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Georg WIEHLE and his wife Elisabeth HAUNSCHILD

oben/ above: Georg WIEHLE and his wife Elisabeth HAUNSCHILD

rechts/ right: Their children Herbert, Werner and Gerhard. (Gotthard, their third child, died 1921, in infancy).

Their children Herbert, Werner and Gerhard

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Einleitung - Introduction

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* Nach 1920 geborene lebenden Personnen werden nur mit Vornamen, Familiennamen-Anfangsbuchstaben und Geburtsjahr angeben. -- Living Persons born after 1920 are identified only by first name, surname initial and birth year.

Namenskunde - Family Names

Ortsliste - Placename list

Die wichtigen Dörfer... - The important villages...


Urkunden - Family Documents

. . . Most of these source documents are cited in my WIEHLE database.

Ahnentafeln - Ahnentafels
doc HAUNSCHILD Stammtafel (Elisabeth Haunschild m. Wiehle)
doc WINKLER Ahnentafel (Minna Winkler m. Schönthier)
doc JOCKWER Ahnenpaß (Joachim Jockwer)
doc Familienstammbuch (Werner JOCKWER & Erna Klose & Kaufholdt family)
doc STERNAGEL-HAASE Ahnenreihe (Gustav Sternagel-Haase)
doc Gleisberg Ahnentafel (Klara Haunschild m. Siebenhaar)
. . . (Gut Gleisberg in Karzen - Familien HAUNSCHILD und VÖLKEL)
doc TILLNER Ahnentafel (Emilie Tillner m. Wiehle)
doc BAUCH Ahnentafel (Robert Bauch)
doc Ahnentafel MARX, Hennersdorf (Klaus u. Renate Marx)
doc ZOLL Ahnentafel (Christa Zoll)
Chroniken - Family Histories, Diaries, Old Letters
doc Notizen über Familie HAUNSCHILD (Friedrich Haunschild)
doc Familienchronik der Familie HAUNSCHILD (Richard Haunschild)
doc Chronik PILZ (Friedrich Haunschild)
doc Chronik Familie WINKLER (Max Winkler)
doc Kinder von Gottlob WIEHLE (Ida m. Spritulle)
doc Nachkommen von J.G. WIEHLE (Hanna m. Cziesla)
doc WIEHLE Angaben (Georg Wiehle)
doc Nachkommen von H. BAUCH (Vera Spritulle)
doc Schönjohnsdorfer WIEHLE Geschichte (Hannchen Pauer m. Cziesla)
doc Wichtige Notizen - 1. Teil (von Familie WIEHLE) (Georg Wiehle)
     Wiehle Notizen - 2. Teil (von 1945, von Werners Tod, von Herberts Tod, Ausweisung aus Schlesien)
. . . The Wiehle family history as written by my grandfather. Supplements events described in the diaries and letters.
doc Wichtige Daten / Papa durch den Krieg und Nachher (Gerhard Wiehle)
doc Lebenslauf (Georg Wiehle, 1904)
. . . This short autobiography by my grandfather, at age 19, was written as a school assignment.
doc Die Verlorenen Söhne - The Lost Sons: Herbert & Werner Wiehle
. . . . . Briefe über Werners Tod 1941
. . . . . Briefe über Herberts Tod 1943
. . . My grandparents lost 2 of their 3 sons during World War II on the Russian Front.
doc Erlebnisse am Kriegsende (Mai bis Okt 1945) (Elisabeth Haunschild m. Wiehle)
. . . My grandmother's diary entries of the period immediately following Germany's surrender
doc Erlebnisse in der Ostzone (25.9. 1947 bis 30.6. 1949) (Elisabeth Haunschild m. Wiehle)
. . . My grandmother's diary entries starting from their expulsion from Kuschlau and covering almost 2 years of their life in East Germany.
doc Letzte Tage in Karzen (Albrecht Haunschild)
doc Brief 1970 (Georg Wiehle)
doc Brief an Källners in Hude 1953 (Gerhard Wiehle)
. . . My father prepares to bring his parents to Canada, and relates his own voyage across the Atlantic.
doc Reise von Crimmitschau nach Kanada 1953 (Georg Wiehle)
. . . My grandfather's description of the journey from Russian-occupied East Germany to Canada. Includes scans of various relevant documents.
doc Briefe an Schwestern Wiehle 1953-57 (Georg Wiehle)
doc Briefe 1957 (Emilie Völkel m. Haunschild)
doc Tagebücher 1953-1957 (Elisabeth Wiehle)
. . . . . Verschiedenes, Ausgaben für die Farm 1954-1957, 
. . . . . Briefe weggeschickt 1953-1957: 1953 - 1954 - 1955 - 1956 - 1957
. . . . . Tagebuch 1954
. . . . . Tagebuch 1955
. . . . . Tagebuch 1956
. . . . . Tagebuch 1957, Gartenplan 1957, Krankheit v. Vatel 1967
. . . In 3 volumes, these diaries detail my grandparents first years in Canada - helping their son with his new life, getting used to the English language and imperial measurements, meeting new friends, and keeping in touch with relatives and friends in Germany.
doc Diary 1960-1961 (Gerhard Wiehle)
doc Wiehle-Fuchs Bibel (Emilie Fuchs m. Wiehle)
doc Ancestor Note (Georg Wiehle)
doc Notes on Relatives (Gerhard Wiehle)
doc Family History of the Wiehle and Lingner Families (1977) (Brigitte Wiehle)
doc Bernhard Wiehle in PNG (Rodney Mercury)
doc Klose Letter (1993) (Herta Klose)
doc Schmidek Letter (1994) (Gisela Haunschild m. Schmidek)
book "Von Großmüttern und Großvätern" (5 Teile) (Heinz Klose)
book "Erinnerungen an ein glückliche Kindheit in Masuren" (1991) (Renate Klose, geb. Klein)
book " Warum bin ich ein Canadier" (1989) (Kurt Schoenthier)

