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Roberson William HUGHES Jr

Eighth Generation


184. Johannes SCHWALM RWV was born on May 31 1752 in Schwalmstaadt, Merzhausen, Hessen, Germany. He died on Dec 24 1834 in Hubley Twp, Schuylkill, PA. He was buried in Colemans Evan, Lykens, Dauphin, PA. He married Maria Ottilia BOBB in 1791 in , Berks, PA. [Parents]

Hessian-Cassel Mercenary contracted by King George III of England to fight against the Colonists in America. Was captured twice by the Colonists, and changed sides. Settled in Pennsylvania following the war.
The Johannes Schwalm Historical Society was formed to identify and catalog as many of the men as possible who were mercenaries for England during the Revolutionary War, and who ended up remaining in this country following that war. Our names have been added to the "Honour Roll" of the descendants of one of such men, namely, the man for whom this foundation is named. As far as I have been able to determine, this is the only man in our bloodline who did not fight on the side of the colonists, and no Tories have been found.
Aged 84 years, 7 months, 4 days.
The inscription on his tombstone reads as follows: Hier Ruhet Johann Schwalm/ Geboren Den 31 May 1752/ Starb Den 24 December 1834/ Alt 89 Jahre 6 Monat 24 Tag.
He was a member of the Hesse-Cassel von Knyphausen Regiment, in the Leib Company. He was captured when the ship he was on, the British ship MOLLY, was overtaken by colonial privateers at sea on 26 Sep 1779. The group of prisoners were put ashore at Little Egg Harbor in New Jersey and marched to the federal prison in Philadelphia.

185. Maria Ottilia BOBB was born on Feb 16 1765 in Stephanshof, Pirmasens, Darmstadt, Germany. She died on Feb 21 1836 in Hubley Twp, Schuylkill, PA. She was buried in Spring Glen Cem, Hubley, Schuylkill, PA. [Parents]

Aged 71 years, zero months, 6 days.
The inscription on her tombstone reads as follows: Hier Ruhet Ottilia/ Frau von Johanne Schwalm/ Geboren 16 Feb 1765/ Gestorben 21 Feb 1836/ Ult 71 Jahre und 8 Tag.


186. John Peter STEIN was born on Oct 11 1768 in Rehrersburg, Berks, PA. He was christened on Oct 16 1768 in Rehrersburg, Berks, PA. He died on May 05 1837 in Pine Grove, Schuylkill, PA. He was buried in May 1837 in Jacob's Luth, Pine Grove, Schuylkill, PA. He married Hanna COLEMAN on Dec 28 1784. [Parents]

Aged 68 years, 6 months, 24 days.
The inscription on his tombstone reads as follows: Hier Ruhet Peter Stein/ Sohn von Johannes und Barbara Stein/ Geboren 11 Oct 1768/ Gestorben 5 May 1837/ Ult 68 Jahr 6 Monat und 24 Tag.

187. Hanna COLEMAN was born on Jul 02 1770 in Lykens Twp, Dauphin, PA. She died on Aug 21 1845 in Pine Grove, Schuylkill, PA. She was buried in Aug 1845 in Jacob's Luth, Pine Grove, Schuylkill, PA. [Parents]

Aged 75 years, 1 month, 19 days.
The inscription on her tombstone reads as follows: Denkmal Hanna Weib von Peter Stein/ Geboren 2 Jul 1770/ Gestorben 21 Aug 1845/ Alt 75 Jahr ein Monat 20 Tag.


188. Andreas SHADE was born on Nov 11 1764 in Berks Co., PA. He died on Jun 06 1843 in Lykens Twp, Dauphin, PA. He was buried in Zion (Klinger's), Erdman, PA. He married Elizabeth Marie MERTZ about 1789. [Parents]

Andrew Shade was a native of Berks, Co., PA. He was the first of the family in Schuykill Co., settling near what is now Fearnot, where he purchased a tract of land between 1793-95, which he at once began to clear. He remained here all his active life and died upon his farm. His son John and later his grandson, Reuban H., became owners of the homestead.
He originally built a log cabin for the family, but as he cleared the land, he gathered enough stones to build a house. The house was still standing as of 1999, with scheduled tours being given occasionally.

