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SurnameGiven Name TradeHistory
BECK James Blacksmith 1806: James Beck, blacksmith. Born about 1806, Ireland. The 1851 UK census lists James as 45yrs, living at Threafithwaite cottages, Creater, Cumberland; with wife Elizabeth 50yrs(born Ireland). Children: Sarah 22yrs, unmarried; Elizabeth 21yrs, unmarried; Mary Jane 19yrs, unmarried;; Samuel 18yrs (see Cartwrights Index) and Margaret Beck 15yrs. Also listed is granddaughter Elizabeth Beck 2yrs; Esther Beck 1yr infant. Listed in Blacksmiths of CUmberland Ireland. Researches surnames Beck and Govier-Hatson. Contact Shirley by
BENNETT Edward Blacksmith 1819: Edward Bennett, blacksmith, engine smith. Born about 1819 in Armagh, Ireland. The 1851 UK census lists Edward as 32yrs, living at 30 Church Street, Monks Coppnenhall, Cheshire; with wife Sarah 30yrs (born Liverpool). Children: James 9yrs; Matilda 5yrs; Sarah 4yrs; Mary Jane 1yr Infant; Isabella 3mths infant. At same address (1851) is George Jordan (see engine smiths index + blacksmiths of Cheshire). In 1861 Edward is 40yrs, a blacksmith living at 288 Vauxhall Road, Liverpool, Lancaster; Sarah 41yrs and daughter Sarah 14yrs. Listed in Engine Smiths; Ireland and Cheshire Blacksmiths Indexes.
BEVINS Robert Blacksmith 1824: Robert Bevins, hammer-man in an ironworks. Born about 1824 in Cavan County, Ireland, son of Robert Bevens and Elizabeth Findley. Married a widow Isabella Miller who was child of Edward Miller and Catherine Knox born about 1 826 in Donegal County Ireland. Robert died in Glasgow 25 march 1883 aged 52yrs, of inflammation of the lungs for 4 days. They had at least 2 children, both born in Hutchesontown in Glasgow. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Ireland and Scotland. Catherine born 5 May 1856; Robert born 1 July 1858. Contact Diana by
BOYNE James Blacksmith 1837: James Boyne, blacksmith striker. Born about 1837, Ireland. James was my Great Grandfather. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland. Contact Veronica by: .
BREEN Gregory Blacksmith 1837: Gregory Breen, blacksmith. Born Dec 1837 in St. John's, Newfoundland to Patrick Breen of Wexford Ireland and Mary Power of Newfoundland. He immigrated to Boston before 1865 and worked as a blacksmith from 1865 to 1904. On 19 May 1872, he married Margaret Neville of St. John's. They had six children (four of whom died of tuberculosis in childhood). Gregory's son John Patrick Breen born 1873 died 1970 was a postal worker who was diagnosed with TB, but "cured" by vacation to farm in Newfoundland. Mary Frances born 1876 died1910 of tuberculosis at the Rutland Sanitarium. Annies born 1879 and died 1890 of tuberculosis. Thomas born 1880 worked as a clerk until he died at age 20 of tuberculosis. Joseph Frederick was born 1884 and died at age 6 of tuberculosis. Agnes was born 1886 and worked as a telephone operator at the sanitarium where her sister Mary was being treated. In 1900 Gregory rented rooms to blacksmith Patrick Breen (unknown relationship) and his wife Elizabeth Breen, both of Newfoundland. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland and USA. Contact Deborah by
BREEN Philip Blacksmith 1831: Philip Breen, blacksmith. Born 27 May 1831 in St. John's, Newfoundland to Patrick Breen of Wexford, Ireland and Mary Power of Newfoundland. His brothers Patrick and Gregory were all blacksmiths. Philip immigrated to Boston at an unknown date, but was working as a blacksmith in Braintree, Massachusetts in 1870. He resided at 14 Oenida Street in Boston in 1876, just blocks from brothers Patrick and Gregory. I could find no records of him after 1876. Listed in Blacksmith of Ireland and USA. Contact Deborah by
BROTHERS Luke Blacksmith 1814: Luke Brothers, blacksmith. Born circa 1814 in Glanealy Wicklow, Ireland. Arrived in Quebec (a province of Canada) by 1843. Luke died 1855 in Quebec. Listed in Blacksmiths of Canada and Ireland. Contact Mary Lee by
BURKE Nicholas Blacksmith 1810: Nicholas Burke, blacksmith. Born about 1810, Ireland. Nicholas was my 2Gr Grandfather . Also listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland. Contact Veronica by: .
