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            Descendants of Henry BIRNEY

Only a few generations are shown here to protect the privacy of living individuals. All dates and places are show, if I know them. If you can add to this information, please contact me  here

Henry Birney was born in Londonderry N. Ireland. He went to the USA in 1760. This family is mostly in the IL area, but also many are in CA and many other states.

There are a few notes on some of these people at the bottom of this page
1. Henry BIRNEY (b.3 Jan 1737-Londonderry,Ireland;d.1814-Scioto,Adams County,Ohio)
   sp: Rachel SHEARS (b.1748-,Plymouth;m.1767;d.22 Jul 1805-Standing Stone,Pa.)
	2. Hannah BIRNEY (b.1769-Wysox,Bradford Co,PA)
	   sp: John MILLER (b.1760-Northampton Co,PA;m.1786;d.13 Apr 1833-Tioga Co,NY)
		3. Abraham MILLER (b.9 Apr 1787-Luzerne,PA;d.22 Apr 1867-Clark,IN)
		   sp: Louisa OWEN (b.1780-Jefferson,KY;m.24 Aug 1842)
	2. Sarah BIRNEY (b.1 Jan 1770-Wysox,Bradford Co,PA;d.25 Sep 1847-Belvedere,Boone Co,IL)
	   sp: Peter Jr LOOP Captain (b.31 Jan 1760-Claverack,NY;m.20 Apr 1790;d.18 Jan 1825-Bath,NY)
		3. John LOOP (b.9 Feb 1792-Bath,Steuben Co,NY)
		3. Peter P LOOP (b.8 Dec 1793-Bath,Steuben Co,NY;d.2 Nov 1854-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
		   sp: Elizabeth J ROSS (b.1795-NY;m.8 Feb 1820)
		3. Hannah LOOP (b.19 Jan 1796-Bath,Steuben Co,NY;d.16 Dec 1887-Belvedere,Boone Co,IL)
		   sp: John K TOWNER (b.1797-Alvoca,NY;m.1818;d.10 Nov 1861-Belvidere,IL)
			4. John L TOWNER (b.20 Aug 1820-Avoca,Steuben Co,NY;d.19 Dec 1898-Corning,Adams Co,IA)
			   sp: Keziah BROWNELL (b.1820-MA;m.1850)
			4. Elmira M TOWNER (b.1821-Avoca,Steuben Co,NY;d.17 May 1887-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
			4. Eliza J TOWNER (b.1824-Avoca,Adams Co,NY;d.9 Oct 1873-Owasso Lake,MN)
			   sp: Martin G DEAN (b.1820;m.9 Sep 1860)
			4. Hiram J TOWNER (b.1825-Avoca,Adams Co,NY;d.28 Apr 1894-Chicago,IL)
			4. Emily TOWNER (b.1827-Avoca,Adams Co,NY;d.7 Oct 1874-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
			   sp: John JACKSON (m.7 Oct 1874)
			4. Francis A TOWNER (b.1829-Avoca,Adams Co,NY)
			   sp: Eliza Jane LEACH (b.1830;m.27 Dec 1858)
			4. Sophia M TOWNER (b.1831-Avoca,Adams Co,NY;d.21 Mar 1920-Corning,IA)
			4. Charles M TOWNER (b.1833-Avoca,Adams Co,NY;d.Sep 1842-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
			4. David M TOWNER (b.1835-Avoca,Adams Co,NY;d.31 Jul 1896-Chicago,IL)
			   sp: Louisa N FAULKNER (b.1835;m.29 Jan 1857)
			4. Arthur TOWNER (b.1837-Avoca,Adams Co,NY;d.12 Sep 1888-Woodlawn Park,IA)
		3. Henry LOOP (b.11 May 1799-Bath,Steuben Co,NY;d.27 May 1877-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
		   sp: Minerva CALKINS (b.7 May 1801-Sharon,CT;m.16 Oct 1824;d.26 Sep 1894-Belvidere,IL)
