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BIRTHS Registered in Peel County in 1901

Not all of these births occurred in 1901 in which case the year is given.  If no year is given, then the birth occurred in 1901. 

All surnames are capitalized.  

Registration numbers between 30982 and 31362.  Approximately 40 births have not  been transcribed (most from Chinguacousy twp).  

Sometimes the lot and concession number were given for the residence of the parents.  I have abbreviated these.  For example, 25/1 would be lot 25, con 1.  Another example is 22/6w which means lot 22 in the 6th con west (in the case of Chinguacousy twp. this is west of Hurontario St.)

Transcribed by Mary Crandall. 

Joseph Earl ACKROYD, 12 June, Chinguacousy, s/o John William, farmer, & Sarah Lottie SHEARD

Mary Alexandra AITCHISON, 29 June, Toronto twp., d/o William, farmer, & Ann FASKIN

Jean Alexandria ALGIE, 13 Sept 1900, Alton, d/o Robert, merchant, & Hattie SILLS

Grace Sills ALGIE, 25 Nov 1898, Alton, d/o Robert, merchant, & Hattie SILLS

Daniel Bruce ALLEN, 11 Sept, Toronto twp., s/o Daniel, merchant, & Eliza G. GARBUTT

Nameless AMOS, 18 July, Toronto twp., illegitimate d/o Ettie AMOS

George Harold ARMSTRONG, 9 March, Toronto twp., s/o Thomas E., farmer, & Jennie CHENEY

Edith Agnes ARMSTRONG, 12 Aug, Chinguacousy 25/1, d/o Alexander, farmer, & Martha NELSON

Henry William ARTHURS, 12 April, Bolton, s/o William, weaver, & Georgina E. BRAD--?

Ann Edith ASHLEY, 6 July, TG, d/o Daniel, farmer, & Annie Maria HART

Elser Olive BAGGS, 6 Jan, TG, d/o Albert, farmer & Isabella WRIGHT

Henry Leonard BAILEY, 3 July, Toronto twp., s/o John, sailor, & Adeline ELLIS

Elizabeth Catherine BAILEY, 16 April, Brampton, d/o Absalom, gardener, & Louise ANDREWS

William Edward BAILEY, 28 April, Brampton, s/o John William, painter, & Mary Ida FAWCETT

Francis John Henry BALLARD, 4 May, Bolton, s/o Thomas Henry, moulder, & Maria Elizabeth CORBETT

Lena Dell BEAMISH, 4 Oct., Bolton, d/o Ernest C., butcher, & Sarah A. MORRISON

Cecil Gordon BELL, 10 March 1900, TG, s/o George, farmer, & Alice COOK

Harold BINGHAM, 16 Oct, Albion, s/o William, farmer, & Mary ALLAN

No name BIRKHEAD, 3 March, Caledon 4/1w, s/o Thomas, farmer, & Sarah Jane WILLIAMSON

Zella Gladys BLANCHARD, 4 Nov, Brampton, d/o Thomas, mason, & Fanny CLEVERLY

Hazel Mary BOLTON, 7 Aug, Albion, d/o Abe Bolton, laborer, & Lydia SYKES

Ethel Julia BOOTH, 26 April, Bolton, d/o George Thomas, laborer, & Martha Anna PYKE

Wright Thomas BORLAND, 25 March, Caledon EAST, s/o William T., merchant, & Margaret Jane WRIGHT

Ebenezer Clifford BOWES, 12 Jan, Albion, s/o James, farmer, & Julia DWYER

Violet Mary BOWIE, 1 Oct, Streetsville, d/o Thomas I., physician, & Harriet Jennie HARDY

Edith Lillian BOYCE, 25 March, ALL, d/o Ross?, farmer, & Flora E. DOWNEY

Emma V. BOYES, 23 July, Albion, d/o Edward, farmer, & Elinar McCAULEY

Eva Leona BRADLEY, 7 Dec 1900, Caledon, do Isaac, farmer, & Emily Frances GRICE

Charles Almer BRAWLEY, 24 Aug, Streetsville, s/o George A., telegraph operator, & Minnie HILLER

Howard Wesley BRIMMELL, 26 May, Chinguacousy, s/o John M., harness maker, & Mary

Norman Oliver BROOKS, 5 Jan, Toronto twp., s/o Josiah, farmer, & Isabella MAW

Sarah Velma BURBIDGE, 5 Feb, Albion, d/o H.G., farmer, & Sarah Jane DOAN (or Dean)

William Frederick BURNS, 23 Aug, Toronto twp., s/o Andrew, farmer, & Isabella McGILL

William James BURNS, 2 Sept, Toronto twp., s/o William James, farmer, & M.C. McDEVET

George Spencer BURROWS, 10 April, Brampton, s/o George, laborer, & Maggie A. SPENCE

Mabel Alleretta? CAMPBELL, 27 July, Brampton, d/o William Francis, laborer, & Henrietta LEADER

Robert Joseph CAMPBELL, 25 July, Alton, s/o William, section foreman, & Elizabeth BEARE

Robert? Gordon CANNAWIN, 19 Nov 1900, Caledon 27/5w, s/o John, farmer, & blank MORROW

George Clarence CAREY, 19 Sept, Caledon, s/o Thomas, farmer, & Elizabeth Beatrice HARRIS

