 1836James PEACH, b 8 Feb 1827Thomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
31-Jan 1836Emily PEACH, b 31 Jan 1831Thomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
31-Jan 1836Harriet PEACH, b 26 Feb 1833Thomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
31-Jan 1836Enoch PEACH, b 18 Jun 1835Thomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
7-Feb 1836David FEARN, b 22 Jun 1823John & MaryCauldwellShoemaker
7-Feb 1836Frances FEARN, b 6 Jun 1825John & MaryCauldwellShoemaker
7-Feb 1836Rebekah FEARN, b 30 Jan 1832John & MaryCauldwellShoemaker
7-Feb 1836Elizabeth FEARN, b 22 Oct 1835John & MaryCauldwellShoemaker
21-Feb 1836William PEACH, b 16 May 1824John & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Feb 1836Mary PEACH, b 6 Oct 1826John & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Feb 1836Hannah PEACH, b 8 Nov 1828John & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Feb 1836John PEACH, b 7 Sep 1834John & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Feb 1836William BAXTERWilliam & SarahCauldwellLabourer
21-Feb 1836Sarah BAILEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Feb 1836Julia BAILEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Feb 1836Maria BAILEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Feb 1836John BAILEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Feb 1836Elizabeth BAILEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
28-Feb 1836Martha COXENWilliam & MaryCauldwellGardener
28-Feb 1836Henry COXEN, b 23 Apr 1822William & MaryCauldwellGardener
28-Feb 1836Jemima COXEN, b 18 Aug 1825William & MaryCauldwellGardener
15-May 1836Thomas MOSSThomas & HannahCauldwellFarmer
15-May 1836Ann MOSSThomas & HannahCauldwellFarmer
29-May 1836Rebekah WETTONJohn & MaryCauldwellLabourer
25-Dec 1836Catherine PEACHJohn & MaryCauldwellLabourer
13-Jan 1837Ellen PEACHJane PEACHCauldwellSpinster
25-Mar 1837Francis BROADHURSTWilliam & ElizabethCauldwellButcher
25-Mar 1837Fanny BROADHURSTWilliam & ElizabethCauldwellButcher
26-Mar 1837Frances MOSSThomas & HannahCauldwellFarmer
25-Jun 1837Eliza COXENJames & MaryCauldwellLabourer
25-Jun 1837Mary COXENJames & MaryCauldwellLabourer
25-Jun 1837John COXENJames & MaryCauldwellLabourer
25-Jun 1837Hannah READERThomas & MariaCauldwellLabourer
25-Jun 1837William READERThomas & MariaCauldwellLabourer
25-Jun 1837Vincent BAYLEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
25-Jun 1837Nathan BAYLEYVincent & MaryCauldwellLabourer
22-Jan 1838Andrew CAMPIONSamuel & ElizabethCauldwellFarmer
22-Jan 1838Walter MOSSThomas & HannahCauldwellFarmer
22-Jan 1838Francis WETTONJoseph & JaneCauldwellLabourer
4-Mar 1838Caroline PEACHThomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
25-Nov 1838Barbara MOSSThomas & HannahCauldwellFarmer
22-Sep 1839Albert MOSSThomas & HannahCauldwellFarmer
22-Sep 1839Emma PEACHJane PEACHCauldwellSpinster
31-Dec 1839William Goodall CAMPIONJoseph & EllenCauldwellFarmer
6-Dec 1840Charles KINSONJohn & ElizabethCauldwellLabourer
7-Mar 1841Jemima PEACHThomas & MatildaCauldwellLabourer
14-Mar 1841Edith MOSSThomas & HannahCauldwellFarmer
20-Mar 1841Charles NEVILLECharles & ElizabethCauldwellFarmer
7-Apr 1841Adne sic PEACHJohn & MaryCauldwellLabourer
9-May 1841Edith CAMPIONSamuel & ElizabethCauldwellFarmer
20-Feb 1842Henry CARVERSarah CARVERCauldwellServant
13-Mar 1842John NEVILLECharles & ElizabethCauldwellFarmer
3-Apr 1842Joseph CAMPIONJoseph & EllenCauldwellFarmer
5-Mar 1844Charles MEARSusan MEARCauldwellWidow
6-Jul 1845Charles SHAWBenjamin Thompson & MaryCauldwellFarmer
25-Dec 1845Jane THORPEThomas & Mary JaneCauldwellFarmer
8-Apr 1846Alice PEACHMary PEACHCauldwell-
20-Sep 1846Emma COXENJames & ElizabethCauldwellLabourer
10-Oct 1847Elizabeth PEACHWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
25-Jan 1848Jane PEACHSamuel & MaryCauldwellLabourer
