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Follett Freesite was started in year 1999 by Bonnie Follett of San Francisco thanks to The genealogy of the Follett family has been the main subject of the site but has grown over the years with input from many individuals who have been very helpful and have shared information. This has inspired new spurts of research into the family and also related families. A few individuals from my own personal family tree has now grown to a coherent web of over 2,050 individuals. My Gedcom information can be found by clicking the link on the left menu to WorldConnect Gedcom.

For those who are new to researching their family genealogy, I hope you will find, as I did, that a renewed sense of "connectedness" results. All of us have come from a long line of individuals, who lived lives rich in the history of their times. Some we know and some we've never met.

One couple simply marrying, settling down and having children can, over the unfolding generations, be responsible for whole "tribes" of related family groups who will travel and spread out throughout not only their country of birth but also some may migrate to other countries and places throughout the world. My research has ended up resulting in a giant spider web of connectedness.

NOTE: This site was started in the 1990's and I update it periodically, especially the WorldConnect gedcom that holds my research and data. I most recently updated the gedcom files on July 22, 2012. When reviewing my information you may notice that I was a little sloppy about recording sources in the early years of my researching. But I have increasingly seen the value in documenting sources throughout the later years of research. Lots of conflicting information can exist for various individuals in the gedcom, so I constantly strive to review my research and update sources, but that process seems never-ending (as new data is digitalized and becomes available over various internet websites).

Have fun exploring and I hope you will enjoy this website!



My Info is mostly on the US Folletts - Check out the Other Families page for Info on other countries where Folletts have settled, including England, Canada and Australia.

I will place stories and biographies of notable Folletts on this page.

Check out the Site Blog for notes on current searches. (to be added soon)

If you have deceased ancestors on this site, please consider forwarding to me digital photos of portraits you may have. I would like to add these to the bio pages for individuals.


sampler by mary follet

An early sampler by a young Mary Follet circa 1802.



A children's book circa Worl War II as suggested to the author by Lt. Dwight W. Follett, U.S.N.R.


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