George Albert CHADWICK, 11 Aug, s/o W.R., farmer, & J.V?. PALLETT

Viola Mary CHAMBERLAIN, 15 Jan, Toronto twp., d/o William, laborer, & Harriet BALDERSON

Kenneth Lloyd CHATTLERS, 13 Sept, Caledon 25/6w, s/o Silas, farmer, & Susan TATE

Jessie Louise CLARK, 25 June, Toronto twp., d/o William H., farmer, & Harriet DODD

Mary Melinda CLARKE, 15 Oct, Albion, d/o Fred, farmer,  Fannie FRENCH

William Andrew CLEVERLY, 19 June, Brampton, s/o James, butcher, & Emily BURROWS

Earl Charles Redner CLIFF, 9 Sept, Toronto twp., s/o George J., clerk, & blank COOPER

Rose Irene COATES, 29 Oct, Brampton, d/o Aaron, designer, & Rose Ann LAFFORD

Norman Oscar COOK, 13 Nov, Toronto twp., s/o William, farmer, & Sarah PRICE

Harold Lawrence COOK, 6 July, Brampton, s/o James Henry, carpenter, & Elizabeth BELLAS

William George COOK, 24 July, Brampton, s/o Thomas, florist, & Ann CASSON

William Harold CORBETT, 20 Nov 1900, Caledon 30/3w, s/o Edward, farmer, & Elizabeth SHAW

Win Thomas CORDINGLY, 7 April 1900, Toronto twp., s/o Charles Thomas, farmer, & Elizabeth Martha SOUTH

William Edward CORE, 7 Aug 1900, Brampton, s/o William Henry, well driller, & Martha Elizabeth HAGAN?

Alan Leslie COUSE, 20 May, Toronto twp., s/o William, apiarist, & M.A. STEEN

Winnifred Isabella Ann COYNE, 12 Aug, Chinguacousy 14/2, d/o Frederick, farmer, & Hattie LEDLOW

Kathleen Margaret CRICKMORE, 17 Oct, Toronto twp., d/o Edwin, broker, & Minnie MARGRATH

Olive Wannetta CRISP, 4 Dec, Brampton, d/o Robert, painter, & Cassie May CAROBAN?

Mary Rita CRISP, 22 June, Brampton, d/o Thomas J., painter, & Jane E. ROADHOUSE

Ralph Russell CROMWELL, 13 Feb, Toronto twp., s/o Clayton, factory hand, & Annie WOOD

Madge CUNNINGHAM, 29 Aug, Huttonville, d/o Ed., merchant, & Mary Jane ADAMS

Mary Pollock CURRIE, 18 Aug, Caledon 6th con west, d/o Lachlan, farmer, & Jane WALKER

Winnie Gertrude CURRY, 28 Feb, Toronto twp., d/o Robert, laborer, & Mary LYNCH

Florence May CURTIS, 5 March, Caledon 29/3w, d/o Albert, farmer, & Agnes BOYCE

George Franklin DAVIDSON, 18 June, Chinguacousy, s/o James F., farmer, & Mary PARR

Irene DAVIDSON, 4 April, Credit Forks, d/o William James, quarry man, & Eliza Jane OUELETT

Gladys Victory DAVIS, 6 Jan, Toronto twp., d/o William, laborer, & Maria GRAFTON

Myrtle Margaret DAVY, 7 Jan, Albion, d/o William, farmer, & Mary HINDLE

Edwin Page DEAN, 13 Oct, Alton, s/o Samuel A., laborer, & Martha A. PAGE

Daniel Edy DEATH, 10 Feb, Toronto twp., s/o Horace, farmer, & Amanda M. TREANOR

Almer Gordon DENISON, 3 Sept, Toronto twp., s/o George, farmer, & Emma TRUEMAN

Elizabeth Catherine DENISON, 26 Oct, Credit Forks, d/o Robert John, laborer, & Sarah Catherine GIBSON

Robert Alexander DENISON, 25 May, Toronto twp., s/o H.W., carpenter, & Eliz. Ann McGILL

No name DEVINS, 19 April, Caledon, s/o Milton Crossen, clerk, & Ida Minerva McBRIDE

Mabel Dorothea DIXON, 1 Jan, Albion, d/o Michael, farmer, & Allice Maud JOHNS--?

William Clifford DOBSON, 2 Jan, TG, s/o William Thomas, farmer, & Mary Elizabeth Jane PEACOCK

Viola Grace DOHERTY, 9 Nov, Toronto twp., d/o Gerald, blacksmith, & blank KEANE

William Waldo DORRINGTON, 16 Feb., Alton, s/o William Alma, knitter, & Nettie ALGIE

Madalene Pearl DOUPE, 22 July, Bolton, d/o Albert Wesley, harness maker & Eliza A. HENDERSON

Mary Florence Elizabeth DOWLING, 2 June, Caledon, d/o William Albert, farmer, & Florence Matilda ROBINSON

Verna Flossie Irene DOWNEY, 20 April, Albion, d/o James H., farmer, & Hattie WILLIAMSON

Emily Edytha Maria Blanche DUCKWITH, 26 April, Caledon 22/5w, d/o George, farmer, & Alice McCLELLAN

