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VON DER BURG From the Castle

Funderburk Heritage
Several books have been written, Of the Family Funderburk.The name was changed,Tradition is told,for in the days of old,it was the noble Von-Der-Burg. And the stories tell, of brave knights that fell.For in the Crusades, it's said, some lay wounded,others slain dead. In that German land,this noble band, Our ancestors they did trod.The Cause they fought, was God. these were our kin, these fierce, fighting men. But before this came about, They were forest people of the Mount,Mountain folk, they came to be, to escape the tax man, and be free. It's even been said, in the book I read, Twas of Noah's fourth son, Our beginning came. After the great mighty rain. The story went on,told about, this certain man named Devault.Twas from him, We came to be, He left the Rhine to escape the enemy, Shipwrecked on the voyage at sea,Though rescued and took along, to pay his passage, he was in bond. Twas from this men of yesterday, came the Funderburks of today. Noble professions some have took, people of God, with the holy book,Most seemed to be humble men,ever since the race began. Wanda Funderburk

My Pedigree
Theron Albert Bailey May 29,1922/Jan 27,1982
Wanda Azalea Funderburk June 4,1927/Jan 26 1984
Albert's Parents Burbridge Bailey & Mennie Jane Bailey. Wanda's Parents Ennis Royal Funderburk & Deffie Viola Ayers

< Sarah Jane Underwood Ayers, 09/08/1884 to 09/o2/1969


< Underwood

< Lambart

< Cook

This record of hers, that she wrote down, is now quite old, and the paper is brown. It's easy to see of very old age, and written on a tablet page. With her own dear hand, and a pencil of lead, She listed father, mother, sister and brother, all in order, each after the other. Once no pencil was around, but a green crayola was found. And used to keep the record straight.To write the name and the date. Rescued from the discards the other day, Some careless person, had thrown away. Of no importance it was thought to be. Yet trash to them, is treasure to me. Two children dead, and three to keep. and when she died, five generations to weep. Two sisters and a brother, She herself, a great-great grandmother. Eighty five they hold, The years, she lived to be, and so very dear to me! This record of hers, she had kept for so long, was just thrown away, after she was gone. Hands now folded across her chest, so still, at long last to rest. So many bisquits, did they mold, so many babies did they hold. Torn dresses she mended for me, with eyes so dim they could hardly see. With those same hands, she wrote that down, Upon the paper now turned brown. This record of hers, I'll continue to keep, Since she is now in Heavenly sleep. And pass it on to the children of mine, one to the other, down the line.And even some day, when I am no more, This record will be, a treasure store, and generations yet to come, can know as they look upon this family record, she wrote down, upon the paper now turned brown, in her Honor, now held permanently, as lineage data, of our family tree. Wanda Funderburk Amos

< I am searching for Descendants and Ancestors of Andrew Jackson Joseph Riley Thompson he was born in Nashville Tennessee Feb 8, 1860, he married Mary Ellen Clements [Molly] in 1879, he died Nov.25, 1941 in Hillsboro Texas. Molly also died in Hillsboro Texas. My Grandfather's Mother was there daughter Mary Alzee Thompson, born Nov.26, 1882 in Alabama, died Aug.20, 1979 in San Berandino, Calif. She Marred Ralph Gore Funderburk, And his Mother was Susan Elizabeth Thompson, may be [kin]. I have some Photos of Andrew & Molly , A photo card of Mrs. M.E. Thompson and Mrs. Carnallie Thompson about 1900.I would appreciate any information at all...If anyone can help me with my research I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance

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