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by Barbara Neel Blizzard, NSDAR


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We are all familiar with the usual census records. Here are a few that are unusual or follow-ups on unusual census records because they were previously unknown or misspelled, or in an unusual location.


Valentine Blizard, born 27 July 1811 in Barnwell, South Carolina; married Elizabeth Lovett, born 20 Januaary1810 in North Carolina, both died in Fairfield Co, SC. just outside of Ridgeway.

In the 1850 census below, Elizabeth's father Henry Levett age 78, and mother Leesy Levett,age 68, also born in North Carolina, were living near Valentine's brother Jacob Blizard, Jr. and their mother Mary Gill Blizard.  On the next census and living next to Jacob Blizard, Jr. and their mother is Valentine and Elisabeth.

In the 1860 census, 91 year old Henry Lovett is living in the Home of Valentine and Elizabeth Blizard. Leesy died before the 1860 census.  Jacob and his mother Mary Gill Blizard had already moved to Georgia. Jacob Blizard, Jr., by the way, was an Atorney At Law.


Samual Williamson in the 1840 census below married Recia Bryant. The Bryant name was probably the German, but may be Briant. Tillman only has one Autosomal DNA match with a Bryant but several O'Briens. The name of Sarah O'Brien Williamson's father was Fountain O'Brien son of Darby Bryant/O'Brien in land grants with the Williamsons.

Recia Bryant, Macon Bryant and Isaac Sr. Bryant were the children of William Bryant, probably the son of Darby Obriant, son of Darby O’Brian and Sarah Schanner who were Fountain's grandparents. Fountain's siblings were Darby, Jr, and Thomas. Fountain’s daughter Sarah Bryant aka O'Brien, married John T. Williamson, son of Samuel Williamson. Pat Bonnea and Tillman are double cousins through both Williamsons and Gunters....


DNA has proved that Walter Poole of Lexington and his cousin Walter Poole of Ohio, are descended from William “The Joyner” Poole of Virginia through Walter “The Cooper” Poole. Descendants of Walter Cooper Poole and both his wives have all been DNA tested and related as direct descendants.

Walter Poole and Elizabeth of Lexington had a son named Tilman who married Tirzah Gunter of Royal descent from the Emperor Charlemagne. Tirzah had multi lines from Charlemagne through Richard Gunter and his wife Cissil Bois as well and their descendants both William W. Gunter of Gileston, Wales and his wife Lucy Harvard.

Census records can prove descent from Joshua Gunter and Keziah Banks sons Russell and Ballam Gunter to Russell’s grandson Tilman Poole II and his daughters Ivy and Olivia and their husbands Willie and Fred Gunter, descendants of Ballam Gunter. Tillman II married Dolly Ann Nettie Williamson, daughter of John Williamson and Sarah Bryant above.


1800 Isaac and Keziah Pool

1830 Census Isaac and Walter Poole

This Isaac is too young to be Walter’s father who was born about 1767, and too young to be his brother, however, census takers often made mistakes.

1830 Census Darby and Thomas Obriant, older brothers of Fountain

I was really happy to discover Fountain Bryant, father of Sarah Bryant, living by Samuel Williamson before moving on to Monetta, and then Graniteville closer to Aiken. They were probably never more than 25 miles apart. Macon Bryant also lived in the area known as Edgefield before moving to Georgia where he died.

1840 Census Samuel Williamson, Fountain and Darby Obryant/Obriant and later Bryant

1850 Census of Fountain Obriant and little Sarah

Sarah’s family moved to Monetta where she was born, before moving closer to Aiken.

1850 Census of John Overstreet, father of Betsy Overstreet, wife of Fountain Bryant

1850 Census Russel and Rivers Gunter

Sons of Joshua Gunter and Keziah Banks.

1850 Census Macon Bryant and Mahala

Macon Bryant was the brother of Recia Bryant. He later died in Georgia.

1850 Census Henry Levett/Lovett, Jacob Blizard in Fairfield, SC page 270/540

Henry Lovett born in North Carolina was Valentine's father-in-law.

1850 Census Valentine Blizard with son James T. Blizard, page 271/541

James T. Blizard was the father of our James "Thomas" Arthur Blizzard who married Locky Spires.

1860 Census Henry Lovett in household of Valentine Blizard of Fairfield, SC

In 1860 Henry, 91 years old, was living with his daughter Elisabeth and her family. Both Elisabeth and her parents were born in North Carolina.

1860 Census Macon Briant