Elva Alexandra DURIE, 13 Sept, Toronto twp., d/o Alex, butcher, & Mary ARMSTRONG

William Edward EARLY, 25 May, Chinguacousy, s/o William, farmer, & Matilda Jane LESLIE

George John EBKINSON (or Etkinson), 18 Feb, Toronto twp., s/o Arthur, gardener, & Mary SLATER

Joseph Henry EELES, 26 Feb, Charleston, s/o Thomas, farmer, & Rachel ROE

Norman Hindle ELLIS, 7 Oct, TG, s/o Thomas, farmer, & Sarah HINDLE

Frederica Amelia EVANS, 25 June, Streetsville, d/o Frederick PAUL, farmer, & Minnie Edith SPROUL

Edward William EWART, 22 Jan, Bolton, s/o Alfred, farmer, & Ann Elizabeth STUB--? (or Steel?)

Hazel Irene FALKNER, 16 May, Chinguacousy, d/o William, farmer, & Rebecca WALKER

No name FALLIS, 1 May, Brampton, s/o James R., dealer, & Jennie LAWSON

Jennie Myrtle FAULKNER, 22 July, Caledon 6th con west, d/o John, farmer, & Mary Ann McCOLLUM

Ethel Maud FAWCETT, 9 Sept, Cheltenham, d/o John, harness maker, & blank DOBSON

Mary Victoria Jane FERGUSON, 26 May, Toronto twp., d/o John, gardener, & Kate WINTER

Ester FLEMING, 25 Aug, Albion, d/o Andrew, farmer, & Christiana

Thomas FLETCHER, 28 May, Brampton, s/o Thomas, shoe maker, & Mary MARTIN

Gladys Rose FLIGG, 15 Nov, Toronto twp., d/o John, spinner, & Grace GURNEY

Robert Harold FOSTER, 19 Sept, Brampton, s/o William, miller, & Elizabeth PHILLIPS

Dora Victoria FOX, 25 Jan, Bolton,  d/o Robert James, weaver, & Fannie CHAMBERLAIN

Thomas McClare? FRASER, 2 March, Chinguacousy 4th Con, s/o William John, farmer, & Ester Maude WILSON

Douglas illegible FRIENDLY, 10 Oct, Brampton, s/o William, florist, & Anny DALE

Muriel Maud FULTON, 6 Nov, Streetsville, d/o Charles H., baker, & Agnes HOPKINS

Charles John Herbert GAMBLE, 1 April, s/o John Alfred, laborer, & Mary Etta E. ROBINSON

David Alexander GAMBLE, 7 Nov, Chinguacousy 17/1, s/o George H., farmer, & Rhoda McLELLAN

Laura Victoria GARBUTT, 22 Jan, Toronto twp., d/o George, farmer, & Lydia J. TRUEMAN

John Henry GARDINER, 26 Jan, Brampton, s/o T., laborer, & Elizabeth LOUM--?

Lorna Ethelvin GARDNER, 10 May, Toronto twp., d/o F.A., farmer, & M.A. DUNTON

Sarah Margaret GAUGHAN, 8 Feb, Brampton, d/o Thomas, farmer, & Bridget KENNY

Frederick Patrick GIBSON, 28 Aug, Bolton, s/o John G., vet. Surgeon & Eliza YELLOWLIES

Jennie Gladys GIFFEN, 6 Sept, Chinguacousy, d/o John Allen, farmer, & Eliza McM--?

No name GILL, 4 Feb, Toronto twp., s/o Fred, merchant, & Annie COPELAND

Edna May GILLMORE, 15 March 1901, Brampton, d/o Ebenezer, shoe maker, & Mary Ann CON--?

Charles Owen? GODDARD, 9 Sept 1900, Brampton, s/o George, coachman, & Annie McCARRON

Gertrude Isabella GOODERHAM, 18 June 1898, Caledon 26/2w, d/o Maxwell, farmer, & Martha REID

Hazel May GOODERHAM, 4 Jan 1896, Caledon 26/2w, d/o Maxwell, farmer, & Martha REID

Thomas GRAFTON, 26 Feb, Toronto twp., s/o George, factory hand, & Matilda ELLIS

Marjorie Estella GRAHAM, 22 Oct 1900, Toronto twp., d/o John, farmer, & E.J. ARMSTRONG

Edna Victoria GRAHAM, 30 Jan, d/o James, farmer, & Susan Jane PRICE?

Corbett George GRAHAM, 4 Oct, Inglewood, s/o Thomas H., manufacturer, & Bella SCOTT

Alice Lowe GRAYDON, 3 Aug, Streetsville, d/o William John, banker, & Mary Ann SHAW

Percival Heathcote GREEN, 6 May, Toronto twp., s/o J.F.H., trucker, & Eliz.  BOULTWOOD

Ross Leslie GREENIANS, 30 May, Toronto twp., s/o Charles, farmer, & M.C. SLOAN

Teresa Kathleen GROGAN, 5 May, Caledon EAST, d/o Martin J., laborer, & Kate SKELLY

Hazel HALL, 18 Aug, Alton, d/o George, scourer? & Maria Jane LEADER

Margaretta HANNA, 11 Dec 1900, Albion, d/o Thomas H., farmer, & Elizabeth McG--?

