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Blizzard, Gunter and Pool Family Heritage
of South Carolina.

Including Extended Family of Tillman Arthur Blizzard

 By Barbara, Mrs. Tillman Blizzard
With the help of Fellow Researcher of the Pool Family, Tillman's cousin Pat Moore Bonneau.
Pat supplied maps, graveyard lists and other infomation so vital to our research.
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Barbara's South Carolina Family
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Our Family Tree

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Our Family

Including connections in Alabama, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

The Blizzard Families

Nancy "Nettie" Pool Blizzard 1908-1984, was of royal descent from both Clovis I, “The Great” King of Salic Franks, and Clovis “the Riparian,” King of Cologne, through her grandmother Tirzah Gunter. Tirzah's ancestor Joshua Gunter came from Virginia, as well as many other related families below.......

Our Blizzard and Pool ancestors were in South Carolina in mid 1700's. In England the Blizzard family originated in Brittany, France, where it is pronounced "Bliz'zard." But in America it is pronounced Bliz-erd like the snow storm. The name originated from surname Blaze. Blizzard's are traced to France well over a thousand years ago. Listed in Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland in England there are two Blizzard Crests. One "Blizzard" Crest with a Coat of Arms that has the French "Fluer-de-lis" which is an Iris flower and it is also the symbol of France. There is also one "Blizzard" which has an arm and bracelet. There are twelve Pool/Poole Crests: two "Pool" Crests, and ten different additional "Poole" family Crests.

Most of our ancestors of South Carolina came here from Virginia, like the Pooles and Williamsons. The South Carolina Blizzards married into families who were among those who settled Allendale in Orangeburg District, in the area later known as Barnwell County. South Carolina records state the Allendale Romany came to America from Scotland, and some of our relatives descend from them. However, there is no Blizzard surname listed as Romany.

There were no Blizzard families in South Carolina in the early census records, however, there are other legal documents. Richard Blizzard, the younger who was born in Maryland in 1731, is also listed as born in Duplin, North Carolina by some descendants, because that is where he died. Richard moved from South Carolina to North Carolina and married Kezzekiah Carter. He died in Duplin County, North Carolina in 1782. That line does not have the same DNA as our line. But good news is that two descendants of Richard's son Solomon Blizzard have been DNA tested R-y-DNA and they match. Thomas Blizzard of Darlington District, South Carolina born about 1740-50 was the father of Thomas F. Blizzard Sr. who went to Alabama, later. This line has been DNA tested G-y-DNA and an exact match of Voluntine's line. That makes two different, proven Blizzard lines of the Carolinas.

Many Blizzard and Pool ancestors came from the same area of North Carolina. Nearby in Jones County, North Carolina John Gunter died in 1785. He was born in 1722 in Prince George County, Virginia. He left a will written in 1781. His son Joshua Gunter was born in Brunswick County, North Carolina, and died in Lexington County, South Carolina after first living in Edgefield County, South Carolina. (Edgefield boundaries once included much of Lexington and Aiken Counties, so people probably didn't move as much as their county lines did.) More of the Gunter family is below.

Thomas Blizzard, born abt 1740, is listed with James and John Purvis, and Francis Spires who were originally in the Chesterfield District area before Darlington in 1794-1799. But, Thomas Blizzard was not in the 1800 census of South Carolina. Later the sons of Thomas lived in Sumter County and Richland County, which was also known as Chesterfield, Camden, Darlington District and Lexington County which was also known as Orangeburg Territory, Lexington District, Edgefield District and even Barnwell County for a time. Boundaries changed every few years! Some descendants claim that this Thomas died in Maryland.

But this South Carolina Thomas who was in 96th District, SC in the American Revolution War was probably not the same Thomas descended from Giles Blyzard who was in the Maryland Militia. The Thomas Blizzard of Darlington District, South Carolina, father of the Thomas who went to Tennessee and then on to Alabama, who may or may not be a brother of Jacob Blizzard of Barnwell, South Carolina, according to his descendants in Alabama. All of this needs to be proven. Other sons of Thomas, Sr. were Thomas, Jr. (Tillman Blizzard's Y-DNA match's ancestor) Josiah (probably Voluntine's father) and Jasper. Bill Bauer has visited the graves of Voluntine and Elizabeth Blizzard at the home farm, and shared pictures with us.
The families of Wooten, Atkins, Miles and Blizzard intermarried. And those same families are Family FamilyFinder/Autosomal DNA matches of Tillman Blizzard and daughter Eliza Blizzard.