			4. Julia A LOOP (b.26 Jul 1824-Bath,Stueben Co,NY;d.8 Nov 1890-Newton,MO)
			   sp: George W HYLER (b.10 Dec 1818-Stueben Co,NY;m.16 Apr 1848;d.1902-Newton,MO)
				5. Henry L HYLER (b.1851-IL)
				5. George L HYLER (b.1853-IL)
				5. Julia L HYLER (b.1861-IA)
			4. Joseph LOOP (b.1825-Bath,Stueben Co,NY)
			4. George W LOOP (b.1827-Bath,Stueben Co,NY;d.21 Jul 1854-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
			   sp: Helen J MAY (b.1833;m.11 Aug 1852;d.13 Aug 1853-Belvidere,IL)
			4. James LOOP (b.1828)
			4. Hannah LOOP (b.1829)
			4. John LOOP (b.1830-Bath,Stueben Co,NY;d.15 Jun 1880-Santa Monica,CA)
			   sp: Marian T CHAMBERLAIN (b.1832;m.7 Oct 1857)
			4. Sarah B LOOP (b.1833-Bath,Stueben Co,NY;d.3 Feb 1860-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
			   sp: William D SWAIL (b.1830;m.2 May 1858;d.1901-Belvidere,IL)
			4. Charles B LOOP (b.10 Dec 1836-Bath,Stueben Co,NY;d.5 Feb 1902-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
			   sp: Maria J PIERCE (b.11 Nov 1836-White Creek,NY;m.30 Nov 1859;d.29 May 1922-Belvidere,IL)
				5. Albert Edwin LOOP (b.19 Jan 1861-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.10 May 1936-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
				   sp: Kate LAWRENCE (b.1864-IL;m.16 Jan 1894;d.5 Nov 1947-Belvidere,IL)
				5. Bertha Eleanor LOOP (b.6 Aug 1864-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.24 Mar 1937-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
				5. Henry LOOP (b.19 Dec 1867-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.31 Aug 1868-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
				5. Kate A LOOP (b.19 Dec 1867-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.10 Apr 1905-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
				   sp: John I GREENE (b.1865;m.10 May 1900;d.1905-Belvidere,IL)
				5. James LOOP (b.10 Jun 1869-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.10 Aug 1870-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
				5. Charles Dyer LOOP (b.18 Feb 1874-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.28 Nov 1954-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
			4. Mary Caroline LOOP (b.2 Nov 1842-Belvidere,Boone Cp,IL;d.28 Dec 1887-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
			   sp: John HANNAH (b.1840;m.22 Apr 1863;d.22 May 1863-Belvidere,IL)
		3. Rachel LOOP (b.3 May 1802-Bath,Steuben Co,NY;d.5 Dec 1810-Bath,Steuben Co,NY)
		3. Zeriah LOOP (b.23 Sep 1804-Bath,Steuben Co,NY;d.22 Dec 1806-Bath,Steuben Co,NY)
		3. Murray LOOP (b.30 Jan 1807-Elmira,Chemung Co,NY;d.20 Jan 1848-Jalapa,Mexico)
		   sp: Mary Ann ARNOT (b.10 Aug 1807-Albany,NY;m.4 Dec 1829;d.25 Dec 1834-Elmira,NY)
			4. Harriet Tuttle LOOP (b.17 Jun 1830-Painted Post,Stueben Co,NY;d.26 Jan 1896-Coleman,Moody Co,SD)
