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The descendancy of Jean Elie the 1st Denis

Lord of Trobriand-en-Plougasnou


Jean Elie the 1st Denis de Trobriand, born in 1664 and dead in 1725, has got from his two marriages, six children. His second wife, Marguerite Le Dizes, gave birth, in 1713, a son Paul Francois Denis, lord of Kerescot de Talargas, Infantry captain (he fighted in the french Army at the battle of Fontenoy), who was the father of Judith Denis de Kerescot, later wife of Rene du Laurens de la Barre.

From his first marriage with Fiacrette Le Lonze, Jean Elie Denis had five children :four sons, Jean Etienne, Jean Elie the 2nd, Jean Marie, lord of Villeneuve and Alexandre, knight of Trobriand, and a daughter, Agnes, lady du Rest.

Jean Etienne Denis de Trobriand, born in 1696 and dead in 1735, has been the root of the Trobriand elder branch. He was lord of the Cosquerou de Talargas and married Elisabeth de Suase de Kervegan. His son , Jean Francois Sylvestre, born in 1729, has been the first Count of Trobriand. His daughter Jeanne Apolline (1733-1764) has been a nun in the Ursulines convent of Morlaix.

 From the marriage of Jean François Sylvestre Denis de Trobriand with Emmanuelle Drouet de la Villehaye (dead in 1793) have born two sons and two daughters. Among them, Françoise who married the viscount of d’Auxay and Jeanne, wife of the Lieutenant-Commander de Rennes du Manoir. The elder son, Jean Joseph Sylvestre, born in Cosquerou (Finistere) the 7th of June 1765. From 1791 to 1793 he was Lieutenant on the ship L'Esperance, under the command of Bruni d'Entrecasteaux and Huon de Kermadec, during the expedition sent by the king Louis XVI to research the remains of the La Perouse expedition lost in the Pacific Islands.Commander in 1797, he took under command the vessel La Vestale and sailed to Saint Domingue where he died the 16th of March 179, poisoned by order of Toussaint-Louverture. He had married in Holland, in 1795, with Agathe Du Parc de Locmaria but he did not leave any descendance.

 His brother, François Emmanuel Denis, count of Trobriand, was born in Ploujean during the year 1773. In 1788, he was page of Monsieur ( the Count of Provence who became later the king Louis XVIII) and married his cousin Melanie, daughter of the Count Jacques Guenole Denis de Keredern de Trobriand. Having resigned from the Navy in 1801, he became Shore Inspector in Morlaix and died in 1822. His son, Erasme Sylvestre Joseph Charles (1808-1848) retired from the rank of Lieutenant-Commander in 1833. From his cousin Lucile de Rennes du Manoir, he has got in 1838 a son, Alphée, comte Denis de Trobriand, who has been the last male representative of the lineage, as his son Henri was dead at sea without descendance. The brother of Alphee, Erasme, was captain in the Marine Infantry and died also without descendance. Their sister, Lucile, was the wife of Edward Wetch, from an old scottish family.

 The second son of Jean Elie the 1st, born in Ploujean the 11th of October 1703 and named Jean Elie the 2nd Denis, lord of Keredern de Trobriand, gave rise to the Keredern branch of the Denis family. He married twice. His first wife Vincente Roulin was the mother of Jean François Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, lord of Morizur, born the 29th of January 1730. He was Commander in the Royal Navy and finished his career as a Commodore and knight of the Saint Louis cross. He is dead in Brest the 18th of February 1780, without descendance of his marrieage with Genevieve Poissonnier des Perrieres.


Jean François Denis de Keredern de Trobriand

Jean François Denis de Keredern de Trobriand



His brother, from the same mother, Jacques Guénolé Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, born in Plouigneau the 26th of september 1733, dead the 29th of July 1798, married the 30th of January 1760 Jeanne Charlotte Abyven de Kereoc, and is the origin of the B branch of the Keredern family. This branch is the only one, today, still represented by a male descendancy.