Lettia Myrtle HARDY, 23 March, Toronto twp., d/o John, laborer, & Maggie HARKER

Verna Mabel HARKER, 6 Aug, Toronto twp., d/o Robert, farmer, & Florence A. ANDREWS

Olive Myrtle E. HARRIS, 2 Nov, Toronto twp., d/o S.E., merchant, & Elizabeth BIRD

Anna Margaret HARRIS, 7 Nov 1900, Alton, d/o Samuel James, farmer, & Catherine SEXTON

Mary Josephine HARRIS, 23 Oct 1895, Alton, d/o Samuel James, farmer, & Catherine SEXTON

Mary Margaret HARRISON, 10 Sept, TG, d/o William, farmer, & Mary Jane BYRON

Mary Reba HARRISON, 2 Nov, TG, d/o John F., laborer, & Mary ROBINSON

Josephine illegible HARRISON, 28 Nov, Chinguacousy, d/o Walter, farmer, & Sarah Catherine CRAIG

James Francis HAYES, 23 Dec, Albion, s/o William, farmer, & Ellen SULLIVAN

Thomas Lincoln HENDERSON, 8 April, Bolton, s/o Andrew, farmer, & Margaret LOUGHEED

Elwood Wilkinson HENRY, 19 April, Chinguacousy 23/5, s/o George, farmer, & Emma WILKINSON

Doris Kathleen HERBERT, 19 Sept, Brampton, d/o Robert, fireman, & Mary TIPLING

Myrtle illegible HEWGILL, 1 Sept, Chinguacousy 1/5, d/o Samuel, farmer, & Margaret Jane DALE

Anderan HILL, 17 Jan 1897, Alton, s/o Frederick, knitter, & Margaret SEXTON

Russell Sexton HILL, 8 Sept, Alton, s/o Frederick, knitter, & Margaret SEXTON

Charles HILLOCK, 26 Sept, 8/2w, s/o Robert, farmer, & Catherine McCUE

Olive Percilla HILLOCK, 31 May, Caledon 16/6, d/o William G., farmer, & not given

Kathleen HISCOCKS, 11 July, Chinguacousy 17/1, d/o James, section foreman, & Catherine McFADDEN

John Gregg Henry HOOPER, 23 Aug, TG, s/o Charles Gould, farmer, & Florina GREGG

Lulu May HOUSTON, 11 Aug, Caledon 20/6w, d/o William, farmer, & Sophia WILLIS

Ethel Marguerite HOUSTON, 23 Oct 1900, Caledon, d/o William H.M., farmer, & Margaret Ann HARKNESS

Robert HOUSTON, 24 March, Caledon 19/5w, s/o Robert B., farmer, & Mary McGREGOR

Ralph Alexander HUNTER, 3 April, Brampton, s/o Amos Alexander, milk dealer, & Alma FOSTER

John Russell Johnston HUTTON, 11 Sept, Chinguacousy 4/3, s/o Frederick A., farmer, & Jane H. BASKERVILLE

Jennie HYDE, 9 May, Toronto twp., d/o Robert, farmer, & Charlotte MENARY

Hazel Maria INGLEHART, 13 Nov, Toronto twp., d/o Alf P., laborer, & A. Bertha CAMPBELL

Percival Arnold JACKSON, 21 ??, Albion, s/o George, farmer, & Ann POSSER

Elizabeth Sophia JAGGS, 18 Aug, Inglewood, d/o J.W., section foreman, & Margaret Jane MAXWELL

Joseph Frederick JEFFERSON, 17 Oct, Toronto twp., s/o J.W., farmer, & Grace FIELDHOUSE

Olive Mary JEFFERSON, 24 Feb, Toronto twp., d/o H.J., farmer, & Mary DAWSON

Roma Mary JENKINS, 3 Aug, Inglewood, d/o George, photographer, & Mary Isabella

Ellen Julia JENNER, 17 Feb, Toronto twp., d/o William, laborer, & Catherine DOYLE

Lillian Alberta JENNINGS, 27 March, Brampton, d/o Bert, florist, & Phebe McFEYN?

Russell Stewart JOHNSTON, 3 Nov, Albion, s/o George S., farmer, & Marion TOWNROW

Melville C. JOHNSTON, 27 May, Caledon, s/o James, farmer, & Mary LANGTREE

Victoria Mildred Beatrice JORDAN, 21 Jan, d/o Richard, gardener, & Mary BARR

George Wesley JUDGE, 30 Oct 1896, Albion, s/o George, farmer, & Jennie CARBERRY

William Thomas Cecil JUDGE, 1 Feb 1898, Albion, s/o George, farmer, & Jennie CARBERRY

Lillian Glory JUDGE, 7 March 1900, Albion, d/o George, farmer, & Jennie CARBERRY

Lorne Kaiser JURFLE?, 26 Sept, Brampton, s/o John, shoe maker, & Frances M. KAISER

John Wellington Nelson KEE, 10 March, Albion, s/o Nelson, farmer, & Al--? RUTH--?

