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Definitions for Terms used above:
ISO/ TS16949:
international Automotive Quality Management standard ("technical specification") developed from ISO 9000; now required of most automotive suppliers (supercedes QS-9000).
ISO 14001:
international Environmental Management standard; certification to this standard is now required of all automotive industry suppliers to GM, Chrysler and Ford.
PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects and Analysis):
document detailing the potential ways a manufacturing process can fail including effects, causes and controls. Also rates the risks and documents any recommended actions.
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet):
document provided by the manufacturer or supplier of any product which details hazardous ingredients, physical properties, safe practises for use, disposal and shipping, etc.
IMDS (International Material Data System):
internet-based database for submission and customer review of material content of automotive products, driven by EVL legislation.
the Automotive Quality Management standard developed from ISO 9000 (the most well-known international quality standard) by the 'Big 3' American auto makers. Applicable 1992-2003, now superceded by ISO/ TS 16949.


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