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SurnameGiven Name TradeHistory
AMNER Robert Blacksmith 1827: Robert Amner, blacksmith, shipwright. Sheerness, Kent & Wapping London area where son John Thomas was baptised in 1827. No other information given.
ASHDOWN Lewis Blacksmith,Whitesmith 1834: Lewis Ashdown, blacksmith, whitesmith. Born 1834 in Hythe, Kent, England. The 1841 UK census lists Lewis as 8yrs old, living in Chapel Street, Hythe with his grandparents William Ashdown 56yrs (blacksmith) and Susan 60yrs. Also listed is Susan Ashdown 25yrs and Mary Ann Ashdown 20yrs. In 1851 Lewis is 17yrs, a whitesmith still living with grandparents William 66yrs and Susan 70yrs. Jump to 1891 and Lewis is 57yrs, blacksmith, living at 38 Alexandra Street, Folkestone, Kent; with wife Mary Elizabeth (nee Hopper) 49yrs (born Ewell Kent). Children: Alfred 18yrs; Edward 16yrs; Ernest 11yrs; Bertha 9yrs; Annie 5yrs. See also, Whitesmiths Index. Contact Christine by.
ASHDOWN William Blacksmith,Whitesmith 1785: William Ashdown, blacksmith, whitesmith. Born about 1785, Westfield Sussex, England. The 1841 UK census lists William as 56yrs, a whitesmith; with wife Susan 60yrs (born Hastings, Kent). Living with them is daughters Susannah Ashdown 25yrs and Mary Ann Ashdown 20yrs and grandson Lewis Ashdown 8yrs. In 1851 William is 66yrs and Susan 70yrs still in Hythe. Grandson Lewis is 17yrs (whitesmith) is the only family members listed. IN 1961 William 76yrs still working as a blacksmith and wife Susan is 80yrs. Grandson Lewis still with them aged 27yrs, unmarried (blacksmith). See also, Whitesmiths Index. Contact Christine by.
ATKIN John (Snr) Blacksmith 1764: John Atkin (Snr), blacksmith. Born 1764 in Warden, Kent, England. John moved from the town of Warden in 1788 and then worked as a blacksmith in Corbridge, Northunmberland . The 1841 UK census lists John (Snr) as 47yrs, wife Mary 35yrs, living in Corbridge. Children: Isabella 8yrs; Robert 6yrs; Elizabeth 5yrs. Edward 25yrs; Joseph 20yrs; Jonathan 15yrs. In 1851 John is 67yrs, Mary 57yrs, still in Corbridge. Children: Jonathan 28yrs unmarried (born 1823 blacksmith); Robert 16yrs (born 1835 blacksmith); Isabella 18yrs; Elizabeth 14yrs; Matthew 12yrs; Mary 8yrs; Eleanor 6yrs; William 4yrs; Adam 2yrs. John died in Corbridge in 1851. His son John took over the business until his death in 1857 to be followed in turn by his son Robert who retired just before the First World War he died in 1922 aged 87. Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent and Northumberland. Contact David by
AUSTEN William Blacksmith 1840: William Austen, blacksmith. Born 1840-1841 in Sevenoaks, Kent, England. The 1851 UK census lists WIlliam as 11yrs. Mother Esther 40yrs widow. Siblings: Amos 14; Ann 12yrsí John 9yrs; Ed. 7yrs. Visitor Anne Bright 17yrs. Living at Oaks Weald, Kent. 1861 William is 21yrs, living at Sevenoaks Weald with his family. Mother Esther 50yrs widow. Brother John Austen 19yrs (gardener). Lodgers: Leonard Hills 13yrs (scholar) and Phillip Hills 11yrs(scholar). In 1881 William worked at HM Dockyards in Sheerness, his abode then was Ranelagh Road , Isle of . 1911 William is 71yrs, living Seerness with wife Kate 40yrs. Children: Doris Annie 17yrs; Lilian Kate 8yrs; Arthur William 4yrs; Kathleen 2yrs; Constance Mary 15mths infant.
BARKER William Blacksmith 1823: William Barker, blacksmith. Born in Chatham, about 1823, to James Barker (1790-1846) and Esther Price (1800-1881); christened at St Mary the Virgin's, Chatham on 13 Jul 1823; married Sarah Ann Wren (1823-1910) at All Saints, Frindsbury on 3 Dec 1843; and buried at St Mary the Virgin's, Chatham on 24 Mar 1878. In 1851 census, was living at 4 Grundy St, Poplar, London with wife Sarah & 5 children, and was recorded as a Blacksmith. In 1861 census, was living at Upper St, Gillingham with wife & 9 children, and was recorded as a Blacksmith. In 1871 census,was living at Luton Rd, Chatham with wife & 5 children, and was recorded as a Superannuated Blacksmith. Contact Kevin by
BARNES William Blacksmith 1779: William Barnes, blacksmith. Born 12 February 1779. William and his family emigrated from Cranbrook, Kent to New Zealand in 1841; on the ship ďEssex" . They settled in Wellington NZ . Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent and New Zealand. Contact Donald by
BATES John Blacksmith 1848: John Bates, a blacksmith in Brompton,Kent in 1848. No other information supplied
BEARD George (Jnr) Blacksmith 1851: George Beard (Jnr) 22yrs, North Woolton, Kent. Born: Kings---,Wiltshire. See Blacksmiths of Kent for parents George 45yrs (bloacksmith) & Jemima 43yrs & siblings.
BEARD George (Snr) Blacksmith(Master),employs 2 men 1851: George Beard (Snr) 45yrs, North Woolton, Kent. Born: Somerset Pilton. Wife: Jemima 43yrs born Kings---,Wiltshire. Children: George 22yrs (blacksmith), Mary 16yrs, Kezia . Apprentice: Abraham Hutchins 14yrs.?15yrs,
BERRY James Blacksmith 1886: James Berry, master blacksmith. Born 1886, Faversham Kent, England. Died 1920 Swanscombe. Kent. The 1891 UK census lists James as 8yrs, living at Selling, Kent with his family. See Blacksmiths of Kent for parents William James and Rosetta Berry plus siblings. 1901: James 18yrs, unmarried; appears to be apprentice to Herbert.H.Stanley, master smith, ironmonger and farmer at High Street Wrotham, Kent. Contact Martin by
BERRY William James Blacksmith 1858: William James Berry, master blacksmith. Born about 1858, Kennington, Kent. Died in Tonbridge 1908. A blacksmith from 1878-1901 at Hodsoll St Ash Kent. The 1861 UK census lists William james as 3yrs, living at Kennington, Kent with father William Berry, a gardener/labourer (born about 1827, Boughton Huph, Kent) and mother Jane. 1871: William.J. is 15yrs (a house boy) living with parents. 1881: William.J is 25yrs, a blacksmith living at Ospring, Kent with wife Rosetta 22yrs (born Preston, Kent). Children: Louisa 2yrs; Edward 1yr infant. Rosetta 1 month infant. In 1891 William. J. is 35yrs living at Selling, Kent; Rosetta 32yrs Children: Louise 12yrs; (1) William. E. 11yrs; Mary. B. 10yrs; James 8yrs ( see Blacksmiths of Kent); (2) William 7yrs; Percy.J. 6yrs; Frederick 3yrs; Beatrice. A. 2yrs; George 3mths infant. Contact Martin by
BIRCH George Spowers Blacksmith 1833: George Spowers Birch, born about 1833, Kingston Upon Hull, York. Died: about 1910, Yorkshire England
BIRCH Henry Blacksmith - Apprentice 1841: Henry Birch 15yrs, Coldharbour House, Acrise, Kent. Born: Kent. See census 1841 for parents & siblings.
BISHOP Frederick Blacksmith 1841: Frederick Bishop 15yrs, The Forge, Ash, Kent. Born: Kent. With parents: Thomas (blacksmith) & Harriet.
BISHOP John Blacksmith 1907: John Bishop, blacksmith. Born 1807 at Meopham, Kent, England. He was another grandson of my 5 times great uncle. He became the Blacksmith at Harvel Street, Meopham in 1849 on the death of his father William. Contact Mike by
BISHOP Richard Blacksmith 1838: Richard Bishop,blacksmith. Born 1838 at Meopham, Kent, England. He was the great, great grandson of my 5 times uncle. He was the Blacksmith at Luddesdown. He died in 1927. Contact Mike by
BISHOP Richard Blacksmith 1833: Richard Bishop, blacksmith. Born 1833 at Ash, Kent, England. He was the great grandson of my 5 times uncle. He was the Blacksmith at Meopham Green until his death in 1878. Contact Mike by
BISHOP Richard Blacksmith 1796: Richard Bishop, blacksmith. Born 1796 at Ash, Kent, England. He was the grandson of my 5 times great uncle. He was the Blacksmith at Meopham until his death in 1884. Contact Mike by
BISHOP Thomas Blacksmith 1841: Thomas Bishop 50yrs, The Forge, Ash, Kent. Born: Kent. Wife: Harriet 40yrs born Kent. Elizabeth 15yrs, Frederick 15yrs (blacksmith), Daniel 14yrs,John 6yrs.
BISHOP William Blacksmith 1771: William Bishop, blacksmith. Born 1771 at Ash, Kent, England. He was the son of my 5 times great uncle Thomas Bishop. William was the Blacksmith at Harvel Street, Meopham until his death in 1849. Contact Mike by
BOOKER William Blacksmith 1841: William Booker 30yrs, Northfleet, Kent. Born: Kent. Wife: Hannah 30yrs born Kent. Laura 5yrs,Henry 5yrs,Ann 4yrs,Charles 18months.
BOORMAN William Athawes Blacksmith 1831: William Athawes Boorman. Baptised 20th March 1831, Harrietsham, Kent, England. He was the 10th child of Richard Kelcy Boorman & Susannah Athawes. Blacksmith of Harrietsham 1851-1901. Married Eliza Rose (1828-1912, dau of Thomas and Sarah Rose) 11 Aug 1850 Maidstone, Kent. William & Eliza had 13 children born 1847-1872. William bur 28 May 1908 Harrietsham. Contact Jacquie by.
BOWDEN John Blacksmith 1841: John Bowden, blacksmith. The 1841 UK census lists him as 30yrs, at Greenich, Kent. Born: not in Kent. Wife Ann 30yrs born Ireland?
