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Barbara’s South Carolina Ancestors

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Greetings! I was born in California, lived in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, Texas, South Carolina and Missouri over the years as a Navy wife, and later to be near family. I am the administrator of three DNA projects: Blizzard DNA, and Maryland DNA and New York State DNA, a Founding member of the Society of Descendants of Lady Godiva, and a retired member of Daughters of the American Revolution.

I descend from the Robert Love, Sr. and Adam McCool, Sr. of Camden District, South Carolina, as well as Robert Wilson. I also descend from Thomas Reynolds of Edgefield, South Carolina and John and Sarah Hutchinson Neel of upstate South Carolina who moved to Tennessee.

I am connected to my husband's Gunter family of South Carolina by blood as a descendant of William Gunter and Lucy Harvard, ancestors of my Gunter's through their son Jenkin. The Gunters were all born in Wales for almost five hundred years, beginning with Sir William Gunter Knight, born about 1069, of Gunnerstone, Wales, and his lady wife of royal descent, Jennet Bois, daughter of Sir Richard Bois.

The Family Finder test at Family Tree DNA, has Henry T. Poole, III as a cousin of mine. I don't know how we are connected. I also DNA tested at Ancestry dot com and have many connections there including my father's sister's son, Ray Surwillo. I also match with Ray's sister Linda Maxwell at FTDNA. Their mother and her brother, my father, are J-mt-DNA.

My father, James Herbert Neel descends from John Neel and Sarah Hutchinson who were born in South Carolina, but no proof of which families they descended from....probably in upstate. I am a DNA match of Mary Ellen Neal O'Conner, daughter of John and Sarah Hutchinson Neel, as mentioned above. My father said Neel was not the original spelling of the name, that it was Neely or Kneely, he couldn't remember which. It was probably Neely as I have a few of those matches, too.

On my father's maternal side, I descend from Sarah Anderson of Edgefield, South Carolina. She married John Pace of Northampton, North Carolina. John died at the Battle of New Orleans in the war of 1812. His daughter Ruth Lambert Pace was born in Rutherford, Tennessee where she married William King Geaslin who was born in Virginia. Ruth and William Geaslin moved to Texas where they died after leaving many descendants. Their daughter Rebecca Geaslin married Algernon Sidney Smith, the son of Arkansas and Missouri Senator James Hans Smith. Hans married Nancy Owen of royal descent. Rebecca's daughter Nancy Nora Smith married Angus Donalson who was born in Georgia. Their daughter Ione married James Lee Neel. Ione and James Neel were my paternal grandparents. James Lee was the great-grandson of John Neel and Sarah Hutchinson above.

Of my mother's paternal ancestors, I descend from Thomas Reynolds b. 1741 in Guilford, North Carolina, as well as his son Edward. Thomas died in 1782 in Edgefield, South Carolina.(This was not the Thomas of the same place who married Nancy) His son Edward died in Gibson, Tennessee, but many matches claim they are the same person. Edward married Jane Ready, daughter of John Ready and Susan Jones born in Chowan, North Carolina. Jane was born in Virginia. Edward and Jane's daughter Mary "Polly" Reynolds was born in Jackson, Alabama. As you can see, my ancestors were always on the move.....Unlike Tillman's ancestors who lived within thirty miles of Lexington for over two hundred years, my ancestors were always moving to new territory that opened up, moving Westward, until ending up in Califorina where I was born.

I am also descended from the Love's of Lancaster and Chester Counties. I'm descended from Robert Love and his wife Violet Wilson, who were both born in Chester, Pennsylvania, and died in Lancaster, South Carolina Robert and Violet were the parents of William Franklin Love of Chester, South Carolina....

.....Actually, I'm a double Love descendant....William married his cousin Rachel McCool daughter of Adam McCool and Mary Love, daughter of James "The Weaver" Love, who was Robert Love's uncle...How cool is that!!.....

William Franklin Love moved to Sullivan, Tennessee where he married Rachel McCool who was born there. Their daughter Margaret Love married Hesekiah Stephens. Their son Adam Stephens married Mary "Polly" Reynolds, Strom Thurman's cousin. Adam and Polly's daughter Margaret married Charles W. Smith. His parents were also first cousins, and on my Headlee page.

Charles' parents, William and Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith were both descended from William Smith, of Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England, the brother of Captain John Smith who was saved by the Indian Princess Pocahontas in Jamestown, Virginia. William Smith and his brother Captain John Smith were the sons of George Smith and Alice Rickands of Willoughby............I just love that name, Willoughby....

William's grandson, Thomas Smith was born in Willoughby. He came to the Virginia colony where he married Barbara Schencking 31 August 1705 in New Kent, Virginia. Their son William married Elizabeth Meyer. They were the parents of George "Thomas" Smith and James Smith. "Thomas" Smith was the father of William F. Smith; and James was the father of "Betsy" Smith. William and Betsy were married in Knox County, Tennessee. William and Elizabeth "Betsy" moved to Iowa where they died in Harrison County.

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