John Michael KELLY, 4 Jan 1902, Toronto twp., s/o Michael, gardener, & Johannah LONG

Gladys Louisa KENNEDY, 17 July, Huttonville, d/o George, laborer, & Sarah E. DIXON

Cathleen M. KILLEAN, 6 Sept 1900, Albion, d/o W.J., farmer, & Mary Jane SWEENEY

Stella Mary KILLEAN, 3 March 1899, Albion, d/o William J., farmer & Mary Jane SWEENEY

James Robert KINGDON, 15 April, Toronto twp., s/o Joseph, farmer, & Mary WHITEHEAD

No name KNOX, 25 Sept, Brampton, d/o Arthur, & Harriet BURRO--?

Violet Helena LAIRD, 17 May, Brampton, d/o John H., laborer, & Agnes Catherine HUFFMAN

Herbert John LARGE, 16 Feb, Brampton, s/o Adam, farm laborer & Sarah Jane BEALS

William Stanley LAUGHLIN, 12 Nov 1900, Caledon 14/5w, s/o Wm Stanley, farmer, & Sarah Agnes MEEK

Christena Evelyn LAUGHLIN, 19 Oct 1899, Caledon 2nd con west., d/o George, farmer, & Jane Catherine LAMONT

Florence Myrtle LAW, 10 July, Albion, d/o John, laborer, & Maggie FRAME?

Warney Harvey LE BAR, 19 July, Toronto twp., s/o Harvey, sawyer, & Mary MYERS

Jean Allene LENTY, 26 Nov, Toronto twp., d/o H.J., farmer, & Ada PRICE

Norman Christopher LEWIS, 26 Sept, Chinguacousy, s/o Robert, farmer, & Isabella McINTOSH

Lorrine Margaret LIDDELL, 10 May, Brampton, d/o Albert, shoe maker, & Nellie DANIELS

Victor Oliver LIVINGSTON, 30 Aug, TG, s/o Robert, farmer, & Emma PERKINS

George Shirley Francis LOGAN, 29 Dec, Albion, s/o Robert G., farmer, & Mary GIBSON

Robert LOUGHEED, 21 Sept, Albion, s/o Robert , farmer, & Eliza SHAW

Mildred Isabel LOVELL, 27 Feb 1899, Alton, d/o Leonard, carder, & Maggie FERGUSON

Bertha May LOVELL, 18 April, Alton, d/o John Alfred, butcher, & Mary HENSWORTH

Frederick H. LUDLOW, 17 Dec, Albion, s/o Peter, farmer, & Maud CARBERRY

Marjory Sarah LUSH (or Leish), 2 March, Toronto twp., d/o Reuben, farmer, & Maggie COULSON

Olga May MacLANE, 16 March, Alton, d/o William James Carson, bee keeper, & Sophia MILES

William James MacLANE, 20 July 1899, Alton, s/o William James Carson, bee keeper, & Sophia MILES

Margaret Bernardine MALONE, 21 May, Toronto twp., d/o E.J., farmer, & Mary C. WALLACE

John Edward MARSHALL, 18 Oct, Chinguacousy 6/5, s/o Archibald, farmer, & Addie C. GRASBY

Horwood Leon MARSHALL, 27 March, Alton, s/o William H., minister, & Bertha M. FISH

Harold George MASHINTER, 16 Oct, Toronto twp., s/o John MASHINTER, carpenter,  & Annie DODDS

John H. MATSON, 5 Nov, Albion, s/o John, farmer, & Maggie MOFFATT

Beatrice Elizabeth MAXWELL, 15 Aug, Toronto twp., d/o William, farmer, & Alice KING

Sarah Myrtle McBRIDE, 27 Feb., Caledon, d/o James Edwin, farmer, & Jane KIDD

Ernest Willard McBRIDE, 24 July, Toronto twp., s/o J.C., farmer, & Elsie J. GORING

Gordon McCAFFREY, 25 Nov. Caledon EAST, s/o Patrick John, shoe maker, & Alice McKENNA

Louisa McCARTNEY, 18 Dec, Brampton, d/o John JOYCE, brick layer, & Joan Elizabeth McCARTNEY

Albert Ross McCARTNEY, 19 March Alton, s/o Albert S., merchant, & Matilda SYDIE

Jas. (or Jos.) A. McCLELLAND, 1 Dec, Albion, s/o Robert J., farmer, & Amanda REANEY

Robert R. McCLURE, 29 June, Chinguacousy, 11/4, s/o William, farmer, & Sarah ELLIOTT

Martin Howard McCLURE, 28 July, Huttonville, s/o Darius, farmer, & Sarah M. HOWARD

Marjory Vay McCOLLUM, 10 July, Brampton, d/o Charles, clerk, & Jennie ARMSTRONG

Agnes Elizabeth McCONNELL, 8 April, IN, d/o William George, butcher, & Emily LEDGER

Robert Elgin McCONNELL, 17 May, Alton, s/o John, laborer, & Letitia WIGGINS

Norman Reid McFAUL, 18 April, Caledon 26/4w, s/o Louis, farmer, & Rebecca REID

Floyd Harris McGILLIVRAY, 21 June 1899, Charleston, s/o Richard T., mechanic, & Charlotte PATTERSON

Violet McILWAINE, 1 May, Huttonville, d/o Thomas, laborer, & Margaret OSTRANDER

No name McINERNEY, 29 June, Toronto twp., d/o John, gardener, & Florence C.M. COOK