BURKE Nicholas Blacksmith 1790: Nicholas Burke, blacksmith. Born Ireland ca1790; lived Leeds, Yorkshire County; my 3G Grandfather. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland. Contact Veronica by: .
BYRNE Jem (James) Blacksmith 1920: Jem(James) Byrne, blacksmith. He was my grandfather his forge was at the bottom of Ram Street also known as Skeffington St. Wexford, Eire it was still there in the late fifties from about 1920 I believe. He passed to spirit in 1957 then the forge closed. Contact Rita by
CANAVAN Eugene Blacksmith 1894: Eugene Canavan, blacksmith. Born 1894 in the village of Avoca (Ovoca) Wicklow,Ireland. Eugene was my Grandfather. The family forge still stands today and many of the tools still hang on the walls, his father Owen Canavan (born 1859); his grandfather Michael Canavan (born 183); and his great grandfather also named Michael (born 1810) were all blacksmiths passing the trade down and many a story was told of the Tinkers stopping of from their travels and my Granddad shoeing their horses. I keep a horse shoe attached to my shed for luck from his forge. Contact Paul by
COMERFORD William Blacksmith 1878: William Comerford, blacksmith (railway). Born 1878 Co. Louth, Ireland. Died 1936, Waterford City. Travelled as blacksmith on the railway. Also known to have lived in Cork City (1911 census). Died in Waterford City while still working as a blacksmith and living in a house in the railway yard, Sallypark, Waterford. William married Elizabeth Hodgers in 1899 and had 5 children. He is my Great Grandfather. Contact Joe by.
COUMING/COOMEY Patrick Blacksmith 1839: Patrick Couming or Coomey, blacksmith. Born about 1839, near Stradbally Co, Waterford, Ireland. Son of a Blacksmith James Couming. Patrick emigrated to America following the death of his wife from TB. He died one year after arriving in Massachusetts leaving his children there. His son also Patrick made a good life for himself and his family in Worcester Mass in spite of the terrible loss of both parents. Listed in U.S.A. and Ireland Blacksmiths Indexes. Contact Daniel by
CREGAN James Blacksmith 1830: James Cregan, blacksmith, spademaker. Born about 1830 in County Armagh, Ireland just outside of Newry and was my GGGGfather. His son, Patrick Cregan, my GGGfather, was born about 1853 in Derrymore, County Armagh, and is listed in the 1901 Irish census as a blacksmith. James, Patrick, Patrickís brother James and son Patrick were all blacksmiths in a spade and shovel factory in Newry. The factory was open until sometime in the 20th century. See URL. Contact Jackie by
CURRAN John. J. Blacksmith 1860: John. J. Curran, farrier. Born about 1860, in Ireland. John worked in a smithy on Annacurra. I believe his son Matthew carried on the trade as a blacksmith & farrier ; and worked for the Guinness family. John was my husbandís grandfather. Sadly Johnís own mother was the youngest in her family; married late and therefore, we have no living relatives to help us with our family tree research. Contact Molly by
DONAGHUE / DONOGHUE Patrick Blacksmith 1820: Patrick Donoghue / Donaghue, blacksmith. Born 1820-1830,Ireland. Patrick was my GGrand-Dad all I know he would have been born approx late/early 1820/1830s , on his son Johnís (born approx 1856) marriage certificate dated 1885 it states that Patrick is then deceased . I think Patrick may have remained in Ireland. Any help appreciated. Contact Anthony by