			   sp: John Jay BARBOUR (b.11 Mar 1831-NY;m.11 Mar 1852;d.5 Oct 1914-Coleman,SD)
				5. Lua Augusta BARBOUR (b.7 Oct 1857-Novi,Oakland Co,MI;d.2 Mar 1906-Coleman,Moody Co,SD)
				5. William Loop BARBOUR (b.12 Mar 1860-Novi,Oakland Co,MI;d.29 Aug 1934-Belle Fouche,SD)
				   sp: Myrtle Rose CRANE (b.18 Dec 1865-Greenlake,WI;m.12 Mar 1890;d.19 Aug 1941-Belle,F,SD)
					6. Charles Chauncey BARBOUR (b.8 Mar 1892-New Haven,WY;d.27 Apr 1958-Pittman,NV)
					   sp: Regina WAHL (b.2 Feb 1886-Lake Park,MN;d.30 Jul 1976-Helena,Montana)
					6. John Jay BARBOUR (b.6 Apr 1896-Hulett,WY;d.3 Feb 1968-Reno,Nevada)
					   sp: Anna Blossom BEAN (b.21 Oct 1894-Dow City,IA;m.1915;d.21 May 1971-Belle Fouche,SD)
					6. William Loop BARBOUR (b.31 Aug 1904-Belle Fouche,SD;d.14 Jun 1956-Reno,Nevada)
				5. John Jay BARBOUR (b.29 Apr 1861-Novi,Oakland Co,MI;d.30 Jan 1912-Coleman,Moody Co,SD)
				5. Theron T BARBOUR (b.18 Jun 1863-Farmington,Oakland Co,MI;d.25 Jun 1926-Seattle,King Co,Washington)
				5. Mary Augusta BARBOUR (b.17 Oct 1867-Farmington,Oakland Co,MI;d.24 Feb 1957-Seattle,,Washington)
				5. Arnot Gates BARBOUR (b.26 Apr 1869-Farmington,Oakland Co,MI;d.12 Nov 1944-Seattle,,Washington)
				   sp: Carrie Dell BIGALOW (b.27 May 1870-SR,IOWA;m.3 Jul 1890;d.17 Dec 1928-Seattle,Washington)
					6. Jay Arnot BARBOUR (b.8 Sep 1891-Roswell,SD;d.1 Apr 1961-Seattle,Washington)
					   sp: Madora VAILLE (b.8 Sep 1891;m.1912;d.1 Apr 1961-Long Beach,CA)
					6. Harold Clytus BARBOUR (b.25 Jun 1894-Roswell,SD;d.14 Jul 1927-Seattle,Washington)
					   sp: Ethel Ann TREACY (b.13 Sep 1894-WL,SD;m.16 Apr 1917;d.12 May 1938-Seattle,Washington)
					6. Vivian Harriet BARBOUR (b.22 Feb 1896-Davis,Moody Co,SD;d.13 Mar 1959-Seattle,Washington)
					   sp: John Nelson NORTON (b.13 Mar 1890-Alliston,Ontario,Canada;m.1916;d.1957-Seattle,Washington)
					6. Theron Walter BARBOUR (b.25 Apr 1902-Coleman,Moody Co,SD;d.30 Aug 1904-C,MC,SD)
				5. John Wesley BARBOUR (b.11 Nov 1877-Detroit,MI;d.6 Feb 1957-Seattle,,Washington)
				   sp: Minnie A JENSEN (b.1881;m.1900;d.1947-Seattle,Washington)
					6. Bernetta BARBOUR (b.1901-Seattle,Washington)
			4. Theodore M LOOP (b.11 Jun 1831-Painted Post,Stueben Co,NY;d.1907-San Diego,CA)
			   sp: Ella Perry MONROE (b.2 Aug 1850-NY;m.15 Mar 1869;d.18 May 1933-San Diego,CA)
				5. Arnot Monroe LOOP (b.1870-Vallejo,Solano Co,CA)
				5. John Murray LOOP (b.18 Jun 1877-Vallejo,Solano Co,CA;d.14 Jun 1953-San Diego,,CA)
				   sp: Luella TONKIN (b.1880-National City,CA;m.1909;d.1917-San Diego,CA)
					6. Grace Elizabeth LOOP (b.1 Mar 1912-San Diego,CA)
					   sp: Murray HOLLOWAY (b.20 Dec 1909;m.10 Sep 1938)
					6. John Murray LOOP (b.1915-San Diego,CA)
				5. Marion L LOOP (b.1884-Vallejo,Solano Co,CA;d.1960-San Diego,,CA)