Vera Hellen McKAY, 7 Oct, Toronto twp., d/o George, laborer, & Mary MacDONALD

Marion Eileen Gray McKEOWN, 24 July, Chinguacousy 28/6, d/o John J., farmer, & Sarah A. GRAY

Marjory Jean McKINNON, 22 Sept, Caledon 3/3e, d/o William H., farmer, & Maud VOGAN

Mabel Alice McKINNON, 2 Oct 1900, Caledon 5th con east, d/o James, farmer, & Minnie E. VANCE

Stanley Arthur McLACHLAN, 16 Nov., Caledon 21/2, s/o John A., farmer, & Laura STEPHENSON

Mary Isabel McLAREN, 6 April, Caledon, d/o Duncan Alex, engineer, & Mary Rebecca OVERLAND

George E. McMULLEN, 8 Nov, Albion, s/o George, farmer, & Mary Jane MAY

Mary Isabel McNICHOL, 18 Dec 1900, Caledon, d/o William George, laborer, & Mary Jane MARTIN

Elizabeth McPHERSON, 9 May, Chinguacousy, d/o William T., farmer, & Elizabeth McNALLY

Elizabeth Cornelia MEEK, 21 Jan, Alton, d/o Thomas W., carpenter, & Hattie DYER

William Neil MELLOW, 29 Nov 1900, s/o George, farmer, & Mary CALDWELL

George Walter MILLS, 25 July, Toronto twp., s/o George, belt maker, & Emma CLEAVE

Illegible Eldridge MONKMAN, 10 Dec 1900, Albion, s/o John Jos, farmer, & Mary BOWES

Gordon MONKMAN, 10 Dec 1900, Albion, s/o John Jos. farmer, & Mary BOWES

Thomas Henry G. MONTGOMERY, 30 Nov, TG, s/o William J.G., farmer, & Mary GILPIN

Stillborn MOODY, 15 Nov, Toronto twp., s/o Fred, farmer, & Harvilla MUIR

Ida MOORE, 17 Feb, Toronto twp., d/o James, farmer, & Susan RICHEY

Jean Jeffers MORGAN, 12 Dec, Brampton, d/o Lemuel Herbert, manufacturer, & Ada Jean JEFFERS

No name MORRISON, 8 April, Caledon 5/5e, s/o Walter, laborer, & Prudence Ann

Clifford Roy MORRISON, 27 Oct., Caledon 26/4w, s/o James H., farmer, & Tilly HENSWORTH

Jennie Watson MUNROE, 28 April, Caledon 16/4e, d/o Peter, farmer, & Annie WATSON

Mabel Florence MURPHY, 20 April, Toronto twp., d/o Michael, farmer, & C. CRAIGIE

Kathleen MURPHY, 31 Dec 1900, Credit Forks, d/o Daniel Rose, postmaster, & Elizabeth SHIRLAN?

Ellen Annie MURRAY, 1 Sept, Albion, d/o Albert, farmer, & Ethel VANCE

Clifford Vincent NASH, 15 May, Toronto twp., s/o Lewis, sailor & Susan CUMMINGS

Louisa Verna NIXON, 3 Aug, Chinguacousy 5th con, d/o Thomas, farmer, & Hannah DALE

George Francis NOBLE, 11 Oct, Toronto twp., s/o Charles William, farmer, & Mary E. DUCK

Edward Clark NOBLE, 29 Dec 1900, Brampton, s/o Robert T., doctor, & Susannah Harriet HODGETTS

Alma Mariah NORRIS, 11 June, Albion, d/o George, farmer, & Agnes ALLAN

Edgar David O’HARA, 24 July, Credit Forks, s/o John, dairy man, & Flora RAMBO

Mary Olive O’NEIL, 6 May, Toronto twp., d/o John, glass blower, & Millie HICKEY

Mary Alberta OSBORNE, 31 July, Toronto twp., d/o Thomas, farmer, & Mary BRETT

James McLeod PACKHAM, 11 Aug, Brampton, s/o William J., manufacturer, & Janet Maud McLEOD

Elizabeth Viola PALLETT, 5 Oct, Toronto twp., d/o Friend, farmer, & Caroline McGHIE

No name PALLETT, 24 June, c/o Arthur, farmer, & Eliz, BONHAM

Joseph John PALMER, 13 June 1897, Alton, s/o Joseph, carder, & Annie SEXTON

Julia Catherine PALMER, 26 Dec 1899, Alton, d/o Joseph, carder, & Annie SEXTON

George Edward PARR, 7 April, Chinguacousy, s/o David, laborer, & Mary Jane HARTWELL

Arthur Earl PATTERSON, 23 April, Toronto twp., s/o Adam, laborer, & Harriet GRAHAM

Norma Gertrude PEACOCK, 8 Sept, Caledon 2/4e, d/o Herbert William, farmer, & Alice M. DAVIS

George Roscoe PEACOCK, 31 Dec 1900, Toronto twp., s/o Robert H., farmer, & Martha Alice AGAR

Majorie Mildred PEER, 28 June, Toronto twp., d/o Stephen L., sailor, & Ada E. GASTON

George Alexander PEER, 12 Oct, Toronto twp., s/o Samuel, farmer, & Frances DEERING

James PENGILLEY, 28 Feb, Toronto twp., s/o James, gardener, & Eliza SALMONS

Alma Frances PLUMMER, 30 Jan, Bolton, d/o Charles Edward, manufacturer & Kate ARMSTRONG

