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John BLACKFORD b. ~1810 in NJ - NJ/IL/KS/MT/CA

Subject: The Wild and Crazy side of the Blackfords
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 06:07:11 -0800
From: "Torch"(
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Dear Allen:

Thanks for your speedy reply regarding my Blackford Line. Last night I wrote to you rather late and now have to clarify a few known facts:

Firstly This John Blackford of Stillwater, New Jersey married Susan Ruff April 2, 1831 although he may have also married Susan Morris of that I can't be certain. Family history tells us he was not a kindly father to his sons George and Isaac and after a cruel beating the mothers and grandmother gave each boy a $20.00 gold piece and told them go West.(1858) They both left in the middle of night so their father would not know they were leaving. Perhaps they had relative in Illinois, at any rate they both apparently homesteaded around Prarie City Illinois

Second. I called George by the middle name Washington although his death certificate says George M. So I am not certain of his middle name. He married however, Mary Louise Predmore.

So you understand the story: John Blackford and his wife Susan Ruff or Morris had 5 children that I know of:
George who married Mary Louise Predmore
Isaac Lou born 28 Oct 1841 Married Anna Delinda Couperthraite
Mary Ann born April 8, 1837 Married Geo. Washington Crouse ( the crouse name was later changed to Krouse)
Elizabeth Married Wm. Hulse
Polly I know nothing about

Isaac Lou later homesteaded to Almena, Kansas and he is my direct ancestor. I told you Mary Ann Blackford and Wm. Hulse's son rode with Jesse James, however it was not the son it was her husband and I quote you the following letter from a Krouse cousin:

Etta Hulse's mother was Elizabeth Blackford, she was a sister To Isaac Louis Blackford of Almena, Kansas Norton County She was born at Stillwater New Jersey about 1843 or 1844. She married William Hulse of Manhattan, Kansas. Now they had one daughter Ettie Hulsa, also one son named Silas Hulse. Ettie Hulse and Silas were going to school in Manhattan Kansas in 1875. I think there was another daughter named Sue Bell Hulse. Now, Wm. Hulse rode with Frank and Jesse James the outlaws on bank robbery's in the West. he was with Frank and Jesse James at the Richmond Bank Robbery in the West. Two of the outlaws were caught and hanged. Wm. Hulse got dam scared, and quit the outlaw trail. He came and stayed at my grandfather, George Washington Crouse Farm at Stillwater New Jersey, until things cooled off. Later he went back to Manhattan Kansas, Riley County to live, and died there.:( As spelled and written)

I also have letter from Etta Hulse to her Aunt Mary Ann Blackford Crouse if anyone is ever interested. In addition have letter from My great grandfather Isaac Lou to Mary Ann Blackford Crouse 1886 which tells about his homestead and health. In the letter he mentioned this his sister Lizabeth (Elizabeth Blackford Hulse) health was failing and that he had just received their picture. I have a great aunt, guess she's 90 or so, who has been bugging me to pickup the Blackford Family picture Album, so I plan to do so sometime within the next month. If Elizabeth's and Wm. Hulse's picture is in this album it will probably have historical significance to someone.

Yes, my group were wild bunch of redheads. Edmond Ulysses Blackford son of Isaac Lou and Anna D. Born 27 March 1867 Prairie City Illinois was shot and killed fighting for the labor cause in El Centro, California. His brother, Ray Carl, often wrote about him in the Almena paper. Ray Carl wrote a column for that paper, sort of a- I remember the good old days . Isaac Louis Blackford ended up killing himself in 1892 over marriage problems. His son My great grandfather Thaddeus Abe Lincoln Blackford also killed himself when his wife Sarah Edith Barham got religion and began following Amy Simple McFerson the evangelist. However, the family remained deeply religious and I have Cousins Blackford/Dickinsons who went to Brazil as Missionaries and founded an Indian Mission of some sort and are there to this very day. In Defense of Thad Abe Lincoln Blackford his death was listed as Accidental Violent death, however the immediate family knew the true story. Thad, was what my father called a skinner meaning he drove a team of 10-16 horses and was in much demand for employment. Thanks this was a long one hope you found it interesting.

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> I'm sorry I can't be of any direct benefit to you but I'd like to post
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>the posts and then posting to the BLACKFORD Forum at
> Wow, that is interesting about the Jesse James connection. I've never
>found bank robber's in the family before.
> Let me know if I can be of more assistance. Sorry about the delay in
>getting back with you. Keep the faith, cuz!
> Allen
>> Torch wrote:
>> I never seem to be able to find out anything on my Blackford Line
>> which came from New Jersey/Ill/Kansas/Montana/California. Did you
>> know that Elizabeth Blackford born Stillwater New Jersey 1838 married
>> Wm. Hulse of Manhattan Kansas and their son rode with Jessie James.
>> See, you look for a count and you find a no-account. Two brothers
>> left New Jersey each given a 20 dollar gold piece and traveled to
>> Prarie City Ill. The brothers were George and Isaac. Their father
>> was John Blackford who married Susan Morris. Their children beside
>> George and Isaac were Mary Ann, Elizabeth and Polly. Isaac Lou moved
>> to Almena, Kansa about 1873. His Son Ray Carl published a very small
>> booklet about this family. This is my family and would like to find
>> others tracing this line. Thanks. Lesley