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A little shakeup! Devon Drakes are R-yDNA and John Drake b. Hampton-in-Arden, d. 1659 in CT descendants are T-y-DNA. They are not the same Drakes as the Plymouth and Devon Drakes. Our ancestor Mary Drake, daughter of Samuel Drake, married Richard Headley. (See Maps of towns named Headley in England link below for more detailed information.) We need some Drake testing of Samuel's descendants, as we probably descend from this John Drake and his first wife, Lettice Shakespeare, cousin of William Shakespeare, the playwright, due to DNA matches of this Drake's descendants with our family, as well as Shakespeare descendants at GEDmatch.comm, myself included.
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Colonial Videos

Henry Corbin,
Rowles ancestor, Henry was born 1629, Hall End, Warwickshire, England, died 2 Jan. 1676/7 Buckingham House, Middlesex Co, Virginia. A colonial merchant, Justice, Burgess and Member of the Council in the Virginia Colony, Henry married Alice Eltonhead. Both are descendants of Royalty and Lady Godiva. Henry was not William Henry Corbin. William was his brother. Beware!


Nancy's BBQ 1968 Clyde Hadley Family Reunion.

Rowles Family Page

Barbara and cousin Ron's My Heritage Webpage

Ron Potter's Egyptian Page

Original Blizzard and Pool Page on Rootsweb


Barbara's South Carolina Ancestors

My Neel Family of Texas

Headlee and Smith of Iowa.

Maps of towns named Headley in England

The only towns named Headley in England.

Genealogies of Dudley family in Virginia Robert Dudley and Elizabeth Ransom of royal descent, our DNA proven ancestors, are on this page in google books, ancestors of my great-grandmother Mary Ann Dudley Neel of Tarrant Co, Texas. Please give it time to load.

Vincent Fry Homepage

Our American Revolution Heritage

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Royalty for Commoners


I used the lineage to Lady Godiva in Royalty for Commoners
The lineage for Teresa of Castile & Leon, daughter of Alfonso VI and Jimena, Senora Ulver de Guzman, is all wrong in, Royalty for Commoners as it states his wife Princess Isabel Zaida Maria of Dania was her mother, however, Teresa aka Theresa, was not only about the same age as Zaida, but Teresa was married before her father married Zaida, (the widow of Prince Fath Alabama Mamun, who begged Alfonso to rescue his wife and children as he died in 1090, in an attack on Cordoba, Spain.) So, please find other sources for Teresa's ancestry.
I descend from his mistress and two of Alfonso VI's wives, Constance and Princess Isabel Zaida, and his mistress, Jamina/Ximena. We descend from his daughter Sancha Alfonsa, the daughter of his 4th wife Princess Isabel Zaida.
I have removed our lineage back to Adam in the Bible, and my tree keeps getting bigger every day. I would advise that everything be researched and proved through other sources, as well.


Note: God Bless Rootsweb for allowing people free access---for now.

Weaving Webs Tree at Rootsweb.
These are the ancestors and siblings of Tillman and Barbara Neel Blizzard.

Jennings and Rowles Tree of Judy Richardson
Judy is my cousin and genealogy partner on the Rowles family history since 2000.

Descendants only, tree of Lady Godiva at Rootsweb.
Cousins Donna Kay Weiss and Barbara Neel Blizzard are SDLG Founding members.

Barbara's tree at MyHeritage site.
Everyone is connected to me by blood or marriage.

Ron's family tree at MyHeritage
My mother's cousin, Ron Potter, has been my genealogy partner on the Headley family since early 1970's.

to my family genealogy online.

I didn't get into this much trouble online all by myself. Ron Potter, earliest partner on the Headley page, resarched our family history as a teenager and gave a copy to his uncle Clyde. Cousin Judy Richardson helped with Rowles genealogy, and Pat Bonneau provided records with Pool genealogy on the original Blizzard and Pool Family page. Other cousins whose help has been relied on in the early days of this web-page are Glenn Headley, Jo Bendon Mercer and Carolyn Headley Stober. 

Both sides of my family were early settlers in Missouri in early 1800's. Both were named Smith----neither stayed! Our gggreat-grandfather William F. Smith came to Missouri but moved on to Iowa, and my paternal gggreat-grandfather General James Hans Smith was a state senator and congressman in both Missouri and Arkansas and written about in history as a great orator. Later he moved to Texas where he was murdered for his money while in Houston buying supplies for his family and neighbors.

