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Scissorsmiths & Shearsmiths
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SurnameGiven Name TradeHistory
COOPER John Shearsmith John Cooper, shearsmith/scissorsmith. Contact Sonia by
PEARSON John Shearsmith 1665: John Pearson, shearmaker. Born 1665, Seagrave, Leicestershire, England. John Pearson was the grandson of Matthew Pearson of Prestwold. He is recorded as a shearmaker at Sileby, Leicestershire, which is about 5 miles south of Prestwold. John married Mary Aynesworth at Sileby in 1691 and had two sons and a daughter. He became a prosperous freeholder in Sileby, where he died and was buried in 1745. He was recoded in Sileby Parish Register as a shearmaker at the 1697 baptism of his son Matthew who inherited the blacksmith business from him See Blacksmiths of Leicestershire, Wheelwrights & Cartwrights & Cutlers Indexes for other family members . Contact David by
RIBCHESTER John Shearsmith 1720: John Ribchester, sheresmith,scissorsmith, shearman. See Parish Register of Sheffield, Volune VI - 1720 to 1736, lists the death of Sarah Stubbin Redchester and marriage of John Ribchester, sheresmith, and Mary Fisher in 1736. Several of the children are listed as those of John Redchester, shearsmith. I suspect this is correct, he sheared sheep hence shearman. I have no further information.
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