Voluntine Blizzard stated on a census record that his father and his mother were both born in South Carolina. Although the family moved often, they always stayed within a 30 miles radius of Lexington County. The 1850 census lists each place of birth by county so it is easy to see how often he moved around. He was born in Barnwell County, South Carolina, and his wife Elizabeth Lovett was born in North Carolina. The following are their children: daughters Besati and Gutheredge were born in South Carolina, no known county. Next, daughter Martha was born in Richland County, daughter Mary Jane Gladden was born in Sumter County, and son James Thomas (our line) was born in Fairfield, County as well as the younger siblings. Blythewood, was later claimed by Richland County where it is today.

James Thomas Blizzard married Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lee, (daughter of Asa Lee.) Their son James "Thomas” Arthur Blizzard was born during wartime on 27 Sep. 1864. Some of his papers are at the Misc. Records page link below.

In August of 1864 Pvt. James T. Blizzard wrote a letter to his mother Elizabeth which you can see on my Gunter page. He was wounded in battle and sent to a Washington D. C. hospital and transferred to Lincoln General Hospital where he died 29 Oct 1864 from a thigh wound. (The copy of his letter to his mother was sent to us by Lounette, daughter of Clayton Blizzard. Lounette also gave us modern day information of her various cousins, which we are very glad to have.) The original letter was donated to the Civil War section of the Museum in South Carolina and on display there. Since it was addressed only to his mother and siblings, Voluntine may have taken part in the war as well, because he was only about 55 and many that age were in the ranks, but, we do know that Voluntine was senile in later life.

The widow of James Thomas Blizzard, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lee, years later married a man nine years younger than she was, named James Campbell Glenn and moved to North Carolina. Her son James Arthur Blizzard was sent to live with his paternal grandparents. About sixteen years later, their grandson James Blizzard ran away from his grandmother Elizabeth who had a hard time at home with Voluntine being senile. James "Jim" probably hopped a train and on his way to Aiken County where he changed his name to "Thomas" Arthur Blizzard, taking the middle name of his dead father, according to family tradition. However, he was still called "Jim" years later. He married Locky Spires and had five children: Lula, Clayton, Clifton, Sudie and Purvis.

Thomas F. Blizzard, Sr. was born in South Carolina in 1781, about the same age as Jacob, living in Blythewood, Fairfield County, South Carolina next to each other. Also just across the North Carolina line was Joab Blizzard who may or may not be the brother or cousin of Jacob and Josiah in the 1810 Fairfield census. Thomas F. Blizzard, Sr. (whose descendant is a DNA relative of Tillman Blizzard)left South Carolina and moved to Tennessee where he married Martha and his son Thomas F. Blizzard Jr. was born. Thomas Sr. died in Alabama

Thomas F. Blizzard, of Richland County who later moved to Alabama, was probably the brother of Jasper, Josiah and Jacob. The gentleman who could be their father Colonial Thomas Blizzard of Richland County, had taken part in a 1794 petition of Chesterfield, including John Purvis and James Purvis. The name Darling is on another Colonial file with Blizzard. Many sons were named Darling in the families of the Blizzards. Darlington was probably named for the Darling family. The name Purvis is also found in other Richland County Blizzard families, descendants of other sons of the Colonial Thomas Blizzard including FBI agent Melvin Purvis of Florence, SC. As I mention elsewhere, a descendant of Thomas living in Alabama told me their family history is that they descend from Romney as do many related families. They are an exact 12 marker G-y-DNA match of Tillman Blizzad.

County lines were always being re-designated, and who knows exactly who gave the information to the census taker. The county lines changed so often I put a link to maps of early days online to help your research below.

