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The name Hadley is found in several of England's counties including Suffolk, Middlesex, Hertford, Stafford, and Somerset. It is a place name and most authorities on British surnmaes agree that "Hadley" is compounded of two old Anglo-Saxon words which mean "a wild heath where cattle graze." Since people also gave their family name to places of residence, we also see names such as Monken-Hadley in Middlesex, and Williton-Hadley and Withycombe-Hadley in Somerset. The latter is derived from Alexander Hadley and his descendants, who held these and other manors in Somerset.

Some of the early forms of Hadley include de Haddeleigh, and de Haddesley. Later, Cadogan de Hadley simplified the spelling. This was retained by his descendants who held Bulkley in Cheshire. Another form that has been found is Hadleigh and as early as the fourteenth century as Hadley or Hadly. These forms were continued in Ireland where the name has never been common. When the Quaker Hadley's went from Ireland to Pennsylvania in 1712, both of the forms Hadley and Hadly were used by members of the same family.

No record has been found which specifies which particular member of this family went from England to Ireland and became the ancestor of the Hadleys who were in Kings County, Ireland, at a later date.

For many years preceding the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland, there had been much travel and intercourse between Somerset and Ireland. Representatives of many Somerset families, related to the Hadley's by blood or marriage, bought lands in Ireland and became permanent residents there. Others went to Ireland as governmental and military officers. Tradition says that the ancestor of the Quaker Hadley's went to Ireland from Somersetshire, he was an officer in the English army and he married _______Talbot in Ireland.??

Most of the HADLEY information on this page deals with HADLEY's from Ohio living in Lookeba, Caddo County, Oklahoma just after the turn of the century and Statehood. There is also a listing of the HADLEY's married in Garfield County, Oklahoma. As well as an excerpt from a New York HADLEY Bible that I picked up somewhere before I knew they weren't my HADLEY's.

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Lookeeba Methodist Church

Lookeeba Methodist Marriages

Caddo County Marriage Record

Caddo County Probate

Lookeeba Cemetery Records

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Lookeeba Census

Garfield County Marriages

New York Hadley Bible


My mom said as a small girl she remembers her father, Raymond Hadley, taking them to see family in Lookeeba. He lived there with his parents from sometime between 1900-1910 until 1922, when he and his mother moved to Enid Oklahoma.

Excerpt from
" A Brief History of Lookeba and Sickles Caddo County Oklahoma-1901-1986"

  • William Hadley was the second Postmaster. His father, Edwin, was a mail carrier.
  • O. M. Hadley sat on the first city council.
  • Isaac Hadley was founding member of the Methodist Church.
  • The church Certificate of Incorporation was signed by Isaac and Edwin.
  • The Ladies Aid was organized with Mrs. Hadley and Mrs. Will Hadley.

Methodist Church Membership

Name Residence Date
Isaac Hadley Lookeeba 1905
Elizabeth Hadley Lookeeba 1905
Edwin Hadley Lookeeba 4-8-1906
Carrie Hadley Lookeeba 4-8-1906
Leona(?) Hadley Lookeeba 4-8-1906
Arthur Hadley Lookeeba 4-8-1906
Ola Hadley Lookeeba 4-8-1906
Otis M Hadley Lookeeba 9-8-1907
Mrs. Florence Hadley Lookeeba 9-8-1907
Robert M. Hadley Lookeeba 9-8-1907
Charles D. Hadley Lookeeba 9-8-1907
Wilbur S. Hadley Lookeeba 9-8-1907
Bessie L. Hadley Lookeeba 9-8-1907
Mary Hadley Lookeeba 9-8-1907
Olive A. Hadley Lookeeba 7-14-1907
Mattie Hadley Lookeeba 2-1912
Sam Hadley Lookeeba 2-1912
Anna Hadley [Suttles] Lookeeba 2-1912
Raymond Hadley Lookeeba 2-1912
Mrs. Cora Hadley Lookeeba  
William P. Hadley Lookeeba 9-30-1906
Mrs. Lizzie Hadley [Harvey] Lookeeba 9-30-1906
Naoma Hadley Lookeeba 9-30-1906
Loren S. Hadley Lookeeba 9-30-1906
Robert E. Hadley Lookeeba 9-30-1906

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Methodist Church Marriage Records for Hadley

Date Name Age Residence Place of Birth Minister
November 2,1911 George W. Clark 27 Lookeeba Kansas Rev Thomas C Cox
Ola M. Hadley 25 Lookeeba Ohio
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Hadley Wedding Records From Anadarko, Caddo Co., Court House

Name (Hadley) Spouse Book Page
H. M. Carrie May Franklin 2 158
Albert M. Perry Ramsey 4 155
Robert Mattie Reed 4 297
James R. Sadie Estep 5 472
Charles Nellie Hamblin 9 133
Wilbur Dessa Clark 9 180
Joe Ida Geonety 11 171
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Caddo County Probate

Case No. Name Type Year Book Page
1940 Calvin Will 1923 5 80
3525 Dora A.* Admin. 1934 8 152
2008 Isaac Will 1924 5 148
779 Milten Will 1912 2 212
1336 Samuel L. Admin. 1918 3 361
* Cora A.
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Lookeeba Cemetery Records

The records for the cemetery are reported to be in very poor condition and every effort was made to copy them faithfully. Also a lot of the burial sites are reported to be lost.