BOWLES George Blacksmith 1824: George Bowles, blacksmith, farrier. Born 17th May 1824 to Mary Harris of Cranbroo, Kent, England. Father: George Roots, carpenter of Biddington. See family tree paternoster dot orpheusweb dot co dot uk backslash bowles. Contact Brenda by
BOWRA Cornelius James Robert Blacksmith 1853: Cornelius James Robert Bowra (Snr), blacksmith. Born 25 March 1853 Kent, England. Died 19 February 1910. Cornelius.J.R. came to Australia when he was about 5 years old & worked in the mines around Ballarat). He came out to Australia with his step mother Eliza Ann Tippen & her two children & may have come out in Her surname (Tippen). Cornelius.J.R. married Margaret Wilkin. He rescued a child (Walton was the childís surname from Lake Wendouree Ballarat. The unsubstantiated storey is that Cornelius James younger brother Robert took a Model plough that Cornelius James made back to Ballarat to donate to the Mechanical Museum. See Blacksmiths of Australia for Cornelius JR (Snr) and his son Cornelius James. Contact Colin by
BRIGGS John Blacksmith 1794: John Briggs, blacksmith. Born Kent about 1794. The 1841 UK census lists him as 47yrs living at Welling, Bexley,Kent with wife Elizabeth 36yrs. Children listed : Elizabeth 16yrs, Emily 15yrs, William 12yrs, Edward 9yrs, Douglas 6yrs, John 4yrs, Anthony 2yrs. His son Edward's birth certificate shows his birth as 23rd September 1832. No: 286 on the East Wickham, St Michael 1832 records. Contact Mike by.
BRIGGS Mark Blacksmith 1804: Mark Briggs, blacksmith. Baptised 19 February 1804 at Northfleet, Kent. Buried: Northfleet 10th March 1846 aged 42yrs. Wife: Hannah born Northfleet. Children: John,Thomas,Betsy,Phillip, Charlotte, Jane, Mark. Parents: Edward and Phillis Briggs (Mark born 1804 was their 7th child,- the previous 6 being bap. at St. Mary, Chatham, Kent). For more information contact Pam by.
BRIGGS Thomas Blacksmith 1830: Thomas Briggs, blacksmith. Born about 1830. Still looking for birth records. Father: Thomas Briggs (a gardener in 1854). no mothers name on marriage certificate. Worked: 1854 Blue Town Dockyards,Sheerness,Kent. Married Maria Richards 8th May 1854. Died: 122 Chapel St. Blue Town, 9th Aug 1854 aged 24yr of purpura / haemorrhage. Buried: 12 Aug 1854 Sheerness,Kent. Son Thomas.F.R.Briggs born 7 months after he died. Contact GG Granddaughter Ann by.
BRIGGS Thomas (Jnr) Blacksmith 1828: Thomas Briggs (Jnr), blacksmith. Born Kent. The 1851 UK census lists him as 23yrs, at ?27 Alfred Place, Bexley,Kent, with his father Thomas and youngest sister Eliza 12yrs: His mother Phillis not listed here but re-appears on 1861 census aged 64yrs with Eliza 22yrs, living at the Blacksmithís Forge, Bexley. In 1861 Thomas (Jnr) is listed as 33yrs, at Bexley with wife Rosina 30yrs. Children listed: Rosina Mary Ann 5yrs; Elizabeth Phillis 2yrs; Charlotte Sarah 1yr infant. His fatherís WILL can be seen at . I have no other information.
BRIGGS Thomas (Snr) Blacksmith 1795: Thomas Briggs (Snr), blacksmith. Born Kent. The 1851 UK census lsits him as 56yrs, at ?27 Alfred Place, Bexley Heath, Bexley, Kent; with daughter: Eliza 12yrs. Son: Thomas 23yrs(blacksmith). Wife Phillis not shown on 1851 census with him but is alive and well. You can read the last Will & testament of Thomas Briggs at .
BRISLEY Edward Blacksmith 1816: Edward Brisley, blacksmith. Born about 1816, Kent, England. The 1841 UK census lists Edward as 30yrs, living at Northfleet, Kent. In 1851 Edward is 50yrs, widower, living at Wood Street, Sheerness, kent with son Edward 35yrs (scholar).
BRISLEY Charles Blacksmith 1791: Charles Brisley, blacksmith. Born about 1791, place unknown(not in Kent). The 1841 UK census lists Chas as 50yrs, living in Northfleet, Kent with son William 20yrs(blacksmith).
BRISLEY William Blacksmith 1821: William Brisley, blacksmith. Born about 1821, unknown(not in Kent). The 1841 UK census lists William as 20yrs, living in Northfleet with his father blacksmith Charles Brisley.
BROADY Thomas Blacksmith 1854: Thomas Broady, born about 1854, Carrick Fergus, Northern Ireland. Died: 4th June 1923. Buried: Davenham, Cheshire, England.
BROWN George Blacksmith 1824: George Brown, blacksmith. Shows up in 1824 Pigott's Directory for Kent. Lived in Farningham. Died in 1828, age 56. Contact Maureen by
BROWN James Blacksmith - Journeyman 1841: James Brown , blacksmith. Born Kent. The 1841 UK census lists him as 15yrs, living in Wichampton, Kent. Working for Master blacksmith James & Harriett Foyle .
BURFORD Thomas Blacksmith 1623: Thomas Burford, blacksmith. Born about 1623, Strood Kent , England. Thomas was a wealthy blacksmith, his dwelling ĎThe Five Bellsí he leaves to his son William with all his other messages and his brick built forge to his other son Thomas he leaves his farmhouse and land lying at all hallows in the hundreds of hoo..too his daughter Mary he leaves £200 pounds and to his wife Jane the sum of £100 pounds and all my household goods . To my brother-in-law George Startup and Robert Stubberfield I give to them five guineas apiece of gold. William is buried at Strood in 1694. Contact Kathleen by
BURFORD William Blacksmith 1680: William Burford, blacksmith. During the 17th century (1600-1700), William was a very wealthy blacksmith, living in Strood, Kent. No other information given. Contact Kathleen by
BURTON Aron Blacksmith - Journeyman 1841: Aron Burton, blacksmith. Born Kent. The 1841 UK census lsits him as 20yrs, at Aldington Corner, Aldington, Kent. No other details.
CHAPMAN John Blacksmith 1819: John Chapman, blacksmith. Born 23rd May 1819, Chiddingstone, Kent, Endland. The 1851 & 1861 census (Chiddingstone UK) list him as a blacksmith. More info available on demand. Contact Nichola by
CLARK William (Jnr) Blacksmith & Engineer 1827: William Clark (Jnr), born about 1927, Chatham/Brompton,Kent.
CLEAR Walter Blacksmith 1805: Walter Clear, blacksmith. Born 1805 in Wittersham, Kent, England. The 1841 census lists him as 35yrs; wife Ann 25yrs. Children: Henry 12yrs, Jane 10yrs, Walter 9yrs, George 7yrs, Albert 2yrs. Also seen in the 1851 UK census: Walter 46yrs, blacksmith journeyman; Ann 34yrs born Tenterden Kent. Children: Walter 19yrs, Albert 11yrs, Ann 7yrs, Spencer 2yrs. 1861: Walter 56yrs, blacksmith, Ann 44yrs. Children: Caroline 6yrs, William 4yrs. 1871: Walter 66yrs, Ann 54yrs. Children: William 16yrs (upholsterer). Contact Amy by
COCKSHOTT George Blacksmith 1791: George Jacob Cockshott, blacksmith. Born about 1791 in St Alphage, Greenwich, Kent, England. His occupation was listed as blacksmith in the 1851 census when he was living in High Street, St Paul Deptford, Greenwich, Kent. Subscriber does not want to be contacted.
COMBEY Thomas (Tom) Blacksmith 1904: Thomas (Tom) Combey, born 6th October 1904, Madias, India. Died: 11 Sep1994, Dalesford, Victoria, Australia.
COOPER James Blacksmith 1779: James Cooper, blacksmith. Born at Ticehurst about 1779. Aas working as a Blacksmith at Boresisle, Tenterden, in 1841. He was later listed in the 1851 Census, still at Tenterden, as a retired Blacksmith. Contact Colin by.
COULSON Samuel (Snr) Blacksmith 1841: Samuel Coulson (Snr) 70yrs, Northfleet, Kent. Born: not in Kent. No other details.
COUSINS William Blacksmith - Journeyman 1841: William Cousins 42yrs, Stockwell Lane, Bexley,Kent. Born: Kent Wife: Philladelphia 43yrs. Born: unknown - not in Kent. Sons: James 16yrs, George 12yrs, Edward 10yrs.
