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Fifth Generation (Continued)

Family of Brooks Priestley BILBROUGH (23) & Anne LISTER

51. Arthur Brooks BILBROUGH (Brooks Priestley4, James3, James2, James1)1, GG Grandson. Born on 26 Apr 1840 in Gildersome, Yks, Eng. Arthur Brooks died in Chiselhurst, Bromley, Kent, on 19 Dec 1925; he was 85.

Was the second cousin of my great grandmother Elizabeth Ann Bilbrough.
Was born at Park House Gildersome,Yks then moved with his family to Liverpool,Ireland then back to Liverpool.
At the age of 16 did an apprenticeshipo with the "White Star Line" in Liverpool which owned 4 Clipper ships engaged in trade with Australia mainly. In the early 1860's he moved to London borrowing family money he became partners with Albert Cook and Henry Wilson in a brokerage
firm named HT Wilson Cook.After Cook died in 1862 the firm was renamed Wilson Bilbrough.
Married Agnes the daughter of a prominent banker and had 3 sons. His brother James Bilbrough was experienced in insurance and joined him in the firm and soon merged with publisher and exporter George Smith to form Smith Bilbrough in 1871. In 1874 commissioned the ship 'Old
Kensington' to sail speedily and compete with other lines.
James became ill in 1878 and left the firm along with George Smith.The firm was renamed A Bilbrough & Co. Founder of A Bilbrough & Co (Shipping Line).Arthur Bilbrough was the owner of a fine fleet of Clipper ships. His business outlived many of the great names of the time, and was strong competition for many other notable shipowners during the gold rush to Australia and New Zealand in the middle of the 19th Century. There is a book entitled 'The Bilboroughs' which tells about the sailing ships of the family.
The London Club was officially founded in 1866. At that time, it was managed, along with the British Shipowners' Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association Limited for Sailing Ships, by Sir George Hodgkinson. Hodgkinson was an Insurance Broker and Shipowner and also Sheriff
of London, who had been knighted in 1851.
In 1890, Arthur Bilbrough, a Liverpool based Shipowner and Lloyds Broker, bought out Hodgkinson who retired through ill health. The two Associations merged under the name of The London Steam-Ship Owners' Mutual Insurance Association Limited and Bilbrough's company has
remained the Club's Managers to this day.
By the beginning of the new century the firm owned 34 vessels.
At that time 394 ships were entered in the Club totalling 329,814grt. Since then the Club has continued to grow both in size and scope, continually adapting to meet the needs of the market and its membership. The London Club is now recognised as the leading insurer for the largest blue-water tonnage from all the worlds major shipping centres, particularly in the bulk trades. It remains justifiably proud of its long tradition in the P&I industry.
Babbington House School....long associated with the Bilbroughs of Chislehurst.
" Enjoying a peaceful suburban setting in West Chislehurst, being only 3 - 4 minutes walk from Elmstead Woods Station and within easy reach of
Central London, Babington House School has a long and fascinating past.The present building has long been associated with the family name Bilbrough. Known as Elmstead Grange, it was built in 1876 as a Jacobean style house. It stood on a 22-acre site and was typical of the large houses of the Victorian period."
Was asociated with others in maritime insurance around 1870:-"Langlois then accompanied Arthur Bilbrough, John Holman and Thomas Miller to the US and the Far East on a trip to identify and appoint other Correspondents. He also played a prominent part in the unification of maritime law
both before and after the formation of the Comite Maritime International in 1897 of which he was a founder member".
Became a director of Barclays Bank in 1918 after workinjg for the Admiralty during WW1.
Was buried at Chiselhurst Parish Church by the Archbishop of Canterbury

On 9 Jul 1863 when Arthur Brooks was 23, he married Agnes HODGSON1, daughter of Issac HODGSON. Agnes died on 10 Dec 1922 in Chislehurst, Bromley, Kent.

Was a banker by profession.

They had the following children:
i. Albert William1, GGG Grandson. Born in Dec 1864. Albert William died in London, ENG, on 27 Apr 1908; he was 43.
Died of sickness

Was a shipowners clerk.

ii. Howard Ernest1, GGG Grandson. Born in Jan 1867. Howard Ernest died in Nov 1950; he was 83.
Bishop of Newcastle 1927-41 Canon at Liverpool in 19147

iii. Kenneth Leslie1, GGG Grandson. Born in Jul 1871 in Twickenham, London.7 Kenneth Leslie died in 1962; he was 90.
In the 1891 census he is described as an Engineering Student at Kings College and at
that time was visiting the Hill family of Mounts Bay, Landewednack, Cornwall.7

In Sep 1897 when Kenneth Leslie was 26, he married Ethel May DIXON1, in Brentford, London.7 Born in 1868. Ethel May died in 1951; she was 83.

The writer of a diary about life on the home front during World War I and of a number of
published musical items. 7

52. James Lister BILBROUGH (Brooks Priestley4, James3, James2, James1)1, GG Grandson. Born in Jun 1847 in Liverpool, Lancashire.

Emigrated to South Africa in Aug 1875 for health

James Lister married UNKNOWN1.

They had the following children:
i. Sydney Brooks1, GGG Grandson. Born in 1870.
87 ii. James Francis (1872-)
88 iii. Percy (1873-)
iv. George Henry1, GGG Grandson. Born in Jun 1875 in Islington Reg Dist, London.7 George Henry died in Dec 1875; he was <1.

53. Henry Brooks BILBROUGH (Brooks Priestley4, James3, James2, James1)1, GG Grandson. Born in 1854. Henry Brooks died in 1915; he was 61.

Henry Brooks married UNKNOWN1.

They had the following children:
89 i. James Howard Priestley (1884-)
90 ii. Arthur Henry Brooks (1884-)
iii. Cecil Francis Gilamont1, GGG Grandson. Born in 1894.

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