On my mother's side of the family, her ggreat-grandfather William D. Rowles was a senator and congressman in Nebraska. (More about them below.)William's son-in-law, Prof. James Walter Newman, was superintendent of schools of Sarpy County, Nebraska. my paternal grandmother, Ione Donalson Neel(without a second "d" in Donalson, is an Irish name,) went to Denton college for women and became a schoolteacher. Ione was the great-granddaughter of Hans Smith.

My husband's Pool and Blizzard families have all been within a radius of 30 miles of Lexington County, South Carolina for well over two centuries. The American colonies were a great melting-pot of nationalities. So Tillman and I are both a little of everything, and descend from royalty through our Gunter/Awbrey line, of William Gunter of Abergavenne, as well as other lines.

Among the ancestors of three of my grandparents are Rameses the "Great" Pharaoh of Egypt, Emperor Charlemagne, and the great Spanish warrior "El Cid," Rodrigo Diaz. I also descend from Lady Godiva who made her famous bare-back ride to prove the innocence of her husband. And William Marshall the undefeated knight, Regent of England, through four of his daughters. But, an Irish Bishop cursed William and all his male descendants died within a few years, so all of his descnedants are through his daughters.

Our Smith great-grandmothers, Nancy Nora Smith, and Caroline Smith, were both of royal descent but not related to each other. On my father's side, Nancy's father, Al Sidney Smith was the son of Capt. James Hans (Shmidt) Smith, School-teacher from Pennsylvania, was a Senator and Congressman in Missouri and Arkansas as stated above and on the Neel page. Not to be outdone, my mother's great-grandfather William Donaldson Rowles was also a Senator and Congressman of Nebraska, on the Rowles page. And on her mother's side, Caroline's grandparents, William Smith, mentioned above, and his wife and cousin Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith are on the Headley page. William and Betsy were cousins and both descended from the brother of Captain John Smith of Pocahontas fame. Caroline married George W. Headlee who rode with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.


YOU CAN GET A FAMILY FINDER-AUTOSOMAL-DNA TEST at either 23 and Me, Family Tree DNA or Ancestry dot com.
Then upload your raw date file to to match with cousins who tested at different companies.

Family Tree DNA "Family Finder" tests well over 800,000 genes per person to locate ancestry across all family lines of that person tested. The test consists of Autosomal, family matches, and recent origin before coming to America. The Family Finder DNA test "MyOrigins" results on the origins of ancestral location of recent history within the last few hundred years more or less, show that Tillman’s ancestry is 97% European in origin, and Barbara’s ancestry is 93% European, which included the Brittish Isles.

The only way to match with my cousin Raymond Surwillo was to test with Ancestry DNA, so I did, and we match as first cousins, which we are, as we are children of siblings Hazel Neel Surwillo and James Herbert Neel.

As you may know, I am the Administrator of three FTDNA projects: Maryland, New York State, and Blizzard DNA. At DNA.Ancestry I have matches proving some of our ancstors were descendants of Nicholas Snow and Constance Hopkins through both of my maternal grandparents. Clyde descends from John Snow and Mary Smalley, and Sybil descends from John's sister Sarah Snow and William Walker, also John and Jerusha Mann Headlee. On my dad's side: Thomas Hill and Mary Percy (above,) John T. Neel, Sr. and Martha Lemmons, connected Wm. Alexander Neal and their possible sister Ellen Neel O'Conner as children of John Neel and Sarah Hutchinson (Ellen's parents' names proven through church records sent to me by Shannon Weigel,) Legislator Hans Smith and wife Nancy Owen and beyound to Thomas Owen. Plus, I have many matches descended from William G. Dudley, grandfather of Mary Ann Dudley, including Capt. Christopher Dudley and Elizabeth Daniel. Christopher descends from multi Royal lines.

I'm so glad we tested at Ancestry because we have multi matches with Doherty/Dougherty/Daugherty which is proving that our Stewart line was originally Doherty. Orignal Irish spelling was O'Dochartaigh as descendants of Cornelius who lived in the 15th century.

