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John Blizzard 1720-1799

of Pendleton County West Virginia;

from the desk of Barbara Neel Blizzard,

Administrator of the Blizzard DNA, the Maryland DNA  and the New York State DNA Projects of Family Tree DNA.

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I am Barbara Blizzard, widow of Tillman Blizzard of Aiken Co, South Carolina. Most of my research is with South Carolina Blizzards, however I ventured into North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee  in the process of connecting the Blizzard family. Even though my adopted son Paul Blizzard  lives in West Virginia, he is not related to the other Blizzard families who live there, but his wife Mary Charles, Cordon Bleu Chef and granddaughter of a WV coal-mine owner, is related to everyone. I do descend from John Stewart and Sarah Fleshman who were married  6 November 1795 in the Greenbrier Baptist Church in Alderson, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

This line has been y-DNA tested in the R-Haplogroup. So far Y-DNA testing has proved most of the Blizzards in different states are not connected, except the Alabama and South Carolina Blizzards who are the only match. As the Administrator of the Blizzard DNA project, I am more interested than ever to learn about where they all came from.

I hope my research will be of use to you. In addition, I have many census records and other information on my Blizzard family web page, as well as those listed below. These records are mainly intended for people who aren't into genealogy, because  experienced researchers already have the records. But my interest is in new people who have nothing better to do on a weekend and discover Rootsweb by chance. I hope to interest new people in the art of genealogy. With that in mind I offer the following records...............

A land sale of Nicholas Seybert of Frederick, Maryland, and John Blizzard. Nicholas was the son of  Jacob Seybert mentioned at this offsite link
who had a mill on the South Branch of the Potomac River next to Ft. Seybert which was sold to John Blizzard 3rd May 1769.

In "A History of Pendleton County West Virginia," by Oren F.Morten, page 47 below,  the author states that Nicholas Seybert sold his father's land to John Blizzard. The fact that the land was bought in Maryland in 1769 and was in West Virginia when John died in 1799 can be explained by the boundary disputes. Based on this evidence, John Blizzard who bought the mill next to Fort Seybert, must be the same John Blizzard who died near Fort Seybert, 1799.

At one time Maryland was taken away from Lord Baltimore on charges of treason, and later returned which may be the reason the land was up for
grabs, however, there was also a dispute on the Potomac River as the boundary because of it's many branches.

This is proof  John Blizard who died at Fort Seybert, the husband of Ruth, was also in a Maryland land deal buying the 210 acre mill land of Jacob

1) Many of the descendants of John Blizard by his first wife Ruth Burton Wesley share the name Wesley.  He married Mary Campbell  late in life had only one child named Rachel. The other children are Ruth's. Please give these images time to load, click to enlarge.

-John Blizzard b. 1720, family page1

-John Blizzard family page2

2) From "A History of Pendleton West Virginia" by Oren F. Morten,

On page 47 the author states that Nicholas Seybert sold his Pendleton land near Fort Seybert to John Blizzard



3) "Scotch-Irish  settlement in Virginia" by Lyman Chalkley, Vol. 3, pages 472 and 494. Page 472 has the sale of Smith Creek Blizard land 3rd May 1768. Page 494 the sale of Seybert mill land owned by deceased Jacob Seybert of Frederick Co, Maryland, to John Blizzard 3rd May 1769., exactly one year later.

page 472:


page 494:


4) Fort Seybert, Pendleton co, Virginia History is off site, so please arrow back to this page.


Burton Blizzard married Sarah Keister whose father Frederick II, was born in Germany and immigrated to American in 1752. It was common practice in Europe to call a child by their middle name because so many shared the same fist name.  Keeping that in mind, Henry Wesley Blizzard used the name Wesley Blizzard, and his wife Dorothy Clara Hartman used the name Clara D. Hartman Blizzard. So please keep that in mind as you read the records below.

Of particular interest is the marriage license of Jacob Lee Blizzard and his brother David Kenison Blizzard. J.L. Blizzard #19 married Hannah Dickerson, and #22 D.K. married Sophia "Sallie" Propst . The father of both men is Jesse Blizzard, but in different handwriting, because the first Jesse is easy to read and the second Jesse has the fluorish of that century when the first "S" of a double "SS" is made more like "f" but in this case there is also a different wife. The mother of JL is "B" which is for "Bettie" aka Elizabeth Hartman Blizzard. But the mother of DK is "S" Blizzard.

1870 census Jesse and Elizabeth Hartman
1900 census Jesse C.and Delila Phares Cunningham   (son of James W.)      
Marriage license 1867 Index of Jacob L Blizzard and David K Blizzard
Marriage license of James Blizzard and Hannah Nelson
Marriage license of Henry Wesley Blizzard and Dorothy Clara Hartman
Marriage record of John Blizzard and Rebecca Nelson
Marriage record of Samuel Blizzard and Mary Bennett
Marriage record of William Blizzard and Sarah Nelson
WWII Draft record of Henry Wesley Blizzard part I
WWII Draft record of Henry Wesley Blizzard part II
Marriage record of John W. Blizzard and Mary McVey
Death certificate of Henry Wesley Blizzard husband of Clara
Death certificate of Adam Wesley Blizzard, son of Jesse and Elizabeth
Death certificate of Clara Dorothy Hartman Blizzard, aka Dorothy Clara Hartman
Death certificate of George Wesley Blizzard
Death certificate of Endress J. Hartman, father of Clara
Marriage record of Elizar Gill and Ellen Blizzard
Death Index of Clara Dorothy Hartman Blizzard