				   sp: Harry CAREY (b.1880;m.1905)
					6. William Arthur CAREY (b.1906)
					6. Evelyn CAREY (b.1907)
					6. Theodore CAREY (b.1908)
				5. Ella LOOP (b.4 Apr 1888-Del Mar,San Diego Co,CA)
				   sp: Rolf Jerome NICHOLSON (b.1885;m.1918)
				5. Josie LOOP (b.1890-Del Mar,,CA;d.1895-Del Mar,,CA)
				5. Theodore LOOP (b.1892-Del Mar,,CA;d.1895-Del Mar,,CA)
			4. Emily E LOOP (b.1 Dec 1833-Painted Post,Stueben Co,NY;d.7 Feb 1847-Belvidere,IL)
		3. Caroline LOOP (b.30 Jan 1807-Elmira,Chemung Co,NY;d.9 Dec 1841-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
		3. Rebecca LOOP (b.31 May 1809-Elmira,Chemung Co,NY)
		   sp: Philo CURTIS (b.1805;m.19 Jun 1844)
		3. Joseph Mordicai LOOP (b.16 May 1811-Elmira,Chemung Co,NY;d.1903-Port Sanilac,MI)
		   sp: Caroline BARTO (b.16 May 1813;m.1836(Div);d.9 Dec 1841-Belvidere,IL)
		   sp: Jane M GARDNER (b.1815-Hancock,Massachusetts;m.1852)
			4. Ada Estella LOOP (b.1854-Port Sinilac,MI)
			   sp: Julius F HARRISON (b.1852-Tuscola,MI;m.22 Nov 1882)
		3. Sarah LOOP (b.16 May 1811-Elmira,Chemung Co,NY)
		   sp: Avery S LEE (b.1810;m.18 Dec 1834)
		3. James Lawrence LOOP (b.22 Aug 1813-Elmira,Chemung Co,NY;d.8 Feb 1865-Rockford,Winnebago Co,IL)
		   sp: Pamelia STEVENS (b.16 May 1817-Almond,NY;m.6 Aug 1835;d.9 Sep 1878-Bangor,MI)
			4. Henry Stevens LOOP (b.10 Nov 1836;d.30 Jul 1838-Burlington,Iowa Territory)
			4. Mathew M LOOP (b.1840-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.19 Jan 1878-Bangor,VanBuren,MI)
			4. Arthur E LOOP (b.1844-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.May 1845-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
			4. Franklin LOOP (b.1846-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.17 Oct 1858-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
			4. Elizabeth G LOOP (b.1849-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.14 Aug 1907-MapleWood,MISSOURI)
			   sp: Frederick W BOND (b.1848-,Massachusets;m.30 Jun 1875;d.1880-MapleWood,MISSOURI)
				5. Mary BOND (b.1877-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL)
				5. Jessie BOND (b.7 Nov 1880-Belvidere,Boone Co,IL;d.Mar 1976)
	2. Rebecca BIRNEY (b.1771-Wysox,Bradford Co,PA)
	   sp: Peter MATHEWS (b.1770)
	2. John BIRNEY (b.1776-Wysox,Bradford Co,PA;d.1828-Wyalusing,PA)
	   sp: Mehitable CLARK (b.1780;m.1798;d.1819)
		3. Rebekah BIRNEY (b.1799;d.1884)
		3. Rachel BIRNEY (b.1804;d.1854)
		   sp: John STALFORD (b.1785;m.1825(Div);d.1829)
		   sp: Benjamin BROWN (b.1805;m.1830;d.1889)
		3. Henry BIRNEY (b.1806-Brownton,York,PA)
		   sp: Lurancy BROWN (b.1807-PA;m.1828;d.1887)
			4. Polly Jane BIRNEY (b.1834;d.1890)
			   sp: John S QUICK
			4. Hiram BIRNEY (b.1835-Brownton,York,PA)
			   sp: Adeline GREGG (b.24 Jun 1840-PA)
				5. Harry BIRNEY (b.1872-PA)
				5. Frank Gregg BIRNEY (b.1874-PA)
