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BIRTHS registered in Peel County in 1870

Transcribed from Ontario Archives Microfilm 929, Reel 3.

All births registered in Peel County in 1870 are now transcribed. The registration numbers are between 14949 and  15444, plus 17061 to 17066.

Some of these births actually occurred in 1869, in which case this is noted.  A more exact place of birth (or rather, residence of the parents) was not given for all of these registrations, but where it was I have noted it.  

Some of the births registered in Chinguacousy twp. have the lot & concession numbers of the parents' residence. The concession numbers are followed by a W or an E - for West or East of Hurontario Street.  

Transcribed by Mary Crandall. 

ABLESON, Fannie Lucinda, 15 Aug., Caledon, d/o James, farmer, & Mary ERSKINE

ADAMS, William Thomas, 3 Oct, s/o Robert, deceased farmer, & Hannah SHIELDS

ADAMS, Ruth, 1 July, Brampton, d/o William, builder & Ruth

AGAR, Margaret Jane, 8 Mar, Toronto Gore, d/o Amos, farmer, & Mary PLEVAT?

ALEXANDER, Emy Jane, 1 Jan, Brampton, d/o Robert, carpenter, & W. Jane WILKINSON

ALLISON, Thomas, 7 June, Caledon, s/o Samuel, doctor, & Susannah WILSON

ANDERSON, Margaret Ann, "in 1870", "illegitimate" d/o Ann ANDERSON

ANDERSON, Jane, 7 June, Chinguacousy, d/o James, farmer, & Betsey WATSON

ANDERSON, Alex Robert, 10 Mar., Brampton, s/o Alexander A., carpenter & Isabella LINDSAY

ANDERSON, Adelaide Louisa, 23 Nov., d/o James, shoemaker & Elizabeth BLACK

ANTHONY, Mary Melissa, 6 March, d/o John, farmer, & Calfira WILSON

ANTHONY, Edwin, 25 Jan, Chinguacousy, s/o Mark, farmer lot 10 con 5W, & Mereda MANNERS

ANTHONY, Florence, 14 April, Brampton, d/o John, carriage maker & Elizabeth DOSSER

APPLEBEE, George Clinning, 25 Mar, s/o George Robert, gentleman, & Sarah GRAHAM

ARCHDEAKIN, Elsie, 7 Sep 67, d/o Peter, farmer, lot 17 con 4E, & Mary SPEIRS

ARMSTRONG, Margaret, 20 Apr, Toronto Gore, d/o Christopher, laborer, & Margaret Jane

ARMSTRONG, Thomas, 15 Sept, Toronto Gore, s/o Samuel, laborer & Margaret GUARDHOUSE

ARMOUR, Agnes Matilda, 4 Apr, Albion, d/o John, cooper & Teresa DOLAN

ASHBERRY, Margaret, 11 June, Toronto Gore, d/o Edward, blacksmith, & Ellen PARR

ATKINSON, Mary Bethie, 9 Feb., Chinguacousy, d/o Thomas, farmer, lot 20 con 6, & Sarah Ann COWARD

BAIRD, no name, 25 Jan Brampton, s/o Alex, cabinet maker, & Ann STEWART (with note: the child was not baptized up to Jan 1871)

BAIRD, no name, 21 Feb, Brampton, s/o W.M., cabinet maker, & Elizabeth McCOMB (lived only one hour)

BAIN, Kate Jannett, 28 Jan, d/o Henry, wood sawyer GTR, & Kate CARR

BANKS, Ennis Colin, 20 March, Albion, s/o Finlay, farmer, & Ann URQUHART

BANNISTER, Jennie Emeline (Jane), 7 July, Brampton, d/o Edward, gent, & Jane DAWSON

BARNHART, Mabel Alice, 28 Dec 69, Streetsville, d/o Solomon Jesse, printer & Elizabeth Agnes ROBERTSON

BEAVIS, Rose Ellen, 25 Oct., Streetsville, d/o Thomas, laborer & Emma COPE

BELL, Robert John Richard, 13 Mar, s/o Robert, inn keeper, & Rebecca PATTON

BELL, Jennet Catherine, 17 Oct, Albion, d/o Adam, farmer & Jane SYMINGTON

BELLAS, Thomas, 15 Aug, Chinguacousy, s/o William, farmer lot 3 con 4E, & Ann MASHINTER

BIDDLECOMB, Elizabeth Jane, 9 Sep, Brampton, d/o Henry, laborer & Jane E. KENT

BIRCH, Hannah, 22 Dec 69, Toronto Gore, d/o Frederick, shoemaker & Elizabeth ROBINSON

BIRDSALL, William, 23 Oct., Toronto twp., s/o Francis, farmer, & Jemima GRIGGS

BLAIR, George William, 26 May, Caledon, s/o Peter, farmer, & Susan Ann SMITH

BLAIR, Sarah Catherine, 26 May, Caledon, d/o Peter, farmer, & Susan Ann SMITH

BLAND, William, 4 May, Toronto Gore, s/o George, farmer, & Jane Elizabeth DOBSON

BRADLEY, Margaret Ann, 12 Mar., Chinguacousy, d/o John Archdekin, farmer, lot 28, con 2, & Susannah GRAY

BRODDY (abortion), 21 Aug, Brampton, s/o Robert, sheriff, & not given, with note: "premature birth"

BOLTEN, Mary, 24 Sep (B), d/o Jesse Nunn, land surveyor, & Martha HICKMAN

BOWES, Margaret Noble, 16 Jan, Albion, d/o James, farmer, & Margaret NOBLE

BOWLES, Eliza Ann, 5 Oct, Chinguacousy, d/o George, farmer lot 31 con 5E, & Elizabeth E. FINCH

BOWLES, " infant", 16 Oct 69, s/o John, farmer, & Margaret LESTER

BOWMAN, Catherine, 30 Sept, Toronto Gore, d/o James, farmer, & Dina MAXWELL

BOYCE, Catherine Lora Myra, 12 Apr, Brampton, d/o James, painter, & Catherine BROWN

BOYES, Ann, 19 May, Toronto twp., d/o Richard & Martha Emma

BOYLE, Clarence Humphrey, 30 March, Brampton, s/o Robert, minister, & Martha Matilda SMITH

BRADSHAW, Maria, 18 Feb., Toronto twp., d/o J.P. & Maria A. BOLES

BRIGHT, Mary Rose, 18 Sep 69, Albion, d/o Charles Thomas George, currier & Rosetta MERRETT

BRODDY, Mary Jane, Brampton, 5 Aug., d/o William, bailiff, & Margaret NIXON

BRODIE, Christopher George Adalbert, 28 June, Chinguacousy, s/o James, teacher SS No.18, & Mary Jane BURRELL

BROOKS, Thomas John, 7 July, Chinguacousy, s/o Thomas, laborer lot 33 con 2W, & Mary Ann HENRY

BROWN, James Edward, 19 Nov, Chinguacousy, s/o Joseph, farmer, lot 2 con 6E, & Eliza GARBUT

BROWN, Asa, 26 Jan, Toronto Gore, s/o Emanuel, laborer, & Jane Elizabeth CORNISH

BROWN, Ephraim James, 14 Aug, Streetsville, s/o John, bailiff, & Charlotte CUMMINGS

BROWN, William James, 28 Nov, A, s/o William, farmer, & Margaret McCAULEY

BROWN, Isabella Ursula, 19 Mar, Albion, d/o Henry, farmer, & Jane PIERCY

BULLOCK, Ellen Hannah, 17 Dec 69, d/o Charles, carpenter, & Sarah SMITH

BULLEYMONT, Priscilla, 12 Sept, Brampton, d/o Thomas, artist, & Eliza Ann BOWLEY

BURK, William John, 24 Oct, Chinguacousy, s/o David Samuel, farm laborer lot 12 con 1W & Martha Ann DIX

BURKHOLDER, Mary Ann, 26 Aug, Chinguacousy, d/o Allan, farmer lot 3 con 6E, & Jane WALKER

BURTON, John Henry, 21 Feb, Toronto Gore, s/o William, farmer, Jane McDONALD

BYRNE, Mary, 10 Feb, Toronto Gore, d/o Thomas, farmer, & Catherine KEVETIS?

