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SurnameGiven Name TradeHistory
ADDISON John Blacksmith 1790: John Addison, blacksmith. Born 1790-1810. My GGG grandfather. The only information I have is from his son's baptism record: John, born 1829, baptised 1838 at Limehouse, London, to John Addison, blacksmith, and Catherine, of Limehouse. None of them appear on the 1841 census. Any information on John & Catherine would be welcome. Contact John by.
ABRAHAM John Blacksmith 1820: Abraham John Johnson, shipwright. Born 1820 in London, England and died-1896. During 1844-1850s Abraham was in Bristol; and 1860s-1896 he was at Southampton, England . Contact Tamsyn by
BRIGGS William Blacksmith 1842: William Briggs, blacksmith. Seen on IGI, on marriage certificate of his son Henry Brigg. Henry was living at Star Tavern, Fulham Rd, Chelsea. On 22 November 1842, at the Parish Church, Chelsea, London, Henry (a widower) married after Banns to Louisa Claxton.
BROWNE John Robt.† Blacksmith 1817: John Robt. Browne, blacksmith. Born about 1817 in St Pancras, London, England. The 1851 UK census lists John as 34yrs, living in Lynch Green, Henstead, Norfolk with wife Mary Ann 33yrs born Wymondham, Norfolk). Children: John 8yrs, Daniel 5yrs, Mary Ann 4yrs, Jacob 2yrs. Listed in Blacksmiths London and Norfolk.
CRONK William (Jnr) Blacksmith 1843: William Cronk (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 18 March 1843, Brasted, Kent, England. The 1871 UK census lists William in Stepney London, living with his wife, Sarah; and a married daughter Sarah Woodham; grandson Joseph E. Woodham; and Williamís sister Sarah A. Cronk. See Blacksmiths of Kent for Williamís father blacksmith William Cronk (born 1819). Contact Nicholas by
CURSON James Blacksmith 1810: James Curson, master blacksmith, employs 2 men. Born 1810-1811 in London, Middlesex, England. The 1851 UK census lists James as 40yrs, living in Wormfield, Wisbech, Norfolk with wife Sarah 40yrs (born Tydd, Cambridgeshire). Listed in Blacksmiths of London and Norfolk.
DAVIS Ephraim Blacksmith 1820: Ephraim Davis, blacksmith. Born in 1820 in Bisley, Gloucester, England. The 1841 census shows he was apprenticed to William Smith in Bisley, learning the blacksmith trade. Sometime soon after he married Jane ? and lived in the Bristol area before coming to Clerkenwell, London where he worked for the remainder of his days as a blacksmith, (according to the census's) ; he died approx 1876. Listed in both the Gloucestshire & London Indexes. Contact Gerry by.
EAST Thomas Blacksmith 1880: Thomas East, blacksmith, farrier. Thomas operated from Howard Street Lambeth Surrey, England in the 1880's. Also listed in the Farriers Index. Any info will be very helpful thank you. Contact Leonard by.
ELBRA John Blacksmith, Coachbuilder 1800: John Elbra was in the Lambeth area London early to mid 1800s. See also the indexes for Cartwrights/Coachbuilders, Blacksmiths of London & Blacksmiths of Australia. Contact Katharine by
EVANS George.H. Blacksmith 1834: George. H. Evans, born about 1834-1835 in Boston Lincolnshire, England. The 1881 census shows him as a blacksmith living in Hackney, London. The 1891 census shows him as a blacksmith back in Boston Lincolnshire. Listed in Blacksmiths of London & Blacksmiths of Lincolnshire Indexes. Contact Len by.
FAIRBANK George Blacksmith 1781: George Fairbank, blacksmith. Born 1781in ?London, England. The 1841 UK censuslists George as 60yrs, living at Baldwin Street, St Luke, City Road, East, Finsbury, LOndon with his wife Mary 60yrs (nee Jones). Also listed daughter Charlotte Fairbank 20yrs and daughter Mary Smith 30yrs; granddaughter Elizabeth Smith 4yrs ; grandson George Smith 2yrs. Contact Cyril by.
GRACE James George Blacksmith 1814: James George Grace, blacksmith. Born 1814 in Westminster London. Wife: Charlotte Oaks. James was a blacksmith in the Lambath area and died in 1896 in Camberwell Workhouse. Contact Trish by.