Voluntine was born in Barnwell, before the family moved to Blythewood, Fairfield County, as stated earlier, he lived in Sumpter, SC. Voluntine married Elizabeth Levett/Lovett who was born in North Carolina as well as her parents Henry and Leesy Levett/Lovett. Their son Pvt. James Thomas Blizzard married Lizzie Lee. James joined the C.S.A. 15 Dec 1861, stationed in Columbia, not far from home, so he may have gone home often until the unit went north to Virginia where he was wounded and captured by the Union Army and died a few months later in October, 1864. Elisha Blizzard, son of John and Emma Blizzard of Richland Co, was in the same unit and also engaged in the campaign as James T. Blizzard, however, Elisha managed to make it home again and married Elizabeth Martin.

In the winter of 1961/2 Tillman and I got serious about genealogy. His parents gave us some family history, as well as information written in the family Bible. Tillman's father Purvis Grady Blizzard, Sr. also took us to see the graves of his ancestors, including those of his parents James "Thomas" Blizzard and Theoxena "Lockey" Spires, which you will see on the Tombstone link below. That is when I first heard that Tillman's grandfather Thomas Arthur Blizzard was really the run-away, orphaned teenager James A. Blizzard, son of Pvt. James T. Blizzard.

Thomas was the son of Pvt. James Thomas Blizzard and his wife Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lee, according to his death certificate and military records of father. A few years later, the widow Lizzie Lee, daughter of Asa H. Lee of Chester, married John Campbell Glenn, about nine years her junior, and moved to North Carolina, eventually, moving back to South Carolina.

Meanwhile, the orphaned James is in Voluntine Blizzard's 1870 census as Voluntine's grandson, but it is continued on the next page, along with Voluntine's daughter Gutheredge who was also listed in the household. It is totally possible to miss James "Thomas" Arthur Blizzard unless you know he was originally named James and continued on the next page of the original census. Also the census taker made a slip of the pen turning a 7 into 17 in 1870 (or had just made too many entries that day,) because he is still 17 ten years later in the 1880 census.

James Thomas Blizzard's orphaned son James Arthur lived with his grandparents Voluntine and Elizabeth Blizzard. Thomas later said that Elizabeth was very strict with him, so when he was about 16 or 17 years old he hopped a train for the great west. That is, he went west of Columbia, SC to Aiken County. James Arthur aka "Thomas," Tillman's grandfather, ran away from his grandparents because he argued with his grandmother, Elizabeth. James changed his name to Thomas Arthur Blizzard so he couldn't be found, but later wrote to his grandparents to let them know where he was. He kept the name Thomas Arthur Blizzard for the rest of his life and is buried under that name in Kings Grove Cemetery located near Pelion on Hwy 178. Thomas is buried next to his wife Theoxena "Locky" Spires.

Theoxena's name was spelled incorrectly on the the 1880 census as Henry Spire's seven year old daughter Ceoxeny. In later records with Thomas Blizzard her name was spelled Lockie. Her tombstone at Kings Grove Cemetery just has L. A. Blizzard. In the same 1880 census just below Henry's household is Hambleton Spires. Another typo. That is clearly Hamilton with his second wife Elizabeth and 24 yr. old daughter Emma by his first wife. I would question the spelling of other names written by that census taker as well.

James "Thomas Arthur" Blizzard and "Locky" Spires were the parents of Lula, Clifton, Clayton, Sudie, and their youngest child, Purvis Grady Blizzard, Sr.

The Poole Familes

Our line in South Carolina was through Isaac Pool who came to Orangeburg Territory, at the Forks of the North Branch of the Edisto River. Isaac was the son of Walter "the Cooper" Pool and his first wife Lucy Dukes. Walter Pool bought land at the Forks of the Edisto River in 1794, and was probably the land Isaac lived on in the early days.

A map of the area of John Jordan of the Pool Trail is very hard to read. It was found by Pat Moore Bonneau, my Pool genealogy partner. James and John Pool on the map, may be the same James and John Pool above, who are later found in Laurens and Edgefield. The area of the Edisto River was in both Orangeburg District and Edgefield District at one time or another.