CAMPBELL, Daniel Francis, 10 Dec 69, s/o Daniel, gentleman, & Frances Ann EVANS

CAMPBELL, Albert Allen, 2 June, Brampton, s/o James, Methodist Minister, & Jane AIKENS

CAMPBELL, Mary Jane, 2 May, Chinguacousy, d/o John, farmer lot 14 con 1E, & Isabella WOODHALL

CAMPBELL, Alexander Cockburn, 22 May, Brampton, s/o Donald Frederick, County registrar & Thomasina Catherine BERGER

CARBY, Thomas Robert, 15 May, Toronto Gore, s/o William, farmer & Margaret SPENSE

CARRUTHERS, stillborn, 7 June, Brampton, s/o not given

CASTOR, Clara Melissa, 30 Apr, Streetsville, d/o Robert Wright, blacksmith & Isabella Donald LESLIE

CATION, Walter Robert, 10 June, Chinguacousy, s/o Matthew, farmer lot 13 con 1W, & Allison COUTTS

CATION, David Alexander, 3 Dec 69, s/o Walter, farmer, & Margaret COUTTS

CESAR, Ada Bertha, 8 Jan, Chinguacousy, d/o William, farmer lot 33 con 4E, & Betty Ann MITCHELL

CHAMBERLAIN, Fanny, 28 Sep, Tullamore, d/o Thomas, tailor, & Elizabeth Shepherd VINE

CHAPMAN, Andrew, 12 Dec 69, Toronto Gore, s/o Thomas, farmer, & Mary Ada BARBER

CHAPMAN, Ann Garbutt, 26 Aug, Toronto twp., d/o William, tailor & Hannah HAMBLEY

CHATHAM, Mary Elizabeth, 26 Mar, Brampton, d/o John, clerk & Ellen A. SMITH

CHEQUE, Jane Ann, 2 July, Toronto twp., d/o George, farmer, & Elizabeth COYNE

CHEYNE, Ellen, 20 Dec., Toronto twp., d/o Andrew, farmer & Mary Ann McBRIDE

CHEYNE, Matthew, 17 March, Chinguacousy, s/o Christopher, farmer, & Susannah DENISON

CHISHOLM, Fenton, 29 Mar, Brampton, s/o Kenneth, merchant & warden, 4th con of Peel, & Mary Ann McMASTER

CLARK, Sarah Jane, 5 Nov., Caledon, d/o William, farmer, & Emeline McCLELLAN

CLARK, William, 30 Nov., Caledon, s/o Oswell, laborer & Elen CATHBERT

CLARK, Luther Weston, 26 June, Caledon, s/o John , farmer, & Sarah McCLELLAN

CLARK, George Arthur, 8 March, Chinguacousy, s/o John, farmer lot 16 con 4W, & Jane CURRY

CLARK, Richard, 24 April, Toronto Gore, s/o Richard, farmer, & Jane E. PEARSON

CLARKSON, John, 17 July, Toronto Gore, s/o William, farmer, & Elizabeth FOSTER

CLARRIDGE, Albert, 27 June, Chinguacousy, s/o Erastus, farmer lot 20 con 4W, & Margaret WATSON

CLARRIDGE, Daniel Samuel, 1 March, Chinguacousy, s/o James, farmer lot 3 con 4W, & Rebecca ORR

CLARRIDGE, Phebe Jane Boyd, 6 April, Chinguacousy, d/o John, farmer lot 17 con 5W, & Nancy B. WILSON

CLARRIDGE, no name, 8 July, Brampton, s/o James, Attorney at law, & Caroline DAWSON

COATES, Frederick Preston, 16 March, Brampton, s/o John, vet surgeon, & Mary

COLLEY, John, 31 Aug, Albion, s/o Thomas, farmer, & Sarah MONKMAN

COLWELL, Walter, 2 Aug., Toronto twp., s/o Charles R., carriage maker, & Margaret WATERHOUSE

CONNOR, William John, 19 Sep, s/o Robert, farmer, & Mary Ann DAVIDSON

COOK, Foster Williams, 12 July, Toronto twp., s/o William, farmer, & Jane FOSTER

COOK, Eliza, 29 Nov., Toronto twp., d/o Robert, yeoman, & Margaret FORSTER

COOK, Thomas, 26 July, Caledon, s/o Thomas, farmer, & Sarah McLEAN

COOPER, Edmond, 11 Feb., Toronto twp., s/o John, manufacturer, & Martha GORDER

COOPER, Janet, 30 May, Chinguacousy, d/o Allen, farmer lot 24 con 6W, & Letitia HICKLEY

COVENTRY, George Frederick, 27 May, Chinguacousy, s/o David, farmer, & Eliza STEVENSON

COVENTRY, Martha, 20 June, d/o James, farmer lot 14 con 3W, & Jane PINKNEY (widow of Mr. Martin)

COWLING, Ann, 29 July, Albion, d/o Thomas, farmer, & Pheniah SWINARTON

CRANSTON, Robert John, 29 Jan, Albion, s/o Alexander, farmer, & Hannah WILSON

CROOKALL, Samuel, 18 July, Brampton, s/o Charles, cashier of bank, & Mary TIERNAY

CUMMING, Charles, 18 Oct, Streetsville, s/o Cornelius, blacksmith, & Margaret BARTLEY

CUNNINGHAM, Rebecca Jane, 23 June, d/o James, farmer, & Elizabeth Jane McDARITT

CURRY, Robert, 24 Dec 69, Toronto twp., s/o Robert, farmer, & Mary Ann SHELL

CUSHMAN, Ellen Louisa, 27 Dec 69, d/o Moses, farmer, & Mary Ann BLASHARD

DALE, John Thomas, 16 June, Toronto Gore, s/o Thomas, laborer, & Mary Ann MULHOLLAND

DALE, Mary Ann, 3 Nov, Chinguacousy, d/o Matthew, farmer, lot 27 con 6E, & Mary DODSWORTH

DALE, Ann Elizabeth, 16 June, Toronto Gore, d/o Thomas, laborer, & Mary Ann MULHOLLAND

DAVIS, John Joseph, 8 Dec 69, Toronto twp., s/o James, farmer, & Maria PRICE

DAVIS, William M. Francis, 22 Dec., Brampton, s/o Richard, blacksmith, & Julia CLOTWORTHY

DAWSON, Ann Elizabeth, 12 Aug, Brampton, d/o Charles, fruit merchant, & Ann WHITEHEAD

DAWSON, Ella Bell, 29 July, Caledon, d/o Edward, inn keeper, & Elizabeth STINSON

DEATH, Charlotte Ann, 6 Jan, Toronto twp., d/o Daniel, farmer, & Mary PORTER

DENNISON, Clara Adelaide, 12 Feb., Caledon, d/o James, carpenter, & Amanda BULL

DEVINS, James Alexander, 5 Jan, s/o William, farmer, & Mary Jane CHARTERS

DOCKRELL, Clara Blanche, 11 July (B), d/o John, bookkeeper, & Jessie COLLING

DODDS, Mary Cecilia, 25 Aug, Caledon, d/o Joseph, farmer, & Catherine Jane McCLELLAN