				   sp: Blanche Elizabeth GANNON
					6. Catherine BIRNEY
					6. Harry BIRNEY
					6. George BIRNEY
				5. Anna BIRNEY (b.1877-PA)
				   sp: Stephen RILEY
				5. Emma BIRNEY (b.1879-PA)
			4. Emeline BIRNEY (b.1836-Brownton,,York,PA)
			   sp: Richard ELY (b.1834-CT)
				5. Harry B BIRNEY (b.1866-PA)
				5. Luella BIRNEY
				   sp: George SMITH
				   sp: HARMON
				5. Carrie Augusta BIRNEY (b.1870-PA)
			4. George Horton BIRNEY (b.1838-York,PA)
			   sp: Eliza MORROW
			   sp: Elizabeth BOWMAN
				5. Urania BIRNEY (b.1868-PA)
				   sp: Burr CAPWELL
			4. Josephine BIRNEY (b.1854-PA)
		3. Hannah BIRNEY (b.1812;d.1887)
		   sp: Ralph MARTIN (b.1809;m.1836;d.1875)
	2. Mary BIRNEY (b.20 Aug 1784-Wysox,Bradford Co,PA;d.29 Aug 1819-Standing Stone,Bradford Co,PA)
	   sp: John GORDON (b.29 Sep 1776-Asylum Twp.,Pa.;m.15 Aug 1799;d.31 Aug 1841-Standing Stone,PA)
		3. James GORDON (b.16 May 1801-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.23 Jun 1858-Standing Stone,Pa.)
		3. Sally GORDON (b.30 Mar 1802)
		   sp: John TAYLOR (m.24 May 1827)
			4. John TAYLOR
		3. Eleanor GORDON (b.13 Mar 1803-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.10 Nov 1824)
		   sp: Harris MURRAY
		3. Hiram GORDON (b.16 Aug 1804-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.19 Sep 1881-Standing Stone,Pa.)
		3. George GORDON (b.5 Nov 1805-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.23 Oct 1881-Frenchtown,Pa.)
		   sp: Rebecca TERRY (b.10 Feb 1810;m.1833;d.5 Oct 1865-Asylum Twp.,Pa.)
			4. John GORDON
			4. Reed GORDON (b.16 Dec 1833-Asylum Twp.,Pa.;d.10 Dec 1837-Asylum Twp.,Pa.)
			4. Sarah GORDON (b.13 May 1836-Asylum Twp.,Pa.;d.8 Feb 1911-Asylum Twp.,Pa.)
			   sp: Joel STEVENS (b.7 Feb 1828;d.21 Feb 1901-Asylum Twp.,Pa.)
				5. George STEVENS (b.2 Dec 1864-Asylum Twp.,Pa.;d.23 Jul 1902-Asylum Twp.,Pa.)
				5. Anna STEVENS (b.12 Feb 1868-Asylum Twp.,Pa.;d.26 Jul 1877-Asylum Twp.,Pa.)
				5. Mary E. STEVENS (b.8 Apr 1870-Asylum Twp.,Pa.;d.20 Feb 1911-Asylum Twp.,Pa.)
				5. Ellen Adelia STEVENS (b.29 Jan 1877-Asylum Twp.,Pa.;d.28 Apr 1877-Asylum Twp.,Pa.)
		3. Samuel GORDON (b.17 Mar 1807-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.11 Aug 1830-Towanda,Pa.)
		3. Jane GORDON (b.23 May 1808-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.1 Apr 1881-Owego,NY)
		   sp: George W. HOLLENBACK (b.25 Aug 1806-Wyalusing,Pa.;m.22 Jan 1833;d.30 Dec 1878-Owego,NY)
			4. Mary HOLLENBACK (b.1836;d.1906)
			4. William Henry HOLLENBACK (b.1839-Owego,NY;d.5 Feb 1914-Owego,NY)
			   sp: Mary E. MCCLAIN (b.1848;m.25 Jul 1868;d.8 Jan 1914-Owego,NY)
				5. Charles Henry HOLLENBACK (b.Jun 1869-Owego,NY;d.7 Mar 1950-Bradford Manor,Burlington,Pa.)
				   sp: Katie Phobee Jane BAILEY (b.1 Apr 1897-Barkley Twp.,Pa.;m.30 Mar 1918;d.14 Dec 1975-Burlington,Pa.)