Amtliche Papiere - Official Documents - birth, marriage and death certificates, citizenship papers and passports, baptism and confirmation certificates, etc.

Formal Announcements & Notices - wedding invitations, "in memoriam" cards and obituaries, biographies, photo captions, etc.

Anfragen und Antworten - Responses to Inquiries - Letters, E-Mail

Verschiedenes - Miscellaneous
doc Process-Sachen:Siegel (Seal): KÖN. PREUSS. AMTSGERICHT * STREHLEN *
. . . . . Process-Sache gegen Pueschel u. Nowack (1844)
. . . . . Process-Sache gegen Graf von Wartensleben (1857)
. . . . . Process-Sache gegen Thiel (1880)
. . . . . Process-Sache gegen Strauss (1905)
. . . Why these particular transcripts of court documents survived is now unknown; perhaps it was because they are evidence of long-time property ownership in Kuschlau.
doc 1881 Testament von Gottlob WIEHLE (eröffnet 1936)
. . . This will is interesting due to several reasons: In the document, Gottlob (my great-greatgrandfather) lists his children and their situations as of 1881, and the Probate court gives additional information as of 1936. However, there are unexplained mysteries: Since Gottlob died 1893, why was the will not found and opened then? Why are so few descendents included in the probate process? (For instance, my greatgrandfather, Paul (1850-1926) who inherited the property is omitted!) It is possible that a new will had been written after wife Luise's death in Nov. 1882. 
doc Kauf Vertrag zwischen Paul und Georg Wiehle (1914)
. . . This is the contract between my greatgrandfather and his son for the transfer of the property in Kuschlau. Provision is made for Georg's stepmother and siblings.
doc Hochzeits-Zeitung (1914)
. . . Full of humour and gentle fun, these publications were characteristic of weddings among my father's relatives.
doc Georg Wiehle im 1. Weltkrieg (WWI) (1914-1918)
. . . Just married, my grandfather was drafted to serve in reserve units on both the Western and Eastern Fronts.
doc Russian and Polish documents (1945-1950)
. . . 
doc Postcard (Beaverbrae) (1951)
. . . My father's last communication to his parents before leaving Germany.
Geographic & Historical & Cultural
doc Karzener Rundbriefe (Pastor Hilbig)
. . . After the war, Pastor Hilbig, Karzen's last German pastor, kept in touch with his former flock through these newsletters. They include birthdays, anniversaries, confirmations, deaths and essays. Unfortunately my collection is not complete: See Miscellaneous Resources for a list.
doc Denkschrift, Grünhartau: 1858 (Pfarrer O.R. Hertwig)
. . . This commemorative essay, issued on the occasion of a church steeple renovation, includes a lot a history of the village and mention of many relatives and ancestors.
doc Die Geschichte des Dorfes Gollschau, Kr. Strehlen (Lehrer Paul Szyszka)
book"Unser Dorf Grünhartau" (Ilse Tobis) lookup
book"Chronik Karzen" (Pastor Martin Hilbig) lookup

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