On the 1800 census Isaac is listed with John Williamson, Jacob Hutto, William Bryant, (Tillman's gg-great-grandfather) 2 Robert Gavins, and more you will recognize now as neighbors in Aiken and Lexington counties. Walter and Polly were the parents of blond haired, blue-eyed, Pvt. Tilman Pool I, of the C.S.A. See the Gunter page with many records of the Blizzard and Pool Families.

Nancy "Nettie" Poole's sisters Olivia and Ivy, married brothers Fred and Willie Gunter, who descended from Balaam Gunter, son of Joshua Gunter, through Balaam's grandson Macom; so they also descended from William the Conqueror. I posted Fred and Willie's Gunter family census records on the Gunter Page, beginning with Balaam's son Wilson which will prove this line of descent.

Tilman Pool, Sr. had an illegitimate half-brother named Isicker called "Sick" Pool who named a son Philip C. Pool. Both Tilman and Isicker had sons named Walter Pool in honor of their father Walter Pool. Tilman's son, Tillman II, married Dolly Ann Nettie Williamson, of Irish descent, daughter of John T. Williamson and Sarah O’Brien. Children of Tilman and Dolly Williamson Pool. John's father Samuel Williamson was born in North Carolina in 1792. Tillman Blizzard's mt-DNA is Haplogroup H through his Irish grandmother Dolly Ann Nettie Williamson, daughter of John Williamson and Sarah Ann O’Brien. Sarah was the daughter of Fountain O'Brien and Elizabeth Overstreet, daughter of John and Catherine Overstreet. Fountain was the son of Darby O'Brien aka O’Brian/O'Briant/Bryant.

On the death certificate below of James B. Bryant, Sarah's brother, it lists the names of their parents as Fountain Bryant and Betsy Overstreet. The death certificate of Christopher Columbus Williamson, brother John Lang Williamson, states their mother was Sarah O’Brian, but John's birth record states Bryant. There is no doubt Sarah was Sarah O’Brien which is the correct spelling. Tillman also has several matches with the name O’Brien, including one still living in Ireland. Since the Family Finder test basically goes back only five generation, Darby O'Brien may have been born in Ireland. O’Brien surname is of Irish descent and not Bryant, which is German, and there is connection between the two surnames as coming from the same lineage. In fact the Bryan living next to Isaac Poole and Corbett land is Sarah's family as well as her mother-in-law Recia's father William Bryant. But there seems to be no connection between the two families as proven by DNA testing, that Pat Bonneau and her uncle are not related to Fountain O'Brien and his ancestors, at all. (Though she was Irish, Recia is a Spanish name that translates into English as Reece, which is the reason you see her name in two or three forms.)

Tillman Pool II, and Dolly were the parents of Nancy "Nettie" Pool who married Purvis Blizzard, Sr. Since their son Tillman Blizzard looks like South Carolina FBI agent Melvin Purvis, Purvis is certainly a family name, however, I haven't discovered the connection yet. But Capt. John Purvis married Elizabeth Lovett so the connection may be connected to the Lovett family, as our Voluntine Blizzard married Elizabeth Lovett born in North Carolina.

Tilman Pool married Tirzah Gunter who was of royal descent through her Gunter/Awbrey ancestors, and blood cousin to me through my father's Owen line. Tilman and Tirzah lived near the North Fork of the Edisto River.

Royal Gunter Connections

You may wonder why being descended from royalty is noteworthy. The answer is simply because they kept genealogy records. Those records allow us to trace our roots back to Biblical times, or the Pharaohs of Egypt, or, in the case of our Gunter line, Scandinavia kings, as well as Clovis, King of the Franks. Many descendants of royalty are those listed in Gunters Along the Edisto by J. H. Buff, Jr.

Mr. Buff interviewed me while we were living at the old home of Nettie Pool Blizzard in the 80's. At that time I didn't know about the royal Gunter connection and neither did he. His book is full of information in the first edition, from John Gunter of Kintbury, ancestor of Joshua Gunter who came to South Carolina, to present day families in Aiken and Lexington Counties. I haven't seen the second edition.