The third son of Jean Elie the 2nd, born the 26th of April 1741 in Plouigneau from his second marriege with Francoise Corentine Le Taouec, was Francois Marie the 1st Denis de Keredern, knight of Trobriand. In 1768, in La Habana (Cuba), he married Anna Maria Teresa de Massa y Leunda y Aristiguieta, the daughter of a civilian high-officer of Caracas (Venezuela). They reared six children whose three sons have had an exemplary destiny and a daughter a well filled up life. The descendancy of this family, now extincted in the male lineage, is still well represented by some families descending of women. Several biographical notices describe the details of the adventurous, and often glorious, life of some of these men and women of the Denis de Keredern de Trobriand family.


 The descendants of François Marie 1st Denis

de Keredern de Trobriand


The knight François Marie 1er Denis de Keredern de Trobriand was implicated, in 1764, in the revolt of the Parliament of Britany against the Duke d'Aiguillon. He was banished and gone to Spain where he enlisted in the Navy. Sent to Spanish America, he became acquainted with the daughter of an high-officer of Caracas (Venezuela),Anna Maria Teresa de Massa y Leunda y Aristiguieta, born in the province of Pampeluna (Spain) in the little port of San Juan de Pasajes. He married her in La Habana (Cuba) the 30th of June 1768. The family of Anna Maria was akin to that of Simon Bolivar "el libertador" through the branch Aristiguieta.  The first son of the just married, François Marie II, is born in Plouigneau (Finistère) the following year (1769), after the return in France of Francois Marie the 1st. He was then posted to the coastal defence of the Tregor, at first in Lezardrieux, then in Pleubian. Here, in these little breton towns of the Côtes du Nord, are born his five other children, Joseph Vincent, Jacques Pierre Romain, Louise Jeanne Nicole (called Fanny), Renée ( called Rose) and Hilarie.  He is dead the 30th of December 1810.

François Marie Denis de Keredern de Trobriand et sa fille Fanny

François Marie 1st Denis de Keredern de Trobriand
and his daughter Fanny

(tapestry inlaid with ivory miniatures painted by Isabey)
(Collection de Trobriand)


         His elder son, François Marie II Denis de Keredern de Trobriand,  born in Plouigneau the 30th of August 1769, conformed to the familial tradition and served in the Navy. During the year 1808, he was Commander on the frigate who belonged to the naval division under command of the Vice-Admiral Hamelin whose colours were displayed on the Venus. Sailing from Cherbourg on the 10th of November 1808, together with the frigate La Junon and the two brigs Le Cygne and Le Papillon, he ran the blockade of the port of Fort-de-France (La Martinique). He was killed in action the 14th of February 1809 during a struggle with the english navy for the defence of Fort-Desaix, at the entrance of the Carenage Bay. His ship, the 40-guns frigate L'Amphitrite, has been destroyed and sent to the bottom in the Carenage Bay of Fort-de-France. Today, the name of the Captain de Trobriand is always attributed to a stair of Fort Saint Louis.

From his marriage with Aimée Adélaïde Boucault de Mélient de Rochedu, François Marie II had a son, Jean Marie Antoine Adolphe, count of Trobriand, artillery captain, born in Morlaix the 12th of June 1808 and dead in Tours in 1874, married with Adélaïde Marie de la Rochefoucauld-Bayers, and a daughter, Mathilde, wife of Aimé Huchet de Cintré. Both children are dead without descendance.

