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SurnameGiven Name TradeHistory
BLACK James Toolsmith & Blacksmith 1858: James Black , blacksmith journeyman & toolsmith. Born 16th July 1858 in Aberdeen. Died 16th March 1920 in Aberdeen. Married Williamina McKay 18th July 1882. They had 8 children of which Charles McKay Black is my husband's Grandfather. James' father, also named James was also a Blacksmith/Stoneware Hawker/Combmaker. He died 14th May 1869 at Ryehill, Oyne. Listed also in the Tool Makers Index. Contact Pat by
COOPER John Shearsmith John Cooper, shearsmith/scissorsmith. Contact Sonia by
EDDY John Agricultural Implement Maker, Blacksmith 1848: John Eddy, blacksmith, agricultural implement maker. Born about 1848, in Kennford, Devon. The 1891 UK census lists him as 43yrs, living at Kennford Village, Devon; with wife Anna. S. Eddy 39yrs (born Dunsford, Devon). Children: Mary 14yrs; Anna Wills Eddy 5yrs; Beatrice 3yrs; John Eddy 3mths infant. Plus widowed aunt Mary.D. Miles, 65yrs, living on own means. Contact Linda by.
HELSON Thomas (Jnr) Edge Tool Maker & Blacksmith 1816: Thomas Helson (Jnr), blacksmith & edge tool maker. Born about 1816, Dunsford, Devon. The 1851 UK census lists him as 35yrs; with wife Martha 28yrs (born Brideford). Children listed: Elizabeth 7yrs; John 6yrs. Living at Iron Mills, Dunsford with father Thomas (Snr) 69yrs,widower. Also listed Mary Helson 30yrs, unmarried (daughter of Thomas Snr). Servants: George Day 45yrs,married (edge tool maker); George Sercombe 23yrs, unmarried( edgetool maker); James Sercombe 18yrs (apprentice edgetool maker) & William Wright 9yrs (apprentice edgetool maker). See Index for Implements (agricultural). Contact Jane by
HELSON Thomas (Snr) Edge Tool Maker; Master Blacksmith 1782: Thomas Helson (Snr), master blacksmith & edge tool maker, employs 3 men,1 boy. Born about 1782, Dunsford, Devon. . The 1851 UK census lists him as 69yrs, living at Iron Mills Dunsford, Devon. Also listed is his daughter Mary Helson 30yrs, unmarried. Thomas Helson (Jnr), 35yrs (blacksmith & edge tool maker). Daughter-in-law: Martha 28yrs. Grandchildren: Elizabeth Helson 7yrs; John Helson 6yrs. Servants: George Day 45yrs,married (edge tool maker); George Sercombe 23yrs, unmarried( edge tool maker); James Sercombe 18yrs (apprentice edge tool maker) & William Wright 9yrs (apprentice edge tool maker). From 1821 Thomas's (Snr) took over the mills from his brother (also called John Helson). The Helsons originate from roadwoodwidger - Brattonclovelly, Devon. see Blacksmiths of Devon & for Implements (agricultural) Index. Contact Jane by
JACKSON Thomas Spade Moulder & Blacksmith 1776: Thomas Jackson, blacksmith and Spade Moulder. Born 1776 Scropton, Derbyshire. Married Burton on Trent. Worked Yoxall, Staffordshire, England and died 1861 in Yoxall, Staffordshire. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Implements (Agricultural) Indexes. Contact Robyn by
MANNERS John Toolsmith,Blacksmith,Wheelwright 1842: John Manners, blacksmith, wheelwright, Agricultural implement maker. Born 1842 Greenock, Scotland. Emigrated to Australia 1857. First listed 1868 as Blacksmith, Wheelwright, Agricultural Implement Maker, Taree, New South Wales. 1894 moved to Sydney, continued business in Sussex St. John died 1909. John is listed in the Blacksmiths of Scotland, Australia, Wheelwrights Index and Tool Makers Index Contact Shirley by
McALEER John Spade maker 1792: John McAleer, spade maker. Born about 1792 at Drumnakilly, Parish Termonaguirk, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. He died at Sydney St., St. John City, New Brunswick, Canada on 8th March 1873. He was aged 22yrs when he, married Ann Hughes, in Ireland about 1814. Ann was born about 1793, Parish Cappagh, Co, Tyrone, Ireland, and died in St. John City on 12 October 1862. Father was John McAleer (Snr), a successful ironmaker in Drumnakilly who had a spade factory there. John and Ann had four children in Drumnakilly: Patrick, Ann, Edward and Michael. In 1821, John McAleer sailed out of Londonderry on a small packet to New Brunswick, where he settled, had more children, and manufactured spades there as well. I have a map which includes the spade mill. Contact Beth by