13-Jan 1850William COXENJames & ElizabethCauldwellLabourer
27-Jan 1850Anne COXENEliza COXENCauldwell-
27-Jan 1850James SIMMONDS, b Feb 1848Thomas & ElizaCauldwellLabourer
27-Jan 1850Mary SIMMONDSThomas & ElizaCauldwellLabourer
17-Feb 1850Catherine CARVERJoseph & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Apr 1850James PEACHWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
21-Apr 1850Phoebe SHERRATTIsaac & SarahCauldwellLabourer
25-Jul 1850Francis WETTONCharlotte WETTONCauldwell-
31-Aug 1851William Henry READERWilliam & Mary JaneCauldwellLabourer
25-Jan 1852William SHERRATTIsaac & SarahCauldwellLabourer
14-Mar 1852John SYMONDSThomas & ElizaCauldwellLabourer
18-Jul 1852Mary Ann PEACHCharles & MaryCauldwellLabourer
22-Oct 1852Harriet Villars KINSTONWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
2-Jan 1853Francis PEACHZilla PEACHCauldwellServant
17-Apr 1853Thomas PEACHEmily PEACHCauldwell-
29-May 1853Samuel PEACHWilliam & MaryCauldwellLabourer
10-Jul 1853Mary Ann CARVERJoseph & MaryCauldwellLabourer
24-Sep 1854Anne SHERRATTIsaac & SarahCauldwellLabourer
14-Jan 1855 Henry KINSTON William & Mary Cauldwell Labourer
27-Jan 1856 Agnes PEACH Charles & Mary Cauldwell Farmer
13-Jul 1856 Catherine SHERRARD Isaac & Sarah Cauldwell Labourer
15-Aug 1858 Edith KINSTON William & Mary Stapenhill Labourer
12-Dec 1858 Sarah SHERRARD Isaac & Sarah Cauldwell Labourer
4-Sep 1859 William TIPPER William & Mary Cauldwell Blacksmith
4-Sep 1859 Rachel Mary GREEN John & Mary Cauldwell Gentleman
14-Apr 1861 Sarah Alice Ann TIPPER William & Mary Cauldwell Blacksmith
1-Dec 1861 Emma Maria READER Thomas & Sarah Cauldwell Labourer
1-Dec 1861 George READER Thomas & Sarah Cauldwell Labourer
1-Dec 1861 Frank READER Thomas & Sarah Cauldwell Labourer
8-Dec 1861 Thomas READER Thomas & Sarah Cauldwell Labourer
8-Dec 1861 Catherine COXEN Samuel & Fanny Cauldwell Labourer
8-Dec 1861 Thomas COXEN Samuel & Fanny Cauldwell Labourer
8-Dec 1861 William COXEN Samuel & Fanny Cauldwell Labourer
3-May 1863 Harry PEACH James & Martha Cauldwell Labourer
27-Oct 1863 Charles INSLEY Joseph & Sarah Cauldwell Farmer
24-Jan 1864 James READER Thomas & Sarah Cauldwell Labourer
24-Apr 1864 William CARVER Mary CARVER Cauldwell nc
4-Sep 1864 Frank DENNIS William & Martha Cauldwell Labourer
3-Jan 1865 Thomas Wilson PRATT Edward & Mary Cauldwell Farmer
25-Jan 1865 Annie INSLEY Joseph & Sarah Cauldwell Farmer
19-Mar 1865 Anne THORPE Joseph & Catherine Cauldwell Labourer
21-May 1865 Susan Jane KINSON William & Mary Stapenhill Labourer
18-Jun 1865 Bertha Elizabeth PEACH James & Martha Cauldwell Labourer
14-Mar 1866 Mary READER Thomas & Sarah Cauldwell Labourer
1-Jul 1866 Arthur SHERRARD Isaac & Mary Linton Labourer
1-Nov 1866 Alice Mary WOOD James & Catherine Sophia Cauldwell Farmer
11-Mar 1867 Walter INSLEY Joseph & Sarah Cauldwell Farmer
7-Jun 1867 Thomas Arthur INSLEY Joseph & Sarah Cauldwell Farmer
10-Jan 1868 Edward Henry PRATT Edward & Mary Ann Cauldwell Farmer
28-Jan 1868 Alice COXEN Samuel & Fanny Cauldwell Labourer
10-May 1868 Mary Helen SALE Joseph & Annie Cauldwell Farmer
10-May 1868 Josiah READER Thomas & Sarah Cauldwell Labourer
18-May 1868 Charles OLIVER Jane OLIVER Cauldwell Servant
1-Jun 1868 James PEACH James & Martha Cauldwell Inn Keeper
19-Jul 1868 Ellen DEAKIN William & Mary Cauldwell Labourer
18-Sep 1868 Helen PRATT Edward & Mary Ann Cauldwell Farmer
18-Apr 1869 Lucy SHERRARD Isaac & Mary Cauldwell Labourer
9-May 1869 John CARVER Catherine CARVER Cauldwell Sing Woman
11-Jul 1869 Harriet READER Thomas & Sarah Cauldwell Labourer

Since Stapenhill Parish Registers have not been filmed by the LDS, this information has been extracted from Stapenhill Bishops' Transcripts. LDS Film No. #498129

Private Baptism
Posthumous d/o Joseph
Entered 11 Jul 1864, having been omitted at the time


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