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Margaret Blizzard and Lewis Cloninger Family 
Judith Parker Garner

This web page is dedicated to Margaret Blizzard and Lewis Cloninger, beloved step-grandparents of  Maurice Parker.
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Margaret Elizabeth Blizzard was the daughter of Fletcher James Blizzard born 1858 in Virginia.


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Left to right, James, Lewis Jr, "Junie," William A. Blizzard "Bill" little Ronald Cloninger and the boys' mother Margaret "Maggie" Elizabeth Blizzard Cloninger. The article states that Bill is Margaret's husband, however, Bill was her brother and her husband was Lewis Oscar Cloninger... Her father was Fletcher James Blizzard of Russell County, Virginia. This Picture was taken at the original  

Coral Castle in Florida City, Florida.

I hope you take note of James who sure does look like our South Carolina family.

1900 Census of Lewis O. Cloninger

1910 Census, Hamilton Co, TN, of Fletcher J, Jennie A., Maggie E., and her brothers.

According to this census, Fletcher and Jennie had been married to each other for 19 Years, since about 1891. Judith stated her Maggie's name was Margaret Elizabeth, so the census taker obviously misunderstood what was said and wrote a "B" instead of an "E." A common occurance in census taking.

Fletcher stated he and his mother were born in Virginia, however he didn't know where his father was born, so they wrote United States. Jennie was born in Alabama, which is interesting because Thomas Blizzard of Richland County, South Carolina went to Tennessee where he married before moving on to Alabama where he died, and his descendants are living there today. The Blizzard family is so scattered, and so many share the same names, it is really hard to trace them. I'm sure I have most of them, but it is going to take descendants of each family line to sort them all out.

...James B. and Mary M. Powell Cloninger and their grandson James Ronald Parker

.....Maurice and Judy Parker with James B. Cloninger and family.

Lineage of Mary Powell Cloninger page 1
Lineage of Mary Powell Cloninger page 2

James B. Cloninger was a loving father to his step-son, Maurice Parker, Judy's late husband, and is seen here with Maurice and Judy's son Ron Parker. Our South Carolina relatives love children, too, so I guess it's in the blood. We can be thankful to know our men are pretty special people.

Home of Lewis and Margaret Blizzard Cloninger in 1966.....

Death Certificate of Jennie A. Smith Blizzard, wife of Fletcher J. Blizzard........

Death Certificate of Fletcher James Blizzard AKA James F. Blizzard husband of Jennie A. Smith

Lewis Cloninger's Draft Card    Lewis was Margaret Blizzard's husband

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