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Mary Mitchell

           Born 27h September 1810  died  6th  January1888.                                      

__One of two oil paintings  photographed the courtesy of Malcolm Burgoyne.___

Mary's parents and infant brother John all died within 9 months of each other before her fourth birthday. She married George Buggins 10th of February 1834 at Redditch Church of England Chaplery, although they were Wesleyan Methodists.

Her sister Anne, 4 years older, was a witness with her husband William Wakelin, at George and Mary's marriage ceremony, they could all read and write. So the mystery here is who raised and educated them !!.

Of Mary's seven known children the fifth Mary Elizabeth died when just over fourteen months old. Mary's father had been a needle maker dying aged 40, the average age of death for needle makers at that time in Redditch was about 35, Mary made sure that none of her children entered the needle making trade.