189. Elizabeth Marie MERTZ was born on Feb 25 1770. She died on Nov 12 1828. She was buried in Zion (Klinger's), Erdman, PA. [Parents]


190. Capt Abraham HAFFE was born on Dec 28 1771 in , Berks, PA. He died on Dec 27 1845 in , Dauphin, PA. He was buried in Klingers Cem, , Dauphin, PA. He married 1 Elizabeth VAN DER SLUISS on Mar 09 1794 in Trinity Luth. Ch, Reading, Berks Co., PA. [Parents]

Veteran of the War of 1812.

191. Elizabeth VAN DER SLUISS was born on Mar 09 1775 in Reading, Berks, PA. She was christened on Mar 23 1775 in Reading, Berks, PA. She died on May 18 1852 in Sacramento., PA. She was buried in Klingers Cem, Klingerstown, Dauphin, PA. [Parents]

She was an illegitimate child of this couple, who never married. She was raised by her grandparents, and was awarded a share of Alexander's will in 1802, along with another share that went to her mother.
Will was written May 16, 1850 and probated June 21, 1852 in Lower Mahantongo Twp., p. 154 Will Book #2-#6, Schuylkill Co., PA
According to records from Trinity Lutheran Church in Reading, she was born 23 Mar 1776 and baptised 28 Apr 1776. She was presented by her unwed parents, Jacob von der Schleussen and Eva Elisabeth Klingern, with Georg Henry Klinger and Eva Elisabeth Krollin standing as sponsors. This is from Volume One, page 65.


192. Richard HILTON IndianWarVet was born about 1720 in , , PA. He died in 1789 in , Lancaster, SC. He was married in Probably VA.

Richard was in VA as of 1744, and in SC by 1759. He served in the Cherokee - Indian War of 1759-1760 under the command of Col. Richard Richardson. He received a Royal Land Grant on 17 April 1764 on Lynches Creek, Craven District, SC.
>From the book "Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774" by Murtie June Clark, published by Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983: page 205: "Pay list of Colonel Richard Richardson's Battalion of South Carolina Militia in the 1759 Cherokee Expedition, Approved by the Committee to Audit the Public Accounts, June 6, 1760.
Pay list for Captain William Cantey's Company Oct 8, 1759 to January 10, 1760: Hilton, Richard [private];
and on page 889:
Muster Roll of Captain William Cantey's Company Oct 8, 1759 to January 10, 1760:
Hilton, Richard"


196. William WILLIAMS was born about 1715 in , Lancaster, SC. He died in 1776 in Fork Hill, Lancaster, SC. He was buried in 1776 in Fork Hill Cem, Fork Hill, Lancaster, SC. He married Mary BUNN about 1760. [Parents]

Death caused by a "malignant fever".

197. Mary BUNN was born in , , NC. She died in Fork Hill, Lancaster, SC. She was buried in Fork Hill Cem, Fork Hill, Lancaster, SC. [Parents]


200. James William SOWELL RWV was born about 1741 in , Bertie, NC. He died about Apr 12 1807 in Mt Pisgah, Kershaw, SC. He married Sarah BAKER before 1774 in Bertie Co. NC. He had other parents. [Parents]

Revolutionary War Veteran - Soldier - North Carolina Militia - Listed in the DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, Volume # 3, page # 2744.

