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Books, Articles, and Other Material
Relating to African American Miners

  • Ronald L. Lewis, Black Coal Miners in America: Race, Class, and Community Conflict, 1780-1980 (Lexington, 1987)
  • Dorothy Schwieder, Joseph Hraba, and Elmer Schwieder, Buxton: A Black Utopia in the Heartland (Iowa City, 2003)
  • Joe William Trotter, Jr., Coal, Class, and Color: Blacks in Southern West Virginia 1915-32 (Urbana, 1990)
  • Robert Armstead, Black Days, Black Dust: The Memories of an African American Coal Miner (Knoxville, 2002)
  • Herbert G. Gutman, "The Negro and the United Mine Workers of America: The Career and Letters of Richard L. Davis and Something of Their Meaning, 1890-1900", The Negro and the American Labor Movement, Julius Jacobson, ed. (New York, 1968), 49-127.
  • Herbert G. Gutman, "Labor in the Land of Lincoln: Coal Miners on the Prairie", Power and Culture: Essays on the American Working Class, Ira Berlin, ed. (New York, 1987), 117-212.
  • Ed Diaz, "Reexamining the Past: A Different Perspective of Black Strikebreakers in King County's Coal Mining Industry", More Voices, New Stories: King County, Washington's First 150 Years, Mary C. Wright, ed. (Seattle, 2002), 70-92.
  • Ernest Moore, The Coal Miner Who Came West (Seattle, 1982)
  • Edwin L. Brown and Colin J. Davis, ed., It is Union and Liberty: Alabama Coal Miners and the UMW (Tuscaloosa, 1999)
  • Daniel Letwin, The Challenge of Interracial Unionism: Alabama Coal Miners, 1878-1921 (Chapel Hill, 1998)
  • Brian Kelly, Race, Class, and Power in the Alabama Coalfields, 1908-21 (Urbana, 2001)
  • Ancella R. Bickley and Lynda Ann Ewen, Memphis Tennessee Garrison: The Remarkable Story of a Black Appalachian Woman (Athens, 2001)
  • Robert A. Campbell, "Blacks and the Coal Mines of Western Washington, 1888-1896", Pacific Northwest Quarterly 73:4 (October 1982):146-55.
  • Caroline A. Waldron, "'Lynch-law Must Go!': Race, Citizenship, and the Other in an American Coal Mining Town", Journal of American Ethnic History 20:1 (Fall 2000):50-77.
  • Janice A. Beran, "Diamonds in Iowa: Blacks, Buxton, and Baseball", Journal of African American History Inaugural Issue (Winter 2002):56-69.
  • Peter Gottlieb, "Black Miners and the 1925-28 Bituminous Coal Strike: The Colored Committee of Non-Union Miners, Montour Mine No. 1, Pittsburgh Coal Company", Labor History 28:2 (Spring 1987):233-241.
  • Barbara Smith, "The Franklins: A Barbour County Family Story", Goldenseal 16:2 (Autumn 1990):38-42.
  • Tim R. Massey, "'I Didn't Think I'd Live to See 1950': Looking Back With Columbus Avery", Goldenseal 8:1 (Spring 1982):32-40.
  • Yvonne Snyder Farley, "Homecoming", Goldenseal 5:4 (October-December 1979):7-16.
  • Herbert G. Gutman, "Reconstruction in Ohio: Negroes in the Hocking Valley Coal Mines in 1873 and 1874", Labor History 3:3 (Fall 1962):243-264.
  • Mark Stern, "Black Strikebreakers in the Coal Fields: King County, Washington -- 1891", Journal of Ethnic Studies 5:3 (Fall, 1977):60-70.
  • Charles W. Simmons, John R. Rankin, U. G. Carter, "Negro Coal Miners in West Virginia, 1875-1925", The Midwest Journal 6:1 (Spring 1954):60-69.
  • Michael M. Meador, "The Blacks of Bluefield", Goldenseal 13:4 (Winter 1987):19-27.
  • Sharon L. Gardner, "Memories of a Mining Family: Tony Armstead Recalls Four Generations", Goldenseal 26:4 (Winter 2000):52-57.
  • Jean Battlo, "Mining in the Melting Pot: The African American Influx into the McDowell County Mines", Goldenseal 23:4 (Winter 1997):46-51.
  • Connie Karickhoff, "Photographer William H. Jordan: A Portrait of Ansted's Black Community", Goldenseal 24:4 (Winter 1998):44-51.
  • Reginald Millner, "Conversations with the 'Ole Man': The Life and Times of a Black Appalachian Coal Miner", Goldenseal 5:1 (January-March 1979):58-64.
  • Ross Ballard II, " Doing Fine at 99: A Visit with Melvin Harris ", Goldenseal 28:1 (Spring 2002):30-35.
  • Victor Hicken, "The Virden and Pana Mine Wars of 1898", Illinois State Historical Society Journal 52:2 (1959):263-278.
  • John H. Keiser, "Black Strikebreakers and Racism in Illinois, 1865-1900", Illinois State Historical Society Journal 65:3 (1972):313-326.
  • Felix L. Armfield, "Fire on the Prairies: The 1895 Spring Valley Race Riot", Journal of Illinois History 3:3 (Autumn):185-200.
  • David G. Smith, "From Virginia Farms to Iowa Coal Mines", Journal of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society 16:2 (Fall 1997):106-134.
  • Paul Richards, "Racism in the Southern Coal Industry, 1890-1910", (M.A. thesis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1969).
  • John M. Robb, "The Migration of Negro Coal Miners from Alabama to Southeast Kansas in 1899", (M.A. thesis, Kansas State College of Pittsburg, 1965).
  • Johnetta L. Jones, "Negroes in Jackson County, 1850-1910", (M.A. thesis, Southern Illinois University, 1971).
  • Robert A. Campbell, "An Added Objection: The Use of Blacks in the Coal Mines of Washington, 1880-1896", (M.A. thesis, University of British Columbia, 1978).
  • Frederick O. Jackson, "The Impact of the Roslyn Coal Miners' Strike on African American Migration into the State of Washington, 1888 Through 1910", (M.A. thesis, Western Washington University, 1995).
  • John C. Hanscom, "Company Coal Town: Franklin and the Oregon Improvement Company, 1880-1896", (Green River Community College, 1988). [Note -- It is not known whether this is a thesis, seminar paper, etc]
  • Eleaner Anna Burhorn, "Strike of Coal Miners at Pana, Illinois, 1898-1899", (M.A. thesis, Washington University, 1949). [Note -- University is in Missouri]
  • Nancy Ruth Elmore, "The Birmingham Coal Strike of 1908", (M.A. thesis, University of Alabama, 1966).
  • Gerald Edgar Allen, "The Negro Coal Miner in the Pittsburgh District", (M.A. thesis, University of Pittsburgh, 1923).
  • James Tamplin Laing, "The Negro Miner in West Virginia", (Ph.D. dissertation, The Ohio State University, 1933).
  • Martin Tuohy, "African-American Coal Miners and Iron Workers in Western Indiana, 1873-1875: The Genesis of a Rural, Biracial Working Class", (M.A. seminar paper, History Department, University of Illinois-Chicago, 1996).

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