COWLARD James Blacksmith 1825: James Cowlard, blacksmith. Born about 1825/26 in Chipstead Kent, England. James appears as blacksmith journeyman in the UK census 1851 to 1901 (in hipstead or Riverhead, Kent). James died aged 80yrs in 1906, Sevenoaks Registration District. Was a grt grt grandfather of mine. Contact Mike by
CRONK George Blacksmith 1847: George Cronk, blacksmith. Born 23 February 1847 in Brasted, Kent, England. His father was William Cronk, also a blacksmith. In the 1871 UK Census George is working in Pluckley, Kent with his wife Maria and one son, James. In the 1881 and 1891 UK Census he is working in Knockholt, Kent as a blacksmith. It looks as though George took over as blacksmith for his father in Knockholt sometime between 1871 and 1881. In 1881 William was in the Bromley Union Workhouse, and George was blacksmith in Knowkholt. Contact Nicholas by
CRONK William (Jnr) Blacksmith 1843: William Cronk (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 18 March 1843, Brasted, Kent, England. The 1871 UK census lists William in Stepney London, living with his wife, Sarah; and a married daughter Sarah Woodham; grandson Joseph E. Woodham; and Williamís sister Sarah A. Cronk. See him also n Blacksmiths of London. See Blacksmiths of Kent for Williamís father blacksmith William Cronk (born 1819). Contact Nicholas by
CRONK William (Snr) Blacksmith 1819: William Cronk (Snr), blacksmith. Born 31 October 1819, in Brasted, Kent, England. The 1841 UK census lists William living with a blacksmith Henry Roots, in Sundridge, Kent. I'm assuming he was apprenticing with Henry. He is listed in the Melvilles 1858 directory of Kent as the Knockholt blacksmith, Kent, England . See Blacksmiths of London for his son William (Jnr). William is my great-great grandfather. Contact Nicholas by
CROWHURST George Blacksmith 1805: George Crowhurst, blacksmith. Born about 1805 in Brenchley, Kent, England. Parents: John Crowhurst and Ann Huggate. Wife (1) Jane (surname unknown), who came from Ightham, Kent, and had five children, Jane, Sarah, William, George and Mary. Jane died in 1846 and in 1848 George married Wife (2) Elizabeth Morgan, b.27.8.1826 in Ightham. They had a further nine children, Ann Elizabeth, Henry, John, Rose, James, Thomas, Emma, Emily and William Albert. His son George followed him into the trade of Blacksmith. George died in the Union Workhouse, West Malling in 1884 at the age of 79 years.Contact Susan by
CUNNINGHAM Edgar Blacksmith 1858: Edgar Cunningham, blacksmith striker. Born about 1858, Greenwich Kent, but the family moved to Hull and lived in Warwick Street, East Hull, Yorkshire. In 1881 Edgar is 23yrs, wife Mary (nee Hodgson) 18yrs, living in Southcoats Yorkshire with Maryís parents John, 57yrs and Martha. A. Hodgson 57yrs. He was my great grandfather. Edgar is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Kent and Yorkshire Indexes. Contact Susan by
CURRALL James Blacksmith 1832: James Currall, master blacksmith. Born about 1832 in Broadwater, Sussex, England. The 1871 UK census (7 April ) Lists James as 39yrs, a widower, living at 10 Caroline Cottages, North St, Christ Church Parish, Old Forest Hill, Kent. Children: James 11 b Lewisham, Jane 9 b Kent Rd, Joseph 7 b Middlesex, Hoxton, William 5 b Greenwich, Mary Ann 3 b Greenwich, Alfred 1 b Lewisham. With them was their housekeeper Elizabeth Woodward 46 b Hayes, Kent, note that no marital coding was given for her. Forest Hill Kent Census Film 542634 read April2005 and RG9/417 folio 90. On 2 April 1871 at 8 Layton Terrace, Works Ward, St Saviours, Lewisham, Kent: James Currall is 49yrs and his second wife Elizabeth 56 b Hayes, Kent. With them was his son William Currall 15, b Greenwich. RG10/772; Lewisham Kent Census Film 824733. Note: his daughter Mary Ann 14 was living with her Aunt Ann Champion in Sussex. On 3 April 1881 at 91 Malham Rd, St Saviours Parish, ED 17a, Forest Hill, Lewisham RD, Sydenham SD, Kent: James Currall 60 b Broadwater, Sussex, a widower again, blacksmith, now living with his son James and family. Forest Hill, Kent. Census Film 1341172 and RG11/738 folio 138 p38. Enumerator A Eldridge ED description recorded 14 Sept 1881. Census 5 April 1891 at 71 Malham Rd, St Saviours, Forest Hill, Kent: James Currall 70 b Broadwater, Sussex, widower, classed as Master Blacksmith and at this time he had other persons in his employ. Census Fiche 6095635 on fiche #3. At this same time Kelly's Street Directory for 1891 page 286 mistakenly called him "John" Currall - a shoeing smith living at 77 Malham Rd, Forest Hill. - 31 March 1901, at 8 Malham Rd in Forest Hill, Kent: James Currall 80, still working as a master blacksmith and his 3rd wife wife Ann 70 b Hamton, Hampshire ("Hampton" refers to "Southampton" as per the Matthews family recorded on 1851 census). RG13/559 folio 124 p 17. Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent and Sussex. Contact Beryl by
CURRALL James Blacksmith 1820: James Currall, apprentice blacksmith. Born 1820-1821 in Broadwater, Sussex, England. The 1841 UK census ( 6 June) lists James as 29yrs, living an apprentice blacksmith, living at home with his parents. Ref. Broadwater Census Film #474672. Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent and Sussex. Contact Beryl by
CURRALL James Henry Blacksmith 1850: James Henry Currall, blacksmith. Born about 1850 in Lewisham, Kent, England. The 2nd April 1871 UK census lists James as 21yrs, unmarried, lodging at 1 Westham Villas, South Road, St Saviours Parish, ED 13 Lewisham. On the 1881 census (3 April) James is 30yrs, at 91 Malham Rd, Forest Hill (just SW of Ladywell), ED 17a, Lewisham RD, Sydenham SD, Kent: (indexed as 'Cunall') and his wife Elizabeth 28 b Rotherhithe, daughters Alice 5 b Rotherhithe, Caroline 3 b Forest Hill and Rose 1 b Forest Hill. His father James 60 was with them as was Elizabeth's brother Fred Peacock 10. Lewisham census film 1341172, RG11/738 folio 138 p38. 5 April 1891 at #106 Malham Rd, St Saviours Parish, Forest Hill, Kent: James Currall now 41ys, and his daughter, Harriet 8 b Forest Hill. With them was his mother-in-law, Mary Ann Peacock and some of her children all living in the same townhouse. Fiche 6095627 #4. RG12/525 folio ? p 24. Contact Beryl by
DIXON Edward Blacksmith 1601: Edward Dixon, born Abt 1601, baptized 6 Jul 1601 at St Mary Magdalene, Denton (Kent), occupation Blacksmith, died 1629, probate 2 Jan 1630. He married Mary BAKER, 13 Oct 1625 at St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury (Kent), born Abt 1595. url = Contact Dave by.
DIXON James Blacksmith 1786: James Dixon, born Abt 1786 in Waldershare (Kent), baptized 1 Oct 1786 at All Saints, Waldershare (Kent), census 1841 in Lower Whitfield (Kent), census 1851 in Whitfield (Kent), census 1861 in West Whitfield (Kent), census 1871 in Whitfield (Kent), occupation 1841 - 1871 Blacksmith, died Mar 1873 in Whitfield (Kent). He married Ann BOWMAN, 1 Jul 1815 at St Mary, Eastry (Kent), born 1796 in Ash (Kent), census 1841 in Lower Whitfield (Kent), census 1851 in Whitfield (Kent), census 1861 in West Whitfield (Kent), census 1871 in Whitfield (Kent), died Jun 1877 in Dover (Kent). url = Contact Dave by.
DIXON Robert Blacksmith 1829: Robert Dixon, born Abt 1829 in Nonington (Kent), baptized 14 Jun 1829 at St Mary the Virgin, Nonington (Kent), census 1841 at Church Street, Nonington (Kent), census 1851 at Church Street, Nonington (Kent), census 1871 at Red Lion Inn, High Street, Paddlesworth (Kent), census 1881 at Red Lion Inn, High Street, Paddlesworth (Kent), occupation 1851 Journeyman Blacksmith, occupation 1871 - 1881 Innkeeper & Blacksmith, died Jun 1896 in Elham RD (Kent) - Aged 67. He married Ann BRETT, Dec 1850 in Bridge RD (Kent), born Abt 1830 in Adisham (Kent), census 1851 at Church Street, Nonington (Kent), census 1871 at Red Lion Inn, High Street, Paddlesworth (Kent), census 1881 at Red Lion Inn, High Street, Paddlesworth (Kent), died Dec 1905 in Elham RD (Kent) - Aged 75. URL is Contact Dave by.
DIXON Thomas Blacksmith 1821: Thomas William Dixon, also known as William Thomas Dixon, born About 1821 in St Margarets (Kent), census 1841 in St Margarets at Cliff (Kent), census 1861 at Meer House, St Margarets at Cliff (Kent), census 1871 in St Margarets Village (Kent), census 1881 at Woolage Green, Womenswold (Kent), census 1891 at "The Two Sawyers", Womenswold (Kent), census 1901 at Dover Union Workhouse, Dover (Kent), occupation 1861 - 1871 Blacksmith & Licenced Victualler / Inn Keeper, occupation 1881 - 1891 Blacksmith, occupation 1901 Pauper - Formerly Blacksmith, died Apr 1901 in Dover (Kent), buried 12 Apr 1901 at St Margarets at Cliffe (Kent). He married Mary Ann CHANDLER, 25 Dec 1846 at St Mary the Virgin, Dover (Kent), born Abt 1819 in Dover (Kent), (daughter of John Worrell CHANDLER and Susanna Elizabeth ..) baptized 28 May 1819 at St Mary the Virgin, Dover (Kent). url = Contact Dave by.
DUNSTEN Thomas Blacksmith 1841: Thomas Dunsten 60yrs,---Town, Appledore, Kent. Born: Kent. Edward Dunsten (ag.labourer) 20yrs born kent.
ELLIOTT John Blacksmith 1807: John Elliott, blacksmith, hammerman. Born about 1807 in Co. Fermanaugh Ireland. John married Jane Corrigan from Co. Tyrone. They moved to Deptford Kent with their son Thomas in the mid 1840's. There they had a daughter Mary Jane. John Elliott is described as Blacksmith/Hammerman in various genealogical records from 1847 to 1871. He passed away about 1884. He resided in the following locations: 1851 - 27 Mary Anne's Buildings Deptford, 1861 - 16/13 Queen 13 Shop? (near Lucas Street) Deptford, 1871 - 16 Lucas Street Deptford. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland and Kent. Contact Noel by.
ESPINER Frederick Charles Blacksmith 1893: Frederick Charles Espiner, blacksmith. Born 21 January 1893, Waimate Plains,Taranaki,New Zealand. Died 30 November 1974 Te Aroha, Waikato, NZ
EXETER Michael John Blacksmith 1875: Michael John Exeter, blacksmith. Born 28th April 1875. Died 19th Novemebr 1942. He followed his father Edmund into this trade (listed in Blacksmiths of Kent). Michael was first in Seal, near Sevenoaks, Kent, before moving to Minster, Sheppey and working in the forge in Chapel Street. Contact Peter by
EXETER Edmund Blacksmith 1848: Edmund John William Exeter, blacksmith, Born 19 January 1848. Died 10th Janaury 1925. Edmund was a blacksmith in Seal, near Sevenoaks in Kent. See Blacksmiths of Kent for his son Michael John Exeter. Edmund Exeter worked at the forge owned by Charles Foreman at Chapel Row, Sheerness, Kent. Contact Peter by
FAGG William Blacksmith 1751: William Fagg, blacksmith. Baptised 28 November 1751 at Bridge, Kent, England. On Marriage to Abigail Skelton parish records have the following details - Wm Fagg of Bridge blacksmith bach, 35yrs & Abigail Skelton of Bishopsbourne spinster,30yrs, at Bridge on 10 Januray 1787. After Abigails death in 1788 he remarried Julia Blumfield with parish record details - Wm Fagg of Bridge blacksmith widower & Julia Blumfield of Bishopsbourne spinster, 27yrs, at Bishopsbourne 25 Oct 1790. Contact Murray by
FAGG William Blacksmith 1834: William Fagg, blacksmith. Born about 1834 Bridge, Kent, England. Son of Thomas Fagg (Blacksmith) and Susannah Gilham. The 1851 Kent census has them living at Bridge Village; William Fagg 17yrs, Blacksmith. On 1861 census (surname transcribed as Fagge) has William Fagg 27yrs, blacksmiths assistant. Contact Murray by
FAIRCHILD Samuel Blacksmith 1830: Samuel Fairchild, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1830 in Woolwich, Kent, England. The 1851 UK census lists Samuel as 21yrs, living in Rumsum, Barnstaple, Devon. Parents: Samuel (a Chelsea Pensioner ) and Alice. Siblings: Alice 23yrs & John 18yrs (taylors apprentice). Listed in Blacksmiths of Devon and Kent.