Although I am a South Carolina Pool in-law, I am also connected by blood as a descendant of Peter Gunter and Joan Awbrey who was of royal descent. They are ancestors of mine through my father's mother, and of Tillman's through his mother's paternal grandmother, Tirzah Gunter, wife of Tilman Pool, 1st. It has been my ambition in doing Tillman's genealogy to prove my Thomas Gunter whose wife was of royal descent, was related to Tillman's Josuha Gunter family. In the Awbrey-Vaughn section of the book Lloyd Manuscripts: Genealogies of the families of Awbrey-Vagugh, Blunston etc. which you can download and print for free. I found a lineage at the bottom of page 15 which states my entire Gunter line from Margaret Gunter to Sir Peter Gunter and Jane Awbrey. Tillman's line comes in a William Gunter and Lucy Harvard. He descends from their son William and I descend from his brother Jenkin Gunter. The Gunters were all born in Wales for almost five hundred years, beginning with Sir William I Gunter, knight, born about 1069 in Gunnerstone, Wales. Then our Gunter line moved to England in the 15th century and 200 years later, John Gunter, Pilgrim, sailed to America to make his home in Virginia.

Even though the Gunters were in Wales for almost 500 years, they were not native to Wales. The Welsh did not use surnames. Sir Peter Gunter, went to England from France with William the Conqueror and ended up in Wales. Sir Peter's wife Jane Awbrey was descended from Clovis, King of Franks, Scandinavian King, and William the Conqueror. His descendant Joshua Gunter, a Rev. War soldier from Virginia, came to South Carolina. Joshua and his father John Gunter each are listed as the earliest ancestor of men tested at Family Tree DNA. Both men are Haplogroup R1b1-y-DNA which is a very old, European DNA. Haplogroup R y-DNA is in fact, the foundation of most y-DNA.

In Virginia Joshua Gunter and other related families were part of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Augusta county which included West Virginia at that time. The Scotch Highlanders were a different group who settled in the area South of Fayetteville, North Carolina as well as in upper South Carolina where Highland Games are centered.....

Joshua Gunter was born in Virginia and died in Lexington, South Carolina. Joshua married Keziah Banks who was also born in Virginia. Nettie Pool was the granddaughter of Tirzah Gunter, daughter of Elizabeth Wilson and Russell Gunter, son of Joshua Gunter. Russell married Elizabeth Wilson according to the Lexington Historical Society records I found at the Lexington County Library about 1992. I know everyone else has her name as Elizabeth Nelson, but I believe it was read incorrectly and repeated by everyone, because the Historical Society record I read in Lexington clearly stated Wilson.


To get started with y-DNA, you can get a y-DNA TEST FOR 12 markers at $59-$69 which is not advertized.

NOTE: Y-DNA has changed Blizzard genealogy! Most of them are not even remotely related! So far there are seven different DNA Blizzard haplogroups! It takes at least two people with the same DNA to prove a lineage. The only match is between descendants of Colonial Thomas Blizard of Darlington District, South Carolina, who is last found in records in 1794.
Click here for the Blizzard DNA webpage at FTDNA, Please arrow back to this page. Thank you! Pat Moore Bonneau is Tillman's FamilyFinder (FF) match as well as her uncle James and cousin James Curtis Poole. They all descend from Tilman Poole and Tirzah Gunter's son Elzy. Henry T. Poole, III is a FF match of James Russell Poole and Barbara Neel Blizzard, and a descendant of Tapley P. Pool of Fairfield Co., SC. Henry descends from Adam Pool. You can see the y-DNA test results of Pat's uncle, James Russell Poole, and Henry here: Pool DNA results are under the heading of AA Wm "The Joyner" Poole.
Our line matches other descendants of Walter "the Cooper" Poole.

The Family Finder test at FTDNA is linking Pat, Henry and Tillman with long-lost cousins and has already proved that Tillman descends from Voluntine Blizzard of Fairfield, SC, through descendants of his daughter Mary, as matches in the Autosomal/Family Finder test.