HALL Charles Blacksmith 1848: Charles Hall, blacksmith and art metal worker. Born about 1848/1849, in Galmpton, Devon, England. The 1851 UK census lists Charles as 2yrs, living at 60 George Street, Tormoham, Devon with his family. See Blacksmiths of Devon for parents, master blacksmith John Hall and Charlotte, plus his siblings. In 1881 Charles is 32yrs, at 189 Carlton Rd, Willesden, Middlesex, England with wife Susan 33yrs. Children: Alice Evelyn 6yrs; Charles Bertram 5yrs. Visitor: William Henry, unmarried, 25yrs (mason). 1911 census: Charles is 63yrs, a widower, at 38 Fairfax Road, South Hampstead, with his son Arthur John, aged 38yrs (see Black smiths of London). His firm made the Queens Coronation Arches in the Mall for the 1953 Queen's Coronation. Description says foundry was located at Coleridge Gardens, West Hampstead. British Pathe filmed the making of the Lion and Unicorn. One of these sets of Lion and Unicorn went to the toll bridge on Sydney Harbour Bridge to mark the arrival of the new Queen into Australia for the first time. Unknown whereabouts of this but was in the South West pillion of the bridge for many years afterwards. Charles is noted as "Art Metal Worker" in his fathers Probate records in Dec 1900. Contact Quentin by
HALL John Arthur Blacksmith 1873: John Arthur Hall, blacksmith and art metal worker. Born about 1873, Bloomsbury, London. The 1911 UK census lists John Arthur as 38yrs, at 38 Fairfax Road, South Hampstead; with wife Elizabeth 26yrs and daughter Marjorie Evelyn Hall 3yrs. See Blacksmiths of London for his father Charles Hall. Contact Quentin by
HATFULL George Blacksmith 1700: George Hatfull, blacksmith. Born 1700 in Deptford, London, England and died in 1784, in Deptford. See the booklet, Hatfulls of Deptford. I' ve done the family tree so for further information contact Ken by
HENRY James Blacksmith 1835: James Henry, blacksmith, Army Service Corps. Born about 1835, Ireland. The 1871 UK census lists James as 35yrs, living at Woolwich, London, England with wife Mary 42yrs (born Ireland. Children: Charles 12yrs (born Montreal Canada 1859); daughter Bann 5yrs (born 1866 Woolwich); William 4yrs (born 1867 Woolwich). 1871: James is listed as 'Smith, Army Service Corps. The ASC had only just been formed (1870) and presumably he had been transferred in quite recently. James was presumably in the Montreal Garrison in 1859 when son John was born. The next definite sighting is in 1901 when James is retired and sharing a house with his wife and son and family, still in Woolwich. There is a possible sighting in 1891 again in Woolwich and another in 1911 however neither is certain. Obviously there are no records for the ASC before 1870 and so far no trace of James in earlier Cavalry or Artillery regiments nor has anything yet been found about the Montreal garrison around 1859. Listed in Blacksmiths of London plus Military Blacksmiths. Any help is appreciated. Contact Peter by
HITCHCOCK John Blacksmith 1859: John Hitchcock, blacksmith. Born about 1859, Downham, Norfolk, England. The 1901 UK census lists John as 42yrs; Lived at 117 Chase Side Close, Southgate Middlesex, with his wife Elizabeth Ellingham (40yrs) and their 13 children. If you have any information about my great grandfather, I would appreciate it very much. Listed in Blacksmiths of London and Norfolk. Contact Nancy by.
JONES George Blacksmith, Wheelwright 1824: George Jones, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born in Lambeth, London in 1824. He immigrated to Australia in 1855, and worked as a blacksmith in Newtown, Sydney until 1858. He then moved to Maryborough Queensland where he worked as a blacksmith and wheelwright from 1859 till his death in 1888. His business was "The Original Blacksmith and Wheelwright establishment" on the corner of Kent and Adelaide Sts Maryborough. I also do some blacksmithing in Brisbane Ė to "keep the home fires burning". He is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Australia and London Indexes plus the Wheelwrights Index. Contact great great grandson Paul by
JONES Wm Blacksmith 1821: William Jones. From sample of 1821 census for Hendon, London, shows inhabitants are 2 males (includes William) ,2 females, pays rent of 12 pounds, has 3 windows & 1 dog.