FLINN Robert Blacksmith 1830: Robert Flinn, blacksmith. Born about 1830 in Rochester, Kent. The 1861 UK census lists him as 31yrs, at 31 Charles Street, Sheerness,Kent; with wife Mary 33yrs (born Thurrick,Essex) and daughter Frances Mary 1 week infant.
FOREMAN Charles Blacksmith 1852: Charles Foreman, master blacksmith. Born about 1852 in Otham, Kent. The 1901 UK census lists him as 49yrs, at the forge (which he owned) in Chapel Row, Sheerness, Minster, Sheppey; with wife Elizabeth 48yrs(born Bearsted,Kent). Children: Jane 19yrs; Josephine 17yrs; Charles.F. Foreman 15yrs(water carrier). My grandfather, Edmund Michael John Exeter worked at Charles Foremanís forge. Contact Peter by
FOYLE James Blacksmith 1771: James Foyle, blacksmith. Born about 1771 in Kent. The 1841 UK census lists him as 70yrs, living at Witchampton, Kent; with wife Harriet 70yrs (born Kent).
GIBBS (nee HAMBROOK) Sarah Blacksmith 1809: Sarah Gibbs nee Hambrook, born in Lyminge,Kent,1809 (christened in Lyminge 26th February 1809. Parents: Richard Hambrook & Sarah Clement. Husband: Stephen Gibbs, miller of Black Mill in North Lyminge on 22nd October 1829. Widowed before 1861. Sarah died 1899 aged 91yrs. For further information see census for 1851 to 1891 or contact Brian by.
GOLDSACK William Grant Blacksmith 1826: William Grant Goldsack, born 1826, Whitfield, Kent. Worked: Dover & surrounds
GOLDSMITH Edward Blacksmith 1853: Edward Goldsack. Trade as, a blacksmith was given on a marriage certificate for his son, Thomas (my 2xgreat-grandfather) in 1853 as well as on the marriage certificate for Thomasís brother, James, in 1855, although the latter describes Edward as deceased. I have yet to find Edward in either the 1841 or the 1851 Census. As to his birth, there is mention of an Edward GOLDSMITH being baptised at Hunton, Kent in 1754 (not confirmed). Thomas, Edward, and their siblings: Sarah, Harriet and Anne were all born at Ryarsh, Kent and baptismal records indicate that their mother was Anne. Parish records for Wateringbury, Kent show that Edward GOLDSMITH married Anne TURNER in 1801. For further information and website URL pleasec ontact Steve by.
GOODCHILD Thomas Blacksmith 1928: Thomas Clarke Goodchild. He died in 1928 in Sittingbourne Kent. He was a blacksmith and died from septicemia. His last address was 6 Arthur Street Sittingbourne and I believe he was buried in Sittingbourne. I'd be glad of any help. Contact Dulcie by.
HAMBROOK George Blacksmith 1821: George Hambrook, born about 1821 in East Langdon, Kent, England (christened 1 Apr 1821 in East Langdon). Wife Maria. Son of George Hambrook and Sarah Lawrence. Nephew of Stephen Fagg. Not found in 1841 census. See census for 1851 ro 1891 for further information or contact Brian by.
HAMBROOK George Blacksmith 1819: George Hambrook, born 1819, Kent. Christened 14 February 1819 at Dymchurch, Romney Marsh. Arrived NYC, USA on 18th May 1837. See passenger record Castle Garden, ship The Neptune. See Blacksmiths of Kent Index for parents John born 1785, Mother Rose & brother John born 1821. Much more history is available, contact Arlene by
HAMBROOK John Blacksmith 1785: John Hambrook born 1785. Christened 10 Apr 1785 in Swingfield. Wife: Rose nee Thornden, married 29 November 1817 in St Leonard, Hythe, Kent. source: Michael Gandy's East Kent Marriage Index. Parents: William Hambrook born 1755 and Mary Belsey born 1756. On 18th May 1837 John aged 50yrs with wife Rose 50yrs, arrived NYC, USA. See passenger record Castle Garden, ship The Neptune. Daughter May born 1822. See Blacksmiths of Kent Index for sons George born 1819 (blacksmith) & John born 1821 (blacksmith). John was one of 9 children, all born in Kent and all Christened in Swingfield St. Peter Church. For more history contact Arlene by
HAMBROOK John Blacksmith 1839: John Hambrook In Pigots Directory 1839 There is a John Hambrook listed as Blacksmith in Dymchurch. There was a "Hambrook Forge" in Swingfield, Kent, ENG across from 900 + year old Church Swingfield St Peter Church. Many Hambrook Family members buried in the Church Cemetery. Contact Arlene by
HAMBROOK John Blacksmith 1675: John Hambrook of Stowting, blacksmith (£80) Item paid vnto Mr Boughton phisitian for phisick by him administred to the said deceased. Contact Arlene by
HAMBROOK John William Blacksmith 1821: John William Hambrook born 1821 Kent. Christened 30 December 1821 at Dymchurch, Romney Marsh. Arrived NYC, USA on 18th May 1837. See passenger record Castle Garden, ship The Neptune. See Blacksmiths of Kent Index for parents John Hambrook born 1785 & Rose. Brother George born 1819 is also listed on Blacksmiths of Kent Index. Much more history is available, contact Arlene by
HANCOCK George Blacksmith - Journeyman 1841: George Hancock 35yrs, Adisham, Kent. Born: Kent. No other details.
HATFULL George Blacksmith 1745: George Hatfull, blacksmith. Born: ? Died: ? In the days when Deptford was in Kent my mother`s blacksmith ancester George Hatfull, who I believe to be the first of that surname, made two pairs of gates in 1745 for St Nicholas` church. He had married Mary, daughter of John Dobson (another smith), in 1734 and at least three further generations followed the same trade. By the mid 1850s his great-grandson had become a marine engineer in the early days of steam. Hasted`s Kent mentions George and his gates. The contracts for them, signed by him, with detail of their construction, are in the St Nicholas Vestry minutes at London Metropolitan Archives. Email withheld, at researchers request.
HAYMAN Edward Blacksmith 1841: Edward Hayman 60yrs, Minnis (near Ridge Row), Acrise,Kent. Born: Kent. Wife: Sarah 55yrs born Kent. Ann 15yrs, Sarah 15yrs.
HENRY Robert Blacksmith 1866: Robert Henry, born 25 Nov 1866. New Plymouth,Taranaki New Zealand. Died15 Sep 1953 New Plymouth,Taranaki NZ.
HENTY William Blacksmith 1951: William Henty. Kent. Wife Mary Ann and 2 children.
HICKS William Adam Blacksmith 1809: William Adam Hicks, blacksmith. Born 11 Oct 1809, Greenhythe Kent England and died December 1897 in Dover Kent. William married Jane Savage, daughter of John Savage, 21 Oct 1837. Williamís occupation at date of marriage was Smith - later to become a Fishmonger/hawker. Contact Margaret by
HINKLEY William Blacksmith 1841: William Hinkley 35yrs, Acrise Village, Acrise,Kent. Born: Kent. Wife: Elizabeth 35yrs born Kent. Stephen 6yrs, Walter 4yrs, Grace 2yrs.
HODGES Albert James Blacksmith 1857: Albert James Hodges, born:12 January 1857, Hollingbourne, Christened 21st March 1857 St Maryís Lenham; Died: 7th January 1933, in Victoria Hospital, Deal, buried in Deal Cemetery). Married on 15th February 1879 at Lenham Parish Church, Ruth MERCER (Born 11th November 1857 Charing; Died 22nd March 1960, Cheriton, Folkestone, Kent, aged 102) Witnesses at the marriage were Henry HENNEKER and Caroline Hughes HENNEKER (nee MILHAM). 1881: at 6 Tufton Road, Ashford. Ruth taught him to read and write. 1891: they moved to Oak Cottages, Sellindge and Albert became a blacksmith in nearby Newingreen. 1901: gives Lenham as the birthplace of Albert. 1933: Albert Died after an emergency operation for a burst duodenal ulcer.Contact Stuart
HOILE Joseph Blacksmith 1810: Joseph Hoile operated as a Blacksmith in Hythe. At first the census address was Theatre St., later Marine Walk from approximately 1810 to 1851. He is listed in Pigots and Bagshaws trade directories. Contact John by.
HORTON William Edward Blacksmith 1872: William Edward Horton born 06 Oct 1872 Ashford, Kent died 30 Jan 1938, at Battle, Sussex. The 1891 UK census lists William as 18yrs, a shoeing smith living with his parents and siblings at King Street, Rye, Sussex. In 1901 William is 28yrs, works for himself, living at 20 Cockle Street, Brede Sussex; with wife Ellen 30yrs (born Brede). Children: Edith 3yrs, Leslie Charles 2yrs; Ethel 4months infant. 1911: William is 38yrs, at Rye, Sussex. Ellen is 39yrs, Children Edith Ellen 13yrs; Leslie Charles 12yrs; Ethel Mary 10yrs; Cecil John 6yrs. See Blacksmiths of Kent for grandfather William Mannings Horton and Sussex for brother Robert George Horton. Contact Ruthie by
HORTON William Mannings Blacksmith 1818: William Mannings Horton, blacksmith. Born about 1818, Ewell, Kent, England. Died 09 June 1894 Dover, Kent. Williamís grandsons William Edward Horton born 06 Oct 1872 Ashford, Kent died 30 Jan 1938, at Battle, Sussex and Robert George Horton born 09 June 1883, Rye, Sussex died 05 Nov 1972 at Storrington, Susse. See Blacksmiths of Kent and Sussex for grandsons. Contact Ruthie by
HUTCHINS Abraham Blacksmith - Apprentice 1851: Abraham Hutchins 14yrs, Born: Sheerness, Kent. Apprentice with George Beard (Blacksmith). See HO107/1934, North Wootton, Som. Page 5/F410.
