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Blacksmiths of Cornwall
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BENNY Jack Blacksmith 1900: Jack Benny, blacksmith, farrier. In about 1900 Jack was the blacksmith in a building called the Anvil in Cubert, Newquay, Cornwall, England. This building is still there and now a village pub. The Benny family emigrated to New Zealand in 1920 and continued his business in New Plymouth as a blacksmith and farrier. Listed in Blacksmiths of Cornwall and New Zealand. Contact John by.
BRAY James Blacksmith 1826: James Bray, blacksmith. Born about 1826, Cornwall, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as 15yrs, living in Bridgeville West, Cornwall (?unclear but might be apprentice to John and Gideon Cornish). Listed in Blacksmiths Cornwall and Devon. Contact Perry by
BURLEY John Blacksmith 1843: John Burley, master blacksmith, farrier. Born 1843 in Feock, Cornwall, England and died 1927 in Omeo, Victoria, Australia. Hehad 10 children living in Omeo. John had his own blacksmith shop in Omeo and lived in a small house nearby. He had two farriers working for him in his blacksmith shop. They worked all day and made enough money to buy a bottle of beer. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Cornwall. Contac Marilyn by
CAMPION Robert Burn Blacksmith 1857: Robert Burn Campion, blacksmith,railway and shoeing smith. Born 1857, Ilsington, Devon, son of William Field Campion. Wife Ellen Louisa Pascoe,married 1878 in Kingskerswell. Died 1930,Truro, Cornwall. 1881 Census: Shoeing Smith at 2 Beenlands Cottages, Tor Square, Tormoham, Devon. 1891 Census: Railway Blacksmith living at Blacksmiths Shop, 44 Mill Lane, Highweek, Devon with his wife & family. 1901 Census: Living at 43 Hilton Rd, Wolborough with Newton Abbott. Shortly after he & the family moved to Cornwall, living at Kenwick St, Truro & employed as a blacksmith on 39s a week. Also entered in Blacksmiths of Devon. Contact Alan by.
CHAPMAN William Blacksmith 1811: William Chapman, blacksmith. Born about 1811 in North Petherwin Devon, England. Married Harriet Sparkes.On the 1841 census lists him as 30yrs, a Blacksmith living in Launceston Cornwall (in the parish of St Mary Magdalene) UK with one daughter Fanny. The 1851 census shows him as 45yrs old (?born 1806), Harriet 30yrs. Children: Fanny 10yrs, Thomas 6yrs, Elizabeth 10 months infant. No trace of William on the 1861 census, no trace of a death cert. On census 1861 Harriet is now 48yrs, head of family with Thomas 17yrs, ? Emma 12yrs, Elizabeth 10yrs . See Whitesmiths Index for son Thomas who became a tin plate worker. Contact David by
GILBERT John Blacksmith 1819: John Gilbert born 1819 in Kenwyn Truro, Cornwall. Died September Qtr 1887 in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth, Devon. Wife Maria Trethewey, married 21 December 1844. Maria was born in Roche, Cornwall 1814. Children: Rachel Tretheway Gilbert, Milcah Gilbert born 26 April 1848 . 1851 census shows John 30yrs (=b. 1821 incorrect), in Whitchurch Village, Whitchurch, Devon, Maria 35yrs, Rachel Tretheway Gilbert 5yrs, Maria Gilbert 2yrs, Elizabeth Jane Gilbert 1yr. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Devon Index. To share information contact Barbara by.