DONOHOE/DONOGHUE Michael (Jnr) Blacksmith 1869: Michael Donohoe (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1869 in Co. Roscommon, Ireland. The 1881 UK census lists Michael (jnr) as 11yrs Living at 15 Cable Street, Salford with his family. In 1911 Michael (Jnr) is 41yrs, living at 100 York Street Edgeley, Stockport with wife Eliza 39yrs (born Stockport). Children: Roger 14yrs; Eliza 12yrs; James 9yrs; Jesse 7yrs; Joseph 4yrs; Athur 1yr infant. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Ireland and Lancashire Indexes as are his parents Michael and Ann Donohoe, plus siblings. Contact Adam by
DONOHOE/DONOGHUE Michael (Snr) Blacksmith 1847: Michael Donohoe/Donoghue (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1847, County Roscommon, Ireland. In 1869, Michael (Snr) lived Kevin Street, Dublin. The 1881 UK census for Salford, Lancashire, lists Michael as 34yrs. Living at 15 Cable Street, Salford with wife Ann Crosby (was married to Crosby) she was born in Mallow, Cork. Michael (Snr) and Ann they had the two children before they were married in 1876. Their son Michael Donohoe (Jnr) 11yrs ( born about 1869), in Co. Roscommon) and daughter Mary Donohoe 9yrs (born about 1872, Salford). Also listed: James Crosby 30yrs (born Roscommon); Eliza Crosby 35yrs; Michael Crosby 11yrs; James Crosby 7yrs. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland and Lancashire. Contact Adam by
DOWD(O'DOWD) John Blacksmith 1911: John Dowd was registered in 1911 Irish Census as living in Enniscrone Co Sligo Eire as a Blacksmith. He was married to Mary and has seven children. Christopher Dowd was my husbands father. Somewhere along the time and O was added to the name hence my name is O'Dowd. As far as I can trace the family had been blacksmiths in the local area for some years. Further research is underway. Contact Olwen by
DOYLE Daniel Blacksmith 1850: Daniel Doyle, shoeing smith. Born 1850-1851, Ireland. The 1891 UK census lists Daniel as 40yrs, living at high street Aston, Warwickshire; with wife Catherine 24yrs (born Hereford, England). Daughters Kathleen 5yrs; Margaret 3yrs; Mary Ann, 1yr infant. See Blacksmiths of Ireland and Warwickshire. Contact Carl by
ELLIOTT John Blacksmith 1807: John Elliott, blacksmith, hammerman. Born about 1807 in Co. Fermanaugh Ireland. John married Jane Corrigan from Co. Tyrone. They moved to Deptford Kent with their son Thomas in the mid 1840's. There they had a daughter Mary Jane. John Elliott is described as Blacksmith/Hammerman in various genealogical records from 1847 to 1871. He passed away about 1884. He resided in the following locations: 1851 - 27 Mary Anne's Buildings Deptford, 1861 - 16/13 Queen 13 Shop? (near Lucas Street) Deptford, 1871 - 16 Lucas Street Deptford. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland and Kent. Contact Noel by.
FITZGERALD Patrick Blacksmith 1828: Patrick Fitzgerald, blacksmith. Born 1828, married Catherine Dillane. Family of 8 children. Thatched Home and outbuildings still surviving located on Fitzgerald Road. Known as the "Fitzgerald's with the Forge". Patrick and his sons had a forge across from the thatched home. Patrick and his sons, Patrick and John, are displayed as Blacksmith's in the Census of Ireland -1901. Forge building was torn down sometime after 1974. See Find a Grave: Search Patrick Fitzgerald, country Ireland born 1822 buried Rochestown Cemetery, for historical documents and photos. Contributor does not wish to be contacted.