My husband, Tillman Blizzard and I tested at FTDNA, as well as my daughter EB, my aunt Geri, her daughter and granddaughter, and our cousins Glenn Headley, Ron Potter, Judy Richardson and Michael Hadley. My husband's cousin Pat Bonneau had DNA of her uncle and herself tested at FTDNA. My daughter EB Blizzard and I tested at Ancestry DNA as well as FTDNA, so, through matches we can be sure the matches with distant cousins prove our lineage with the unique tool at FTDNA of the Chromosome Browser.

This is so exciting, that I must go deeper into this DNA research. So many of my relatives tested there that were missing at FTDNA, plus a few who tested with both companies. In fact, several Dudley lineages prove my father's grandmother, Mary Ann Dudley Neel, daughter of Ransom W. Dudley was indeed the son of William G. Dudley of royal descent from Maj. Robert Dudley who married Elizabeth Ransom, with at least one match of those who allow their tree to be seen by matches. Robert descends from King Edward III of England and also his wife Lady Philippa of Hainault. Both descend from the Pharaoh Rameses (I) and his wife, Queen' Tia who descends from Thutmoses I, Pharaoh of Egypt, and Celtic Queen Boudicca.

Genealogy is on the cutting edge of science with DNA testing. It can create great changes in who we thought we were with a simple swab of the cheek. In DNA testing we are actually looking for your earliest proven ancestor and not you per se so that you may remain anonymous if you so choose. The point is matching ancestors. In projects with only surnames listed, you are still publicly anonymous because they only list your surname with your DNA results and no further information. DNA testing changed the history of our paternal Pace line. The Pace Chart of our Pace ancestors William Pace and wife Ruth Lambert, has the same y-DNA as Richard Pace who married Elizabeth Cain, but has been linked with an entirely different Richard Pace line.

DNA testing proved that there were three different Pool/Poole families in early South Carolina. All the Blizzards tested so far are different as well, except for the descendants of Colonial Thomas Blizzard. In this family Tillman Blizzard and the Alabama descendants of Thomas Blizzard are an exac 12 marker match, the limit so far of Thomas' testing. It has also proved that the Pharaoh Ramses II was a Berber from Libya, Just like Johan Peter Pelzer Fry's family who are E-Y-DNA; while Henry Frey and Anna Catherine Levering's descendants are R Y-DNA from Europe. (Ramses is listed in the book Royalty for Commoners with the spelling Rameses.)

The World is a DNA Melting Pot! There is no right or wrong DNA. It is just branches of a genetic tree, but you are a UNIQUE leaf on it somewhere. It's a lot of fun to discover your leaf on the tree.

Family Talent

Our family were basically Bankers, Nurses, Politicians and School Teachers. My daughter Sybillina is an artist as well as a school teacher. My grandmother Sybil Newman was a nurse, and her father J. Walter Newman, was a Professor and Superintendent of Schools in Nebraska, and Sybil's sister was a school tacher. Sybil's mother's father, William D. Rowles, was a Nebraska Senator and Congressman, a descendant of Hon. Edmund Jennings, acting Govenor of Virginia. Her maternal grandfather, John Crowthers, Sr. was president of Towson bank in Maryland, and three of my aunts were also bankers. My grandmother Ione, great-granddaughter of Senator Hans Smith, was a school teacher, and her sister was a published poet. Sybil's cousin Gwen DeLaney (Gwen Delano stage name)was an actress on radio, TV and films.

My Welsh Headley relatives were very musical and beautiful singers. The Headley siblings held barn dances on Saturday night at their farm in Iowa. My mother sang "God Bless America" acappella at the Hollywood Bowl on the first I Am An American Day for President Franklin Roosevelt which was broadcast on the radio, 12 June 1939. And my cousin Ron Potter sings in Nebraska. Our cousin Gene Pursell sang on TV, and his sons and grandsons are singers as well. A 1951 video of our cousin Gene Pursell, the very first "Irish Tenor" on the Lawrence Welk Show on TV, is on you-tube. It is out of sync but a rare find and worth the viewing. Gene is the grandson of Aunt Nora Headley Bendon, oldest sister of my grandfather Clyde Hadley, and Ron's mother Golden Daisy Headley Potter. But hey! you knew that, didn't you!

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