DODDS, William, 10 Dec., s/o John J.L., blacksmith & Annie

DODDS, William, 30 Apr., Brampton, s/o George, harness maker & Ellen NIXON

DOLAN, Mary, 21 March, Albion, d/o Dennis, farmer, & Bridget LYNCH

DORSEY, William James, 16 April, Chinguacousy, s/o Thomas, carpenter lot 1 con 6E, & Grace MITCHELL

DORSON, Allis Matilda, 26 April, Toronto twp., d/o Abraham, farmer, & Ann BROWN

DOUGHERTY, Sarah Ann, 21 Sept, Toronto Gore, d/o Michael, farmer, & Elizabeth FITZPATRICK

DOWNEY, James Henry, 14 March, Albion, s/o William, farmer, & Margaret Alice ROADHOUSE

DOWNS, Edward, 7 Aug, Toronto Gore, s/o John, laborer, & Mary SULLIVAN

DRINKWATER, Mary, 12 Nov 69, d/o William, farmer lot 17 con 3W, & Margaret HALL

DUCKERING, John Thomas, 19 Aug, Albion, s/o Charles, farmer, & Ann ROWLEY

DUKE, Frederick James, 30 Dec 69, Albion, s/o Edward, farmer, & Jane MORRISON

DUNCAN, Frederick, 26 Sept, Chinguacousy, s/o John, farmer 9th con E, & Maria WILEY

DUNCAN, Ellen, 26 Sep 69, Chinguacousy, d/o George, farmer lot 21 con 6E, & Mary Ann CHANT

EAST, James, 7 Oct, Albion, s/o Samuel, farmer, & Isabella SHORE

ELLIOTT, Edwin, 4 Sept, Chinguacousy, s/o John, farmer lot 17 con 2E, & Ann Maria LEARY

ELLIOTT, Sophia Emeline, 30 Jan, Albion, d/o Robert, tanner, & Elizabeth MONKMAN

ELLIOTT, James Edward, 4 Feb., s/o George, farmer, & Jane KERR

ELLIOTT, Frederick William, 14 July, Brampton, s/o M.M., merchant, & Elizabeth CRAIG

ELLIS, Matthew, 14 April, Chinguacousy, s/o George, farmer lot 25 con 1W, & Mary DODGSON

ELWAT, George, 11 Nov, Toronto Gore, s/o William, farmer, & Elizabeth BANKS

EMMERSON, no name, 11 Sept 69, Toronto twp., d/o Joseph, farmer, & Catherine IRWIN

ERSKINE, Isaac, 27 March, Caledon, s/o John, farmer, & Isabella SCOTT

EVANS, Mary Jane, 3 Jan (CA), d/o Richard John, merchant, & Jane CRAVEN

FERGUSON, Robert, 21 Dec 69, s/o William & Elizabeth FOSTER

FENWICK, Margaret, 31 Aug., Toronto Gore, d/o Francis, farmer, & Margaret PEACOCK

FEWSON, "abortion", 13 Aug, Brampton, s/o David & not given, with note: "premature birth"

FINES, David, 28 Feb, Toronto Gore, s/o William, farmer, & Myrane WETHERSPOON

FLEMING, William Andrew, 21 Sept, Chinguacousy, s/o Wilson, farmer lot 15 on 6E, & Sarah STRONG

FLETCHER, James Hebron, 13 Jan, Chinguacousy, s/o Edward, farmer lot 2 con 1W, & Margaret THOMPSON

FOLLIS, Annette (Nellie) Elmira, 19 Aug, d/o Benjamin, farmer, & Ann BACON

FORD, Emma, 26 March, Albion, d/o John William, miller, & Esther Joan DOWDLE

FOSTER, Mary Catherine, 2 Sep., d/o Thomas & Catherine

FOSTER, Frederick George, 4 Jan, Toronto twp., s/o William George, farmer, & Z.M.M. HAWKINS

FOSTER, William James, 10 July, Caledon, s/o William, farmer, & Ann HAGGISON

FOSTER, Mary Jane, 19 Sep, d/o William, carriage maker, & Aurelia A. OLIPHANT

FRENCH, Herbert, 9 July, Chinguacousy, illegitimate s/o Barbara Ellen - informant on this birth was a John French of lot 22 con 1W, Chinguacousy

GADWOOD, Adolphe, 31 March, s/o Joseph, miller, & Harmenie PIPPEN

GIBSON, Alexander, 24 Oct., s/o John Henry, farmer, & Margaret CRENDLETWILL

GIBSON, Sarah Catherine, 28 July 69, Caledon, d/o William, farmer, & Catherine STEVENSON

GIFFEN, Andrew, 28 March, Chinguacousy, s/o Robert, farmer lot 19 con 3E, & Elizabeth SPEIRS

GILL, George, 30 Mar, Streetsville, s/o Thomas, stage driver, & Sarah TURPIL

GILMORE, John, 5 April, Albion, s/o John, farmer, & Catherine HORAN

GLEN, David, 1 May, Brampton, s/o James, yeoman & Ann ADAMS

GOLDEN, Albert, 3 Nov 69, Toronto twp., s/o Johnston & not given

GOODWIN, no name, 2 May, s/o Thomas, laborer, & Bridget DURKIN

GOWLAND, James, 23 Jan, Toronto Gore, s/o Mary GOWLAND (illegitimate)

GRADY, Michael, 9 June, Albion, s/o Paul, farmer, & Ann DOLAN

GRAHAM, David, 19 Aug, Chinguacousy, s/o John, carpenter lot 33 con 3W, & Rebecca FREELAND

GRAHAM, Laura Isabella, 30 April, Chinguacousy, d/o Hugh, farmer lot 2 con 3E, & Elizabeth BALDWIN

GRAHAM, Frederick Robert William, 17 July, s/o James, farmer, & Margaret Jane FARLEY

GRAHAM, Myra Minnetta, 28 June, Chinguacousy, d/o Thomas Henry, farmer lot 2 con 3E, & Sarah Jane BALDWIN

GRAHAM, Mary, 4 Sep, Brampton, d/o George, esquire, & Mary McFADDEN

GRASPY, John Edward, 21 Feb, Toronto Gore, s/o John, farmer, & Hannah DAVIS

GRAY, William, 11 Aug 1870, Brampton, s/o Samuel, cooper & carpenter, & Rebecca Jane CAMPBELL

GREEN, Walter, 11 Mar., Brampton, s/o George, barrister at law, & Sarah Ann THISTLE

GREENSWORD, Mary Melinda, 16 May, Chinguacousy, d/o Edward L., farmer, lot 9 con 6W, & Isabella ORR

GRENIONS, William Gaylord, 31 July, Toronto twp., s/o Gaylord, farmer, & Catherine Jane KENNEY

GRIFFEN, John Ritchie, 29 Aug, Chinguacousy, s/o John, farmer lot 17 con 5E, & Louisa ROSSITER

GRIFFEN, Esther, 19 June, Albion, d/o William, weaver, & Elizabeth BROWN

GROAT, Mary Ellen, 6 Jan, d/o John, farmer, & Mary Jane HALL

HAGAN, Charles, 9 Oct, Albion, William & Antonia GISBART

HAGGARD, Edward Thomas, 10 Dec, Chinguacousy, s/o Thomas Crosier, farmer lot 24 con 2E, & Flora CRAIG

HAINES, Ella Amelia, 9 Nov, Cheltenham, d/o Ebenezer, carpenter, & Catherine CARRICK

