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Blacksmiths of Northumberland
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SurnameGiven Name TradeHistory
BRIGGS George Blacksmith 1824: George Briggs, apprentice blacksmith. Born about 1824, Belford, Northumberland. Christened At St Marys, Belford 12 Dec 1824. Wife (2) was Elizabeth Robinson Cockburn (born 1830 in Berwickshire, Scotland). They migrated to Melbourne Victoria Australia about 1853. Wife (3) was Emma Louise Robertson 14 Jan 1891. George died South Melbourne 2nd July 1903. At that time he was listed as an Engineer. He had approximately 10 children. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Northumberland Indexes. Contact Lis by<
CLARK Michael Blacksmith 1830: Michael Clark, apprentice blacksmith. Born about 1830-1831, Belford, Northumberland, England. The 1841 UK census lists Michael as 11yrs, living at ?MIlalrs Square, belford with his parents Michael 30yrs (a mason) and Ann 30yrs. Siblings: Mary 13yrs; Jane 8yrs; Ann 6yrs; Maragret 1yr infant. In 1851 Michael is 20yrs, living at Easington Village, Northumberland; employee of John & Margaret Robinson (see Blacksmiths of Northumberland Index).
CROFT John Blacksmith 1865: John Croft, blacksmith. Born about 1865, Lemington, Northumberland, England. The 1881 Uk census lists John as 15yrs, living with the John and Mary Hindmarshe family (relatives) at 34 Tyne Road, East.
DIXON Thomas Blacksmith 1827: Thomas Dixon, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1827, Belford, Northumberland, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 24yrs, living at Easington Village, Northumberland; employee of John & Margaret Robinson (listed in Blacksmiths of Northumberland Index).
EASTON John (Jnr) Blacksmith 1839: John Easton (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1839, Alnwick, Northumberland, England. The 1861 UKc ensus lists him as 22yrs, unmarried, at White Hart Yard, Alnwick; with parents. See Blacksmiths of Northumberland for parents John (Snr) and Mary plus siblings. In 1871 John (Jnr) is 32yrs, still at White Hart Yard Alnwick; wife Annie 34yrs and daughter Susanna 4yrs.
EASTON John (Snr) Blacksmith 1805: John Easton (Snr), master blacksmith, employs1 man. Born about 1805 and died 1900 , Alnwick, Northumberland. The 1841 UK census lists John as 35 yrs, at White Hart Yard, Alnwick,: with wife Mary nee Davison 30 yrs. In 1861 John is 56yrs, still at White Hart Yard; Mary 52yrs. Children: John (Jnr) 22yrs, unmarried (listed in Blacksmiths Northumberland); Jane 19yrs; George 17yrs; Isabella 15yrs; Margaret 10yrs. In 1871 John (Snr) is 66yrs, a widower, master blacksmith, still at White Hart Yard. Daughter Margaret Easton 20yrs, unmarried and grandson Robert .E. Bell 9yrs.
GLADSTON Robert Blacksmith 1797: Robert Gladston, blacksmith. Born 18th March 1797 Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, England and died 1st November 1852. The 1841 UK census lists Robert as 40yrs, a widower living at Ravensdowne. Also listed: Prudence Gladston (sister) 60yrs; Mary Gladston 17yrs; Isabella Galdston 15yrs; Prudence Gladston 14yrs; Robert Gladston 12yrs. In 1851 Robert is 55yrs,widower. His sister Prudenceis 58yrs and daughter Prudence is 23yrs. Robert lived in Ravensdowne but paid rates on house in Palace St and shop on quay. Contact Valerie by .
GLADSTON William Blacksmith 1806: William Gladston, blacksmith. Born.23rd December 1806, Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, England . William was brother of Robert (blacksmith in Berwick upon Tweed). William married Eleanor Shanks 1830 and emigrated 1832. Worked for Hudson Bay Co. d.8/6/1855 Boston, Mass. USA visiting son Robert. Another son, William Shanks Gladstone became a carpenter on Mountain Hill, Alberta m 1855 Harriet Leblanc a French RC Blackfoot Indian. Mount Gladstone named after him. His descendants were Blackfoots. See Blacksmiths Northumberland and Canada. Contact Valerie by .
