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The Corn Survey of 1630-1

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From: Certificate of Justices of Pydar Hundred, 2 December 1630:

The Corn Survey took the form of a "certificate by Inquirers of the number of persons which are in the houses of every householder", in each parish. The enumerators were required to list the quantity, in bushels, of corn and grain of every inhabitant within each parish. (The bushel was a measurement equating with twenty gallons). They were also required to note "what corn every inhabitant is to sow this year to come and also what every malster, baker, brewer & tippler do malt, bake and brew weekly within the several parishes of the said hundred. And what corn & grain hath been sold by any person or persons out of the markets since the last harvest and to whom".

It was tabled before Edward Coswarth & John Prideaux, Justices of the Peace, at St Columb Major on 2 December 1630.


16 persons
12 Bushels of wheat
12 Bushels of barley
10 Bushels of oats

Richard MOYLE:
0 persons
25 Bushels of wheat
0 Bushels of barley
0 Bushels of oats

10 persons
20 Bushels of wheat
0 Bushels of barley
20 Bushels of oats

0 persons
4 Bushels of wheat
50 Bushels of barley
20 Bushels of oats

Sum total of wheat 63 bushels, of barley 62 bushels, of oats 50 bushels


John RENORDEN baketh weekly of wheat one half a bushel
Katherine MAWPOWDER baketh weekly one half a bushel of wheat
Mark GYDDLEY breweth weekly one half a bushel of barley malt

Malsters none, engrossers none, forestallers none

For further information:
Harvest Failure in Cornwall and Devon. The Book of Orders and the Corn Surveys of 1623 and 1630-1.
Ed. Todd Gray. Truro Books

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