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Greetings and Welcome to this site. As the name implies, this is a website dedicated to the Bishop and Woods families and thier decendants. The Bishop line extends back to Henry Bishop and the Upper Louisiana Territory. I have so far been unable to find much information on Henry that I am "factually" secure enough to post at this time. I know he was in what was to become Scott County, Missouri as early as 1812. I do know "factually" that he had at least two sons, Jackson Bishop, born in 1812 and William Bishop, born in 1818. I will post more on these Bishops on our BISHOP HISTORY page and add to it as the information becomes available.

The Woods side of the "clan" has had many brick walls. Sadly, lots of the records and information I had on both sides of the family was lost in a fire so, here I am trying to regain that information. This too will be posted on the WOODS HISTORY page as the information is collected. I hope any family members who may have any information will send it this way.

As we all know, genealogy is a "work in progress" so, this is just the first step backwards in time. This site is just getting off the ground so please bare with me and forgive me for not having more to post at this time. Just keep checking back and see what's been added. And "yes", feel free to contribute, this site belongs to us all.

Not all of the following pages are "uploaded" as of yet. Keep checking back to see what I've got online.

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