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James buried in Soldiers Section East Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond Va. exact location Unknown, According to Chris Ferguson, Author of “ Southerners at Rest.” Page 24 ,the following note concerning his re-interment from Arlington Va. Was found on page XVIII

33-Michelle A. Krowl, "In the Spirit of Fraternity, The United States Government and the burial of Confederate Dead at Arlington National Cemetery 1864-1914." The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, No. 2 (2003), 3: 150-186. Below the pyramid, in the soldiers' section, is an undated memorial marker that reads, "South Carolina's dead from Arlington." In the early 1870's, soldiers from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia were removed from Arlington and it remains unclear why the South Carolina soldiers were interred in Hollywood. The author perused Randolph Kirkland's, Broken Fortunes, (Charleston, SC: privately printed, 1995), for a list of South Carolina soldiers who died in Washington area hospitals in 1864 and 1865 and recorded names thought to be interred at Arlington. A subsequent review of individual service records confirmed the burial of twenty four remains in Arlington and it is likely these solders now repose in Hollywood Cemetery. A contemporary review of Arlington's records do not account for the men today, nor do they appear in the records of Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, S.C., the probable location for the intended reburial.


There was a previous Find contributor who placed misinformation on James’s Memorial, concerning the burials in Hollywood. There were no “Mass Graves” in Hollywood Cemetery, see the attached photo from the national archives.

The only large burials were the remains brought back from Gettysburg in the 1870’s . In order to be correct in the location of James’s burial, you should probably (see that) they remove the incorrect map.

Bob Olsen

Midlothian, Va.