Wilfred Ernest REID, 24 Aug, Brampton, s/o Ernest Albert, rose grower, & Martha Ann TOMLINSON

Nellie? May RICHMOND, 14 Nov, Chinguacousy, d/o Thomas David, laborer, & Maggie DAVIDSON

Laurel Muriel ROBERTSON, 20 Sept, Bolton, d/o William James, weaver, & Eliza Jane WHITE

Cecil George ROBINSON, 24 Dec, Toronto twp., s/o George, farmer, & blank BARKER

Robert Henry ROBINSON, 7 Jan 1902, Toronto twp., s/o James M., stone mason, & Maggie MENARY

Norman Newton ROBINSON, 13 March, Toronto twp., s/o James, farmer, & Alice Ann SHAW

Harold Edrick ROBINSON, 20 Sept, Streetsville, s/o Thomas A., butcher, & Margaret NIBLOCK

David Henry ROGERS, 13 July, Toronto twp., s/o Thomas, farmer, & Maud F. BENTLEY

William Garnet ROSSON, 10 Jan, Toronto twp., s/o Thomas, carriage builder, & Sarah BROWN

Roy Edgar ROWLEY, 7 March, Albion, s/o William, farmer, & Lucinda MOFFETT

Fred Cecil ROWLEY, 26 April, Albion, s/o Rich, farmer, & Charlotte WALTON

No name RUSTON, 19 Aug, Chinguacousy 21/2, s/o James, farmer, & Mary

Henry Herbert RUTLEDGE, 13 July, Toronto twp., s/o William, bailiff, & Frances PETCH

Mary Maud SANDERSON, 22 April, Chinguacousy, d/o William John, teacher, & Agnes PATTERSON

John Joseph James SANFORD, 4 July, Toronto twp., s/o A.J., farmer, & Jean F. McDONALD

Margaret May SCOTT, 15 July, Caledon East, d/o John T., harness maker, & Margaret NELSON

Sarah Jane SCOTT, 27 July, Caledon, d/o Henry Ernest, & Sarah Ellen

James Wilfred John SEXTON, 1 June, Alton, s/o Dennis James, dyer, & Catherine CAMPBELL

Margaret McGill SHARP, 4 Aug, Toronto twp., d/o James E., laborer, & Eliza McGILL

Charles Edgar SAWDEN, 30 Dec, Toronto twp., s/o W.J.H., blacksmith, & Eliz. COULSON

Blanche Vera SHAVER, 22 Aug, Toronto twp., d/o Louis, farmer, & Clara

George Wilford SHAW, 7 Nov., Inglewood, s/o Robert George, laborer, & Mary Ellen  HAGUE

No name SHAW, 11 Sept 1899, Alton, s/o William John, farmer, & Elizabeth McCLELLAND

Joseph SHAW, 17 Jan 1900, TG, s/o George, farmer, & Hannah Jane MORRIS

Hugh Wilkinson SHIELDS, 15 Dec, Chinguacousy 26/1, s/o Oliver Thomas, farmer, & Jane Ann WILKINSON

Edward Hilland SIBBALD, 20 Aug 1896, Toronto twp., s/o Henry G., bee keeper, & Mary R. BYRNE

Harvey Clifford SIBBALD, 6 July 1898, Toronto twp., s/o Henry G., bee keeper, & Mary R. BYRNE

Myrtle Maria SMALLDRIDGE, 11 Dec, Toronto twp., d/o Harry, foreman, & Dolly DENISON

Charles Leonard SMITH, 1 Jan, Caledon 28/4w, s/o W.J., farmer, & Easter Ellen HUNTER

Florence Beatrice SMITH, 7 Aug, Toronto twp., d/o John, gardener, & Alice TRAINOR

Bertha Ellenor SOPER, 16 Aug, Toronto twp., d/o William E., farmer, & Edith May DIXON

William Ernest SOUTH, 5 June, Toronto twp., s/o George, farmer, & blank MATTHEWS

Muriel Evalina Margaret SOUTH, 3 March, Toronto twp., d/o Edwin, farmer, & Etta CONNOVER

Agnes Margaret May SPIERS, 17 Feb., Alton, d/o Johnston, farmer, & Agnes McLAUGHLIN

Lila Muriel STEELE, 7 March, Albion, d/o John, farmer, & Mary BOYCE

William STEPHENS, 2 June, Toronto twp., s/o Herbert, farmer, & Lucy DENNIS

William Atwell B. STEWART, 17 June, Bolton, s/o Robert Lorne, physician, & Esther C. LEONARD

Alexander Roy STINSON, 20 May, Albion, s/o George S., farmer, & Maggie ROBINSON

Violet STRANGEWAYS, 7 Feb, Albion, d/o Charles, farmer, & Henrietta PATIENCE

Frederick Joseph STUBBS, 2 Dec., Bolton, s/o Joseph N., carpenter, & Alice G. BURCH (or Buick)

William Andrew STUBBS, 19 July, Chinguacousy 11/8w, s/o William, cheese maker, & Lillian DOLSON