HAINES, Elvie Augusta, 9 Nov, Cheltenham, d/o Ebenezer, carpenter, & Catherine CARRICK

HALL, Matilda Ann, 17 June, Chinguacousy, d/o Joseph, laborer, & Eliza OSBORNE

HALL, Jacob Wisner Snure, 29 Jan, Toronto twp., s/o Levi S., farmer, & Matilda E. SNURE

HAMILTON, George Albert, 16 Aug, Toronto twp., s/o Jane HAMILTON (illegitimate)

HARMAN, Austin Jesse, 1870, Toronto twp., s/o Amos, laborer, & Sophia Jane CURRY

HARRIS, Ella Edith, 25 Nov, Streetsville, d/o Thomas, clerk, & Arabella Elizabeth RUTLEDGE

HARRIS, John Alexander, 9 Mar, CM, s/o Stephen T., lawyer or sawyer, & Elizabeth ROBINSON

HARRIS, Elen Elizabeth, 9 March, CM, d/o Stephen T., lawyer or sawyer, & Elizabeth ROBINSON

HARRISON, Alice, 11 Sept, Toronto Gore, d/o Matthew, farmer, & Winnifred BULGER

HARRISON, Bertha Florence Rebecca, 7 Aug, Albion, d/o William, farmer, & Elizabeth ABBOTT

HARRISON, Ella, 22 Sep., Caledon, d/o William, farmer, & Ann McLEAN

HARRISON, Minnie, 21 Jan, Caledon, d/o Thomas, f & Jane DANBY

HARRISON, James Ward, 20 March, Alton, s/o Francis, farmer, & Elizabeth McLEAN

HART, Sarah Jane Elizabeth, 22 Jan, Albion, d/o John, farmer, & Mary Ann FARLEY

HARTLEY, Thomas Peter, 5 July, Chinguacousy, s/o Robert Alexander, farmer lot 15 con 2W & Ann Janet YOUNG

HASSARD, Margaret, 11 Aug, Bolton, d/o William & Mary Ann LAMMY

HAWKINS, Matilda, 9 Sep, Streetsville, d/o George Ethelred, laborer, & Charlotte Minerva BATTICE

HAYES, Honora, 24 June, d/o James, farmer, & Honora HORAN

HEGGIE, Robert John, 18 May, Brampton, s/o D., doctor, & Mary CARTER

HENDRICK, Annie, 19 Oct, Toronto twp., d/o Nicholas, music teacher, & Sarah McGLAUGHLIN

HERON, Frederick, 25 Sep, Toronto Gore, s/o William, brick layer, & Margaret EARLES (corrected Jan 2001)

HERRING, Maggie Pauline, 24 July, Caledon, d/o Noah, teacher & Margaret McCURDY

HESSEY, Hannah Rachel Frances, 7 July, Alton, d/o John, farmer, & Mary Ann Agnes Frances BOWNFIELD

HILLOCK, Alfred Franklin, 3 Oct, Chinguacousy, s/o Edward, farmer, lot 6 con 4E, & Mary Ann NEWLOVE

HOARE, John William, 21 Mar, Malton, s/o William & Jane DYER

HOCKLEY, Thomas, 26 July, Albion, s/o Thomas, farmer, & Catherine SPENCE

HOPKINS, Isabella Margaret, 30 Mar, Cooksville, d/o Thomas, innkeeper, & Emily RICHARDSON

HORAN, William Joseph, 28 May, s/o William, farmer, & Mary FOWLER

HOSSIE, William And, 19 Feb., Brampton, s/o Walter Nicholl, deputy sheriff & Sarah Gordon McWHINNEY

HOUSE, Wilomene Elizabeth Isabella, 27 May, Chinguacousy, d/o Frederick James, farmer, lot 21 con 1W, & Margaret SIMPSON

HOWARD, Emily Grace, 14 May, Streetsville, d/o Henry Heber , carriage maker, & Carol Priscilla COPELAND

HOWARD, Martha Jane, 22 Nov., Brampton, d/o Thomas John, painter, & Martha Ann MARTIN

HOWELL, Mary Elizabeth, 5 Nov., Toronto twp., d/o Gronow, farmer, & Elizabeth GINSLEY

HUGHES, Florence, 6 June, Chinguacousy, d/o James, farm laborer lot 9 con 5E, & Jane WHITE

HUGILL, Mary Jane, 4 July, Toronto Gore, d/o Daniel, farmer, & Isabella SANDERSON

HUMPHREYS, Edwin, 8 Feb., Edmonton, s/o Edwin, cabinet maker & Mariah DAY

HULL, Emma Kezia, 3 Jan, Albion, d/o Thomas, farmer, & Esther CRAWFORD

HULL, Hiram, 17 Aug, Albion, s/o William, farmer, & Susannah CRAWFORD

HUMPHREYS, Alfred Cole, 20 April, Chinguacousy, s/o David, farmer, & Margaret GRAHAM

HUNTER, Ann Hellena, 19 Apr, Chinguacousy, d/o Josiah, farmer lot 10 con 2E, & Sarah LUNDY

HUNTER, Moses, 10 April, Brampton, s/o Robert, hotel keeper, & Mary MOM?

HURD, Thomas, 4 March, Chinguacousy, s/o William, farmer, & Sarah HUXTABLE

HUTCHINSON, Louisa Ann, 27 Apr, Toronto Gore, d/o Walter, farmer, & Mary COOK

HUTCHINSON, Robert James, 13 Nov, Albion, s/o George, farmer, & Sarah SHIELDS

IRWIN, Eva Louisa, 25 Sept, Streetsville, d/o Robert, potter & Sarah COLLINS

JAMIESON, Mary Elizabeth, 18 March, Albion, d/o Thomas, carpenter, & Elizabeth WRAY

JACKSON, Janet Mary Secilia Louisa, 20 Aug, Toronto Gore, d/o Thomas, farmer, & Janet Mary McVEAN

JACKSON, Harriet Faithful, 16 Aug, Chinguacousy, d/o John, farm laborer, & Elizabeth RICE

JACKSON, George Langton, 23 Nov., Brampton, s/o George, shoemaker, & Eliza DAY

JANSON, Martha Levina, 26 Dec 69, Chinguacousy, d/o Thomas, farmer lot 30 con 6E, & Mary ALLEN

JOHNS, Sarah George, 5 Oct 69, Mayfield, d/o Frederick, shoemaker, & Elizabeth MODELAND

JOHNSTON, Maggie, 1 Dec, Caledon, d/o James, wagon maker & Mary Ann CRAWFORD

JOHNSTONE, William Henry, 21 Mar, Toronto twp., s/o James, engineer, & Janet STRATHERS

JONES, Alice Selina, 14 June, Brampton, d/o George, barber, & Louisa DRINKWATER

JONES, Rufus, 5 Oct., Albion, s/o David, farmer, & Nancy COVEY

JUDGE, Harriet Lavinia, 17 Feb, Albion, d/o William, farmer, & Elizabeth SMITH

JULIAN, Joseph, 18 Feb, Toronto Gore, s/o George, farmer, & Ann DENTON

KENNEDY, Samuel John, 27 Jan, s/o John, teacher, & Lavinia SQUIERS

KENNEDY, George, 25 March, Chinguacousy, s/o George, laborer lot 5 con 3W, & Margaret KEYS

KENNEDY, Sarah Elizabeth, 6 Aug., Bolton, d/o Gilland, currier & Anna Susanna BOLTON

KENNEY, Noble Samuel Joseph, 22 Nov, Streetsville, s/o Joseph Franklin, blacksmith & Lucy M. CONVILLE

KEYS, Margaret Ann, 30 May, Chinguacousy, d/o James, farmer lot 29 con 5W, & Mary Ann FOX