The FTDNA testing is simply rubbing the inside of the mouth with a little sponge. DNA testing has proved Pat and Tillman are not connected to John Haskew Blizzard of Virginia and Tennessee, descendant of John born 1780 and wife Nancy of Russell County, Virginia, who originally came from North Carolina. That John was Hapolgoup I1a-yDNA. A web link to this family is below for Margaret Blizzard Cloninger. We are not connected to this family, nor is he related to Richard Blizzard of Duplin Co, NC who has R-y-DNA as stated above. Another Blizzard y-DNA line, also R1b1a2, is John and Ruth Burton Blizzard, however, with five markers of the first twelve being different from Richard's line, it's impossible they are related.

We are connected to Thomas E. Blizzard, Sr. born in South Carolina in 1781, who went to Tennessee and got married there before moving on to Lawrence, Alabama where he died in June, 1857. Tillman also has Autosomal DNA matches with people who live in Gloucestershire and Berkshire England today which may or may not prove our Blizzards came from the Frenchman cum Englishman Adae Blissarde…but it is a probability.

Let us look at origins of the two different early Blizzard families in America from Pershore, County Worcester, England. From the 15th century, all the Blizzards related to Giles Blizzard's family lived within a 30 mile radius of Badsey which is east of Pershore. See the map of the area for reference.

The earliest record of Maryland Blizzards in England was Adae Blissarde of Gloucestershire, born in the 15th century. These were titled families with Coat of Arms. His son Thomas changed his name to Blizzard. His son John married Margery Rouse. Their grandson John, born in Pershore, England, married Mary Pepper and they died in Somerset, Maryland. Their son Richard married Mary Outon, possibly parents of either Richard of Duplin, North Carolina or Thomas, both of whom were soldiers in the militia in South Carolina. It is said by Alabama descendants, that Thomas returned to Maryland where he passed away. We won't know for sure unless there is more DNA testing of these lines.

A descendant of Richard and Kezzekiah/Kessekiah Carter Blizzard of Duplin, NC has been DNA tested R-y-DNA Haplogroup. They are no y-DNA relationship to Thomas or Tillman's Blizzard line which is G-y-DNA. Thomas of Darlington Dist. and Richard b. abt 1731(who md. Keziah) were not brothers according to y-DNA, so they were probably from different areas of Maryland as their descendants claim.

The Richard Blizzard, born in Maryland, who returned to Worchester, Co, Maryland where he died in 1766, was not in the Revolution. He was just a British soldier in the Somerset Militia of Maryland, who was probably also the Richard in the militia in 96th District. We don't know yet if he was related to the Richard who was born about 1731 or Thomas who was born in the 1740's and last heard of in Darlington, 1794. But we do know there were two sets of Blizzards, in different parts of the state.

Richard born about 1731 moved to Duplin County, North Carolina. Later part of Duplin became Lenoir County. His line has been tested as R-y-DNA, and is in no way related to James "Thomas" Arthur Blizzard of Lexington, Co, South Carolina who married Lockey Spires. This Thomas was born James Thomas Blizzard in 1864 in Fairfield Co, SC and probably descends from Thomas Blizzard born 1740's, who signed the 1794 petition found below.

Bearing in mind that in North Carolina a "Gypsy," Rom, or Native American was considered a person of color, but in South Caroline he was white by court decree. The John Blizzard listed in the 1800 census as free person of color, was probably not related to Richard (who married Native American Keziah Carter,) whose line tested R-y-DNA which is European, as there are three different Blizzard surname y-DNA groups in North Carolina. In the 1820 census John's son William was living in Duplin Co, probably on the family farm. I repeat: North Carolina listed both Native American Indians and Rom as persons of color, but South Carolina did not, a practice that has confused genealogists.

John Bizzard b. 1780 with I-yDNA and wife Nancy Blizzard were also born in North Carolina, who moved to WV, does not have a match. Richard’s line has been DNA tested, Haplogroup R-y-DNA but it is not a match with any other R-yDNA Blizzards.

