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Books, Articles, and Other Material Relating to Coal Mining in General

  • McAlister Coleman, Men and Coal (New York, 1943)
  • Howard N. Eavenson, Coal Through the Ages (New York, 1935)
  • Howard N. Eavenson, The First Century and a Quarter of American Coal Industry (Pittsburgh, 1942)
  • A. Dudley Gardner and Verla R. Flores, Forgotten Frontier: A History of Wyoming Coal Mining (Boulder, 1989)
  • R. G. Bluemer, Black Diamond Mines: A History of the Early Coal Mines of the Illinois River Valley (Granville, 2001)
  • Dorothy Schwieder, Black Diamonds: Life and Work in Iowa's Coal Mining Communities, 1895-1925 (Ames, 1983)
  • David A. Wolff, Industrializing the Rockies: Growth, Competition, and Turmoil in the Coalfields of Colorado and Wyoming, 1868-1914 (Boulder, 2003)
  • Rick J. Clyne, Coal People: Life in Southern Colorado's Company Towns, 1890-1930 (Boulder, 2000)
  • F. Stanley, The Dawson Tragedies (Texas, 1964)
  • Ronald D. Eller, Miners, Millhands, and Mountaineers: Industrialization of the Appalachian South, 1880-1930 (Knoxville, 1984)
  • Price V. Fishback, Soft Coal, Hard Choices: The Economic Welfare of Bituminous Coal Miners, 1890-1930 (New York, 1992)
  • Karin A. Shapiro, The Battle against Convict Labor in the Tennessee Coalfields, 1871-1896 (Chapel Hill, 1998)
  • James Krohe, Jr., Midnight at Noon: A History of Coal Mining in Sangamon County (Springfield, 1975)
  • Carl D. Oblinger, Divided Kingdom: Work, Community, and the Mining Wars in the Central Illinois Coal Fields During the Great Depression (Springfield, 1991)
  • Homer Lawrence Morris, The Plight of the Bituminous Coal Miner (Philadelphia, 1934)
  • Roger Fagge, Power, Culture, and Conflict in the Coalfields: West Virginia and South Wales, 1900-1922 (Manchester, 1996)
  • Alan Hynding, "The Coal Miners of Washington Territory: Labor Troubles in 1888-89", Arizona and the West 12:3 (Autumn 1970):221-236.
  • Robert Rutland, "The Mining Camps of Iowa: Faded Sources of Hawkeye History", Iowa Journal of History 54:1 (January 1956):35-42.
  • Bill Bryans, "Coal Mining in Twentieth Century Wyoming: A Brief History", Journal of the West 21:4 (October 1982):24-35.
  • Dennis S. Grogan, "Unionization in Boulder and Weld Counties to 1890", The Colorado Magazine 44:4 (Fall 1967):324-341.
  • Harry R. Rubenstein, "The Great Gallup Coal Strike of 1933", New Mexico Historical Review 52:3 (July 1977):173-192.
  • Philip A. Kalisch, "The Woebegone Miners of Wyoming: A History of Coal Mine Disasters in the Equality State", Annals of Wyoming 42:2 (October 1970):237-242.
  • Allan Kent Powell, "The 'Foreign Element' and the 1903-4 Carbon County Coal Miners' Strike", Utah Historical Quarterly 43:2 (Spring 1975):125-154.
  • Helen Z. Papanikolas, "Utah's Coal Lands: A Vital Example of How America Became a Great Nation", Utah Historical Quarterly 43:2 (Spring 1975):104-124.
  • Price V. Fishback, "An Alternative View of Violence in Labor Disputes: The Bituminous Coal Industry, 1890-1930", Labor History 37:3 (Summer 1995):426-456.
  • Dennis Kirchner, "A History of Mine Disasters in Webster County, Kentucky", Webster's Wagon Wheel 9:4 (1988):49-63.
  • Dwight F. Henderson, "The Texas Coal Mining Industry", Southwestern Historical Quarterly 68:2 (October 1964):207-219.
  • Sigfus Olafson, "Early Coal Miners in Boone County", Kith and Kin of Boone County, West Virginia 4:? (October 1978):81-85.
  • Ralph V. Cutlip, "The Beginning of Coal Mining in Braxton County", Journal of the Braxton Historical Society 5:1 (March 1977):4-8. [Note -- County is in West Virginia]
  • K. C. Ronalds, "K. C. Ronalds on Coal Mining", The Shawnee 9:4 (Spring 1994):13-15. [Note -- Geographical area is southern Illinois]
  • Joanna Sampson, "Strikebreaker!", Journal of the West 30:4 (October 1991):91-97. [Note -- Geographical area is the state of Colorado]
  • Jean M. Greiner, "The Golden, Boulder and Caribou", The Colorado Magazine 44:4 (Fall 1967):307-323.
  • Eric Margolis, "Western Coal Mining as a Way of Life: An Oral History of the Colorado Coal Miners to 1914", Journal of the West 24:3 (July 1985):i-115.