KEYWORTH, Susan, 18 Oct, Chinguacousy, d/o William, farmer lot 21 con 5W, & Eliza MURPHY

KIDD, Thomas, 5 Mar, Brampton, s/o George, machinist, & Matilda Jane McGEE

KING, Victoria Louisa Ann, 14 Feb, d/o Charles, farmer, & Sarah HOLMES

KITE, Franklin Webster, 17 April, Toronto twp., s/o William, farmer, & Ann WALKER

LAIDLAW, Thomas, 9 Sep, Chinguacousy, s/o John, farmer lot 18 con 3E, & Ann LARGE

LAMPHIER, Maude Amelia, 16 Apr, Toronto Gore, d/o Peter, merchant, & Bridget O'REILLY

LAMPHIER, Jerusha Jane, 3 Oct., Toronto twp., d/o Joseph, farmer, & Jane DOUGHERTY

LAWRENCE, John Samuel, 23 May, s/o John, laborer & Mary Elizabeth WILSON

LEARMENT, Mary Agnes, 9 May, Chinguacousy, d/o John, farmer lot 12 con 1W, & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG

LEARY, Florence Ellen Winnifred, 7 June Toronto twp., d/o John, farmer, & Mary WATSON

LEE, Samuel, 17 Sep, Streetsville, s/o Mary LEE (illegitimate)

LEMON, Laura Augusta, 3 Nov., d/o Justice, farmer, & Margaret

LINDSEY, John Ernest, 11 Feb, Albion, s/o John, farmer, & Sarah JULL

LITTLE, Martha Victoria, 16 Oct., Chinguacousy, d/o Irwin, farmer lot 22 con 6E, & Margaret IRWIN

LITTLE, Fannie Thursey, 24 Sep, Caledon, d/o John, farmer, & Lucinda DOWLIN

LONG, George Albert, 2 Oct., Caledon, s/o William, farmer, & Mary LONGSTREET

LONG, Mary Matilda, 2 Oct., Caledon, d/o William, farmer, & Mary LONGSTREET

LOVE, George Porter, 9 July, Toronto twp., s/o George, farmer, & Isabella PORTER

LOW, Janet Isabella, 3 June, Chinguacousy, d/o William, farmer lot 20 con 1E, & Janet Henderson MARSHALL

LUNDY, Sarah Josephine, 29 Apr, Chinguacousy, d/o Joseph, farmer lot 10 con 3E, & Sarah THOMPSON

LUNDY, Jane Ann Augusta, 7 Aug, Chinguacousy, d/o Joseph, farmer lot 10 con 3W, & Elizabeth ARTHURS

LUNDY, Bernice Victoria, 18 March, Chinguacousy, d/o Francis J., farmer, lot 3 con 1E, & Caroline MORTON

LUTTON, William Preston, 26 July, Toronto twp., s/o William, brick maker & Eliza MASON

LYONS, Thomas, 23 June, Chinguacousy, s/o James, farmer lot 26 con 5W, & Sarah Ann McCULLOCH

LYONS, Thomas, 15 April, Chinguacousy, s/o James, farmer, & Eliza

MAGHER, Bridget Josephine, 24 Feb, Chinguacousy, d/o John, farmer lot 20 con 5E, & Catherine

MAIN, William Thistle, 4 Nov, Brampton, s/o James, gentleman & Emeline WOLF

MALCOLM, Hellan Ann, 24 Oct., Toronto Gore, d/o John, farmer, & Mary Ann EYLES

MARRA, Minnie, 30 June, Caledon, d/o Edward, book keeper TG&B. RR, & Mary LUKES

MARSHALL, John, 3 Oct, Chinguacousy, s/o John, farmer lot 14 con 4W, & Margaret McMURCHIE

MARSHALL, Frederick James Scott, 9 Oct, Chinguacousy, s/o William J., farmer, & Hannah SHIELDS

MARSHALL, Oliver Allinson, 27 Aug, Chinguacousy, s/o John, teacher lot 33 con 3W, & Catherine LASBY

MARTIN, Fanny, 16 May, Brampton, d/o Arthur, yeoman & Sarah Ann JOHNSTON

MARTIN, Hannah, 29 Oct, Chinguacousy, d/o William, farmer lot 10 con 2W, & Elizabeth BRAIDNER

MARTIN, Annie, 16 Nov., Toronto twp., d/o James, laborer, & Elizabeth WORTH

MASON, Charles Henry, 25 April, Caledon, s/o John, farmer, lot 20, con 2, & Lucy BOND

MATTHEWS, Herbert, 25 Aug, s/o Joseph, farmer, & Eliza Jane BURNS

MATHEWS, Charles Edwin William Orin, 1870, Toronto twp., s/o Aaron, watch maker & Caroline CRABTREE

McBRIDE, died aged 24 hours, 29 June, Chinguacousy, s/o James, farmer lot 30 con 2W, & Elizabeth NOBLE

McBRIDE, Allen, 22 Oct., Brampton, s/o Archy, store keeper, & Margaret Almira AIKEN

McBRIDE, Daniel James, 14 July, Caledon, s/o Samuel, farmer, & Margaret DODDS

McCALLUM, Walter Overend Proctor, 9 April, Albion, s/o Noble, farmer, & Margaret Carr PROCTOR

McCANN, Maria, 25 Sep, d/o James, farmer, & Jane REDDICK

McCAULEY, William Wellington, 1 July, Albion, s/o Andrew, carpenter, & Hannah DOWNEY

McCLELLAN, Francis Lewis, 4 March, Alton, s/o William Johnston, farmer, & Atta FORBES

McCLELLAN, Martha Beatrice, 15 Jan, Chinguacousy, d/o Archibald, farmer lot 3 con 1W, & Margaret PATTERSON

McCLELLAND, Margaret, 29 Oct., Brampton, d/o William, shoemaker, & Sarah Ann GARDNER

McCLURE, Annie Louisa, 15 April, Chinguacousy, d/o Robert, farmer lot 4 con 3W, & Ann OLIVER

McCULLA, William, date crossed out, s/o William Armstrong, builder, & Eliza McBRIDE

McDONALD, Elizabeth Jane, 6 Jan, Toronto Gore, d/o Allan, farmer, & Ann LAIDLAW

McDONALD, Allan Howard, 14 Jan., Chinguacousy, s/o Benjamin, farmer, lot 12, con 6, & Dorothy CAMPBELL

McDONALD, Rachel, 11 Feb., d/o David, farmer, & Matilda BEATTY

McDONALD, John William, 7 April, Caledon, s/o William, blacksmith, & Agnes MARTIN

McDOUGALL, Ann, 3 Nov, Chinguacousy, d/o Duncan, farmer lot 29 con 1E, & Flora McCONNEL

McEACHERN, Peter, 30 Sep 69, s/o Donald, farmer, & Flora

McEACHERN, Donald, 30 Sep 69, s/o Donald, farmer, & Flora

McFAUL, Mary Annie Benson, 26 Oct., d/o Alex, Presbyterian Minister, & Elizabeth Jane SNELL

McGIBBON, no name, 7 Nov., d/o Dougall, farmer, & Sarah ELLIS

McGILL, Margaret Isabel, 22 Sept., Toronto twp., d/o James, farmer, & Eliza C. EVANS

McGINNES, Margaret, 9 Nov, Toronto Gore, d/o Lawrence, shoemaker & Helen HIGGINS

McGREGOR, John, 28 June, Alton, s/o Archibald, farmer, & Mary FISHER

McKAY, Adelaide Victoria, 1870, Toronto twp., d/o Hugh, teacher, & Margaret BRIDGES

