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Bigod.  The Bygod family are an old noble family which include witnesses to the signing of the Magna Carta and Earls of Norfolk. Sir Ralph Bygod of Settrington married a descendent of John of Gaunt; Anne Greystock who d. 1472. Their Gt. Gt. Grandson Sir Francis Bigod of Settrington was involved in the Pilgrimage of Grace. He led an uprising at Beverley. This spread to take in Cumberland, Westmoreland & Yorkshire. This resulted in his execution in 1537 and a fall in his families fortunes. Another Gt. Gt. Grandson, via a different line, was Simon Bygod. He married Susan Blakeston at Etton on the 19th June 1598. She was the daughter of William Blakeston of Etton.

The marriage is in Etton PR's.  Foster's Visitations 1584 & 1612 on the Bigod Family YAS Series Vol.32 p.207 lists Susanna plus 2 sons and 4 daughters. 5th Jul 1627 bur at Settrington of Simon Probate adm. 10 Feb 1628 YAS Vol. 32 p.207. I believe Susanna is also buried there on the 5th July 1627. There is still a farm today at Etton by the name of Bygott farm.

The Bygods married amongst others; Askes, Constables & Conyers.



The Blakiston family of Norton appear to have married into the Bowes family on at least three occasions. The first of these marriages was Elizabeth daughter and co-heiress of Sir George Bowes (1517-1556). She was the 2nd wife of John Blakiston of Blakiston. This George was married to Muriel Eure daughter of Lord William Eure. George's sister Muriel was married to his brother in law Ralph Eure. It is probable that the Sir Robert  Bowes (1495? - 1554) who took part in the Pilgrimage of Grace was their brother (5)

Sir George Bowes took part in border warfare. He went with the Earl of Hereford on his devastating raid in 1544, and was knighted in May that year at Leith. So highly were his services esteemed that the King announced his plans to confer a barony upon him. This never happened. He returned from Scotland and died in 1556 with no male heir (some say 1546) (5). He was the son of Sir Ralph Bowes (d.1516) and Elizabeth Clifford. The grandson of Ralph Bowes (d.1482) & Margery Conyers and Gt. Grandson of Sir William Bowes & Maude Fitzhugh.

The second Blakiston marriage was that of Ann Bowes to Sir Francis Blakiston of Gibside (d.1713). Anne was the daughter of Sir George Bowes of Bradley. The third Blakiston marriage was their daughter Elizabeth who married Sir William Bowes at Gibside in 1691. He was the Gt. Grandson of Sir George Bowes (1527-1580), Gt.Gt. Grandson of Richard Bowes & Elizabeth Aske,  Steward of Barnard Castle for the Queen. Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandson of Sir William Bowes & Maude Fitzhugh.



The above portrait is that of Sir George Bowes (1527-1580) his home at Streatlam was destroyed during the Northern Rebellion. (1569) In 1568 he was employed to escort Mary Queen of Scots from Carlisle to Bolton Castle. Later Mary had a grateful remembrance of his kindness and wrote to him as a friend. During the Rebellion of the Earls Elizabeth's throne was threatened. It is largely due to his steadfastness that it did not become more serious. He was much hated by the Earls and for awhile was shut up in the strong castle of Barnard Castle. His house at Streatlam was destroyed and Barnard Castle besieged. He and his brother Robert (1535? - 1597) held out for 11 days but feared treachery from within and marched out with four hundred men. After the retreat of the rebels it fell to him as provost marshal to execute the ringleaders. (5)


Note that a number of Blakistons were also involved in the rebellion. 


Sir William Bowes  & Elizabeth (nee Blakiston) are ancestors of the current Royal Family.



The family history of Elizabeth Bowes Lyons (the Queen Mother).

Constables of North Cliffe, ERY.: Family tree compiled by Timothy J. Owston of York, Email at Home Page: 





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Sir John Hotham (d.1645) Parliamentarian; commander of Hull; later negotiated to join the Royalist side, and was arrested and executed

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