Of families listed in North Carolina 1800 census were Pernald Blizzard of Stokes and Joab Blizzard of Mecklenburg just north of Darlington District of South Carolina. The John Blizzard who was born in 1780 in North Carolina, and his wife Nancy, had already moved to Virginia, so he wouldn't be in the 1800 census in NC. This John's line is Haplogroup I2b1 y-DNA which is probably Scandinavian in origin and often blonde hair and blue eyes.

Our South Carolina Blizzards as well as the Ohio Blizzards are tall, dark and handsome, hazel eyes, and probably share similar G-y-DNA, but the Ohio Blizzards have not been tested yet. In any case they all look alike

The I1-y-DNA results of Pat's uncle James Pool, grandson of Tilman Pool, proved that Isaac was probably Adam Poole's brother. The James and John Pool living in the Orangeburg District of the Edisto River, may be related to either William or Philip Pool. Other South Carolina Pools whose descendants tested G1-y-DNA, were James Pool born 1756, married Ursula Hudson, born 1762, Virginia and John Pool born about 1758 in Edgefield Dist., South Carolina and died 1839 in Alabama who married Mahulda Holloway.

Another or the same lineage had Adam Pool with a son named William Pool born in 1703 was I1-y-DNA. This William was also living in Lexington District, South Carolina, born 1703 in Prince George County, Virginia, and he died in 1777 in Lexington. He was also said to have a son named Adam Poole, but this Adam went to Fairfield District.

Y-DNA testing has proved Isaac was related to Walter "The Cooper" Pool and Lucy Dukes, his first wife, thanks to Pat and her uncle James Russell Poole, and other lines tested, descendants of Walter the Cooper Pool. Isaac married Keziah before 1799. Their son Walter married Elizabeth "Polly" Wells about 1820. Walter is on the 1840 census, with the 1850 and 1860 census record listing Polly and children, below on the Census link.


In early 1960’s Purvis Blizzard took Tillman and me to see the Starnes Family Cemetery, hidden away due to grave-robbers who dug up the graves of its Civil War dead and robbed them of belt buckles, rings, buttons and sword, he told us. Now the cemetery has a fence and a sign that states it is the Steam Mill Bottom Cemetery. The Civil War dead buried there do not have tombstones or grave markers now. Almost half of the graves are Gunter today, but also Starnes and Sturkey families. Mitchell Gunter b. May 24, 1837, d. Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 1884 is one of the earliest buried there who has a tombstone, as well as his sister-in-law, Sallie Starnes Gunter, wife of Vineyard Gunter. Sallie was b. Nov. 15, 1838 and d. Oct 15, 1884. Mitchell, Vineyard’s youngest brother, was married to Betsy Ann Starnes, b. Jun 1846, d. Mar 10, 1928, and is also buried at this cemetery.

See Pvt. James Thomas Blizzard d. 1864 military records who was buried in the Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond City, VA.
Click here for James' F.A.G. memorial which has been transfered to my daughter Elizabeth and me.
Hollywood Cemetery "Find A Grave" contributor, Bob Olsen stated that there was no "mass grave" when SC dead were moved from Arlington Cemetery to Hollywood Cemetery. I have published his letter for you to see, here. As you can see in the photo taken in the distant past, there were tombstones at one time for those buried in the soldiers section of our brave Confederate men. And if Hosea P. Blizzard can still have a tombstone, maybe there is one for our Pvt. J. T. Blizzard.
Buried at the same cemetery is Pvt. Hosea P. Blizzard,of North Carolina, son of John "Fountain" Blizzard and great-grandson of Richard Blizzard and Kezzekiah Carter.
Also buried in Hollywood Cemetery is Hon. John Wesley Blizzard, of Virginia, son of Rev. James Burton Blizzard and Nancy Ellen Cummings, and great-grandson of Burton Blizzard and Sarah Keister.

The above Blizzards are all on my gedcom, but these lines have different DNA.

Barbara's SC Ancestry


These are just a few of those available.

Note: Vineyard Gunter was the son of Abel, son of Joshua Gunter and Keziah Banks. And Louvinia Spires is actually a triple line, as Louvinia was the sister of Locky Spires, daughters of James "Henry" Spires and Elizabeth Smithhart, whose son Wade Hampton Spires married Dora Gunter, daughter of John Gunter and Harriet Pool. John was the son of Russell Gunter and Harriet was the daughter of Isaac Pool, Sr. and Keziah.