KENT John Blacksmith 1800: John Kent, blacksmith, Whitesmith, locksmith and bellhanger, steel mill maker . Born about 1800, Criplegate London, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as 41yrs, amill maker, living in Noble Street, Middlesex (London); with wife Elizabeth 36yrs (born Middlesex). Children James 11yrs; Elizabeth 9yrs; Mary 5yrs; ; Thomas 2yrs; Jane age unknown. Also listed is Mary Richards 67yrs. In 1851 John is 50yrs, living at 8 noble street, Middlesex ; Elizabeth 44yrs. Children: James 21yrs, unmarried (born St.Andrews, Holborn) a steel maker journeyman; Thomas 12yrs; Isaac 11yrs; Henry 8yrs; William 5yrs. John worked with his sons in London. Seeking any info on where they worked etc., listed in indexes for blacksmith, Whitesmith, locksmith. Contact Robin by
LLOYD Jeremiah Blacksmith 1825: Jeremiah Lloyd, blacksmith. Born 1825 in Bergh Apton, Norfolk,England, to labourer Robert Lloyd. Jeremiah worked as a Blacksmith and in 1847 was living in Paddington, London. In St Johnís Church Paddington on 29th August,1847, Jeremiah married Caroline Lambert (born Great Bentley, near Colchester, Essex ). Children: Ellen (born 1848, died 1849 at 11 mths from whooping cough); Robert Lambert Lloyd (born 19th September,1850,but he also died from Whooping Cough during the voyage to Australia). Jeremiah and Caroline emigrated to Australia as assisted passengers , departing Plymouth 25th August 1851, on the Barque Hydaspes (a Barque of 595 tons) and landing in Adelaide on 27th November,1851. The family decided to move on and settle in Victoria. Both Jeremiah,Caroline and their Granddaughter Kathleen are interred at Springvale Cemetery, Melbourne. Listed in blacksmiths Australia , Norfolk & London. For much more family history please contact Contact Brian by
MENDAY William Blacksmith 1796: William Menday, blacksmith, whitesmith . Born about 1796, Windon, Berkshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists William as 45yrs, living in St James Clerkenwell with his wife Mary (born Cambridge Garton). Children Eliza, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Sarah, Margaret. I n 1851 William is a whitesmith living in the Borough of May Le Bone. 1861 William is a blacksmith living in Islington. In 1871 he is recorded as being in the workhouse. He married his wife Mary in Tottenham Allhallows in 1821, having originated from Wraysbury in Berkshire (allegation), Baptised in Stanwell Middlesex in 1802. Contact Marianne by
MERRITT William Blacksmith 1830: William Merritt. My great grandfather and his sons and his father, also called William Merritt were blacksmiths. Originally from Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK but moved to London in the 1830's--Bethnal Green area of the eastend of London--I am interested in anything to do with these ancestors. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of London and Hampshire Indexes as well as the Cartwrights Index. Contact Sheila by.
O'NEILL Arthur Percy Victor Blacksmith 1930: Arthur Percy Victor OíNeill, blacksmith, Farrier, Wheelwright. My maternal grandfather APV O'Neill had a forge at 4 Chapel Hill in Woolwich. The site has since been redeveloped but was situated close to the gates of the Woolwich Dockyard. There is a family story that my grandfather made the metal gates for the dockyard. I can remember my grandfather shoeing dray horses and fitting metal tyres to wooden cartwheels. His forge (photograph available) was equipped with many different pices of machinery each driven by means of an overhead system of belts and wheels driven by an electric motor. His forge was adjacent to Halse's builders yard. Contact Maria by .
PILGRIM Herbert William Blacksmith, Wheelwright 1878: Herbert William Pilgrim, blacksmith. Born in 1878 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. He married Alice May Sewell in 1899 and they moved to London. They had seven children. Census record of 1901 show they lived at 118 Corlton Road, St Pancras, London. He left his family in Jan of 1911 to go to South Africa - East London Port bound for Cape Town. Passenger record shows his trade being a Wheelwright Smith. We don\'t know if the plan was for his family to join him once he'd settled or he just abandoned them? Sadly, we also don't know what happened to him. Herbert is listed in the Blacksmiths of Norfolk; Blacksmiths of London and Blacksmiths of South Africa plus Wheelwrights Index. Contact Linda by
RAMPTON George Blacksmith, Farrier 1801: George Rampton. Blacksmith & farrier at the Rose and Crown Yard, Knightsbridge, London. This was also his home address. Born about 1801. His father Jonathan Rampton was also also a Blacksmith. George is also listed in the Farriers Index. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for other family members. Contact Joan by.