McKEAIG, Margaret Ellen, 14 Mar, Streetsville, d/o George John, blacksmith & Mary CASTOR

McKECHNIE, Mary Isabella, 19 Aug., Brampton, d/o Archibald, carpenter, & Margaret Ann CAMPBELL

McKEE, Joseph Andrew, 6 March, Chinguacousy, s/o Alexander, farmer lot 26 con 6E, & Susanna HERRON

McKENNA, Catherine, 18 Feb., Chinguacousy, d/o William, farmer, lot 4 con 2, & Margaret

McKILLOP, Anny Maria, 20 July, Brampton, d/o Robert, moulder, & Ann Jane BANFORD

McKINNEY, Florence Jane, 30 May, Chinguacousy, d/o Daniel, farmer lot 13 con 2W, & Jane ANTHONY

McKINNON, Alexander, 13 Sep, Chinguacousy, s/o Lachlin, miller & Ellen WHITE

McLAREN, Agnes Lucinda, 26 Nov 69, Caledon, d/o John, farmer, & Jane FOSTER

McLAUGHLIN, Thomas, 29 April, Chinguacousy, s/o James, farmer lot 15 con 5E, & Catherine SHAW

McMARSHALL, Margaret, 7 July, Chinguacousy, d/o Robert, farmer lot 24 con 1E, & Martha Jane COPELAND

McMICKINY, Joseph Albert, 28 July 69, Chinguacousy, s/o Benjamin, farmer lot 11 con 2W, & Clarissa Maria CARPENTER

McMONIES?, Frederick John, 29 April, Chinguacousy, s/o John, farmer lot 13 con 2E, & Mary Jane ROSSITER

McNEVIN, Alexander, 24 July, Albion, s/o John, farmer, & Elizabeth WANDBY

McNICHOL, Joseph Campbell, 13 Feb., Caledon, s/o Samuel, farmer, & Mary Isabella CAMPBELL

McQUARRIE, Donald, 21 April, Caledon, s/o James, farmer, & Flora LAMONT

McQUARRIE, no name, 17 June, Caledon, d/o John, merchant & Elen McCLELLAN

MENARY, Margaret Ann Jackson, 13 March, Caledon, d/o William, farmer, & Anna HAMMOND

MODELAND, George William Wilson, 14 June, Chinguacousy, s/o Joshua, farmer lot 14 con 3E, & Elizabeth WILSON

MOFFATT, John Henry, 7 May, Albion, s/o John, farmer, & Dorothea HUTCHINSON

MOFFATT, William Irwin, 6 Jan, Caledon, s/o William, farmer, & Mary IRWIN

MONTGOMERY, George Henry, 20 March, Chinguacousy, s/o Henry, brick layer lot 34 con 6E, & Isabella WHITE

MORRIS, Martha Theresa, 7 Sept, d/o Edward, farmer, & Sarah LAMB

MORRISON, Hugh, 10 Mar, Toronto Gore, s/o Hugh, farmer, & Jane CRAIG

MORRISON, Mary Ann, 29 Sep, Chinguacousy, d/o John, farmer lot 33 con 6W, & Hannah Jane JEWETT

MORRISON, Thomas Henry, 18 May, Alton, s/o Robert, farmer, & Ann Jane SHAW

MORTON, no name, 4 Jan, Brampton, d/o Thomas, agent, & not given

MORTON, Maria Matilda, 11 Jan., Brampton, d/o F. & Dina CANDALL

MULLEN, no name, 19 June, Brampton, s/o John Turner, doctor, & Mary Ann LAMB

MULLEN, Aurilla, 20 Jan, d/o Henry, farmer, & Martha KICKLEY

MULLEN, John Joseph, 4 June, Albion, s/o Martin, farmer, & Bridget HORAN

MULNER, stillborn, 18 Apr, Brampton, Thomas, clerk, & Jane HODGINS

NELSON, Robert Alexander, 29 June, Chinguacousy, s/o William, farmer, & Agnes McFARLANE

NELSON, Robert Henry, 21 July, Brampton, s/o James, saddler, & Mary Ann PHILLIPS

NELSON, William Thomas, 24 March, Caledon, s/o Allan, farmer, & Sarah CURRY

NESBIT, Arthur, 12 Sep, Brampton, s/o Arthur, merchant, & Eliza CHILLAR

NEWLOVE, John Allen, 7 Aug., Albion, s/o John, farmer, & Elizabeth WANDBY

NEWLOVE, John Allen, 7 Aug, Albion, s/o John, farmer, & Mary Jane ALLEN

NICHOLS, George Francis, 10 Oct, Toronto Gore, s/o Francis, butcher, & Martha Jane GOWLAND

NIXON, Scott, 19Oct, Chinguacousy, s/o Robert, farmer lot 10 con 3E, & Elizabeth FLAY

NIXON, Robert Andrew, 5 March, Chinguacousy, s/o James, farmer lot 3 con 6E & Jane MOORE

NOBLE, Helena, 18 Sept., Caledon, d/o William, teacher & Fanny BATES

NORVAL, Martha Jane, 5 April, Albion, d/o Edward, farmer, & Mary Ann POOL

O'LARY, Bridget Ann, 25 Sep, Toronto Gore, d/o Michael, blacksmith, & Susannah CALAHAN

ORR, Edward Joseph, 12 Aug, SAANDHILL, s/o John, merchant, & Mariane Bracken TOWNROW

OSBURN, Jemima, 9 Oct, Brampton, s/o Henry, butcher & Madora D. WIGGINS

O'SHAUGNESSY, Augustus Embrose, 4 Jan, Toronto twp., s/o Thomas, farmer, & Mary Josephine FURLONG

OSTRANDER, Albert Wesley, 11 Nov, Chinguacousy, s/o William, farmer lot 7 con 4W, & Ann BLACK

OSTRANDER, Sarah Matilda, 10 Nov., Caledon, d/o Abraham, farmer, & Maria HUGHSON

PAGE, Martha Amelia, 8 Feb, Caledon, d/o Richard, farmer, & Margaret MORRIS

PALEN, Harriet Mary Victoria, 16 April, d/o William, carpenter, & Mary Ann Catherine BAIRD

PARKER, Arthur Evans, 4 March, Sandhill, s/o George, innkeeper, & Jane HOGG

PARKER, Edwin Allen, 11 Oct., Brampton, s/o William, tinsmith & Sarah Jane GRIMSHAW

PATTERSON, Samuel John, 24 March, Caledon, s/o Robert, farmer, & Isabella HARRIS

PAYNE, Thomas Martin, 28 April, Toronto twp., s/o James, farmer, & Ellen O'BRIAN

PAYNE, Eliza, 27 July, d/o Thomas Edward, yeoman & Eliza HUFFORD

PENDLETON, stillborn, 3 May, d/o Richard, yeoman & Ann BROWNLOW

PENDLETON, Eliza Ann, 25 Dec., A, d/o Thomas, farmer, & Sarah HAINSWORTH

PETTIGREW, Ann Kirkwood, 4 Jan, Chinguacousy, d/o Henry, farmer, & Margaret DOUGLAS

PHILIPS, William John, 28 Feb., Caledon, s/o John, farmer, & Elizabeth DODDS

PINKNEY, John, 5 June, Caledon, s/o John, farmer, & Jane Tyler SMITH

PLUMMER, William Robert, 27 March, Chinguacousy, s/o James McCool, farmer, lot 13 con 3E, & Aurilla Jane HELMKE

