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Subject: Re: Hello

Date: Thursday, November 03, 2005 8:10 AM




I think this may be what I found and am not sure if you have the plat. If 

not, let me know and I'll send an electronic copy. The electronic version will 

be in two pieces as the plat was too large for one scan to capture.


"In September 1, 1853, Walter Pool has 1,332 acres on Holmes Camp Branch, 

Lexington and Orangeburg Districts, surveyed by Robert Garvin.  The  location,

Camp Branch, was part of Dean Swamp, South Edisto River. Surrounding 

landowners include: Walter Pool, Robert Garvin, Rivers Gunter, Benjamin Hutto,  Ariel

Ables, James Garvin, Joseph Johnson, Elvin Pool, and Isaiah Williams.  (Source:

SC Dept of Archives & History, Columbia, SC. On-line Index: Series  No.

S213192, Volume 0056, Page 00234. )"


Re:  Walter's grave

Remember this: "According to Drucilla  Williamson Able, great-granddaughter

of Walter Pool, Walter and Polly were  buried in the cemetery on Benjamin

Pool's property in Pelion.  There had  been an old church there, but it has fallen

down; however, the cemetery remains.  Another Pool descendant formerly of

Pelion, Tillman Blizzard, says Benjamin Pool  owned all the land on the left of

Highway 302 across from Mt. Harmon  (Hermon?)Church but had his home on land he

owned on Thor Road (first right past  Mt. Harmon Church).  Tillman said the

connecting road for cemetery location  is Old Charleston Road and 302.  It was a

dirt road near Mr. Hermon church,  where Benjamin Pool and wife are buried. 

The graveyard is on Old  Charleston Road; says it's an old thing with a fence

around it by the road in  front of a trailer house."...........Well, I met

someone that spoke with Benj.  Poole's descendants and they said that the road

(Old Charleston Road) was  rerouted. When the new road was put in, the backhoes

dug up tombstones. So, the  church is now completely gone, as are the

tombstones. I'd still like to talk  with them to find out how long that patch of land

has been in Poole hands. It  may go way back.


Regarding land, this is the complete list of what I have for Walter:

Land - Plats

1) Boundary -  An 1847 grant of over two-thousand  acres surveyed for Joseph

Johnson gives the western boundary of the plat as  Walter Pool. Other

boundaries: North, Hutto & Johnson, East, John King, Sr.,  South by Corbitt's & John

A. or H. Sally. These boundaries are given in the  written description and are

not marked on the plat. True North is not given on  the plat.


(Source: Reproduced from microfilm at SC Dept of Archives & History, 

Columbia, SC. State Plats, Vol. 55, p. 140. Copied 10/8/03 under work order for 

Bonnere, #21. Electronic copy stored on two scans in Genealogy, Pat - SC  Archives

Johnson Joseph Vol 55 p140 & ditto p 140 2.jpg)


2) Owner - 27 1/4 acres, Cain Branch, Waters of South Edisto, Surveyed for 

Alec R. Able on 12 Aug 1824, Granted: 29 Jul 1834, District of Orangeburg.


South Carolina

I __ hereby certify for Walter Pool a tract of land  containing Twenty seven

and one quarter acres, surveyed for Alec (Asa on online  description of plat)

R. Able the 12th August 1824 situate in the District of  Orangeburg on Holme

Camp branch, waters of South Edisto, adjoining land now  (held?) by Watt Pool,

the legatees of Robt Garvin, dec'd, ____, John Merrick,  having such form &

marks & buttings & boundings as the above plat  represents.

H. R. Able, D S


 Given under my hand July 29th  1834.

(S. Hammond?) Surv. Gen'l


Boundaries: Bottom, Watt Pool; left, Robt Garvin estate; top, unnamed;  left,

John Merrick (Minick on online description).  Distinguishing marks:  Top to

bottom, creek with two offshoots, continues on through Watt Pool's  property. 

Trail through center of 27 1/4 acres from John Merrick's land to  Robt.

Garvin's property marked "Columbia".


(Source: Reproduced from microfilm at SC Dept of Archives & History, 

Columbia, SC.  State Plats, Series: S213192, Vol 49 p 58. Walter  Poole.  Requested:

10/8/03. Work Order: Bonnere #21.)


3) Owner - 32 acres, Dean Swamp, Waters of S. Edisto River, Orangeburgh 

District, Surveyed for Walter Pool 29 Oct 1829, Granted (August?)11, 1830.