HUGHES William Blacksmith 1796: William Hughes, blacksmith HM dockyards. Born about 1796 -97 in Minster Sheppey, Kent. The 1841 UK census lists him as 45yrs, living at Fife's yard with wife Fanny 39yrs. Children listed: WIlliam 14yrs; Frances 12yrs; Ann 9yrs; John 6yrs; Mary 4yrs; Maria 18months infant. The 1851 Uk census lists him as 55yrs, living at Batts Yard, Blue Town, Kent. Census state he is married but no family listed.
JAMES George Blacksmith 1832: George James, baptised 1832, St Ishmaels,PEM. Widower, married Margaret James aged 28yrs at Narbeth RO 31 Aug 1872.
JAMES William Blacksmith 1869: William James, blacksmith. Born about 1869 and baptised at West Malling, Kent, England. As a very young child he lived in Essex, but his whereabouts are unknown after the death of his mother Lizzie (Betsy) when he was about 4. He doesn't seem to be recorded on the 1881 Census, but is with his sister, Alice, in Brighton in the Census of 1891, and recorded as a blacksmith then. On the next census he's a blacksmith living at Ryash, Kent and by the Census of 1911 back at West Malling, still a batchelor, and a blacksmith, living with his uncle Josiah Abery. Contact Jane by
JAMES William Blacksmith 1873: William James, born 1873. Died 18 May 193, Teignmouth,Devon,UK. Wife Alice Linda Maud DAY, born 18 Apr 1875, Maindee Parish Church, Newport. Married:26 Dec 1898
JOHNSON Benjamin (Snr) Blacksmith 1837: Benjamin Johnson (Snr), blacksmith. Born 1837 - 1840, Hawkeshurst, Kent., England. 1841: Benjamin is 4yrs old, living at Moor Place with grandparents James Johnson 60yrs & Sophia 60yrs. Alos listed: Elizabeth Millham (nee Johnson) 25yrs; Sarah Johnson 20yrs; Charles Johnson 1yr. 1851 Benjamin is 11yrs, at Moor Hill, Hawkhurst, Kent, with grandmother Sophia Johnson 70yrs (carpenterís widow); his aunt Elizabeth Millham (nee Johnson) 34yrs, widow, plus Sarah Johnson 34yrs, unmarried; Mary Johnson 17yrs, unmarried. In 1861, Benjamin is 21yrs, unmarried, at Cransbrook Road, Hawkhurst, lodging with his aunt Elizabeth Millham (nee Johnson)a pauper and Fanny Primmer 70yrs. In 1862, Benjamin married Mary Amelia Igglesden. The 1871 UK census lists him as 31yrs, at Gillís Green, Hawkhurst, Kent; with wife Mary Amelia 28yrs (born Hawkhurst). Children: Benjamin 7yrs; Edward William 4yrs; Frank 2yrs; Rosa 10mths infant. In1881 Benjamin (Snr) is 41yrs,living at Cranbrook Rd, Hawkhurst, Kent; Mary Amelia 39yrs. Children: Benjamin 17yrs (blacksmith); Edward.W. 14yrs; Frank,J, 12yrs; Rosa.E. 10yrs; Albert. C. 6yrs; Alice.A. 4yrs; Minnie.L. 3mths infant. Contact Laurella by
JOHNSON Benjamin Joseph (Jnr) Blacksmith 1864: Benjamin Joseph Johnson (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1864, Hawkhurst, Kent, England. The 1871 UK census lists him as 7yrs, at Gillís Green, Hawkhurst, Kent, with his family. In 1881 Benjamin (Jnr) is 17yrs, living at Cranbrook Rd, Hawkhurst, Kent; with his family. See Blacksmiths of Kent for parents Benjamin (Snr) and Mary.A. (nee Igglesden) plus his siblings. In 1901 Benjamin.J. (Jnr) is 37yrs, at 5 Culverdon Square, Tunbridge Wells, Kent with wife Caroline (?nee Brooker) 39yrs and son Arthur.E. 7yrs.. For Benjamin and Carolineís marriage see UK Free BMDs 1890, for Cranbrook, 2a 915. The 1911 UK census lists Benjamin.J as 47yrs, Caroline 49yrs and son Arthur Edward 17yrs (civil servant apprentice). Benjamin Johnson ran a blacksmiths forge at Gills Green in Kent, which was there until the mid 1900's. He was my G Grandfather. Contact Laurella by
KEELER Richard Blacksmith 1844: Richard and wife Mary. Daughter Ann Baptised 29th December t St Peter and Paul Charlton Dover. Information came from annonymous Kent list member.
KNOTT George Blacksmith 1793: George Knott, born 1793. Died 1907. Worked in Minster, Isle of Thanet, Kent.
KNOTT Henry (1) Blacksmith 1655: Henry Knott (1), born 1655. Died 1722. Worked: in Minster, Isle of Thanet, Kent.
KNOTT Henry (2) Blacksmith 1707: Henry Knott (2), born1707. Died 1767. Worked in Minster, Isle of Thanet, Kent.
KNOTT Henry (3) Blacksmith 1811: Henry Knott (3), born 1811 Minster, Kent. Died 1897. Worked in Minster, Isle of Thanet, Kent. Abode:1861,16 Brunswick Square,1871 at 7 Clarendon Terrace. Census 1861-1871. Maried:Eliza Walmer.
KNOTT John Blacksmith 1683: John Knott, born 1683. Died 1735. Workedin Minster, Isle of Thanet, Kent.
LARGE Richard Blacksmith 1812: Richard Large, born about 1812 in Hunton,Kent. Died before 1881.
LAWRENCE Julius Blacksmith 1800: Julius Lawrence, born about 1800 in Elham, Kent. Died before 1875 in Goswell Rd.London. Wife Martha Taught, married 1920 at Folkstone..
LIDDLE Alex? Blacksmith 1841: Alex Liddle 30yrs, Greenich,Woolich,Kent. Born: ?Scotland(unclear). Wife Mary 25yrs. Children: Alek 10yrs, Eliz. 8yrs, Fred.R. 2 months infant.
LONG Tom Blacksmith & Farrier Tom Long, blacksmiths & farrier. Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent and the Farriers Index. Contact Tony by
LUSTED James Blacksmith 1841: James Lusted 25yrs, Ridge Row, Acrise, Kent. Born: Kent. Wife Elizabeth 25yrs born Kent. Children: Charles 5yrs, Elizabeth 3yrs, Isabella ?8months infant.
MARSH? John Blacksmith 1841: John Marsh 50yrs,Greenwich,Kent. Born:Kent. Wife ?Nana 45yrs born Kent. Children: Jacob 11yrs, Elizah 6yrs.
MARTIN Charles Roger Blacksmith, Farrier 1834: Charles Roger martin, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1834 in Canterbury City, Kent, England. Charles married (1) Caroline Styles in 1853. He served as errand boy then a blacksmith to a master blacksmith Lewis and Mary Pilcher of Herne Bay, Kent. Charles married (2) Sophia Coltma in 1874. Sailed for New Zealand arriving in Lyttelton, NZ on the 6th June 1874. Died in Lyttelton 1876. Listed in the Farriers Index plus the Blacksmiths of Kent & New Zealand Indexes. Contact Fay by
McDONOUGH Hugh Shipwright 1821: Hugh McDonough, blacksmith HM dockyards. Born about 1821 Ireland. The UK 1851 census lists him aged 30yrs, living in Batts Yard, Blue Town, Ken; with wife Margaret 23yrs. Sons: John 3yrs; James 3months.
McLEAN Charles Blacksmith 1833: Charles McLean, born about 1833 at Whiltehills,Parish of Boyndie, Banffshir. Died 22 Mar 1922. Buried:Church St.Garmouth,Moray,Scotland.
McLEAN Robert Clark Blacksmith 1863: Robert Clark McLean, born 17 Feb 1863 at Garmouth, Moray, Scotland. Died 20 Dec 1926 at Cairns Queensland Australia.
MILSTED Francis Blacksmith 1784: Francis Milsted, blacksmith. Born Chislett, Kent, England in 1794. Francis Milsted was a Blacksmith in Stelling, Kent, as per the 1851 Census. The name Milsted is sometimes spelled MilsteAd too! Contact Miranda by
MILSTED Francis Blacksmith 1771: Francis Milsted, blacksmith. Born in Chislett, Kent, England in 1771. The UK census 1841 lists him as 77yrs, a Blacksmith at Catts House, Stelling, Kent. Other Milsted relatives are on the same census page and are farmers. NB the name Milsted is occasionally spelled Milstead as well. Contact Miranda by
MORGAN Andrews Blacksmith 1765; Andrews Morgan, born 1765, Nonington-KEN.
MORGAN Andrews Blacksmith 1803: Andrews Morgan, born 1803, Nonington-KEN.
MORGAN Charles Blacksmith Born: Charles Morgan, birth date unknown, Nonington-KEN. Charles was mentioned in a book about the village of Nonington,author Aubrey Subon. There is a memorial plaque in the Nonington Church. Beverley also has some newspaper items & photographs. Email address not supplied.
NASH William Spooner Blacksmith 1839: William Spooner Nash, born about 1839. Census 1891 lists him as a blacksmith at Chatham Dockyard, and his son William Nash (b. abt 1869). Contact Kellyanne by.
NEVE? John Blacksmith 1841: John Neve 50yrs, at ---, Appledore, Kent. Born: Kent. Wife Mary 45yrs. Children: William 15yrs,Henry 12yrs,Walter 11yrs, Mary ?age,under 11yrs, Jane 7yrs,Fanny 5yrs.