Lived in Bertie County, N.C. c.1761 Served in the American Revolution. Moved with Levi, Worley, and John to Kershaw Co., S.C. before 1800. 'JAMY SOWELL' He lived on Loosing Swamp 1761-1800 His son John administered an estate in 1807.
He served in the Revolution in the Army and is listed on the Dar Roster and in Sate records of North Carolina Arrmy accounts Volume XVII, p.278 !BIRTH:

201. Sarah BAKER was born in 1743 in , Bertie, NC. She died on Dec 03 1821 in , Kershaw, SC. [Parents]

Have DAR record which shows her to be Sarah Howell, previously thought was Sarah Baker daughter of Thomas Baker and Sarah Wood. Not sure which is correct at this point. 3/1/98

Person Source



202. George KING RWV or Capt was born in 1740 in , Halifax, NC. He died before 1832 in , Chesterfield, SC. He was buried in King Family Cem, , Chesterfield, SC. He married Winifred ("Winnie") HILL. [Parents]

1800 Census, South Carolina, Chesterfield District.
In addition the the normal sources of information (i.e., census, Bible, cemeteries, personal records, etc.), the following sources have been used in the compilation of the KING family records: (1) a booklet entitled "GEORGE KING" by Robert V. BLACKWELL of Hartsville, SC (2) a pamphlet entitled "THE GILLUM KING FAMILY", author unknown (3) "BRIEF HISTORY OF GEORGE KING OF LOWER CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC AND HIS DESCENDANTS" by Chapman H. NEWMAN of McBee, SC (1955).
As recorded in THE COUNCIL OF SAFETY (known as THE LAURENS PAPERS) of February 20, 1776, George KING was commissioned a Captain in Colonel G.G. POWELL's Regiment of Militia for St. David's Parish on September 28, 1775. Captain KING was listed on page 439 of "Gregg's History of the Old Cheraws" in the records of the St. David's Society, of which he was elected a member on January 31, 1778.
According to family records, George King built his residence on the West side of the crossing of the Chesterfield-Bishopville Public road with the Cheraw- Camden Stagecoach road; twenty seven miles from Cheraw, twenty six miles from Camden. It was one half mile north of "Pony Hill", on the Camden road. According to family lore, during a heavy rainstorm, George's hog pasture sank and formed a lake of about five [5] acres. George called it "Hannah's Pond". The family attended Black Creek Baptist Church near Dovesville, SC.
Records in the State Archives at Columbia, SC show the following grants of land to George King: [1] 450 acres "situate in the District of Camden on the waters of Turkey Creek", by grant dated December 5, 1785, recorded in State Land Grants, Volume 8, page 267; [2] 190 acres "Situate in the District of Camden, on the waters of Turkey Creek", by grant dated June 5, 1786, recorded in State Land Grants, Volume 12, page 293; [3] 1,000 acres "Situate in Camden District, on the waters of Turkey Creek", by grant dated January 1, 1787, recorded in State Land Grants, Volume 15, page 526.
Gilliam King, applicant, vs. Winifred King, [widow] Levi Sowell and Gilled his wife, Wm King, John Moore and Elizabeth his wife, Nancy Newman, James Suggs and Clarissa his wife, John Suggs, Simon Bradshaw and Winifred his wife, Allen Thomas, Burges Bass and Pethina his wife, William Hudson and Celia his wife, William Bass and Milly his wife, Daniel Harrin and Gilla his wife, William Jordan and Delilah his wife, Henry Blackwell and Elizabeth his wife, Mary Jowers, Geo. Jowers, James N. Jowers, Margaret D. Jowers, Winifred A. Jowers, and Adeline L. Jowers, Defendants.
It appearing to my satisfaction that Simon Bradshaw and Winifred his wife, and Allen Thomas, three of the defendants, reside without the limits of this State.
It is therefore ordered, that they be and appear before me in the Court of Ordinary for this District, to be holden on Monday the 17th day of February next, to show cause, if any they can, why the real estate of George King, deceased, should not be sold or divided, or their consent will be entered of record. Given under my hand and seal this 15th day of December, 1839.
By order of the Court of Ordinary will be sold at Chesterfield C.H. on the first Monday in March next all the real Estate of George King deceased consisting of two tracts of land, one tract lying on Black Creek containing five hundred acres more or less, on other tract lying in Darlington District, being part of a tract granted to Thos. Darres which part is forty acres more or less.
Conditions--As much cash as will pay expenses of this sale, the balance to be paid as follows, one half to be paid the first day of January next, the other half to be paid the first day of January 1842 each installment carrying interest from the day of sale. Purchasers giving bond with good security, and a mortgage to the Ordinary if required. Also to pay for necessary papers.
Chesterfield C.H. Shff. Office, Feb. 10, 1840"