					6. Elmer Leroy HOLLENBACK
					6. Henry Charles HOLLENBACK
					   sp: Rachel MEDDAUGH
					6. Stella May HOLLENBACK
					   sp: Thomas KASPER
					6. David Wilbur HOLLENBACK
				5. Guy W. HOLLENBACK (b.1872-Owego,NY;d.1 Jan 1946-Owego,NY)
				5. Fannie HOLLENBACK (b.23 Apr 1874;d.21 Feb 1949)
				   sp: George MASON
				5. Sarah M. HOLLENBACK (b.1877-Owego,NY;d.29 May 1919-Owego,NY)
				   sp: George CAMPBELL
				5. Edith Grace HOLLENBACK (b.21 Feb 1878;d.30 Apr 1959-Barton,NY)
				   sp: Henry BARTON (m.9 Dec 1897)
				5. Martha HOLLENBACK (b.3 Sep 1881-Owego,NY;d.7 Feb 1942)
				5. Fred HOLLENBACK (b.1883)
			4. George Frederick HOLLENBACK (b.22 Aug 1841-Owego,NY;d.11 May 1882-Owego,NY)
			   sp: Augusta GORDON (m.1878)
				5. George Frederick HOLLENBACK
			4. Alice HOLLENBACK (b.Abt 1843;d.1898)
			4. John Gordon HOLLENBACK (b.1846)
			   sp: Lizzie DEAN (m.Oct 1875)
				5. Florence HOLLENBACK
			4. Charles Edward HOLLENBACK (b.3 Feb 1849;d.9 Nov 1884)
			4. Nelly HOLLENBACK (b.1852-Owego,NY;d.24 Oct 1874-Owego,NY)
		3. Mehitable GORDON (b.10 Feb 1810-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.16 Mar 1867-Standing Stone,Pa.)
		3. Rachel GORDON (b.29 Apr 1811-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.12 Oct 1872-Barton,Tioga Co,NY)
		   sp: Harry A. HOLLENBACK (b.26 Jun 1811-Wyalusing,Pa.;d.17 Aug 1888-Barton,NY)
			4. John HOLLENBACK (b.1837)
			4. Mary HOLLENBACK (b.1839)
			4. Harriett HOLLENBACK (b.1841)
			4. James HOLLENBACK (b.1843)
			4. Catherine HOLLENBACK (b.1846)
			4. Edward HOLLENBACK (b.1847)
			4. Henry HOLLENBACK (b.1853)
		3. Rebecca GORDON (b.9 Oct 1812-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.11 Sep 1858-Owego,NY)
		3. Wealthy GORDON (b.14 Jun 1814-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.12 Jun 1893)
		3. William Hart GORDON (b.25 Nov 1815-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.8 Oct 1875)
		   sp: Sarah VANNESS (b.1825;d.1895)
			4. Lawrence GORDON (b.4 May 1849-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.2 Apr 1915-Standing Stone,Pa.)
			4. William GORDON
			   sp: Rachel UNKNOWN
				5. Annie E GORDON
				   sp: Andrew Jackson GOSLINE (m.22 Aug 1863)
			4. Delphine Adele GORDON
			4. Mary  Augusta GORDON
			  sp: Charles VANNESS
				5. Emily Gertrude VANNESS (b.22 Sep 1893;d.17 Sep 1972)
				  sp: Clarence William WALLIN (b.22 Jun 1894-Beatcberg,Sweden;d.15 Nov 1957)
			4. Jennie GORDON
			4. Frances GORDON
		3. John GORDON (b.24 Mar 1817-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.13 Feb 1893-Standing Stone,Pa.)
		   sp: Sarah E. SMITH (b.15 Aug 1836-Ulster Twp.,Pa.;m.31 Oct 1858;d.12 Feb 1911-Standing Stone,Pa.)