OLIVER Henry Blacksmith 1839: Henry Oliver, blacksmith. Born 1839 at Ash-next-Ridley, Kent. Blacksmith at the hamlet of West Yoak, Ash-next-Ridley, Kent in 1871. To share information contact Mike by
OSBORNE(E) Robert John Blacksmith 1867: Robert John Osborn(e) a Blacksmith, of Deptford. Wife Eliza Ellen. Two daughters baptized at St Paul, Deptford, in 1867 and 1872. Contact Judy by.
PARDENE Andrew Blacksmith 1814: Andrew Pardene, blacksmith HM dockyards. Born about 1814 in Plymouth Devon. The 1851 Ukc ensus lists him as 37yrs, living in High Street, Blue Town,Kent. Wife: Mary 37yrs. Children: Jane 11yrs; Sarah 9yrs; Elizabeth 5yrs; Samuel 2yrs.
PARSONS Robert Blacksmith 1843: Robert's Parsons, blacksmith. Born about 1843 in Norfolk. Robert married Martha Eliza Belsey at Dover in 1863 and they went to live at Hougham, Kent. The 1871 Census for Kent lists him as 43yrs, living in 4 Spring Place, Dover with wife Martha 26yrs. Children: Ann. C. 5yrs; Mary 4yrs; Ellen. C. 2yrs. I have no other information. See various UK Census. Name of researcher for this entry not provided.
PAYNE James Blacksmith 1811: James Payne, blacksmith. Born about 1811, in Kent. The 1841 UK census lists him as 30yrs, at Bentham's Buildings, Blue Town, Kent; with wife Frances 30yrs. Children: John 11yrs; Eliza 9yrs; Frances 7yrs; Ellen 5yrs; Thomas 3yrs;Isaac 1yr infant.
PENFOLD Richard Blacksmith 1841: Richard Penfold, blacksmith. On the UK census for 1841, 1851, 1861 Richard is listed as working in Kilndown. His son in law was George Waghorne (see Blacksmiths of Kent Index) who was living with him in 1861. To share information contact Elaine by
PETERS John Blacksmith, Shoeing Smith 1827: John Peters, blacksmith & master shoeing smith. Born 1827 in Kennington Ashford Kent. The 1851 UK census lists him as 24yrs, unmarried, living at ?Spareprint Corner (unclear), Kennington, Ashford. Parents: master builder James Peters 61yrs and Mary 60yrs. Siblings: Maryann 28yrs, unmarried; Charles 17yrs. In 1861 John is listed as 34yrs, in Queen Street, Kennington with wife Sarah 36yrs (born Nackington, Kent). Children: Sophia 4yrs; Jane Elizabeth 2yrs; Ann.M. 1yr infant. John died between 1861 -1871. On the 1871 census Sarah is 47yrs, widow with children Sophia 14yrs; Jane Elizabeth 12yrs; Harriet 8yrs. Johnís Forge was in The Street Kennington Ashford Kent. Contact Ann by
PHILPOTT James Blacksmith 1835: James Philpott, born 1835 in Chilham, Kent UK. Resided 1851 at trimworth Manor, near Crundale, Kent UK where he was shown as a farm servant on the census record at age 16 years. Later he worked as blacksmith at Wye, Kent UK. His father Edward Philpott was probably also a blacksmith and his son William Henry Philpott became one at Framlingham, Victoria Australia. Contact Chris by.
PITCHER William Blacksmith 1787: William Pitcher, blacksmith in Canterbury City and Borough census of 1841 parish of All Saints. Married to Jane both are aged 55 born 1787. Contact Len by
PLASTOW William Blacksmith 1900: William Plastow. Daughter Rosina married Charles Henry AMNER 01 Sep 1900, Plumstead-Kent. More information welcome. Contact Cheryl by.
POND Thomas Blacksmith 1831: Thomas Pond, blacksmith. Born about 1831 in Essex. The 1861 UK census lists him as 30yrs, living 14 Wood Street, Sheerness, Kent, with wife Jane 23yrs and son William Thomas 4mths infant (born Sheppey, December quarter 1860, Vol: 2a Page 589). It appears Jane died approx 1862 and Thomas remarried to Frances. The 1871 census lists Thomas as 32yrs,at 25 Alma Street, Sheerness with second wife Frances. Children listed: William 10yrs; Frederick 5yrs; Harry 3yrs; Ada .F. 1yr infant. Mother-in-law: Grace Smith, 59yrs,widdow. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Essex.
READ George Blacksmith 1858: George Read born 1858, Sevenoaks, Kent. Father: Sammuel Read(see Blacksmiths of Kent Index). George learned blacksmithing from his father and is listed as a blacksmith in the census records of 1881, 1891 and 1901 in the area of Sevenoaks, Kent, England. Contact Karon by.
READ Sammuel Blacksmith 1821: Sammuel Read born c1821, Sevenoaks, Kent. Died 1894 at Sevenoaks. Wife: Mary Thorp. Children: Lucy, George (blacksmith) and Sarah all born in the late 1850's. Parents:James & Ann Read. Samuel is listed as Blacksmith in the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1881 and 1891 census in Sevenoaks, Kent. See Blacksmiths of Kent Index for son George. Contact Karon by.
REEVES William Blacksmith William Reeves of Downe, Kent. No further information. Need confirmation of this information.
RICHARDS Thomas Blacksmith 1806: Thomas Richards, blacksmith. Born 1806 Devonport. Died Aug 1868. Buried at Halfway Cemetery, Sheerness, Kent. (See also,Devon list) Thomas worked in the Dockyards Devon, moved to Sheerness ?when. The 1841 UK census lists him as 35yrs, at Beal's Platform. Wife Maria 32yrs (nee Frost). Children listed 1841: Thomas 11yrs; Maria 9yrs (my GG grandmother); Francis 3yrs; Elizabeth 11 days old. Thomas later worked in Dockyards at Gillingham & Sheerness. Contact Ann by.
RIPPINGTON Joseph Blacksmith 1686: Joseph Rippington, blacksmith. Born in 1686 & baptised on 18th Mar 1686 in St. Mary, Princes Risborough, Kent, England. Joseph was a blacksmith at Deptford Docks from 1707 to 1736 and then foreman at Deptford Docks from 1737 to 1746, and a master smith at Woolwich Docks from 1747 to 1759. Joseph retired by Navy in 1759 to Tower Ward, City of London. Died in 1761 & buried in St. Mary Magdalene, Woolwich on 29th Jul 1761. Contact David by
ROBERTS Abraham Blacksmith 1816: Abraham Roberts, blacksmith HM Dockyards.. Born about 1816 in Cornwall. The 1851 Ukc ensus lists him as 35yrs, living in High Street, Blue Town, Kent. Wife: Sarah 36yrs. Children: Abraham 10yrs; John 5yrs; Thomas 2yrs; Nicholas 9mths.
ROSE James Blacksmith 1701: James Rose, Blacksmith, of Upper Town, Deptford. Four children baptized at St Nicholas, Deptford, between 1701 and 1706. Contact Judy by.
RUDENS Andrews Blacksmith 1811: Andrew Rudens, blacksmith. Born about 1811, in Kent. The 1841 UK census lists him as 30yrs, at Beal's Platform, kent with wife Mary 29yrs (born Kent): Children: Arthur 10yrs; John 5yrs; Andrew 7yrs; Jane 2yrs.
RUSSELL Robert Blacksmith 1791: Robert Russell, blacksmith. Born about 1791, in kent. The 1841 UK census lists him as 50yrs, at Northfleet, Kent; with wife Ann 45yrs (born Kent). Children: Richard 20yrs; William 15yrs; Robert 15yrs; Emma 15yrs; James 12yrs; George 9yrs.
RYE Andrews Blacksmith 1739: Andrews Rye probably learned his trade in the Forge at Nonington, Kent UK from his step-father Henry Spain who ran the Forge belonging to the White Horse Inn. Henry married Andrews' mother Susannah after the death of Thomas Rye around 1739. When the Spain children took over the Forge Andrews Rye moved to Throwley and seems to have worked with Thomas Philpott and probably Thomas Mackellen. His son William Rye was blacksmith at Wye, and his granson Stephen Rye became carpenter at Wye, Little Chart, then Lambeth, before emigrating to Victoria Australia. Contact Chris by .
SAYWELL James Blacksmith 1867: James saywell, blacksmith. Born 1866 Sittingbourne, Kent. I have no other information. Contact Wendy by
SAYWELL Percy Payne Blacksmith 1881: Percy Payne Saywell, blacksmith and ships engineer. Born 20 April 1881 in Gillingham, Kent, England. Percy Saywell worked as a blacksmith and ships engineer for the Royal Navy at Chatham Dock Yard during WW2. Contact Wendy by
SAYWELL Richard Blacksmith, Shipsmith 1825: Richard Saywell, blacksmith, shipsmith. Born 1825 Gillingham, Kent. See also Shipwright Index. Contact Wendy by
SAYWELL Thomas Blacksmith 1811: Thomas Saywell, blacksmith. Born 1811 Gilligham, Kent. Contact Wendy by
SAYWELL Thomas G. Blacksmith 1865: Thomas.G.Saywell, blacksmith. Born 1866 Gillingham,Kent. Contact Wendy by
SAYWELL Thomas W. Blacksmith 1840: Thomas.W.Saywell, blacksmith. Born 1841 Gillingham, Kent. Contact Wendy by
SAYWELL Walter Blacksmith 1856: Walter Saywell, blacksmith. Born 1857 Gillingham,Kent. Contact Wendy by
SAYWELL William Blacksmith 1844: William Saywell, blacksmith. Born 1844 in Chatham, Kent. The 1881 UK Census lists him as 37yrs living at 89 Railway Street, Gillingham, Kent with wife Elizabeth 37yrs. Children: Thomas 13yrs; Ada 11yrs; John 6yrs; Elizabeth 3yrs; Edmund 1yr infant.
SEELEY or SEELLY ? William Blacksmith 1841: William Seeley or Seelly 50yrs, Aldington Corner,Aldington,Kent. Born: Kent. Wife: Elizabeth 50yrs born Kent. Susannah 30yrs, ?Finnager 27yrs(male), Jane 20yrs,Richard 10yrs.
SHARP Francis Blacksmith 1767: Francis Sharp, born 1767 Worked in 1841 at Rotherhithe. Married: Elizabeth Logan.