203. Winifred ("Winnie") HILL was born in 1755 in Scotland Neck, Halifax, NC. She died in Mar 1850 in , Chesterfield, SC. She was buried in Mar 1850 in King Family Cem, , Chesterfield, SC. [Parents]


204. Abraham BLACKWELL RWV was born on Sep 11 1742 in , , SC. He died about 1836 in , Chesterfield, SC. He married Sarah. [Parents]

Revolutionary War Veteran - - South Carolina Militia. Served under Captains Elisha Magee, Hardyman, DuBose, Farr and John Watts, and Colonels Benton and Hicks. He also served under Ensign Holmes. Participated in the Battles at "Bacon's Bridge", "Lynches Creek" and Eutaw Springs", along with various minor skirmishes. Revolutionary War Pension Application #S18328. Pension Approval Certificate #23422 issued on 20 January 1834.
Shows on 1790 Census, Cheraw District, / 1 - 2 - 5 - 0 - 0.
Found in a publication called "Blackwell Newsletter": The surname is derived from several places of the name in England. Although some confusion arises when one tries to translate this toponymic from the Old English, the name literally means 'a dweller at or near a white or clear spring or stream'. The name appears as early as the middle tenth century in Worcestershire, England. The surname itself appears as early as the 11th century in England, even before the arrival of William the Conqueror in 1066.

205. Sarah was born about 1745. She died after 1800 in , Chesterfield, SC.


206. Jeremiah CHANCELLOR RWV was born in 1760 in , , , England. He died after Sep 20 1831 in , Autauga, AL. He was buried in Pine Level Cem, , Autauga, AL. He married Galatea GILBERT in , , SC. [Parents]

Emigrated from England to VA with his father and two brothers. One brother, Jackson, chose to remain in VA, and the father, along with Jeremiah and William, removed to SC. Once the Revolutionary War was under way, the elder Chancellor decided to remain loyal to the British Crown, and joined with the Loyalist Forces. Jeremiah and William sided with the Colonists, and never saw of heard from the elder Chancellor again.
Jeremiah and his wife removed to AL in 1818.
The Last Will and Testament for Jeremiah Chancellor was filed in Autauga County, AL courthouse on 20 Sep 1831.

207. Galatea GILBERT was born about 1773 in , , SC. She died after Sep 20 1831 in , Autauga, AL. She was buried in Pine Level Cem, , Autauga, AL.


208. John BAKER RWV was born about 1742 in , , England. He died in Flat Creek, Lancaster, SC.

John Baker is listed for both Patriot Services and for active military service during the Revolutionary War era. He sold the Amreican Army 525 pounds of beef in 1781 and collected, with interest, 6 pounds, 14 shillings on August 3, 1785. On 1 October 1784, he was issued ninety-four pounds sterling as the amount due him for his services in Sumter's Bridgade of State Troops, along with the bounty for his services and the interest accrued from the first of April 1782. Additionally, while residing in the Camden District, he served as a horseman under Colonel Frederick Kimball from 25 February 1779 to 20 November 1779. He served as a footman from 1 January 1782 until 20 July 1782. He served in the dragoons under Captain Francis Moore, Colonel Charles Myddleton and General Thomas Sumter during 1781. This information is found in the "Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution".


212. William H BAKER was born about 1790. He died after 1836 in , Lancaster, SC. [Parents]


220. James BLACKMON was born before 1760 in , , , Scotland. He died in May 1831 in Fork Hill, Lancaster, SC. He married Anna CLARK.

14 Aug 1802 - James Blackmon bought a piece of land in town (?) from John Simpson for $100. Lot was 19' X 165', and fronted on Jefferson Street.