The second son of Francois Marie the 1st, Joseph Vincent Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, was born in Lézardrieux (Côtes du Nord) the 23rd of January 1773. During the french Revolution, he was faithful to the king and he emigrated and took service in the Princes' Army in the service of the Austrian emperor. He has been from all the struggles against France but, after the battle of Austerlitz, he took an oath to the Emperor Napoleon. He was then allowed, in 1806, to enter, as a captain, in the Regiment of La Tour d'Auvergne. At the end of the napoleonic wars, he was Colonel and Empire Baron. The 10th of March 1815, he received patent letters of Hereditary Baron and he was Officer of the Legion d'Honneur. After the restoration of the monarchy, he received the rank of knight of Saint Louis and finished his career as a Field Marshal in 1825. He had married, the 10th of May 1815 in Tours, Jeanne Rose Hachin de Courbeville (dead in 1832), daughter of Pierre Jacques Hachin de Courbeville, Councellor near the Upper Council of Port-au-Prince (Saint Domingue). He is dead in Tours during the year 1840. From his marriage, Joseph Vincent had three children, two sons, Etienne Anatole, knight of Trobriand,  Philippe Régis, baron of Trobriand, and a girl Charlotte Rose who married in 1849 the colonel François-Louis Wogan-Browne, from the austrian army.

The elder son, Etienne Anatole, knight of Trobriand, a marine officer, is dead from the vomito negro in Caracas the 18th of March 1843, at the age of 24 years. He was in Venezuela to represent the family at the official funeral of his cousin, Simon Bolivar.

Joseph Vincent had a second son, Philippe Régis de Keredern, Baron of Trobriand, born in Tours the 4th of June 1846.). After a dissipated youth, he emigrated to the United States and married, in New York in 1843, Mary Mason Jones, the daughter of Isaac Jones, President of the Chemical Bank. He took then the american nationality and, in 1861, espoused, during the Civil War, the cause of the Union and commanded, with the rank of Colonel, the 55th New York Regiment, the so-called Lafayette Guards. Major-General in 1865, he was integrated in the US Army and served in the Montana, then, after 1873, in Louisiana where he was Military Governor. He is the author of a book on the Civil War entitled "Four Years of Campaign with the Potomac Army". After his retirement, he lived during a time in Brest (France) near his daughter Charlotte Antoinette Beatrice who was the wife of John Burnett-Stears, a Scotsman who took the french nationality since he had fighted with the french army during the War of 1870, as the Captain of an english volunteer squadron. Back to the States, near his second daughter Jeanne Hélène Marie Caroline Post (1845-1926), Regis is dead, in his house of Bay Port (Long Island NY), the 13th of July 1897. The baron Regis de Trobriand had two children :

(1)Marie Caroline Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, born in New York in 1845, dead in 1926. She married successively the two Post brothers, Albert Kintzing and Charles Alfred. She had several children, among them Waldron Kintzing et Régis Henri. Régis Henri Post has been State Secretary of the Porto Rico Government in 1906, then Governor of the island from April 1907 to November 1909. He was married with his cousin Marguerite Denisde Lagarde, grand-daughter of Louis Pierre Marie Auguste Denis de Lagarde.

(2)Charlotte Antoinette Béatrice Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, Countess of Rodellec, knight of the Legion d'Honneur, born in New York in 1850, dead in Brignogan in 1941. She married twice, (1°) in 1869, John Burnett-Stears, from scottish origin, from whom she had five children, (2°) in 1900, the Count Olivier de Rodellec  du Porzic. After her first marriage with John Burnett-Stears, Beatrice has been resident in the Leuhan-en-Plabennec (Finistere) where, from 1882 to 1884, they built the present estate and his castle.