FOSTER William Blacksmith 1882: William Foster served his apprenticeship in a forge up the side of Sandy Row Orange Hall in Belfast about 1882. William married to his wife in Belfast then moved down to Lisbellaw Co. Fermanagh and opened up a forge there. He died 1930, his Son Thomas continued the business there until he died in 1967, Thomasís son continued the business until his death in 1995 with the help of his son who had to give up the trade because he was too tall and it hurt his back. Contact Gordon by.
GAFFNEY John Blacksmith 1846: John Gaffney, Blacksmiths living at 52 Tullow Street, County Carlow, Ireland. Seen in the 1846 Slaters Directory. Sent by an anonymous contributor. I have no further information
GALLAGHER James Blacksmith 1899: James Gallagher , from Inishowen, Ireland, was listed as a blacksmith on his daughters marraige Certificate of 1899. No other information sent. Contact Angela by
GRINDON George Blacksmith 1851 George Grindon rented a forge from Mary Kelly in the Main St, Urlingford, Kilkenny. Listed in Griffths Valuation. 1862 George was listed as a Blacksmith on his daughter, Jane Maria Grindon, marriage certificate in South Australia, Australia. It is not known if he was present . Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Ireland. Contact Karen by
HALPIN James Blacksmith 1846: James Halpin, blacksmith British Army. Born Tipperary, Limerick , Ireland. James was a blacksmith for British army until emigration to USA circa 1846. Later based in Pennsylvania. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Ireland, USA and Military. Contributor also follows the surname Gliddon and Hannaford. Contact Brian by
HODGINS Thomas Blacksmith 1861: Thomas Hodgins, blacksmith. Born about 1861 in Corduff, Ireland. Died 1927, Corduff. I have the Griffith"s for him and some news paper clips re when he died (fell off the cart going home from market after a few rums by the sound of it). He had an apprentice Murphy as well who stayed with him after the apprenticeship finished. I have a copy of the advertisement showing when he was looking for an apprentice. Contact Derek by
IRWIN Thomas Blacksmith 1883: Thomas Irwin, blacksmith. Born 1833. Known as Black Tom. Kept forge near Killeter in Co Tyrone. Contact Elizabeth by.
KELLEY James Blacksmith,Farrier 1847: James Kelley, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1847, in Armagh, Ireland. James married Alice McNamee from Dundalk, Ireland and they migrated to Nantwich, Cheshire, England circa 1875. James practiced his trade near Nantwich Station and lived Love Lane, Shrewbridge Lane, Hospital Street. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland and Cheshire plus Farriers index. Contact James by .
KELLY Thomas Blacksmith Thomas Kelly, blacksmith,farming engineering. Born when? In Augmacart, Queenís County,Ireland. My Father ĎAugmacart Foundry and metal engineeringí. Contact Colin by
KEOGH James Blacksmith 1857: James Keogh, blacksmith. Born about 1857, County Wexford, Ireland. Son of Patrick Keogh and Margaret Gregan immigraged to New Zealand in 1880 (ship not yet found)According to his bankruptsy papers, his wife Mary Hamill travelled on the same vessel. Lived in Caledonian Rd, Christchurch. A little street running off there is named after him (Keogh lane.). 1909 Christchurch Directory James Keogh- Blacksmith - ratepayer-Caledonian Rd - own. Died 1926 and buried Bromely cemetery. Also entered in Blacksmiths of New Zealand. Contact Judith by.
LAWLOR Michael Blacksmith 1846: Michael Lawlor, Blacksmiths living in Tullow Street, County Carlow, Ireland. Seen in the 1846 Slaters Directory. Sent by an anonymous contributor. I have no further information.
McGRATH James Blacksmith 1811: James McGrath, blacksmith. Born about 1811, Carlow, Ireland. Occupation blacksmith in 1830, when he joined 34th Foot Regiment in Milbank, Kildare, Ireland. See Military Index as well. Contact Godfrey by.
M'DERBY Patrick Blacksmith 1846: Patrick MíDerby, Blacksmiths living in Maryborough Street, County Carlow, Ireland. Seen in the 1846 Slaters Directory. Sent by an anonymous contributor. I have no further information.