RAMSELL William Henry Blacksmith 1874: William Henry Ramsell, blacksmith. Born on 12th July 1874 in Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen , Norfolk learnt his trade as a Blacksmith under his father's George Ramsell's tutilage to become a Master Blacksmith by 1880 . Having ambition beyond working in the village William Henry was made aware in November 1894 just prior to him getting married in 1896 ,he found work with a railway company building a new line into London , as a Blacksmith . This new company was also building an estate of 6 blocks of flats which offered him and his family including widowed father George a new life in Wharncliffe Gardens ,Marylebone , N.W.8 . He went on to work for the local council as a Blacksmith eventually retiring as Superintendent of Motor Transport in 1945. Listed in Blacksmiths of London & Norfolk Indexes. Contact Colin by .
SKIPPER Philip Blacksmith 1822: Philip Skipper ,blacksmith. Born about 1822 Middlesex, London. The 1841 UK census lists Philip as 19yrs, apprentice with master blacksmith Thomas Sawyer at Town Street, Foulsham, Norfolk. In 1851 Philip is 29yrs, lodging at Church Road, Blofield, Norfolk; the house of Mrs. M aryBarkerís, widow, 58yrs, School Mistress. Listed in Blacksmiths of London and Norfolk Indexes.
SPARKHALL Alexander Blacksmith 1750: Alexander Sparkhall, blacksmith. Born about 1750 Norfolk, England. Alexander was apprenticed in 1765 to master blacksmith Edward Bulley in Ingham, Norfolk. Moved to London, listed as member of Blacksmith's Company, taking on apprentices 1786-1799. Listed in Blacksmiths of London & Norfolk. Contact David by
TATUM James Blacksmith 1822: James Tatum, blacksmith. Born about 1822, Newington, Surrey, England. The 1861 UK census lists James as 38yrs, at No: 1 Mansfield Street, Southwark, which was first turning on right on Borough Road, going from Obelisk to Kings Bench Prison. With him is his wife Emma 38yrs(born Brighton Sussex). Children: Emma 15yrs; James 11yrs; Sarah 9yrs; George 7yrs; Frances 2yrs. James is also listed in the London Trades Directory 1861 and 1869. Contact Imogen by
TYAS William Thomas Blacksmith 1796: William Thomas Tyas, born circa 1796 at St.Giles, Cripplegate, London. For full story see Stories from the Past Link on the Home Page. Contact Jeremy by. Contact Jeremy by
VICARY Walter Thomas Blacksmith 1869: Walter Thomas Vicary. Blacksmith (ornamental). Born about 1869 in Devon, England. The 1871 UK census lists Walter as 2yrs, living in Kenn, Devon with his family. Parent: Walter 30yrs (born 1840 blacksmith) and Grace 31yrs. Siblings: Robert. G. 3yrs and Ella. A. under 1yr Infant. Visitor: Mary. G. Short 11yrs. In 1881 Walter is 12yrs. Parents: Walter is 39yrs, Grace 41yrs, living in Troddís Lane, Merrow, Surrey. Siblings: Robert 13yrs; Alice 10yrs; Eva 8yrs; James 4yrs; Mary under 1yr infant. The 1891 census lists Walter Thomas as 22yrs, wife Catherine.Y. 26yrs and daughter Kate under 1yr infant. Living in Rigault Road, Fulham, London. Listed in Blacksmiths of Devon, London and Surrey. Contact Adam by
WALCRAFT John Blacksmith 1807: John Walcraft, blacksmith. Born 1807 Exeter, Devon, England and died 1891 in Kensington. John traveled to London with wife and father between 1834-38 Living and was working in Spring Street Marylebone and then in Kensington. Listed in Blacksmiths of Devon and London. Contact Val by
WILLIAMS John Blacksmith 1827: John Williams, blacksmith. Born ?London, England, ?when. Son James born 6th April 1827 in Millwall, Poplar, Limehouse, London. Contributor did not send enough information and I (web master) canít find them on census. Contact Marian by
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