SHORTER Thomas Charles Blacksmith 1861: Thomas Charles Shorter, blacksmith. Born 14th October 1861 Brabourne, Nr Ashford, Kent, England. Father: George Shorter (farmer) Mother : Jane (nee Lillee). 1881 Census: boarding at Durlock, Minster, Kent . 1891 Census: Living Durlock, Minster, Kent. Married 17th June 1882 to Sarah Ann Stroud St Mary's Church, Minster, Kent. 1901: no census records remain for area. 1911 Census: Living 11 St Andrews Walk, Deal, Kent. Thomas died April-June 1938 at Deal, Kent aged 76 years. Thomas and Sarah had six daughters and one son. Contributor does not wish to be contacted.
SIMS Daniel Blacksmith 1829: Daniel Sims, blacksmith. Born about 1829, Hampshire. The 1881 UK census lists Daniel as 52yrs, living at Mill Lane, Cranbrook, Kent; with wife Elizabeth Mary 42yrs (born Pearsmarsh, Sussex). Children: Edward Henry 15yrs; Alexander Thomas 12yrs; Ellen Rachel 10yrs; William John 8yrs; Annie Eliza 3yrs. Contact Shirley by
SMALE William Blacksmith 1791 William Smale, blacksmith first in Plymouth, the in Kent. Born about 1791 in Plymouth. See 1841 census: William 50yrs living at Navy Row, Plymouth. Wife: Ann 40yrs. Children: William 20yrs, JHH 14yrs (my great great grandfather); Mathew 12yrs, Phillipa 9yrs, Joseph 7yrs and Jane Hancock, stepdaughter aged 27yrs. William died between 1861 & 1871. See 1851 census: family are living at 13 Charlton Tce, Woolwich, Kent. Listed in both Devon and Kent Blacksmiths Indexes. See Shipwrights Index for sons Matthew & Joseph. Contact Jenny by.
SMITH Henry Blacksmith 1877: Henry Smith. Daughter Harriet married George Robert AMNER 23 Dec 1877, Plumstead-Kent. More information welcome. Contact Cheryl by.
SMITH James (Jnr) Blacksmith 1885: James Smith (Jnr), born about 1885. 1901 census lists him as Blacksmith, 16yrs with his father James(Snr). Descendant of John Smith Born 1813. To share information contact Lynne by.
SMITH James (Snr) Blacksmith, wheelwright 1901 James Smith (Snr). The 1901 census lists him as blacksmithy. 1903 directory as a wheelwright,1 2 Victoria Row,St.Gregory,Canterbury. Descendant of John Smith Born 1813. See also Wheelwrights Index.To share information contact Lynne by.
SMITH John Blacksmith, Wheelwright, Spring & Axle Grinder. 1813: John Smith, born 1813. Died 1871. 1841 Abode was North Lane, Canterbury. Married 1841. Blacksmith, wheelwright (1855), spring & anxle grinder(1858) 12 Cross St. St.Gregory. To share information contact Lynne by.
SPAIN Christopher Blacksmith Christopher Spain. Blacksmith Christopher Spain and then his son Henry Spain ran the Forge belonging to the White Horse Inn at Nonington, Kent UK. Henry married Susannah Andrews after the death of her husband Thomas Rye around 1739 and they raised the Rye children as well as Henry's. One of Henry's daughters then married into the Morgan family and the Forge was run by them for several generations. Stepson Andrews Rye moved to Throwley forge. Contact Chris by .
SPAIN Henry Blacksmith Henry Spain. Wife Susannah Andrews formally Rye, married about 1739. See entry for Henryís father Christopher Spain for more in formation.
STOKES Robert Blacksmith 1843: Robert and wife Mary. Their son Maurice Edward was born 18th feb 1843 & Baptised 15th Dec 1844 St Peter and Paul Charlton Dover. Information came from annonymous Kent list member.
STONE George Blacksmith 1841: George Stone 65yrs, Aldington Corner,Aldinton,Kent. Born: Kent. Wife Mary 65yrs born Kent. ?Lodger: Susan Epps 55yrs.
STREET Henry Blacksmith 1857: Henry Street, born anout 1857 in Taranaki,New Zealand. Died 21 Sep 1949 .
TAYLOR Charles Blacksmith 1883: Charles Taylor, blacksmith. Born about 1833 Brighton, Sussex, England. The 1911 UK census lists Charles as 28yrs, living at 134 New Road, Chatham Kent with wife Eliza 26yrs (born Chatham). Children: Eliza 4yrs; Lucy 2yrs. Boarder Elizabeth Hicks 24yrs, unmarried. Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent & Sussex.
TAYLOR John Blacksmith 1826: John Taylor, blacksmith. Born 22nd November 1826, Frinstead, Kent, England and died 1874 at East Sutton Kent. John married Elizabeth Day at Stroud Kent in 1849. They had eight children. John Taylor was brother to Chillman Lad my 3 x Grt. Grandfather. Contact Jill by
THEABOLD William Blacksmith 1810: William Theabold, blacksmith. Born about 1810, in Kent. The 1841 Ukc ensus lists him as 31yrs, at Fife Yard, Blue Town, Kent with wife Janes 29yrs.
THOMPSON Samuel (Snr) Blacksmith 1779: Samuel Thompson (Snr), born 1779 place unknown.
THOMPSON Henry Blacksmith 1808: Henry Thompson, born 1808 Dover, Kent. Son of Samuel(Snr), brother of Samuel(Jnr).
TOMLYN Thomas Blacksmith 1845: Thomas Tomlyn Blacksmith. Taken from Marriage Certificate of his daughter Sarah Tomlyn to Edwin Peill 1845. Sarah gives her birthplace as Seal, Kent in census reports. Hoping for more information to come my way. Contact Janet by.
TOWN Amos Blacksmith 1825: Amos Town, born 1825. Died:1898. Worked:Downe,Kent. See Interesting Stories Link on Home page for Conact email.
TOWN Jesse Blacksmith 1826: Jesse Town, born 1826. Died:1868. Worked:Downe,Kent See Interesting Stories Link on Home page for Conact email.
TOWN John Blacksmith, Farrier, Wheelwright John Town. Son of Thomas. Also listed in Farriers Index & Wheelwrights Index See Interesting Stories Link on Home page for Conact email.
TOWN Joseph Rowland Blacksmith 1871: Joseph Rowland Town was a blacksmith in Eastchurch, Sheppey, Kent from 1871 to 1901. His father and brothers were also blacksmiths. Contact Linda by.
TOWN Thomas Blacksmith, farrier, wheelwright Thomas Town. Son of Jesse. Also listed in Farriers Index & Wheelwrights Index
TOWN William Blacksmith 1799: William Town, born 1799. Died:1853. Worked: Downe,Kent
TOWN William (Jnr) Blacksmith 1846: William Albert Town (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1846, Eastchurch, Kent, England and died 1912. The 1851 UK census lists William (Jnr) as 5yrs, living in Eastchurch Kent with his family. Family can bee seen on census between 1861 and 1911. 1901: William is 55yrs, living at Forge House, Lenham Heath, Mary Ann is 55yrs (born West Farleigh,Kent)and daughter Hilda.G. 16yrs. Granddaughter Eva M. Tappenden 7yrs. William worked in forges of villages: Ulcombe, Westwell, Lenham and Lenham Heath. See Blacksmiths of Kent for his parents, blacksmith William (born 1819) and Sarah Town and siblings. Contributor does not wish to be contacted.
TOWN William (Snr) Blacksmith 1819: William Town (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1819-1820,at Sutton Vallaren, Kent, died 1895 Sheppey. The 1851 UK census lists William as 32yrs, living at Eastchurch, Kent with wife Sarah nee ?Gardler (born Eastchurch,Kent, married 1840 ). Children: Mary A. 10yrs; William.A. 5yrs (blacksmith); Joshua.R. 3yrs; Gertrude.S. 5mths infant. 1861: William is 41yrs, still at Eastchurch. Sarah is 38yrs. Childen: Mary.A.S. 20yrs; Joseph 13yrs; Gertrude.S. 10yrs; Agnes.M. 8yrs; Robert.S. 6yrs; Keteruah.A. 4yrs; Douglas.C. 1yrs infant. William and Sarah can be seen on census for 1871; 1881. Contributor does not wish to be contacted.
TYLER George Blacksmith 1802: George Tyler, a blacksmith, was born in Kent 1802 or in 1811 depending on which census you are reading. He moved to Dorking where he married Mary Knifton on the 25 January 1836. They had 9 children one of which was my great grandmother Emma Tyler. She had my grandmother Bertha Tyler in the Dorking workhouse and left her with George Tyler to bring up while she went to work in service. I am now trying to find out where in Kent George was born. I have tried Loose, just outside Maidstone but while I found a George Tyler it was not my George Tyler. So any help as to where to search next will be helpful. Contact John by.
VALLANS John Blacksmith 1844: John Vallans & wife Mary. Daughter Christiana Baptised 13th October at St Peter and Paul Charlton Dover. Information came from annonymous Kent list member.
WAGHORNE Charles Blacksmith 1854: Charles Waghorne, blacksmith. Born about 1854, Tonbridge, Kent, England. The 1871 UK census lists Charles as 14yrs, living in Tonbridge with family. See Blacksmiths of Kent for his parents Samuel and Harriet plus siblings. Contact Donald by
WAGHORNE George Blacksmith 1839: George Waghorne, blacksmith. Born 1839 and died 1893. George worked in Goudhurst Kent as a Blacksmith. The 1881 UK Census lists him living in Providence Place Goudhurst, he raised 12 children. See Blacksmiths of Kent Idnex for his father Samuel and brothers William and Charles. For father-in-law Richard Penfold see Blacksmiths of Kent. Contact Elaine by
WAGHORNE Samuel Blacksmith 1816: Samuel Waghorne, blacksmith. Born about 1816,Lamberhurst, Sussex, England. The 1851 UK census lists Samuel as 35yrs, at 37 Little Mary Vale, Tonbridge, Kent with Harriet 30yrs (born Tonbridge) and sons William 2yrs and Samuel 8months infant. In 1861 Samuel is 45yrs, living at No.3, Rosemary House, Tonbridge; Harriet 39yrs Children: William 12yrs; Samuel 10yrs; Mary 8yrs; Jane 6yrs; Charles 4yrs; Thomas 1yr infant. The 1871 census finds Samuel 54yrs, still in Tonbridge; Harriett 48yrs. Children: William 22yrs, unmarried (blacksmith); Samuel 20yrs, unmarried; Jane 15yrs; Charles 14yrs (blacksmith); Thomas 11yrs; George 9yrs; Albert 7yrs. Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent and Sussex. Contact Donald by
WAGHORNE William Blacksmith 1849: William Waghorne, blacksmith. Born about 1849, Tonbridge, Kent, England. The 1871 UK census lists Thomas as 22yrs, unmarried, living in Tonbridge with family. See Blacksmiths of Kent for his parents Samuel and Harriet plus siblings. Contact Donald by
WAITES Mathew Blacksmith 1861: Matthew Waites 60yrs,a lodger at 28 Charles Street,Sheerness,Kent. Born: Greenwich-Kent. ?married - no details given.