JORDAN George Blacksmith,Engine smith 1824: George Jordan, engine smith, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1824, Newcastle, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as 7yrs, at Stannington, Northumberland with his family. See Blacksmiths of Northumberland for parents John and Mary plus siblings. In 1851 George is 27yrs, at 30 Church Street, Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire; with wife Ann Jane 24yrs and children Edward 3yrs; Margaret 1yr infant. His wife (Ann Jane) and son (Edward c. 1848) were born Liverpool, Daughter (Margaret c. 1850) in Newcastle so they are obviously moving back and forwards - with the railways?. The family passes through the workhouses of Lambeth, Wapping & Limehouse between 1856 & 59 where they had two additional children but by 1861 the wife (described as Head of family) and two children (Edward and Elizabeth) end up in the pit village of Bedlington (nr. Newcastle). George was not there and I am working on the assumption that that it was he who died on Nelson Street, Newcastle 1861 before the family moved to Bedlington - right name, right age, right trade, known associations to Newcastle. He died age 36 so I had also assumed that the time spent in the workhouse was because the breadwinner was not a well man. He was definitely alive in 1858 (Wapping workhouse baptism) but absent by 1861 census.  George's marriage cert (Liverpool 1846) has the father’s name as ‘John’ who was also a blacksmith but I don't know any more about him - yet! Also listed in Enginer smiths Index. Contact Tim by
JORDAN John Blacksmith 1802: John Jordan (Gordan), blacksmith. Born about 1802, Stannington,Northumberland, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as 39yrs, at Stannington, Northumberland with wife Mary 43yrs (born Howick, Northumberland). Children: Margaret 12yrs; Mary 10yrs; John 9yrs; George 7yrs (see Blacksmiths of Northumberland index); Dorothy 3yrs. In 1851 John is 49yrs, still at Stannington; Mary Mary 53yrs. Children: George 16yrs (see blacksmiths index); Dorothy 13yrs. In 1861 Joseph is 59yrs,s till at the village; Mary 63yrs; Dorothy 28yrs , unmarried. Contact Tim by
LISLE George Blacksmith 1790: George Lisle, blacksmith. Born 1790 Scotland. Lived Forth Street, St Johns Parish, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Is listed on the 1841 census. Some of his children were born in Tweedmouth. His eldest daughter not on the census as she was married. Contact great granddaughter Lorraine by
MORTON Andrew Blacksmith 1785: Andrew Morton, blacksmith. Baptised 1785. Died before 1841. Andrew married Isabella Russell. Lived in Etal, Lucker and Belford. In the 1841 UK census, Isabella is listed as independent, living in Belford with children William 25yrs; Margaret 20yrs; James 15yrs. Contact Fiona by
PATTERSON Frederick. H. Blacksmith 1889: Frederick. H. Patterson, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1889, Backworth, Northumberland, England. The 1901 UK census lists Frederick as 12yrs, living in Backworth with his parents John and Margaret plus siblings. Frederick worked at Plessy Hall around 1920,and Eccles Colliery Backworth. Married Mary Anne Scott of Bedlington. Royal Engineer Corps 1915-1920 WW1. Listed in Blacksmiths Northumberland and Military. Contact Vivian by
PATTISON John Blacksmith 1850: John Pattison, blacksmith at Dinnington Colliery, Northumberland, England. Born about 1850, Wallsend, Northumberkand, England. The 1891 UK census lists John as 41yrs, living at 2 North Row, Mason, Northumberland with wife Elizabeth.A. (born Yorkshire). Children: Ann E. 15yrs; Samson 11yrs; James E. 6yrs; Albert M .3yrs; John R. 9yrs. Contact Christopher by
ROBINSON John Blacksmith 1806: John Robinson, master blacksmith, employs 2 men . Born about 1806, Kyloe, Northumberland, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as 35yrs, living at Easington Village, Northumberland; with wife Margaret 30yrs (born Ancroft, Norhtumberland) and 2 chidlren; Margaret 2yrs; George 9mths infant. In 1851 John is 45yrs, still at Easington Village; Margaret 40yrs. Children: Maragret 12yrs; George 10yrs; James 8yrs. employees Thomas Dixon 24yrs, unmarried (blacksmith journeyman) and Michael Clark 20yrs, unmarried (apprentice blacksmith)
SCOTT James Blacksmith 1823: James Scott, blacksmith. Born in 1823, at Detchant, near Belford, Northumberland, England. Son of a Blacksmith. 1841 census Apprentice Blacksmith Age 18, William Pit, Long Benton, Lived in Bedlington & Backworth, 1891 Census age 69. Wife 1 Mary born 1820 died before 1867 2 Margaret Buglass born 1832, Doddington, Northumberland. Contact Marian by.