PLUMMER, Ann, 28 Feb., d/o Robert, farmer, & Janet McKECHNIE

PORTER, Arthur Paxton, 2 Apr, Toronto Gore, s/o William, farmer, & Mary PAXTON

POTTER, Silas Brown, 21 June, Alton, s/o Paul Brown & Hannah Elizabeth

PRICE, Albert Wesley, 25 Oct., Toronto twp., s/o Samuel H., farmer, & Isabella COULTER

PULFOUR, Eliza Maria, 11 Jan, Chinguacousy, d/o John, farmer lot 8 con 2W, & Eliza BURROWS

QUESNAL (Quinnal?), George Oscar, 27 March, Chinguacousy, s/o James, sawyer lot 5 con 5W, & Louisa MINE

QUINN, Mary Isabella, 6 June, Toronto Gore, d/o John, carpenter, & Jane O'HARA

RAYBURN, Eliza Maria, 15 April, d/o Joseph, farmer, & Maria HILL

REID, Elizabeth, 29 June, Brampton, d/o John, farmer, & Ann ELKIN

REYNOLDS, George Edward, 20Apr, Chinguacousy, s/o Henry, laborer lot 21 con 3E, & Phebe LIGHTFOOT

RICE, Sarah Ann, 26 May, Caledon, d/o George, boot & shoemaker, & Sarah MORRISON

RIDDALL, Constance Ada, June, Alton, d/o John Knight & Margaret GRIFFITH

ROBINSON, Alice Victoria, 4 May, Chinguacousy, d/o Charles, MD, & Helen STANDING

ROBINSON, George Andrew, 14 Oct, Toronto Gore, s/o George, farmer, & Eliza HUNTER

ROBINSON, still born, 30 Sep, Brampton, d/o John, saddler, & Mary McDOUGALL

ROSSITER, William Webber, 2 July, Chinguacousy, s/o Walter, farmer lot 4 con 2E, & Julia Ann STARRAT

RUSSELL, William, 1 Aug, s/o Hugh C., farmer, & Lecilia BELL

RUSTAN, James, 10 Oct., Albion, s/o George, farmer, & Frances Charity ELLIS

RUTHERFORD, Margaret Rebecca, 24 Oct., A, d/o William James, farmer, & Mary HAMILTON

RUTLEDGE, Jane Barbara Melissa, 21 June, Toronto twp., d/o Edward, farmer, & Mary Ann BEATTY

RUTLEDGE. Elizabeth Jane, 8 Jan, Albion, d/o Robert, farmer, & Ella ELLIOTT

SANDERSON, Albert Edgar, 19 Oct., Toronto Gore, s/o George, pedlar, & Elizabeth

SANDERSON, Ida Victoria, 8 Oct., Caledon, d/o Thomas, merchant, & Margaret NIXON

SAVAGE, Minnie Jane, 28 Sep, Brampton, d/o John, finisher, & Catherine CAMPBELL

SCHILLER, John, 22 Feb., Toronto twp., s/o John, hotel keeper & Mary Jane SHAW

SCOTT, Abraham, 30 Sept, Chinguacousy, s/o Francis, farmer lot 8 con 5W, & Lydia WHETHAM

SCOTT, Alfred Edwin, 1870, Dixie, s/o Joseph, farmer, & Martha CUNNINGHAM

SCOTT, William Luther, 8 Jan, Caledon, s/o William F. & Elizabeth RAYBURN

SCOTT, William John Foster, 16 Nov., s/o George M, farmer, & Maria WAIT

SCOTT, John?, 23 Nov, Brampton (reg. says female), A.F., County judge, & Anna Sophia FARLEY

SCOTT, Mary Ann, 27 Sept, Chinguacousy, d/o Jacob, farm laborer lot 14 con 6W, & Martha Jane YOUNG

SHARP, William Robert, 29 June, Chinguacousy, s/o Thomas, farmer lot 8 con 2W, & Mary Elizabeth HAGGARD

SHARP, Eliza Harriet, 21 May, Chinguacousy, d/o John, laborer lot 23 con 4W, & Eliza HAMILTON

SHAVER, George, 1870, Toronto twp., s/o Francis W., farmer, & Emily J. WARD

SHIELDS, Minnie, 9 Aug, Albion, d/o Robert Esq., J.P., & Ann Jane THOMPSON

SHIELDS, Jane, 28 March, Chinguacousy, d/o Thomas, farmer lot 17 con 1W, & Rebecca GRAHAM

SHIELDS, Matthew James, 1 April, Chinguacousy, s/o Alexander, farmer lot 31 con 5E, & Eleanor

SHIELDS, Precilla, 8 April, Caledon, d/o William, farmer, & Mary Ann GRAHAM

SHINAMAN, Wellington William, 11 June, Chinguacousy, s/o William, farm laborer, & Ann HENRY

SHIPLEY, William Thompson, 30 Sep, Brampton, s/o Martin, saddler, & Sarah Jane THOMPSON

SHUTTLEWORTH, Edwin, 18 Apr, Toronto Gore, s/o Thomas, blacksmith, & Mary TRAIN

SMITH, Edgerton Lawrence, 4 Nov., Mount Hurst, s/o William Edgerton, teacher, & Anna LAWRENCE

SMITH, John, 17 Jan, s/o John, yeoman, & Elizabeth SNYDER

SMITH, Andrew Fraser, 7 July, Chinguacousy, s/o Finlay, farmer lot 16 con 2W, & Mary Jane FULLER

SMITH, Arthur Herbert, 3 Aug., s/o Charles, militia officer, & Mary Ann ERSKINE

SMITH, Alfred Frederick, 25 Sep, s/o Alfred, merchant & Camilla REDDICK

SMYTH, Esther Harriet, 20 Mar, Toronto Gore, d/o George, farmer, & Elizabeth HARRISON

SNELL, John Ferguson, 14 Oct, Chinguacousy, s/o John C., farmer lot 14 con 1E, & Jane FERGUSON

SPENCE, George Adam, 14 May, Chinguacousy, s/o James, mason lot 11 con 1W & Sarah Jane ADAMS

SPENCE, John James, 2 Nov., Albion, s/o Simon & Mary Ann BROWN

STEPHENS, George Oscar Willis, 13 Oct., Toronto twp., s/o William H., farmer, & Mary Elizabeth SIBBALD

STERNE, Ann Jane, 7 Oct., Albion, d/o Plummer & Maria BOLTON

STEVENS, Francis William, 15 Oct, s/o Styles, moulder, & Bridget MURPHY

STEWART, James Alexander, 5 Oct., Brampton, s/o James, shoemaker & Annie

STEWART, James Alexander, 30 Nov., Brampton, s/o James, shoemaker & Annie

STEWART, John, 29 Mar, Cooksville, s/o John, laborer, & Mary Jane CHAMBERS

STEWART, James, 3 Jan, Albion, s/o James, farmer, & Mary LEGGITT

STOREY, George Robert, 19 Aug 69, Chinguacousys, s/o Robert B., farm laborer, & Mary HARDING

STOREY, Harriet Eleanor, 29 Oct, Chinguacousy, d/o Robert B., farm laborer lot 12 con 2W, & Mary HARDING

STRATTON, Emily Louisa, 24 June, Toronto twp., d/o Henry, gardener, & Deborah SWILDS

STUBBS, Samuel John, 7 Dec., Caledon, s/o Samuel, farmer, & Sarah MORRISON

SUGGETT, Sarah, 26 March, Chinguacousy, d/o James, farmer, & Susannah HODGSON

SUGGET, no name, 24 Dec., Brampton, s/o William, yeoman & Jennet SINCLAIR

SULLIVAN, Mary, 7 Dec., d/o John, farmer, & Caroline INGOLDSBY

SULLIVAN, Mary Ann, 3 Nov 69, Albion, d/o Cornelius, farmer, & Elizabeth HANOVARE