WAKEFIELD Edmund Blacksmith(Master) 1833: Edmund Wakefield, master blacksmith (see 1881 census). Born in Paddlesworth, Kent, England in 1833 and I believe lived and worked in Elham. He married Jane Hogben at the Wesleyan Chapel, Hythe in 1857. My grandfather Walter was born in Elham. Edmund died in 1890 having fathered 9 children. I believe Hogben is a local family name, Jane was the daughter or William Hogben, Veterinary Surgeon. To share information contact great granddaughter Jill by
WALKER William Blacksmith 1842: William Walker, died 12 January 1842 in Malton,Yorkshire,England.
WALLACE/WALLIS John William Blacksmith 1857: John William Wallace, blacksmith. Born 1857, Shurdington, Gloucestershire,England. Died 1896 in Kenton Devon. John William was the son of John Wallace (born 1827 Badgworth, Shurdington) and Hanna Scane (born 1837 in Bishopstrow, Wiltshire). Hanna died in 1865 when John William was 9. He left school at age 11 in 1868 and as his father did not what him to work on the land, he went through family contacts and found him an apprenticeship as a blacksmith in Kenton, Devon. The1871 UK census lists John as 13yrs,apprentice to and living in Kenton with master blacksmith John Cruse( the Curse being the family friends). The name Wallace is sometimes found as Wallis in some records and on his marriage records, his name and that of his wife are both miss spelt, making it hard to trace them. John William married Rhoda Beedel (born 1853 Kenton) at Kenton, 11th February, 1879. In the 1881 census John William is 23yrs, married, a blacksmith lodging at the Village, Kenton while Rhoda 27yrs & daughter R.T. Wallace 5 months infant, were visiting the Davis family at 56 New St, Gloucester. Listed in Blacksmith of Gloucester & Devon. Contact Michael by
WALLER William Blacksmith, wheelwright, ironsmith, pavement layer. 1891: William Waller, died December 1891, cause bronchitis, Back Rutland St.Bishopswearmouth. Worked:1850's Railway expansion,Peterborough. See census 1841-1851 Boongate,Petersborough. 1881 St.Bishopswearmouth,Sunderland. Married:Alice surname unknown. Also listed in the Wheelwrights Index & the Interesting Stories link on the home page. Contact Linda by.
WANDIN Robert Blacksmith 1888: Robert Wandin, born 21 Feb 1888 Coranderrk Aboriginal Mission,Healesville. Died:Abt.1984 Bairnsdale,Victoria,Australia.
WARREN Alfred Blacksmith 1824: Alfred Warren, blacksmith. Born about 1824, Sheerness, Kent, England. The 1841 UK census lists Alfred as 15yrs, living with his father George 55yrs in Oare. Also listed is Esther ? Rockrudge 20yrs and William Rockrudge 1yr infant. Cannot find him as a blacksmith in 1851 but there is an Alfred Warren 25yrs, unmarried, a ferryman in Harty, Minster, Kent. Alfred married a widow, Mary Ann Lucas on 9 March 1861. The 1861 UK census lists Alfred as 37yrs, living in Oare Street, Oare, Kent with wife Mary Ann (aka Lucas) 38yrs (born Sheerness). Children: Sarah Ann Lucas 20yrs; John Lucas 16yrs; Robert Lucas 14yrs; Mary Ann Lucas 6yrs. Alfredís was a blacksmith in Oare until his death which is registered in Faversham Kent in 4th quarter 1892. Contact Kathy by
WEBB Nigel Blacksmith 1818: Samuel Webb, blacksmith. Born: 5th July 1818 Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Wife: Susan De'Ath. The 1861 census lists him as a Blacksmith in Stone KENT. Samuel was my GxG Grandfather. To share information contact Nigel by.
WEEKS George Blacksmith George Weeks. Wife: Ann. Son: William
WILCOCK James Blacksmith 1804: James Wilcock, blacksmith. Born 1804 & Christened 14 Oct 1804 at St Maryís Kennington, Kent, England. He married Charlotte Hart on 15 May 1826. Children: James born 3rd September 1826 and George born 6th September 1829. James (Snr) was convicted of stealing "fowls" and sentenced at Faversham on 22nd April 1829 to 7 years, transported to Sydney Australia from Sherness, Kent on 9th April 1830 aboard the "Marquis of Hastings" arriving in Sydney 21 August 1830. He was sent to the Dept. of Public Works as a blacksmith on arrival in Sydney. He was made the overseer of blacksmith at Dept. of Public Works. Given an early Ticket of Leave he first went to Windsor, NSW and then to Penrith. Issued Certificate of Freedom 7th July 1838. He had "married" Margaret Kelley and had a further 5 children James born 1834, Sarah Anne born 1837, Edward born 20th March 1843, John Thomas born 15th July 1845 and Mary Ann born 27th October 1848. James died 29th Aug 1860 at Regentville, NSW. Australia. His children in Australia changed the surname spelling to either Wilcox or Willcox. James is listed in the Blacksmiths of Kent & Australia plus in the Fingersmiths Index. Contact Pat by
WILLIAMS Edward Ford Blacksmith & Ironmonger,employs 2 men. 1808: Edward Ford William, born 1808 (baptised Rochester). Died: 28 Dec 1887 Chatham. Wife: Harriet HOLDEN, married 7th June 1829 at parish church Chatham. Their five children were: Sarah Ann (1830), Richard (1832), Helen (1834), Emma (1836), & Harriett (1838). 1881: census, living at 46 High St (Parish of Gillingham) Still listed as Ironmonger & employing 2 men. 1871: census, listed as Blacksmith & Ironmonger. See also Iron Workers Index. Contact Kevin by.
WILSON Thomas Blacksmith 1841: Thomas Wilson 40yrs,Greenich,Kent. Born: not in Kent. Wife: Cath35yrs. Thomas 10yrs,George 5yrs, boy 1yr old.
WOOD James Blacksmith 1856: James Wood, born 1856 Kent. Died:1952). Wife:Elizabeth Mercer. They had 10 children. Had Forges at various times in Bearsted,Yalding,Smarden Bell(next to the Bell public house) and in Puckley.
WOOD James Blacksmith 1856: James Wood, blacksmith. Born 1856 in Yalding Kent. The 1871 UK census lists him as 15yrs, living at Congelow Street, Yalding, Kent with parents blacksmith John 55yrs & Eliza 42yrs plus siblings. In 1881 he James is 25yrs, living at Bearsted Street, Bearsted Kent; still with parents John & Eliza. Siblings: Kate 17yrs (dressmaker) & John 13yrs (see Blacksmiths of Kent). James married Elizabeth Mercer & they had 10 children. James had Forges at various times in Bearsted, Yalding, Smarden Bell (next to the Bell public house) and at Puckley where James died in 1952 (and it was next door to the forge that they did a lot of the filming for the "Darling Buds of May". Contact Paul
WOOD John (Jnr) Blacksmith 1868: John Wood (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 1868 in Yalding, Kent. The 1871 UK census lists him as 3yrs, living at Congelow Street, Yalding, Kent with parents blacksmith John Wood 45yrs & Eliza 36yrs. Siblings: Jane 17yrs; James 15yrs. In 1881 John is 13yrs living at Bearsted Street, Bearsted Kent; still with parents John & Eliza . Siblings: Kate 17yrs (dressmaker) & James 25yrs (see Blacksmiths of Kent for James & parents). 1891: John (Jnr) is 22yrs, still living with parents at same address listing John (Snr) as 65yrs, Eliza 53yrs. Sister Kate Underdown 27yrs; niece Nellie 8yrs. Contact Paul
WOOD John (Snr) Blacksmith(Master) 1826: John Wood (Snr), master blacksmith, employs 2 men. Born 1826 in Loose, Kent. The 1871 UK census lists him as 45yrs, living at Congelow Street, Yalding, Kent with wife Eliza 36yrs (born Mereworth, Kent). Children listed: Jane 17yrs; James 15yrs; Kate 7yrs; John 3yrs. In 1881 John (Snr) is 55yrs, living at Bearsted Street, Bearsted Kent; with wife Eliza. Children listed: James 25yrs (blacksmith); Kate 17yrs (who later became Kate Underdown) & John 13yrs (later became a blacksmith). See also 1891 census, John (Snr) is 65yrs; Eliza 53yrs. John (Jnr) 23yrs. Kate Underdown/Wood 27yrs. granddaughter Nellie 8yrs. Contact Paul
WOODS William (Jnr) Blacksmith 1841: William (Jnr) Woods, married at Folkestone Kent in 1841 and gave his profession as Blacksmith. The marriage certificate also records his father William with the profession of Blacksmith. Is there anyway of tracing where they might have worked? Contact David by.
WOODS William (Snr) Blacksmith 1841: William (Snr) Woods, I have two William Woods, father and son, in my family. The son married at Folkestone Kent in 1841 and gave his profession as Blacksmith. The marriage certificate also records his father William with the profession of Blacksmith. Is there anyway of tracing where they might have worked? Contact David by.
YELLAND Richard Blacksmith 1825: Richard Yelland, blacksmith. Born in Poplar London 1825. Listed in 1871 census as a blacksmith living at 3 Church Street Chatham Kent. The 1861 census lists him as a blacksmith living at 4 Susannah Cottages, the 1841 and 1851 census he is listed as a blacksmith living with his father in Poplar London.In 1881 he is living back in Poplar still working as a blacksmith he died in 1882. Contact Colin by
YOUNG Thomas Blacksmith 1841: Thomas Young 35yrs, Adisham, Kent. Born: Kent. Wife: Harriet 30yrs born Kent. Henny 10yrs,George 8yrs,Alfred 7yrs,
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