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Descendants of Joshua HICKS (ca 1765 - 1848)

of Surry Co, NC and Clermont Co, OH


Joshua HICKS moved with his family to Clermont Co, OH about 1805. Many of his descendants remain in that area nine generations later. Others have scattered throughout the country. The children of Joshua and Diana (Adams) Hicks married into the families of UTTER, TATMAN, MELVIN, HOPKINS, ROBINSON, JOHNSTON, WHETSTONE, BAXTER, NEWKIRK, and MORGAN.

Joshua, born about 1765 [birthplace unknown], was probably the son of Samuel HICKS. A number of probably related Hicks lived in Surry Co, NC from about 1791 onwards. The probable siblings (based on land and marriage records of Surry Co) of Joshua Hicks were:

1. Joshua Hicks, born abt 1765 in -?-; died 1848 in Clermont Co, OH. He married on 19 Sep 1794 in Rowan Co, NC to Diana ADAMS
2. Benjamin Hicks, born abt 1768 in -?-; died after 1804. He married abt 1790 to -?-
3. James Hicks, born abt 1770 in -?-; died aft 1830; married 16 Oct 1797 in Surry Co, NC to Elizabeth DAVIS
4. William Hicks, born abt 1772 in -?-; died aft 1810 in possibly Iredell, NC; married 31 Dec 1799 in Surry Co, NC to Ann DAVIS
5. Eliza Hicks, born abt 1774 in -?-; married 18 Jan 1797 in Surry Co, NCto Benjamin SPARKS
6. Polly Hicks, born abt 1776 in -?-; married 15 Aug 1800 in Surry Co, NC to Elijah OLIVER
7. Laban Hicks - possibly son, born -?- 1760-1770
Orville Jones, one of the descendants remaining in Clermont Co, OH, spent much of his life gathering information on the HICKS family. At the time of his death in 1996, he had assembled a manuscript containing almost 800 families. My goal with this page is to contact more descendants of the family in order to update and publish his manuscript in book form. If you have any knowledge of this family, I'd appreciate hearing from you.  Many members of this family have been long lived, so I have published this only through the sixth generation, so as not to infringe on the privacy of any family member.  My records continue through nine generations, which I will share on an individual basis.

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