SCOTT Richard Blacksmith 1799: Richard Scott,blacksmith. Born in 1799, at Detchant, near Belford, Northumberland, England. 1841 census Age 40, William Pit, Long Benton. Died 1867. Contact Marian by.
STRONG John Blacksmith 1864: John Strong born Belford, Born about 1864, Belford, Northumberland. The 1881 UK census lists him as 17yrs, at West Street, Belford, Nothumberland, employed by blacksmith Christopher Hunter Wright.
WANT (WENT) Andrew Blacksmith 1850: Andrew Want (Wont), blacksmith. Born about 1850, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, England. The 1881 UK census lists Andrew as 31yrs, living in Tyne Rd.East with wife Isabella 27yrs (born Newcastle). Children: William James Want 5yrs ( and Lizzie 1 month infant.
WRIGHT Christopher Hunter Blacksmith 1843: Christopher Hunter Wright, master blacksmith. Born 1843 in Makerston, Roxburghshire, Scotland. The 1861 UK census lists him as a blacksmith in Yetholm. The UK census 1871 lists him as 28yrs, married, living at Red Houses, Chatton, Northumberland (no other family listed with him). Married Jane Redpath in Belford, June 1867. Jane died December 1879 aged 39yrs. See Free BMDs. In 1881 Christopher, a widower aged 38yrs, living at West Street, Belford, Nothumberland with children: John 11yrs (blacksmith listed on this index); Jessie. A. 9yrs. Also listed is John Strong 17yrs unmarried, a blacksmith, boarder. Census 1891 lists Christopher as 47yrs; with wife (2) Mary Ann nee Robson, 41yrs. Son John 21yrs. To share information contact Glenn by
WRIGHT John Blacksmith 1869: John Wright, master blacksmith. Born 1869 in Chatton, Northumberland, England. See Blacksmiths of Northumberland entry for his father Christopher Hunter Wright and other family details. In 1881 UK census he is listed as 11yrs, living at West Street, Belford, Nothumberland with his widower father Christopher Hunter Wright (listed in this index) and his sister Jessie.A. 9yrs. In 1891 John is 21yrs, with his father Christopher Hunter Wright and stepmother Mary Ann nee Robson. Census 1901 lists him as 31yrs at West Street, Belford with wife Grace 27yrs. Children: Robert. H. 2yrs; Jane. R. 3 months infant & Esther. B. 3months infant. Also listed is sister-in-Law: Esther. A. Brown 18yrs and John’s sister Jessie. A. Pointer 29yrs, married and her daughter Jane. R. Pointer 5 days old. UK census 1911 lists John as 41yrs, widower, at Belford with children: Robert 12yrs; Jane Redpath Wright 10yrs; Esther Redpath Wright 10yrs; Ethel Wardhaugh Poynter Wright 7yrs; Grace Eleanor Wright 1yr infant. Servant: Margaret Jane Smith 22yrs, single. John was a blacksmith in Belford between 1889 & 1954. Contact is Glenn by
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