Edgar Stanley STYCH, 13 Sept, s/o James (or Joseph), farmer, & Mary LYONS

Mary SULLIVAN, 19 Aug, Toronto twp., d/o Nicholas, butcher, & Jane SHANAHAN

Harold Ross TAYLOR, 4 Aug, Albion, s/o George, farmer, & Jennie WILLIAMSON

Everett Earl TAYLOR, 19 June, Alton, s/o John Hillyard, butcher, & Florence Etta HENDERSON

Joseph Cecil THOMAS, 25 Dec, Toronto twp., s/o Jos. P., farmer, & Maggie STEWART

William Reginald THOMPSON, 19 March, Brampton, s/o Wilfred Digby, banker, & Lily NUNN

Albert Edward THOMPSON, 13 Feb, Toronto twp., s/o Joseph, sailor, & Victoria GRAFTON

Stanley Stark THOMSON, 23 Feb, Toronto twp., s/o John, auctioneer, & blank BLAKELEY

Alma Edna May TIFFIN, 26 April, Caledon 1st con, d/o George, farmer, & Adah HONSBERGER

Neita Lorene TOLMAN, 11 Dec 1899, d/o A.E., builder, & S.E.L. DEADMAN

Mary Ann TOPHAM, 7 Aug, Chinguacousy 19/2, d/o Edward, farmer, & Louisa WILSON

William Wass TOPHAM, 29 Oct 1900, Chinguacousy 19/2, s/o Thomas, farmer, & Hannah FOSTER

George Wilbert TORRANCE, 30 Dec 1900, Caledon 24/1e, s/o George, farmer, & Maggie Jane HILLOCK

Cecil Lawrence TOWSE, 21 Dec, s/o William, blacksmith, & Ellen BURRELL

Albert Rees TREADGOLD, 4 Dec 1900, Brampton, s/o Albert E., agent, & Bernice HUNTER

John Peter TREMURTH?, 9 Oct, Toronto twp., s/o William, farmer, & M. PATTERSON

Sarah Elizabeth TRIBBLE, 26 Oct, Charleston, d/o William, farmer, & Jemima PETCH

Myrtle Evelyn TRUEMAN, 26 April, Brampton, s/o Albert Madison & Harriet TRUEMAN

William Fletcher TRUEMAN, 1 July, Brampton, s/o Frederick Parker, shoe maker, & Etherella FLETCHER

Annie Elizabeth TRUEMAN, 7 Nov, Toronto twp., d/o George, farmer, & Helen BOSTOCK

Albert Edward TURNER, 17 April, Toronto twp., s/o William, farmer, & Bessie HOWELL

Winnifred Letitia UNGER, 15 Feb 1899, Alton, d/o W.J., dyer, & Mary A. HAGAN

Illegible UPSHALL, 21 Sept, Chinguacousy 11/4, d/o Benjamin, farmer, & Sarah LUNDY

Frank Craig WAKELEY, 28 Feb, Bolton, s/o Francis James, farmer, & Clarissa Jane CRA--?

Frank Cragg WAKELY 28 Feb, Albion, s/o Francis James, farmer, & Frances J. CRAGG

Albert Erland WATSON, 1 Dec, Toronto twp., s/o J.H., farmer, & B.E. HENRY

Lorne David WATSON, 10 Sept, Caledon 3/3e, s/o Joseph Irwin, farmer, & Cassie BACON

Myrtle Elizabeth WEBBER, 20 March, Brampton, d/o John Joseph, moulder, & Allice HAMOUNT?

Earl John WELLWOOD, 29 Dec 1900, Albion, s/o William Thomas, farmer, & Jane ROULSTON

Bessie? Maura Viola WEST, 27 Oct, Brampton, d/o Harry, farm laborer & Maria Elizabeth PACK--?

Wilbert Gordon WHITE, 25 May, Caledon, s/o Robert O., farmer, & Sarah CUNNINGTON

Lawrence WHITEHEAD, 13 Sept, Toronto twp., s/o Robert, farmer, & Elizabeth

David Harold WIGGINS, 17 Oct, Toronto twp., s/o Samuel, farmer, & Annie BELL

Clara Jane WILEY, 11 Jan, TG, d/o William D., farmer, & Eliza BLAKE

Laura Isabel WILEY, 12 May, d/o George, farmer, & Mary Ann JULIAN

Eldie Eliza WILLIAMS, 16 Aug, Toronto twp., d/o Joseph, carpenter, & Ellen

Velma Viola WILLIAMSON, 1 Nov, Albion, d/o Frank, farmer, & Delia HALL

Minnie Pearl WILSON, Sept 1900, d/o Robert E., farmer, & Maggie

Annie Victoria WITHERS, 12 Nov, Toronto twp., d/o Patrick, farmer, & Mary A. TUFFIELD

Mossie Eleanor WOOD, 23 ??, Albion, d/o A.W., farmer, & Annie PEARCE

Albert Edward WOODS, 24 Feb., Inglewood, s/o Henry, wool sorter, & Sarah Jane McPHERSON

Thomas Allan WOODILL, 13 July, Chinguacousy 3/6, s/o William, farmer, & Ann FLEMING

Frank Dalton YOUNG, 17 Dec 1900, Brampton, s/o Frederick, clerk, & Mary E. McCARTNEY

Harold Nelson YOUNG, 1 Oct, Brampton, s/o James I., florist, & Bertha Elizabeth ORR

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