The first daughter of Francois Marie the 1st, Louise Jeanne Nicole Arnalde Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, called Fanny, born in 1775 in Bréhat, a little island of the northern coast of Britany, married in 1791 the knight Barthélémy Régis Dervieu du Villars, (1750-1835), captain in the Regiment of Bresse, then, during the Revolution, general of the National Guard of Lyon and Mayor of this town. She passed through the disturbancies of the french Revolution with her husband, rescuing him, during the Terror in Lyon, from a death sentence. After Thermidor, they went back to Paris where Dervieu du Villars was able to retrieve his wealth. Then, the young and attractive Fanny rushed in the swirl of feasts whose Paris was the center during the time of the Directoire while Dervieu du Villars withdrew from the political life standing aside from Paris. In 1802, Fanny is the mistress of Eugène de Beauharnais from whom she got a son, born the 2nd of February 1803, who, by order of Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul, was acknowledged by Pierre Marie François Denis-Lagarde,  redactor of the newspaper the Publicist and barrister at the Prize Court, the mother being mentionned, in the act, under the transparent name of Louise Denis. After the birth, in 1806, of her third son, Eugene Dervieu du Villars, Fanny made a journey in Italia, in Venice particularly, where she has had an intimate relationship with Denis-Lagarde who was, at this time, Chief of the Police of the french-ruled Venetia. This relationship made Eugene de Beauharnais, vice-king of Italia, very angry and Denis-Lagarde was sent back to France. Fanny has been during a time Maid of Honour of the Princess Caroline Murat, queen of Naples. She died probably around the year 1850.


Louise Jeanne Nicole Arnalde Denis de Keredern de Trobriand dit "Fanny"

Louise "Fanny" Denis de Keredern de Trobriand

Miniature by Francois Meuret (1800-1887)


Fanny gave birth to five children, of whom only three were legitimous:

1)Auguste Dervieu du Villars, born in 1797, Captain of cavalry, who married Marie Hucquet.

(2)Louis Pierre Marie Auguste Denis Lagarde, born in Paris the 2nd of February 1803, husband of Marie Victoire Désirée d'Haussy, dead in Paris after 1873.

(3)Eugène Dervieu du Villars, born in 1806, Maitre des Requêtes at the State Council.

(4)  Louise Victoire Santiago, born in 1812, adopted in 1816 by her uncle "Santiago", alias Jacques Pierre Romain Denis de Keredern de Trobriand and wife, in 1842, of her cousin Amand Fidèle Jean-Baptiste Denis de Keredern de Trobriand.

(4)  Charles Dervieu du Villars, born in 1815.

The third son of Francois Marie the 1st, Jacques Pierre Romain called "Santiago" Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, Great Officer of the Legion d'Honneur, was born in Pleubian (22) the 29th of February 1780. He is dead in Brest the 24th of September 1867. The details of his adventurous and glorious life, since the age of nine years, could be found later in his biographical notice. He was first married with Charlotte Henriette Hortense Roussel, and, in 1816, he had adopted his niece Louise Victoire Santiago de Keredern de Trobriand, born the 9th of November 1812 in Paris, adulterous daughter of his sister Louise Nicole "Fanny". Later, Louise Victoire  married the 25th of July 1842, her cousin Amand Fidèle Denis de Keredern de Trobriand (born in 1798 and dead in 1866, the son of Alexandre René Denis de Keredern de Trobriand and Marie Gabrielle de Ferrande du Vieux-Marché, from the B branch of the Keredern family). Louise Victoire and Amand Fidele have got three sons: Santiago, Adolphe and Amand Denis de Keredern de Trobriand. The Count Adolphe (1848-1932) was the grand-father of the present count Gerard Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, chief of the family. The second wife of Jacques Pierre Romain has been Helene Anne Charlotte de Crevoisier de Vomecourt (1775-1869).


Gérard Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, Yvonne Baldou & Jean Brichet

Jean Brichet, Yvonne Brichet, Gérard de Trobriand

Francois Marie the 1st Denis de Keredern de Trobriand had two other daughters. Renée Claudine Yvonne Josephe Marie Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, also called Rose or Rosalie, was born in Pleubian the 7th of May 1777 and married at first the general Ange de la Perrière (dead in 1797),  then Michel Ange Gauvin, a US citizen. She had four children from these two husbands, and, among them, a girl from the second marriage, Marie Antoinette Claudine Rose Gauvain, born the 24th of February 1804 and dead in 1829 who married in 1819 Robert Raymond Harden, also a US citizen. The last daughter of Francois Marie, Hilarie Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, born also in Pleubian, is dead without descendancy..