221. Anna CLARK was born about 1764 in , , , Scotland. She died before 1830 in , Lancaster, SC.


224. Thomas ELLIOTT RWV was born in , , SC. He died in Twelve Mile Creek, Camden Dist, SC. He married Jane in , Camden Dist, SC. [Parents]

From Will Book A, pages 75-76, Apt. 23, Pkg. 806:
"In the name of God amen. I Thomas Elliott of twelve Mile Creek in Camden District Being in a sick & Weak Condition though of perfect mind and memory calling to mind the Mortality of my Body and that it is appointed for all Men to die, do make and Ordain this my Last Will and Testament Principally and first of all I do give and recommend my Soul to God that gave it & my Body to the Grave to be Buried in a decent Christian like form and manner at the discretion of Executors, nothing doubting but I shall meet with the same at the resurrection. I do likewise require and Ordain that my Executors do pay and discharge any Lawful Demands that is against my Estate, I do likewise require & Ordain that my son James & my Child Unborn do Heir my Land equally, if the Unborn should be a Son, and otherways that my Son James shall Heir the whole, I do likewise give and Bequeath unto my Dearly and well beloved Wife Jane my white pacing Mare with a saddle & Bridle, with two cows & all the Sheep, with a feather Bed and furniture, with the third part of the House furniture by her freely to be possessed and enjoyed, and likewise the use Benefits of my Negro Fellow whilst she remains my Widow, and afterwards to fall to my Son James and my Child in the Womb if a Son, and Otherwise Heirs to be altogether my Son James's, likewise my Sorrel Stallion Colt, likewise twelve yards of thick cloth & likewise my Rifle Gun together with my Saddle & all wearing Clothes and my farming Utensils to be equally divided between my Son James & my Child not born by them freely to be possessed and enjoyed, I do likewise give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary my Gray mare and one Cow & Calf by her freely to possessed and enjoyed, I do likewise give & Bequeath unto my Daughter Jane my Sorrel three old filly, and likewise my Ned & white two year old heifer by her freely to be possessed & enjoyed & two parts of the House furniture to be equally Divided between my two Girls Mary & Jane. And the remainder part of my Estate to be sold Exclusive of my Hogs and for my Children to be sufficiently Schooled out of it and the remainder equally divided among them. I do likewise Constiture, Ordain & appoint that my Dearly and well beloved Wife Jane with my beloved Brother John Elliott & my Trusty & well beloved friend Robert Crockett be my Executors of this my last Will & Testament, hereby revoking & disanulling all other Wills; And hereby confirming, declaring & Ratifying & pronouncing this and no other to be my last Will & Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal this 29th Day of November in the year of Our Lord 1781. Signed, Sealed, pronounced and declared in the presence of us."
H. Hampton was the Ordinary for the Camden District at the time. John McCullah swore beore H. Hampton that Thomas Elliott expired before signing his will.

225. Jane was born in , , SC. She died in Twelve Mile Creek, Camden Dist, SC.


228. John HOLLAND.John was married before 1780.


230. John THORN.John married Nancy before 1783.

231. Nancy.


232. John NELSON Sr was born in , , Gloucestershire, England. He died after 1761 in , , VA. He was buried before 1777 in , , VA. He was married before 1760 in , , Gloucestershire, England.


234. Richard STRATFORD was born on Mar 18 1743 in Randwick, Standish, Gloucestershire, England. He died on Oct 17 1813 in Camden, Kershaw, SC. He married Barbara COLEMAN in Camden, Kershaw, SC. [Parents]

Aged 70 years, 7 months, zero days.
Recorded in Will Book C, Page 159, recorded May 20, 1814, Ord. Wm. Langley, Apt. 65 Pkg. 2326 - - - -


