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Monuments by Pam Potter

And her mother Betty Thorngren DeLeZene

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Barbara Blizzard

Ron and Pam Potter Family.


Let me introduce you to my cousin Ron Potter and his wife Pam whose life work was making giant, monumental marble and granite engravings with her mother, Betty Thorngren DeLeZene.
Here, Ron and Pam Potter are cleaning the tombstone of our ancestors, William and Betsy (Elizabeth) Smith, who were cousins that married. William and Betsy both descended from the brother of Captain John Smith of Princess Pocahontas fame. William's mother, Leah Agee, is of royal descent. Pam didn't make this stone, however, she did engrave the next one below.

Pam Potter

This gravemarker made by Pam and her mother is just a sample of the beautiful engravings they made over the years.

Pam Potter

Oak HillSt. Joseph Cemetery


Another monument made by Pam Potter and her mother Betty Thorngren DeLeZene

Ron's Family Tree at My Heritage