ORME Joseph Edge Tool Maker 1824: Joseph Orme, joint edge tool maker, shoe tip maker. Born about 1824, Darlaston, Staffordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Joseph as 27yrs, living at at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire with wife Maria 27yrs. Children: Henry 7yrs (see Blacksmiths of Staffordshire) and Josh (a cutter). In 1861 Joseph is 39yrs, a shoe tip maker. Maria is 39yrs. Children: Henry 17yrs (shoe tip maker); Joseph 16yrs (shoe tip maker); Maria 6yrs; Mary Jane 3yrs; James 8 months infant. Contact Phil by.
PARRY George Edge Tool Grinder 1847: George Parry, born 1847 in Sheriffhales (Shropshire), England. Recorded as an Edge Tool Grinder at the time of his marriage in 1870 in Birmingham to Emma LOACH. They lived in Aston, Birmingham and had six children. Continued as an Edge Toll Grinder until his death in 1885 aged 38. He died of Phthisis (TB). Contact Rosalind by .
PEARSON Matthew Shearsmith,Cutler,Tools 1752: Matthew Pearson, cutler, sheep shear maker, edge tool maker. Born and baptised at Sileby, Leicestershire , England. He married Elizabeth Monk at neighbouring Seagrave in 1782 and had three sons and four daughters. Two of his sons, John and George, continued his trade. Matthew was very prosperous, owned land and travelled across Leicestershire. He regularly attended the market at Melton Mowbray. He purchased a silver watch at a Melton jeweller in 1816. Matthew was recorded as a Sheep Shears and Edge Tool Maker in his obituary in the Leicester Chronicle of 13 October 1827 and as a Cutler in the burial register at Sileby dated 25 September 1827. See Blacksmiths of Leicestershire, Wheelwrights & Cartwrights & Cutlers Indexes for other family members . Contact David by
PONTON George Blacksmith 1818: George Ponton, blacksmith master, agricultural implement maker, employing 4 men. Born about 1818 and died 1871, Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland. The 1851 Census for Scotland lists George as 33yrs and his wife Janet Janet 30yrs. They had four daughters, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, and Janet, and one son George (apprentice blacksmith). Later they have three more daughters, Marion, Agnes Helen, and Frances Anne. Information from his family bible, census records, death certificate and letters concerning an order for ploughs with a double set of mountings for the King of Hanover. Listed in Blacksmiths Scotland and Agricultural Instrument Makers. Contact Sheena by
RIBCHESTER John Shearsmith 1720: John Ribchester, sheresmith,scissorsmith, shearman. See Parish Register of Sheffield, Volune VI - 1720 to 1736, lists the death of Sarah Stubbin Redchester and marriage of John Ribchester, sheresmith, and Mary Fisher in 1736. Several of the children are listed as those of John Redchester, shearsmith. I suspect this is correct, he sheared sheep hence shearman. I have no further information.
ROBINSON John Agricultural Implement Maker, Blacksmith,Nachinist 1823: John Robinson, blacksmith, machinist and implement maker. Born 1823, Sutton on Hull, Yorkshire, England. John was son of Daniel Robinson (blacksmith). In Bulmer's 1892 listing as Blacksmith. Listed in Blacksmiths of Yorkshire & Implements (Agricultural) Indexes. Contact Kris by
SOUDLY Thomas (Jnr) Edge Tool Maker 1775: Thomas Soudly, edge tool maker. No: 256, Bedminster, East Street, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information.
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