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Hadley, William P.
Birth : 24 Aug 1872
Death :
Father: Hadley, Samuel L. See NOTE
Mother: Harvey, Mary G.
Harvey, Lizzie V.
Birth : 27 Aug 1873

Hadley, Naomi
Hadley, Willard
Hadley, Loren
Hadley, Robert
Hadley, Olivia
Hadley, Wendel

I believe this is the son of Edwin not Samuel. In the book "A Brief History of Lookeba and Sickles, Caddo County Oklahoma 1901-1986" William P. is listed as the second Postmaster and Edwin, his father, as mail carrier. In all the records I find the listed dates of birth match. The "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol. V Page 676" shows Edwin as an older brother with about 15 years seperating them.

I haven't found it yet but was told that William recieved a release from the Society of Friends in 1906. This was the year he and his family joined the Methodist Church of Lookeeba, Oklahoma. He is in the 1910 Census for Lookeeba. I found the following in "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol.V pg. 678" for Wilmington MM, Clinton County, Ohio:

"1914,10,14 Wm. P. & w Lizzie,& ch. Naomi M, Willard I., Loren S., Robert E., Olivia & Wendell recrq."

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Harvey, Eli
Birth : 9 Mar. 1803
Death : 15 Apr. 1872 buried Springfield Cemetery
Father: Harvey, William
Born: ca 1769
Mother: ___________, Mary
Born: ca 1768
Marriage: 1st
Fallis, Sarah
Birth : 16 Feb. 1804
Death : 12 Jul. 1835 buried Springfield Cemetery

Harvey, Mary Jane
Harvey, Lydia
16 Dec 1826 - 4 Mar. 1852 bur. Center Cemetery
Harvey, William Penn
16 Nov. 1828 - 7 Sep. 1917 bur. Springfield Cemetery
Harvey, Esther
13 Oct. 1830 - 18 Oct. 1859
Harvey, Ann
8 Feb. 1833 - 7 Aug. 1867
Harvey, Sarah
10 Apr. 1835 - 24 Apr. 1845 bur. Sprinfield Cemetery

Marriage: 2nd
Fisher, Ruth
Birth : 39 Jun. 1811

Harvey, Joseph F.
14 Jul. 1837 - 12 Aug. 1837 bur. Springfield Cemetery
Harvey, Isaac
30 Jul. 1838 - 12 Apr. 1846 bur. Springfield Cemetery
Harvey, Hannah
4 Feb. 1840 - 1 Sep. 1865 bur. Springfield Cemetery
Harvey, John
8 Oct. 1842
Harvey, James W.
11 Feb. 1846
Harvey, Sina Ann
28 Oct. 1852
From "Encyclopedia of American Genealogy Vol V" pg. 572
Truncated someplace by mistake. I will try to repair at another time.

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