MAVIN William Blacksmith 1840: William Mavin, blacksmith. Born about 1840, in Landlph, Cornwall. The 1861 UK census lists William as 21yrs, at 38 Cargreen, Landlph, Cornwall. Living with family: sister Ellen Barrett (nee Mavin) 26yrs; brother-in-law Francis Barrett 23yrs; niece Rhoda Augusta Barrett 8mths infant. Mother Ann Mavin 61yrs,widow. Judith Barrett 73yrs,widow (mother of Francis). Francis and Ellen married June quarter of 1860. Contact Ella by
ROWE James Ladner (Snr) Blacksmith 1822: James Ladner Rowe (Snr), blacksmith of Buryas Bridge in Cornwall. The 1861 UK census lists him as 39yrs with wife Elizabeth A. 40yrs. Children: James Ladner Rower(Jnr) aged 17yrs (blacksmith); William. M. Rowe 16yrs (blacksmith); Richard. H. 12yrs; Elizabeth. A. 11yrs; Mary. M. 5yrs; Ellen. J. 4yrs; infant son 3 days old. Also listed is Mary Richards 31yrs,nurse. See Blacksmiths of Australia and New Zealand for his son James Ladner Rowe (Jnr), blacksmith, born 1854, Cornwall (immigrated to NZ & Australia). For further information contact Chris by
ROWE William Blacksmith 1845: William. M. Rowe, blacksmith. Born 1845 in Buryas Bridge in Cornwall. See Blacksmiths of Cornwall for his father James Ladner (Snr) and other family members. His brother James Ladner (Jnr) is also listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and New Zealand. For further information contact Chris by
ROWLING Samuel Richard Blacksmith 1819: Samuel Richard Rowling, blacksmith. Born 1819 St Stephen by Saltash, Cornwall, England. Died in 1896 Tresco Scilly, Devon. Wife: Mary Ann Symons born 1821 Braunton Devon and died 1906 in Swansea, Glamorgan. Samuel also worked as a Constable / Overseer in Tresco, Island Bay, Scilly. The Overseers of the Poor are sworn in Constables, of the various islands. Produced their annual accounts which were examined approved and passed. Contact Merv by
SIMMONS Joseph Blacksmith 1802: Joseph Simmons, blacksmith. Born circa 14th April 1802 Gwennup Cornwal, England. Died 3rd September 1872 in Adelaide South Australia, aged 70 years. He arrived 1849 PT Adelaide SA with 4 daughters all married. Joseph was a well respected Blacksmith in Adelaide and in Carrharrack, St Day, Melangoose, Portleven and Falmoth prior to 1849. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia and Cornwall Indexes. To share information contact Merv by
SIMMONS Richard Blacksmith 1793: Richard Simmons, blacksmith. Born about 1793, North Petherwin, Cornwall, England. Married [1] Sarah-- married [2] Jane. Contact Beverley by
SMITH Charles Blacksmith 1829: Charles Smith, blacksmith. Born 1829 at Langley, Norfolk, England. Son of James Smith(born 1801 at Heckingham, Nfk). The 1851 UK census lists Charles as 22yrs, unmarried, a smith journeyman, lodging at the Bird in Hand pub, Ellingham, Norfolk. Charles married Eliza Darby on 13th December 1851, at Kirby Cane, Norfolk. In 1861 Charles is 33yrs, iving at 1 - Low Road to Beccles, Hales, Norfolk. Three children: Charles DARBY, born Aug 1850, Kirby Cane; Mary A., SMITH, 1852, Ellingham; Emma Smith, 1858, Woolwich, Kent. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Cornwall and Norfolk. Contact Anthony by
SMITH George Blacksmith 1834: George Smith, blacksmith. Born 1834 at Bradestone, Norfolk, England (Bradestone now forms part of the village of Brundall). Died 1900 at Helston, Cornwall. Son of James Smith (born 1801 at Heckingham, Nfk). The 1851 Uk census lists George as 18yrs, a farm servant in the household of farmer Robert Capon at Upton, Nfk. George married Susan Kemp on 21 Jun 1856 at Helston. In 1861 George is 27yrs, living at Meneage Street, Helston. 1871: George is 37yrs, still at Meneage Street, Helston. In 1881 George is 46yrs, at Coinagehall Street, Helston, and in 1891, he is 55yrs, a master blacksmith, living at Church Street, Helston. George & Susan had eight children: Susan Emma Kemp SMITH, 1856 Helston to 1899, Helston; Harriet Kemp SMITH, 1859 Helston; Emily J. SMITH, 1860 Helston to 1871; George Charles SMITH, 1862 Helston to 1946 Helston; Ambrose SMITH, 1865 Helston to 1872 Helston; Mary Ecclestone SMITH, 1867 Helston; William SMITH, 1871 Helston; Annie Kemp SMITH, 1874 Helston. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Cornwall and Norfolk. Contact Anthony by
THOMAS Peter Blacksmith 1780: Peter Thomas, blacksmith. Born about 1780, Cornwall. The 1841 UK census lists him as 60 yrs old. living in Churchtown in Mullion in Cornwall. Children: Peter Thomas aged 15, James Thomas aged 14.yrs. Also listed: Ann Mundy aged 1yr and Jane Downing (housekeeper). Ann Mundy is listed as his niece but that word has been crossed out. 1851 Census lists Peter Thomas as 71yrs, a widower, blacksmith, still living in Churchtown Mullion. Peter Thomas the blacksmith was married to Susannah George. His son Peter became a farmer in the village of Mullion. Contact Rachel by
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