MEANEY John Blacksmith 1882: John Meaney, blacksmith. Born 2nd June 1882, County Clare, Ireland. John (my grandfather) was a blacksmith in the parish of Ballyea; he had a forge in Darragh, County Clare. I only have second hand information about him and his trade. Most of his Family emigrated to the USA. His Daughter Molly (dadís sister) went to the US with them. My Father never met his sister and only spoke to her twice; first when his father John died and again when his mother died. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Ireland and the USA. Contact Brian by
MULLAN Henry Blacksmith 1860: Henry Mullan, Blacksmith/Coachbuilder. Born about 1860-61 in Magheralin, County Down, Ireland. Henry is listed as Coachbuilder in the 1901 Census, along with two of his sons, Thomas and Charles, who were apprentice Coachbuilders. He and his wife had six children and he died in 1917. His son Thomas became a fully-fledged Coachbuilder. There is reference to Henry in the PRONI Will Calendar Index and Charles is listed then as a Fruiterer. He is listed in Blacksmiths Ireland and Cartwrights Index. Henry, was my Great-Grandfather. Contact Viviene by
MURPHY Michael (Army Major) Blacksmith 1860: Army Major Michael Murphy, born in Cahir, Tipperary , Ireland. Awarded Victoria Cross 1860 whilst serving in The British Army in India. Died 1893 in Darlington. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland & Military Indexes. Contact Geoffrey by
O'NEILL Eric Blacksmith 2012: Eric OíNeill, blacksmith in Limerick, Ireland. No message other than Eric is alive and well in Limerick (20 May 2012). Contact Eric by
PATRICK Daniel Blacksmith 1838: Daniel Patrick, blacksmith. Born about 1838, Ireland. The 1861 UK census lists Daniel as 23yrs, a blacksmith living in oxford street Birmingham, with mother Margaret , brothers Daniel, Andrew, James sisters Mary, Catherine and Elizabeth. See Blacksmiths of Ireland and Warwickshire. Contact Carl by
REILLY Thomas Blacksmith 1850: Thomas Reilly, blacksmith. Thomas owned a forge in the downtown area of Newtown-Gore in County Leitrim, Ireland circa 1850 and before. At some point he moved to the Annadale Estate near Drumshanbo to be the onsite blacksmith. His son and grandson carried on the family trade until the early twentieth century. Contact Jack by
ROBINSON George Blacksmith 1811: George Robinson, blacksmith. Born 1811 in the parish of Termonamongan, Killen, Tyrone Ireland, George married Margaret Simpson and had eight children. Valuation of Tenements 1845 shows he had a gorge on property and hid death certificate dated 10 August 1877 has him as a Blacksmith. Contact Richard by
TIPPING Thomas Blacksmith 1810: Thomas Tipping, blacksmith. Born about 1810, Coutny Louth, Ireland. Thomas married Ann Garland c.1828. Two of their sons Edward and Thomas became blacksmiths. Thomas senior was recorded on Griffith's Valuation in 1854 living at Annaghvackey in Creggan parish, County Louth. Contact Gorry by
WIXTED Thomas Blacksmith 1854: Thomas Wixted, blacksmith. Born 1854 Newport, Co Tipperary, Ireland and died 1942 in Queensland, Australia. Thomas migrated to Brisbane, Queensland in 1880 and itís believed the worked as a blacksmith in the East Brisbane area. His father John Wixted was a farmer and blacksmith at Freagh, near Newport, Co Tipperary. His brothers James and John were also blacksmiths and lived in north Queensland. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Australia and of Ireland Indexes. Contact Tom by
WIXTED Thomas Blacksmith 1800: Thomas Wixted, blacksmith. Married Mary Burke in 1830, They lived in Port Ryan , near Newport, county Tipperary. In 1848, they were living in Ahane ( near Newport) according to Griffith Valuation . Thomas worked as a blacksmith all of his life. Contact Diane by
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