SWEENEY, John, 28 Nov., Toronto twp., s/o Michael, laborer, & Margaret TECHAN

SWENNEY, John, 28 Sep, Caledon, s/o Charles, farmer, & Margaret TIGH

TAYLOR, Harriet Maria, 26 July, d/o George, carpenter, & Harriet BURROWS

TAYLOR, William James Emerson, 18 Feb., s/o David, glove maker, & Mary Jane CLARRIDGE

TAYLOR, Matthew, 30 Sep, Brampton, s/o Matthew, trackman, & Rachel CUNNINGHAM

TAYLOR, Thomas Eli, 14 Aug, Chinguacousy, s/o William, farmer lot 8 con 4E, & Harriet Jane PLUMMER

THOMPSON, George, 10 Oct., Chinguacousy, s/o George P., farm laborer, & Catherine COVENTRY

THOMPSON, James, 10 Oct., Chinguacousy, s/o George P., farm laborer, & Catherine COVENTRY

THOMPSON, Margaret Jane, 17 May, Chinguacousy, d/o John, wagon maker lot 17 con 6E, & Mary HOGG

THOMPSON, Francis, 12 Jan, Chinguacousy, s/o William, farmer, lot 4 con 2W, & Mary Jane McQUOID

THOMPSON, James Craig, 17 May, s/o John T., yeoman & Sarah McCONNELL

TOWNROW, Thomas James, 8 Aug 69 albion, s/o Thomas Conisburgh, farmer, & Elizabeth LITTLE

TRAIL, William Allen, 11 July, Brampton, s/o James, store keeper & hardware, & Agnes GREENHILL

TRIMBLE, Eva Wright, 25 Aug, Chinguacousy, d/o Robert, farmer lot 1 con 3E, & Sophia WRIGHT

TRIMBLE, Thomas, 8 May, Streetsville, d/o John, laborer, & Margaret POTTS

TRIMBLE, Martha Jane, 14 March, Chinguacousy, d/o Alexander, farmer, lot 5, con 3, & Margaret LANGTREE

TUCKER, Adeline, 11 July, Chinguacousy, d/o Gordon, farmer, lot 12 con 1E, & Mary HUNTER

VANCE, Mary Jane, 26 Dec 69, d/o Alexander, farmer, & Elizabeth Jane MARSHALL

VANWYKE, Jemima, 12 Oct 69, Chinguacousy, d/o Thomas, farmer lot 24 con 1E, & Christena CAMPBELL

VOGAN, Michael William, 1 July, Caledon, s/o William, weaver, & Ruth CLARK

WAINS, Albert Edward, 26 April, Albion, s/o William, farmer, & Ann ROWLEY

WALKER, Elizabeth Jane, 4 Sep, Toronto Gore, d/o Robert, farmer, & Margaret LYNSDAY

WALKER, Isaac Bailey, 24 Sept, Albion, s/o Isaac, farmer, & Violet LINDSEY

WALLACE, Bridget Ann, 1 Nov, Albion, d/o Henry, carpenter, & Mary Jane DELANEY

WALLACE, Ellen, 25 Feb, Albion, d/o Laughlin Joseph, carpenter, & Harriet Ellen WALLIS

WALLACE, Patrick, 12 May, Albion, s/o John, farmer, & Margaret GARRITY

WANLESS, Robert Akett?, 29 July, s/o John, twp clerk & treasurer, & Elizabeth GRAHAM

WARD, James Edward, 10 July, Albion, s/o George, farmer, & Ann WILSON

WARD, Clara Melissa, 28 Oct., Toronto Gore, d/o Thomas, farmer, & Mary Ann WOODELL

WARNES, Eastman, 15 Aug., Toronto twp., s/o John Bedford, designer & Emma EASTMAN

WARREN, Christopher, 27 Feb., Brampton, s/o William, gardener & Catherine McFADDEN

WATSON, James Herbert Sanderson, 18 Feb., Toronto twp., s/o Jesse, farmer, & Eliza J.

WATSON, Elsie Elizabeth, 27 Dec 69, d/o Egerton G., farmer, & Sarah Elizabeth AGAR

WATSON, Agnes, 25 Feb, Toronto Gore, d/o Walter, farmer, & Isabella BRYSON

WATSON, David Alexander, 27 May, Caledon, s/o David, farmer, & Ann CRAIG

WATSON, George William, 6 May, Chinguacousy, s/o George, farmer lot 20 con 3W, & Ruth CHEYNE

WATSON, James Wesley Bamford, 1 May, Caledon, s/o James, farmer, & Margaret Jane WIGGINS

WEATHERSPOON, Myron, 25 June, Toronto Gore, s/o William, farmer, & Elizabeth DICK

WELLS, Mary Maud, 6 April (SA), d/o William W., merchant, & Catherine STEWART

WESTERVELT, Mary Alice, 20 March, Chinguacousy, d/o Samuel Ball, teacher, & Alice LEARMENT

WESTERVELT, no name, 20 March, d/o Samuel & not given (registered twice?)

WHITEHEAD, Ellen Daley, 2 Feb, Brampton, d/o Thomas & Mary GARDNER - Thomas had a child, Herbert C. who was a merchant in Brampton & who was the informant on this birth reg.

WHITMELL, Joseph Henry, 8 March, Caledon, s/o Thomas, farmer, & Ann SHORE

WIGGANS, David, 10 Dec., Caledon, s/o David, farmer, & Mary McGILL

WIGGINS, Sarnia, 3 Oct., Toronto twp., d/o David, farmer, & Elizabeth WATSON

WILKINSON, Margaret Elizabeth, 8 Mar, Toronto Gore, d/o George, farmer, & Elizabeth WOODHILL

WILKINSON, Harriet Elisa, 3 Feb., d/o Robert, farmer, & Mary Agnes BURKHOLDER

WILLIAMS, Eliza Jane, 22 Apr, Chinguacousy, d/o Benajah, farmer lot 24 con 5W, & Catherine WURTS

WILLIAMS, Margaret, 10 March, d/o Thomas, laborer, & Mary WHITE

WILLIAMSON Mary Jane, 8 Aug, Albion, d/o Robert, farmer, & Mary ROBINSON

WILLOUGHBY, Wesley, 1 Sep., Caledon, s/o John, farmer, & Margaret Ann ARMSTRONG

WILSON, Anny, 18 Feb, Cooksville, d/o George R., blacksmith, & Jane BEMROSE

WILSON, Margaret Ann, 20 Apr, Chinguacousy, d/o George William, farmer lot 25 con 4E, & Elizabeth CRAIG

WILSON, John, 21 Feb., s/o Peter, laborer & Elena FENTON

WOOD, Sarah Catherine, 6 July, Toronto Gore, d/o John, farmer, & Rebecca EWINS

WORTHINGTON, Susan Caroline, 10 Sept, Streetsville, d/o James, carpenter, & Mary Ann GOODISON

WRIGHT, Anney Delors, 11 Oct., Brampton, d/o William, blacksmith, & Mary Catherine RUPERT

WRIGHTMAN, Lizzie, 26 July, Toronto twp., d/o John, farmer, & Sarah WEBB

YOUNG, John James, 2 July, Chinguacousy, s/o Robert, farmer lot 12 con 4E, & Elizabeth MOOR

YOUNG, Alice Maria, 13 Nov, Chinguacousy, d/o Frederick, farm laborer lot 1 con 5E, & Elizabeth DALTON

YOUNG, William Nelson, 6 Mar Toronto twp., s/o George, blacksmith & Lienrena? JENNINGS