  • Herbert G. Gutman, "The Braidwood Lockout of 1874", Illinois State Historical Society Journal 53:1 (1960):5-28.
  • James Duane Bolin, "'An Air of Tenseness': Labor Strife and Tragedy in Kentucky's Western Coal Field, 1888-1939", The Filson Club History Quarterly 73:1 (January 1999):3-28.
  • Willard Rouse Jillson, "A History of the Coal Industry in Kentucky", The Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society 20:58 (1922):20-45.
  • Otto A. Rothert, "Coal Mining and its Bearing on Local History", The Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society 12:35 (May 1914):33-36.
  • Eugene Wolfe, "No Christmas at Monongah -- December 6, 1907", Goldenseal 25:4 (Winter 1999):12-20.
  • John Barnhill, "Triumph of Will: The Coal Strike of 1899-1903", The Chronicles of Oklahoma 61:1 (Spring 1983):80-95.
  • Stanley Clark, "Immigrants in the Choctaw Coal Industry", The Chronicles of Oklahoma 33:4 (Winter 1955-56):440-455.
  • David Robertson, "'Heaps of history': Toluca and the Historic Longwall Mining District", Journal of Illinois History 3:3 (Autumn):162-184.
  • George B. Cotkin, "Strikebreakers, Evictions and Violence: Industrial Conflict in the Hocking Valley, 1884-1885", Ohio History 87:2 (Spring 1978):140-150.
  • Oliver Knight, "An Oklahoma Indian Trader As a Frontiersman of Commerce", The Journal of Southern History 23:2 (May 1957):203-219.
  • Otis K. Rice, "Coal Mining in the Kanawha Valley to 1861: A View of Industrialization in the Old South", The Journal of Southern History 31:4 (November 1965):393-416.
  • Michael Madsen, "Coal Mining and Coal Resources in Boone County and Story County, Iowa", Trail Tales 36:? (1980):5-48.
  • Joe Pestotnik, "Fifty Years of Coal Mining", Trail Tales 36:? (1980):49-52. [Note -- Geographical area is the state of Iowa]
  • David V. Johnson, "History of Mining at Madrid, Iowa", Trail Tales 36:? (1980):53-63.
  • "Coal Mining in the Ogden Area", Trail Tales 36:? (1980):64-69. [Note -- Geographical area is the state of Iowa]
  • "Brief History of Local Union No. 869, U.M.W. of A.", Trail Tales 36:? (1980):70-76. [Note -- Geographical area is the state of Iowa]
  • Audrey M. McVay and Larry Adams, "Some Further Reflections on Coal Mining", Trail Tales 36:? (1980):77-80. [Note -- Geographical area is the state of Iowa]
  • Marilyn D. Rhinehart, "'Underground Patriots': Thurber Coal Miners and the Struggle for Individual Freedom, 1888-1903", Southwestern Historical Quarterly 92:? (April 1989):509-542.
  • Dick King, "'Rascals' and Rangers", True West 22:? (March-April 1975):6-13, 40, 44.
  • F. E. Melder, "History of the Discoveries and Physical Development of the Coal Industry in the State of Washington", Pacific Northwest Quarterly 29:2 (April 1938):151-165.
  • Richard Patrick Joyce, "Miners of the Prairie: Life and Labor in the Wilmington, Illinois, Coal Field, 1866-1897", (M.A. thesis, Illinois State University, 1980).
  • William E. Powell, "The Historical Geography of the Impact of Coal Mining Upon the Cherokee-Crawford Coal Field of Southeastern Kansas", (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Nebraska, 1970).
  • Stanley A. Vining, "Men and Coal in Kansas: Their History and Politics", (M.A. thesis, University of Kansas, 1957).
  • Thomas R. Hackenmiller, "Industrialization and Organized Labor in the Early History of Kittitas County 1880-1900", (M.A. thesis, Central Washington University, 1986).
  • Jeremy Neely, "Bates County, Missouri: The Transformation of a Middle Western Frontier, 1855-1895", (M.A. thesis, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2000).
  • Mark J. Stern, "To Bring Forth the Hidden Wealth: The Knights of Labor in the Coalfields of King County, Washington 1885-1891", (B.A. thesis, Reed College, 1973).
  • Michael R. McCormick, "A Comparative Study of Coal Mining Communities in Northern Illinois and Southeastern Ohio in the Late Nineteenth Century", (Ph.D. dissertation, The Ohio State University, 1978).
  • William Preston Powers, Jr., "The Subversion of 'Gordon's Kingdom': The Unionization of the Texas and Pacific Coal Mines at Thurber, 1888-1903", (M.A. thesis, University of Texas at Arlington, 1989).
  • Gene Aldrich, "A History of the Coal Industry in Oklahoma to 1907", (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Oklahoma, 1952).
  • Lawrence Walker Rogers, Jr., "The Arkansas Bituminous Coal Industry: A Case Study of Industry in an Underdeveloped Area", (M.A. thesis, University of Texas, 1964).

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