In the Name of Good Amen I Richard Stratford Senr of the District of Kershaw In the State of South Carolina, Being of Sound mind & memory; calling to mind the Mortality of my Body, & kowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, I do make constitue & ordain this my last Will & testament, in the maner & form as followeth, Imprimis - I Bequeath to my Daughter, Ruth Nelson, one Negro man, by the name of Frank, one woman called old cate, one girl by the Name of Charlotte; Secondly, I bequath to my Daughter Sarah Thomas, one Negro girl by the name of Susannah, & one girl by the name of cate; Thirdly I give & bequeath to my Son George Stratford, one Negro buoy by the Name of Abe, Fourthly, I bequeath to my Daughter Mary Barnes, one negro buoy by the name of Harry, one girl by the name of Mariah. Fifthly I give & bequath to my Son John Stratford, one Negro buoy by the name of James, & one bay Horse by the name of pompy - Sixthly I give & bequath to my Son Richard Stratford one hundred Acres of land on the waters of granes-quarter Creek, at the upper end of a Tract of five hundred Acres purchased from John Chestnut Esq. Joining the Dry Branch on Durens land, and one Negro Man by the name of Ned, To his heirs & assigns & c. Seventhly, I give & bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth Stratford one Negro buoy by the name of Toby; one girl by the name of Lucy, one Sorrel Mar, one fourth part of my Stock of cattle, & half of my household furniture, Eighthly I bequeath to my wife Barbary Stratford, one hundred Acres of land of the above mentioned Tract whereon my improvements is, one negro man by the name of Daniel, one negro woman by the name of Penny & her increase one fourthe part of Stock of cattle, one C Dark bay horse by the name of Flake, and the half of my household furniture, my waggon, gears, hogs & plantation tools of evey kind, During her naural life - and nothing to be mov'd, from Said primises while She lives - Ninthly, I give & bequeath to my two Sons, coleman & Ephraim Stratford, The balance of my above mentioned Tract of land, containing three hundred Acres more or less also the hundred Acres left to my wife, & the negroes Daniel & penny & ther increase, the Stock & household furniture & evy article of the balance of my property at her Decease - To them & ther heirs and assigns & c - Tenthly & lastly I constitute and appoint James Chesnut Esqr & my Son John Stratford the Executors to this My last will & testament; disanuling & revoking all other testaments wills codicils of wills by me Made ratifying this to be my last will & testament in Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal - This the 17th of October In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & thirteen - And in the thirtyeighth of the Independence of the united States of America -

Shows on 1800 Census, Kershaw Dist.: 3/1/1/-/1/1/-/1/-/1//-/8 Shows on 1810 Census, Kershaw Dist.: -/2/2/-/1/-/1/-/-/1//-/13

235. Barbara COLEMAN died after 1813 in , Kershaw, SC.


240. Samuel WEST RWV was born in 1759 in , Lynchburg, VA. He died about 1824 in Westville, Kershaw, SC. He married Hannah Katherine KERSHAW before 1790 in , , Clarendon, SC. [Parents]

Correspondence with the History and Museums Division, Reference Section, Headquarters, United States Marine Corps, dated 24 Nov 1997, reveals that Samuel West did not serve as a member of the Continental Marine Corps. "As we cannot identify your relative's name in the muster rolls of any Marine complement aboard a ship of the Continental Navy, it is probable that he served in the state Marines of Virginia, after service in the 8th Virginia Regiment of Foot." Searches of the Virginia Military Archives will be initiated as soon as possible. [Reference Section Ltr. 5750/1701; HDH-2/RVA; dated 24 Nov '97; signed by Danny J. Crawford, Head]

241. Hannah Katherine KERSHAW was born about 1770 in , Cheraw, SC. She died about 1851 in Camden, Kershaw, SC. [Parents]

Shows on 1850 Census as a widow, aged 80, dwelling/family number 469.
Confirmed evidence as to her relationship to Col. Joseph Kershaw has yet to be found. The two most prevalent are: [1] she was a sister, [2] she was a cousin who had been taken in at the beginning of the Revolution by Col. Joseph's parents, in that her parents [probably a brother/cousin of his parents] were run out of the state for being Loyalists. According to many rumors, the Kershaw family was fairly well split as to which side they were on.
Shows on 1830 Census, Kershaw County. 1 male 15-20, 1 female 15-20, along with her, 1 female 50-60. The only slave listed was a female, 10-24.


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