I do hereby certify for Walter Pool a tract of land containing thirty-two 

acres, surveyed for him the 29 October 1829, situate in Orangeburg District on a

 _____ of Dean Swamp & Holmes Camp Branch & on the road from Columbia to 

Augusta & hath such form & marks, buttings & boundaries as the above  plat



John Horsey, D. S.


Given under my hand (August?) 11, 1830

__  (Hammond?), Surv. Genl.


Boundaries on map: Theophilus Williams Land, (Isaac from online index  rather

than plat) Pools Land.  Distinguishing marks: Road from Columbia to  Augusta.

Many branches or creeks, all unnamed on map.  Quality of  microfilm: Poor.


(Source: Reproduced from microfilm in SC Archives & History, Columbia,  SC. 

State plats, Series: S213192, Volume 49, p. 222-1, Walter Poole.   Requested

copy: 10/8/03. Work order: Bonnere, #21.)


4. Owner - A plat for 1,332 acres on Holmes Camp Branch was surveyed for 

Walter Pool on September 1 of 1853. (Source: Dept. of Archives & History, 

Columbia, SC. Series: S213192, Vol. 56, p. 234, Item 00. Year:  1853/09/01).........

This is the one I just got in October.


---------------------------This is what I have for Isaac 


Land Plats


A mention of Isaac Pool's property was found in the Corbitt Folder in the  A.

S. Salley Archives:

South Carolina

I do hereby certify for Jacob  Salley and Benjamin Corbett a Tract of Land

containing Five Hundred & Eighty  Eight Acres Surveyed for them the third day of

March 1803, situated in the  District of Orangeburg in the fork of the Edisto

and on Branch of Dean Swamp and  Good Swamp called Cowpen Branch and out Land

of Dean Swamp and Good Spring  Branch and out land Branch of Good Land Swamp.

 All waters of South  Fork.  Bounded N. W. & N. E. on Ben Hart's land & Isaac

Pool's  Land; S. E., on unknown land; & on the S, Jacob Salley's land,; S. W.

on  William Bryan's Land; and hath such form and marks as the above plat (see

copy)  represents.  Given under my hand this 11th day of May 1804.  Signed: 

John Bynum?, ________ Gov. and witnessed by Lewis B. Jernigan, Dep. Surv. 

(Source: A. S. Salley Archives, Orangeburg, SC, Corbitt Folder, May 2, 2003- 

Copy of poor quality). 


It is unknown if this is the property referred to in an excerpt in the SC 

Genealogy magazine: SC Mar, Vol VIII - #3, Summer 1980, Page 138.   Greenville

Library, Stowe Genealogy Research Room, Call # 818522:  More  Abstracts of

Orangeburg Deeds - Lewis Jacob Rumph, Sheriff of Orangeburg  District, from a suit

March 1821, at the suit of Lawrence Williams, to levy of Benjamin Shelly,



and Evan Prothro.. .. 10 Feb 1823.&  Witness:  L.  J. Johnston, ____T.

Salley.  Proved by L. J. Johnston, 8 Nov. 1823, before  Joseph Fannin, J. Q.  The

actual deed is in the possession of Mrs. Cornelia  Reamer Danforth, Columbia,



1) 500 acres, Orangeburg District in the fork of Edisto on the first fork  of

Dean Swamp, 29 June 1801


I do hereby certify for Isaac Poole a tract of land containing five hundred 

acres (Surveyed for him the 14th of November 1800.) Situate in Orangeburgh 

District in the fork of Edisto on the first fork of Dean Swamp, waters of South 

fork. And hath such form and marks as the above plat represents. Given under

my  hand this 29th of June 1801.


Thos. C. Warner, Dep. Surv.    J. G. Guignard, Sur.  Gen.


Boundaries: Charlie Woodward, Leonard Phillips. Distinguishing marks: First 

fork of Dean Swamp runs through one end of property (from L. Phillips side to 

Charlie Woodward's boundary).


(Source: Reproduced from microfilm at SC Dept of Archives & History, 

Columbia, SC. State Plats, Series: S213192, Vol. 38, p. 362-2. Copied 10/8/03  under

work order for Bonnere, #21. Electronic copy stored in Genealogy, Pat - SC 

Archives under Pool Isaac, volume and page number.)




Do you have Bessie Lee Garvin's hand-drawn map? I've included a copy just  in

case. The Pooles aren't on it (also the dates are in the 1700's) but thought 

it might help you identify where the property might be. I'm no good at this

so  if you and Tillman have any success, please let me know.


Good to chat with you again.

Best, Pat