1 Sarah Williamson death certificateSarah O'Brien/Bryant was Nettie Poole Blizzard's maternal grandmother. Sarah was the wife of John T. Williamson. 2 James B. Bryant death certificate Brother of Sarah O'Brien, children of Fountain O'Brien and Elizabeth "Betsy" Overstreet.
3 Christopher Columbus WilliamsonSon of John T. Williamson and Sarah O'Brien. 4 Mary Williamson Daughter of Samuel and Recy Bryant Williamson, never married.
5 Samuel Williamson Son of John T. and Sarah O'Brien Williamson. 6 John Lang Willianson's birth certificate This gives location of his mother Sarah's birth as Monetta, SC
7 8
9 Thomas A. Blizzard Born James Arthur Blizzard, he changed it to Thomas after leaving home. Husband of Locky Spires. 10
11 12 Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lee Glenn tombstone.Lizzie Lee was the mother of James "Thomas" Arthur Blizzard aka "Jim" father of Purvis Blizzard. Lizzie was the daughter of Asa Lee and first wife, Miss Gusman. Lizzie was the widow of Pvt. James Thomas Blizzard. Lizzie married as her second husband, John Campbell Glenn, nine years her junior. Lizzie was buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte, NC.
13 Alfred Gunter Death CertificateAlfred Gunter was the son of Vineyard and Sarah Smithhart Gunter and a cousin twice over. Alfred was married to Louvinia Spires. See note above for more info. 14
15 David Banks Records 16 Will of David N.Banks
17 James Blizzard,Son of Clayton Blizzard and Fannie Rish. Clayton was the son of James "Thomas" Arthur Blizzard and Locky Spires. 18 Fannie Rish Death Certificate. Fannie, only 23 when she died, was the first wife of Clayton Blizzard, brother of Purvis Blizzard, sons of James "Thomas" A. Blizzard and Locky Spires.
19 20Mrs. Emma Poole If you know who this Emma Poole of Pelion, SC, is, please let me know. Thank you!
1 Military Records of Pvt. James T. Blizzard
Died a POW: Buried at the Hollywood Cemetery, near Richmond, Virginia.
2 Information on Soldiers burial area of Hollywood Cemetery. From Bob Olsen.
3 SC Civil War Index of Soldiers 4 Old Darlington Dist Petition 1794
5 Valarie Blizzard's husband Marcelles Kirkland helped build the Panama Canal. 6 Clayton Blizzard WWI Draft Card.
7 Clifton Blizzard WWI Draft Card. 8
9 Blizzard Cemetery List 10 Blizzard Cemetery FF, SC, Pictures from William Bauer
11 Marriage license of John Haskew Blizzard and Clara Hinnegar. 12 Ambrose G. Blizzard Family of Chris Parker
13 Judy Garner's Family of Lewis and Margaret Blizzard Cloninger 14 William B. Williamson and Idela FamilyBy Pat Moore
15 Corbett Land Grant 16 Blizzard, Pool and Bryant Census Records
17 Northern Blizzards by Debbie Blizzard 18 Levett Family History
19 John Blizzard married
(1) Ruth Burton Wesley (2)Mary Campbell Lineage page One
20 John Blizzard married
(1) Ruth Burton Wesley (2)Mary Campbell Lineage page two
21 Hello From Pat Bonneau 22 Young Pool and Lucinda Horsey Research by Tania and Pat
23 John Blizard, Ft Seybert, WV records 24 Map of Gloucester EnglandCircled areas, are related early Blizard family homes.
25 South Carolina Districts and Counties of the 18th and 19th centuries MAPS 26
27Clifton Blizzard WWI Draft Card. 28
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5 Sax-Gotha, Lexington Surnames 1735-1870 6 Gypsy Records of Allendale Settlement
7 Scotch Irish in Augusta Co, Virginia 8 Roma Surnames in America
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