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Follow along with these lessons. For this example, 
we are looking for James Scott in Washington County, PA

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1. Go to Ancestry's main page and fill in the search blanks.

For this example, we are going to look for James Scott, who lives in North Strabane Twp, Washington County, PA. I need to find him in the 1860 census.


You can click on the plus sign or on the words that are underlined.

3. Click on Pennsylvania Census, 1772-1890

4. There are 8 pages of James Scotts who are on censuses in Pennsylvania.

Since we know that our James Scott is in Washington County, we can click on the last page.
5. We know that James Scott lives in North Strabane Twp, so we need to go back one page, to #7 and we find him here.

Here is James in NorthStrabane, on page 767:


6. Go to the top of the page and click on Images Online

7. Go to 1860 U.S. Census and click on it


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