			4. George Mortimer GORDON (b.24 May 1861;d.29 Feb 1936-Standing Stone,Pa.)
			   sp: Arminda DECKER (b.15 Aug 1860-NY;m.19 Jan 1882;d.1922)
				5. Nellie A. GORDON (b.20 Apr 1884-Standing Stone,Pa.)
				   sp: Jacob W. STEINBRIGHT (b.14 Oct 1855;m.6 Jun 1912;d.4 Mar 1971-Norristown,Pa.)
				5. Marion A. GORDON (b.6 Aug 1889-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.13 Mar 1916)
				   sp: George WILLIS (b.8 Jan 1873;m.18 Dec 1907;d.29 Oct 1947)
					6. Joseph WILLIS (b.17 Nov 1909;d.6 Sep 1941-Sayre,Pa.)
				5. John Murray GORDON (b.6 May 1900-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.10 Jul 1982-Standing Stone,Pa.)
				   sp: Eleanor M. KEYSER (b.25 May 1906-Standing Stone,Pa.;m.4 Apr 1925;d.4 Sep 1986)
		3. Polly GORDON (b.15 Apr 1818-Standing Stone,Pa.;d.4 May 1835-Standing Stone,Pa.)
	2. Eleanor BIRNEY
	   sp: MYER

Henry Birney(1737-1814) History of Bradford County 1770 to 1878 : Henry Birney was for a number of years a prominent man in the neighborhood where he lived. his wife belonged to a Wyoming family and died in 1809. In a paragraph announcing her death, a Wyoming paper says she encountered great hardships and the sufferings peculiar to the times and place in which she lived. She was buried in an old burying ground near where Dr. Clagget lives, in Standing Stone. Mr. Birney sold his farm to Johathan Stevens in 1812, and moved to the Scioto, in Ohio with his daughter Hannah. He made the journey on horseback. Here he died past eighty years of age. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, as is attested by numerous documents. Among the New England people his name was usually pronounced and frequently written Barney. He had one son and five daughters.

There was a land dispute between Connecticut and Pennsylvania that lasted over forty years. The Connecticut settlers based their claim on the original purchase of the state of Connecticut made with the Indians. The Pennsylvania settlers based their claim on the original grant given to William Penn by the King of England. Our ancestors were placed in the middle of this lengthy and often times very bloody conflict.

Captain Peter Loop Jr(1760-1825) Captain Peter Loop was one of the commissioners of the Susquehanna company and whose name is affixed to many of their grants. In order to avoid what seemed to be an endless dispute about title, he moved first to Elmira (Newtown), then up the Cohocton, above Painted Post, where he was an influential citizen.

John Gordon(1776-1841) The Gordon Family Cemetery is a beautifully kept private cemetery on River Road as you drive towards Standing Stone, just before you cross the creek. Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, Pennsylvania 1770 - 1800 by Clement F. Heverly

John Gordon was a son of James Gordon, who was a brother of Samuel, a Wyalusing pioneer. James came to the county soon after his brother, settling at Frenchtown where he remained and kept a ferry until after the arrival of the French. John married Mary, daughter of Henry Birney, and located near his father-in-law in Standing Stone. Here he spent his days clearing and improving his land and conducting a distillery and died August 31, 1841, aged 65 Yers. His wife died August 29, 1819, aged 35 years. He lived near the river and kept the ferry. He was also Justice of the Peace.

James Gordon the father of John, was a brother of Samuel Gordon, of Wyalusing, the well known surveyor of the Susquehanna Company. James lived, while unmarried, for a time, in Philadelphia, then moved to Asylum, where he lived until the French came.

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