Isaac H. Hadley 1924
Cora Alice 1934
Calvin Hadley 1923
Samuel Hadley 1918
Harry L. Hadley 1906
Nellie (Hamblin) Hadley 1918
Charley Hadley ?

I walked the cemetery and located headstones for the following:

First section on right when entering.
Nellie Hamblin wife of Charles Hadley – 17 Jan. 1891- -9 Dec. 1918
Harry L. son of O.M. and Florence Hadley – 27 July 1887-22 July 1906

Center of third section on right.
Large HADLEY family stone surrounded by:
Samuel Hadley - 13 May 1878-4 Oct. 1918
Calvin Hadley - 1850 - 1923
Etta Cliver [Hadley] - 1876-1960
Frank I Cliver - 1870-1950
Elizabeth E Johnston
Felix Herman Johnston
Mattie E. Johnston
Large headstone for Isaac Hadley - 21 Aug. 1855-15 May 1924 with Cora Hadley on north side

Approximately ½ way down fourth section on right:
Lizzie Loula [Hadley] - 1888-1976 and Fred Loula - 1881-1969

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Excerpt from:
"Lookeeba-Sickles - Pathway of Memories"

In 1908 Fred Loula Sr., first postmaster of Lookeeba, married Elizabeth Hadley

"at the time they were married there were 35 Hadley's living in Lookeeba and everyone of them were Quakers."

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1910 Census - Lookeeba, Caddo County, Oklahoma

Supervisor District: 234
Ennumerator District: 60
Date: 3 May 1910
By: Otha Waef

Sheet Number Name Relation Age Married Children Birth Father Mother Occupation
4   Samuel H. Hadley Head 32 10   Ohio Ohio Ohio Electrical Engineer
    Anna R. Wife 27   2/1 Ohio Ohio Ohio  
    Raymond Son 8     Ohio Ohio Ohio  
4&5 178 William P. Hadley Head 36 15   Ohio Ohio Ohio Postmaster
    Lizzie* Wife 36   5 Ohio Ohio Ohio Assistant
    Naoma** Dau. 13            
    Wilard JR. Son 11            
    Loren Son 10            
    Olive Dau. 3            
    Robert E. Son 6            
5 195 Edward Hadley Head 53 25   Ohio Ohio Ohio Mail Carrier
    Carrie M. Wife 44   3 Ohio Ohio Ohio  
    Ola Dau. 24           Sales
    Leona Dau. 14            
5 202 Robert Hadley*** Head 20 4/12   Ohio Ohio Ohio Farmer
    Martha Wife 17     Ka Ky In  

*-Very difficult to read the census roll. Looks like either Lisonin or Limmer however the church records have her as Lizzie

**-could be Wilma or Norma on the film but the church records say Naoma.

***-I think I read that Robert was a barber in Lookeeba.

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Garfield County Oklahoma
Marriage License

Name License Number Book
Mont Hadley 2957 6
Bessie Hadley 3062 6
Jessie O. Hadley 4582 9
Lawrence Hadley 4656 9
Edna F. Hadley 4894 9
Charles Hadley 9796 17
Mrs. Anna Hadley * 9276 16
Raymond C. Hadley ** 10900 19
* Anna married Walter B. Johnston
** Raymond married Velva Verona Horsley
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If you have New York Hadley's this might be of interest to you. I don't remember where I picked it up on line.

[NYS DAR Bible Records Vol. 56 page 126]


Name Where Date
Henry Hadley Litchfield, NY May 18, 1815
Mary Rising Litchfield, NY Sept. 2, 1817
Caroline Elvira Hadley Litchfield, NY May 27, 1841
Augustus Lovina Hadley Litchfield, NY Feb. 28, 1844
William Gilbert Hadley Litchfield, NY July 30, 1846
Mary Janet Hadley (twin) Litchfield, NY Oct. 12, 1848
Martha Jane Hadley (twin) Litchfield, NY Oct. 12, 1848
Lucy Maria Hadley Litchfield, NY Apr. 21, 1851


Henry Hadley & Mary Elizabeth Rising Litchfield, NY Nov. 1, 1838
Dolphus Skinner Marshall & Caroline Elvira Hadley Litchfield, NY Jan. 17, 1866
Nelson C. Rider & Augustus Lovina Hadley Litchfield, NY March 22, 1865.
Gilbert William Hadley & Ellen M. Matteson Crane's Corners, NY Jan. 27, 1875.
O. Brainard Holmes & Mary Janet Hadley Litchfield, NY Sept. 21, 1869.
Israel Irving Young & Martha Jane Hadley Bristol, Ill. Oct. 16, 1872
Jonathan Cottrell & Lucy Maria Hadley Litchfield, NY Sept. 19, 1877.


Name Date
Henry Hadley March 9, 1854
Mary Elizabeth Hadley May 26, 1905
Augustus Lovina Rider June 3, 1905
Mary Janet Holmes June 16, 1919
Martha Jane Young July 29, 1920
Gilbert William Hadley Apr. 3, 1928

This little snippit was attached to the bottom of the Deaths listing. I don't know what it means.

"n.4, 1892, Ezra Henry Bartlett and Lorinda I. Smith"

Sep. 11, 1899
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